The Door (A Dark Tower spinoff) Part 2.

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    ** Don’t worry, there aren’t any spoilers in here, in case you haven’t read The Dark Tower yet. If you haven’t, run do not walk, and read it! Enjoy. **

    It was at about this time that we both started having the same recurring dream. It started with a door very like our door closing. Then a week or so later we’d get a glance of who was going in the door, he was tall, lean, dressed somewhat like a cowboy, but not quite, but all we’d see was his back. We couldn’t see what he was entering, or anything else, but we did get a feeling that he wasn’t, or, he shouldn’t go in through the door, for his own sanity. Both of us had this identical dream for the rest of that school year. Our school district was still old school and the 9th graders were still in the Junior Highs, and High School was only three years. Sarah was now getting inundated with different high school volleyball, basketball, and almost every other high school sport’s coaches trying to convince her to attend their school and play their sports. She would easily have carried any team to a state championship, and she was re-assured that scholarships would pay for all of her college. In the end, because of the secret we shared she went to the high school we were supposed to go to together. That made me very happy, even though I knew that I’d be able to take other women through the back of the door to transform them into taller more muscular women, and I also knew that it was my job to do so. I didn’t know who or when, or even how big I was supposed to allow them to become, but I knew I’d know when the time came.

    Sarah ended up playing volleyball, one of my favorites, and Hockey, her favorite, and since they were in different seasons she was able to play both. As expected she started on the varsity volleyball team and they went undefeated to their first state championship ever in volleyball. I ran cross country and we would cheer each other on at her games and my races. Then hockey season began and again, she played with the boys and started on the varsity squad, and as a left winger helped lead the team to their 19th consecutive state championship. Our high school had a long hockey tradition and she wanted to add her little, well not so little, contribution. In skates and armor she was ginormous, easily four inches taller and about 30% bigger because of the gear.

    Something else was happening that year. She was still going through puberty and her body added the final six inches of height that would have brought her to the 5’10" that she would have grown to had not the door intervened. The end result was that her 6’6" grew just over six inches making her seven feet and three quarters of an inch. This gave her body more room to add more muscle, and add it she did. She said she needed to bulk up for the hockey season, with a smirk on her face, and by her sweet sixteen was a seven foot tall 590 pound muscle goddess. Her arms ballooned to 39 inches around and now she could lift the entire, empty, school bus over her head.

    That first year of high school was filled with sports, my growing amazon, and having lots of young person fun. We never got caught doing anything evil and had the funnest time in the world. Until Marissa came along. She transferred to our school because she wanted to play alongside the greatest athlete who was my Sarah. She was a towering 6’7" and fairly muscular for being a volleyball player. She also fell for me in a heartbeat as I fell for her. Now at this point Sarah and I had little left to keep us together, other than the door, she had a crush on one of the basketball players, so we decided to call it quits and pursue our separate interests. We would always remain friends because of the door and her transformation, and the need to find the key and travel to other worlds. There was also the dream that had now added another character. A black woman with no legs from just above the knees down, was riding an ATV through a door that looked almost identical to our door. Again we could only see her back and when her door closed it jumped to the cowboy looking man going through his door where he shouldn’t for his own sanity.

    So I went to Marissa and asked her out and after a little back and forth teasing we started seeing each other. I was still dwarfed by her but it did feel good to have a fairly normal sized woman to hold and have fun with. I suppose a part of me will always live in this world and for the time being I was content to be the shorter of the two of us. She was strong but I could still have my way with her, instead of being infinitely outmuscled by Sarah. Marissa was a very good volleyball player and almost put up numbers as good as Sarah’s, who welcomed the competition and the opportunity to improve herself. They became good friends, not only because they were the exception to the rule, but because they were very compatible, and there was me to keep them friends as well. Eleventh grade went by without incident and was filled with my two amazons, sports, and lots of adolescent fun.

