The Door (A Dark Tower spinoff) Part 3.

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    Stacy, Marissa and I, or Stacy, Sarah and I would meet in the park to hang out and we would walk towards the back of the door when we finally left to go to one of our homes, setting Stacy between us. Then as we came up to the door, and if I wasn’t getting the feeling of being watched, which happened more than I care to tell you, almost enough to make me want to do something about the low men watching us, but I knew that would break our cover and everything we were working towards, which we still didn’t know what we had been chosen to do, would be ruined. I would place my hand on her shoulder and lead her through, and unless she was paying attention, all she could possibly see was a shadow appear where there was nothing to cast a shadow. She never noticed and we were able to lead her through the door eight times by the time we all graduated from high school.

    The first couple of times we took Stacy through the door she didn’t change very much. She was maybe an inch taller and very well toned, but not noticeably muscular. We attributed this to the possibility that she wasn’t a full part of our little tet-a-tet, a French term I picked from somewhere, probably English class of all places. It was enough to let us know that whenever we went through the door to do whatever we were meant to do, Stacy wouldn’t be with us because of one reason or another. The third and fourth times we took her through she grew noticeably. Easily two inches taller and added a good twenty pounds of muscle to her petite frame. Now at 5’3 and 125 she was starting to look, and feel, like a normal woman. She did have a noticeable bicep when she combed her hair or playfully arm-wrestled the guys in class, who had a harder time than they expected beating her. Either she didn’t notice the changes in her strength or she was ignorant for some other reason, maybe the same reason she wasn’t to know of the door or what existed behind it. The fifth and sixth times were two days apart and this time she grew incredibly. Still only two inches taller but much more muscular. This time there was no denying it, even to herself. She told us one day that she thought she was having a growth spurt similar to the one Sarah went through, and she showed us her 19 inch arm that would put any female bodybuilder to shame, except maybe Rene Tony. She was nervous because she didn’t want to become the towering giantess that is my Sarah, who continues to get stronger and taller. She’s now 7’2 and able to bench over two thousand pounds for two or three reps. I’ve seen her do it and it’s scary how strong that girl is, and only a senior to boot.

    There was one advantage to Stacy’s growth, she had attracted the attention of a fellow classmate who was one of the envious ones. He came up to her nervously at lunch one day, looked fist at me, then up at Marissa, who was still taller than him, even sitting down, and almost chickened out, until I invited him to sit down. By the time lunch was over all his nervousness was gone and he and Stacy were deep in conversation. Marissa and I smiled at each other knowingly, and tried to get Stacy through the door again as quickly as possible. The seventh time she grew another inch to 5’7, the same height as her beau Andy, and was easily as muscular as any champion male bodybuilder. My reputation for being surrounded by Giantesses was solidified into legend and as we added Andy to our group, not to mention Sarah’s man, his name was Tracy, unusual but interesting, he was an amazing guy. We had quite a group going, people even started referring to me as Charlie, and my girls as the Angels. That was good for a few laughs, and seemed unusually fitting, somehow it felt right in a floating door, alternate world sort of way. Stacy eventually put her growth spurt together with our visits to the park, and while she was still selectively ignorant by the will of the door, or whatever energy force powered the door, she didn’t ask what was doing it or how it was possible, she simply wanted to go to the park so that she would grow even bigger, because it seemed that she loved being bigger and stronger than her Andy, and that he loved being the smaller and weaker of the two of them.

    I personally enjoy the feeling of security I get when I’m around either a taller or stronger woman, I enjoy being shorter, and I enjoy being totally overpowered, but being as comparatively weaker than them as I am has me worried. What if something happened to Sarah or Marissa, and I was the one who had to carry them to safety. I’d have a hard time with Marissa who topped 285, but Sarah was a whopping 645 pounds of all womanly muscle and it’d be thoroughly impossible to help her without a pallet jack or something… So we took Stacy to the park and walked her through the door. The low men seemed to be leaving us alone, or had found some way to mask their movements so that I wouldn’t sense them. Actually I hadn’t sensed them and we haven’t seen them on our tails since the dreams cut out. If it weren’t for the reality of the door which Marissa and Sarah could now see solidly, and what it was doing to Stacy, I’m sure we would have written the whole experience off as temporary insanity. She exited from the door with muscles bulging upon muscles. She surged with power that was perceptible even through her clothes which were almost at the point of ripping off of her. She even looked behind her after her growth and apparently still saw nothing. She did however notice her tighter clothing very quickly, and proceeded to see how much bigger she had become. She shredded her sleeve from the cuff to the shoulder when she tried her arm, and the gasp of amazement was the same gasp that came from Sarah and Marissa the first time they saw the world next door. All she could do was stare at the size of her now 26 inch arm, she tried the other arm with the same result, the same gasp and the same stare. She was thrilled and couldn’t wait to show herself off the Andy tonight, they had a date. I could see that Marissa was hypnotized by the movement of Stacy’s symphony of power and I realized it was well past the two months she had set for herself to go through the door. The urgency simply wasn’t there, other than the disconnection of the dreams everything seemed normal, and suddenly I was very nervous about that state of normalcy, I would almost welcome the return of the low men and the dreams simply to know that everything was still moving in the right direction, no matter how wrong the low men may be.

    High school was almost at an end when it happened. I was running alone in Palmer Park after school, as is my habit. I’m cruising along with unthinking grace, dodging trees and gliding over rough terrain and trails that would have other runners stumbling and falling hard. Suddenly the bushes ahead rustled and out crashes this thing. Terror leaped nimbly down my throat and legs, and I tripped. It looked like a man, well it had the shape of a man but it had talons for feet, normal modern clothing, a backpack identical to my own, wings for arms, and somehow feather clad hands, but freakiest of all a giant bird’s head. He bounded directly into my path and before I could stop or recover from my trip I crashed into him, it, whatever the fuck this was. I was freaked out, so naturally when it reached down to help me up, it it’s frenzied birdlike manner, I punched it in the beak, which hurt me more than it did him, and kicked him in the crotch. I was about four steps crabwalking back up the trail when he grabbed me and threw me to the side of the trail pinning me with his arms. After a second I realized he wasn’t out to kill me, and I nodded to him and he let me up. When I was sitting, he said something to me that was very guttural, vaguely birdlike and looked at me questioningly. Still somewhat dazed I shook my head and told him to repeat what he said, thinking I had only misunderstood him. The same language came out and this time I was genuinely puzzled. He reached out to me and after suppressing an involuntary flinch, that he still sensed anyway, put his hands on the sides of my head. That was most definitely the weirdest experience I’d ever gone through, even considering my recent colorful past. It felt like I was learning his language matrix style. Everything, grammar, vocab, syntax was uploaded into my head in a matter of seconds. After the focus returned to my eyes he asked again. This time I understood perfectly and was almost too stunned to answer. He wanted to know if the low men were back yet. They were coming for us, more specifically me, and he, Roank, was sent to warn us, to be ready for them when they came. He was happy to find me and sorry to startle me as he did. Actually he said it was good for me to meet him like we did because if he knew how the King worked I’d see others who looked somewhat like he himself did. But while he was neutral on the subject of almost everything, and did what he was instructed to do he was a good servant of the white, the others were most definitely out to hurt me. They were worse than the low men. I was momentarily startled to hear him calling