    One day at the beginning of our senior year together Marissa told me about this dream she’d been having for the past week. Of course it was exactly the dream that Sarah and I had been having for almost two years now. It had become so normal to us that we hardly noticed it anymore, and thoughts of the door, which had previously lain dormant, leaped back into the front of our minds. One night over coffee we told Marissa of how Sarah actually grew to be her gargantuan self. Marissa’s eyes were a study in relief and recognition. Relief that she wasn’t going insane, a feeling Sarah and I shared on a regular basis, and recognition because everything matched. She had more to add, however. Her dream added our cowboy, who she called a gunslinger, walking at an unchangeable pace through the whitest desert imaginable. She knew that somewhere up ahead was a man in black. This shocked us all because Stephen King had written a book called The Gunslinger. Was there a connection. Actually how could there be a connection. His story was a work of fiction, wasn’t it? And how could the gunslinger get into our recurring dreams without any of us having read the story in the first place. This new revelation put us in a mild panic, and we had to get over to the bookstore to find a copy of the Gunslinger.

    At the bookstore we discovered that The Gunslinger was really the first, of seven, parts of an epic Novel called The Dark Tower. None of us had dreamed of this dark tower, but we all recognized the gunslinger, Roland. It matched our dreams so perfectly that we had a moment of unreality. We bought all four books that were written, apparently King hadn’t even started writing the last three. I did mention to my two towering ladies that we do know that there is at least one other world, right next door, so wouldn’t it stand to reason that there would be more than just these two. But that still didn’t explain how we’d been dreaming about this Roland for two years, well before any of us knew that he was a character in some book somewhere. Things were getting weird and, well thin is the only way to explain it. Reality felt thin somehow, and somehow it felt right that we were all three of us finding these books at this time together.

    That Saturday we were all sitting around in Sarah’s living room reading. Each of us had a different book but were reading them in order. I had read The Gunslinger in a day, so I started on the second one while Marissa began the fist, and so on to Sarah. As we read we were more and more convinced that we were somehow connected to these people we were reading about. Roland, and Jake, and Oy, and Eddie and Susannah who was the black woman missing her legs from the knees down. But these people were gunslingers and good at what they do. We were simply high school seniors who had a door, somehow, but no key, and dreams. We had no idea what we were supposed to do but we got a taste for the Dark Tower, the field of roses and the romantic emptiness of Roland’s world with places like Gilead, and Mejis.

    That afternoon Marissa wanted to see the door. We made an interesting group that day in the park. Myself at six feet tall being towered over by my girlfriend a full seven inches taller. Then Sarah at seven feet tall and easily twice as massive as the two of us combined, and finally Stacy who was five feet tall on a good day and maybe 100 pounds dripping wet, a very petite girl. I led Marissa over to the door and as we got closer it became more and more solid for her, she could still see the park through the door but just barely. Sarah took Stacy over to the intersection to chat and I had Marissa look through the keyhole at the two girls. She gasped audibly at the massiveness of Sarah, who was now nine feet tall and as big as a tank next door, but it was Stacy who finally convinced her. The five foot tall girl was easily as tall as Marissa is now and here, but her muscles were bigger than any male bodybuilder she had ever seen in this world.

    Marissa looked at me with an expression that said it all, I want to be Huge! So, nodding my ascent I led her to the back of the door, she did a double take when it vanished, and led her through the back of the door, making sure that Stacy wasn’t watching. But at the last second I had this feeling that we were being watched and pulled her back before she could step through. I explained this feeling and because I had long since gotten used to trusting these feelings coming from nowhere we walked over the Sarah and the miniature Stacy and I told Sarah what was going on. We looked around the park and couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary but that feeling was still as strong as ever. So we went home and relaxed and kept reading the Dark Tower. We were actually quite lucky when it came to that book. It took us a couple months to read the four books and we found out that King was writing the final three and that they’d be available at the end of the year.

    That night Marissa and I went back to the park to walk her through the back of the door. Again though, as we got closer to the park I started getting the same feeling as before. This time it was subtly different though. That afternoon it had been one of being watched, this time it was just a feeling of something evil and nasty nearby. Marissa could feel my unease and we approached the door cautiously. We heard them debating before we could see them. Four men were gathered around where the door stood. I could see the door but I didn’t know if they could see the door, but judging by the way they weren’t looking directly at it, and gesturing vaguely I gathered that they couldn’t see it. I had this sudden need to hear what they were saying, so I moved closer as quietly as I could, Marissa tried to pull me back but I was gone before she could react. Something else I noticed was that I was becoming very agile and could move very stealthily. A few days ago I tripped and fell while running and a fall that would otherwise have sent me face first into the dirt, I tucked and rolled right back up onto my feet without missing a beat. My teammates were impressed. This time it was vitally important that I hear what they were saying about my door, and while I took care to be quiet I went fast through the bushes. They didn’t hear me which was good because they were the ones giving off that nasty evil vibe.

    Their conversation came down to discussing what anomaly was present here, what it did, if it was door, and why they couldn’t see it, and why those kids were here yesterday and what they had to do with all this. Apparently we were the highest priority mystery in the area and the boss demanded a progress report. One of these men suggested we be brought in for "questioning" but one of them, the leader apparently, shot that down right away, we were not to be touched or alerted to their presence until orders changed. Meanwhile they were going to bring in the Mainy, whoever they are, to try to unravel this mystery and find out how the one girl became what she is now. I was getting more and more worried as I listened, especially for Sarah and anyone else I would meet who I knew would have to be told about the door, or even brought through the back of the door, or even whoever had the key. But my fear was tripled when one of them, the leader turned away from the door, and his face was visible in the moonlight for just a second. His eyes were the eyes of insanity incarnate with a mild yellowish glow to them, but what sent me into the land of triple fear was the bullet hole in his forehead. At least it looked like a bullet hole and had blood in it that didn’t quite gush out, but pulsed as if it was breathing. Immediately I knew that was their weak spot, all it would take was a good punch to that spot and they’d crumple like cornhusks. I almost broke cover to defend my door from these unholy creatures that looked like men, throwing punches to foreheads like Jackie Chan, even though I was outnumbered four to one. Sanity won out over this irrational urge and later I would be very sorry I hadn’t tried to kill at least the leader, even if the price was my life.

    I waited for them to move off on their business before I moved from my hiding place in the bush. I even surprised Marissa with my stealth when I returned to her. After telling her what I heard, and what I almost did, she looked at me horrified, as if she were seeing me for the first time. I had just been talking very calmly about trying to kill four men on my own, all to defend my door, the fact that they were the lowest men on the totem pole of humanity mattered not to her. I could tell she was wrestling with this inside her, and after a moment she came to a decision. She stood up and walked to where the door stood. The men were gone, I could feel that, and I was amazed at how quietly a woman of her enormous height was able to move through the underbrush, even though I could still hear her, there was room for improvement. She stood waiting for me next to the door, and as I came up to her I put my arm around her waist so that she would be able to see the door. Without hesitation she picked me up against her hip and walked through the back of the door. As expected there was the usual split second delay as the old her entered the door and the new her emerged from the front. There are those moments in life that you just live for, and I didn’t realize until right then that the moment when Marissa walked out from the front of the door was the moment I was living for. She was now superbly muscled, but she didn’t seem to be much taller, I was still looking up at her with the same familiar angle in my neck. But she was now easily twice her previous size. She was a fairly thin girl, when she flexed her biceps they would tense up into a slight rise, now, however, she was easily as muscular as a professional female bodybuilder, easily a big as this woman we found on the internet, Pam Howard. Unlike Pam Howard, my Marissa was now 6’8" tall and had proportionally as big muscles, which made her much stronger than the average sized Pam. Using her instantaneous new strength she grabbed my jacket and lifted me up off the ground with one of her now muscle clad arms, surging with power as she raised me up to her eye level.

    After kissing me thoroughly she told me that in two months she wanted to go through the door again. She was suddenly concerned for my safety, and her own now that she knew about the door, and since I couldn’t improve my own bodily situation very easily, she could, and she decided to "bulk up" so that she’d be able to protect me as well as herself. Spacing her growths a couple months apart would hopefully not alert the low men that now there were three people who knew about the door, and not just Sarah and I. She even suggested that we, I, walk Stacy, our petite friend through the door as well, just to create another ally. I told her that was probably not going to happen because I could feel that she wasn’t meant to benefit from the door, even though I knew that any woman would be able to benefit. Not abusing the power of this door, especially considering the visitors tonight, seemed vitally important. Important to who, or what, I had no idea. As we walked home I explored and enjoyed her muscles as they moved in symphony with her walk, and I realized then how much I had missed the company of Sarah, who was even taller and easily three times bigger than Marissa is now. I couldn’t wait for those two months to pass, and to see how much bigger she would become.

    The next day at lunch we told Sarah all about our adventure the previous night, and not a few people commented on all the tall muscular women that surrounded me, and were somehow drawn to me, all two of them. Personally I’d enjoy a whole world full of extremely tall and exceptionally muscular women, but there was still the issue of the key to be found. Some spoke with envy in their voices, some with scorn for the freaks, but all of them with respect because everyone knew the grapevine at our school worked very well and we would hear everything said eventually through one channel or another. Sarah turned pale at my description of the low men as we began calling them, and nodded vigorously at my desire to charge them and punch their foreheads in. She even admitted to us that now that she had the means, the desire to kill something with her bare hands would suddenly and unexpectedly consume her out of nowhere. It was nothing specific or directed at any person who might be annoying to her at the time, but it was an urge for the battle fever, for the act of killing and conquering something with her strength alone. Again Marissa had that pale look of wrestling within herself, and I felt bad for her because she was a naturally gentle person. She only became an animal on the volleyball court, but to kill something with her bare hands, to have it’s blood splatter onto her, was too much for her. Unfortunately I knew that she’d have to face it eventually, but when she did, she’d become the best among us, because she would do it reluctantly, only when necessary, and as efficiently as possible to minimize the damage to her side. Speaking of us, when I had that thought, it was revealed to me the Stacy actually was meant to be a part of us but she was not to know of the door or what lay behind it. There was another guy and three other women in the vision as well who I didn’t recognize, one of which made Sarah look tiny and the rest of us like bugs.

    During the next few months we became alert to the presence of our tails. Once we saw them we couldn’t understand how we had missed them before, and we became very good at evading them, giving them the slip when we needed to. We also finished the parts of the Dark Tower that had already been written and now had to wait about four months before the next part was to be released, and four months or so ’till the subsequent releases. Torturous, but the three of us started dreaming about more of the story. It picked up right where King had left off and showed us what happens to Roland and Jake and their merry band of Gunslingers. Wolves, and spiders, and vampires and the ever popular low men, and breakers whoever they are. Every night we would dream a new chapter and every day at lunch we would compare notes so that we would remember and the dreams wouldn’t fade from our memories. It took about a week for the dream to reach it’s final climax. Then the dream repeated, and every time it repeated it went faster so that it only took three days for the whole story, but each time there were subtle differences, with the end result always the same. We dreamed this story so many time that we could almost recite the whole thing verbatim by memory. Each time we had a feeling that he shouldn’t go through that door. Then the dream stopped. Just like that it stopped and it was almost as if we were out of touch with what was going on many, many worlds away. This loss of contact redoubled our efforts to find the key, and convinced me to begin with Stacy.


    All things serve the Beam. 😈


    Great story, man. Really getting into it. Never read Steven King, but still find this a great read and very… ah… stimulating descriptions of growth etc.

    Can’t wait to hear the next installment! (Although I hope we don’t have to wait 4 months for it to come out too)

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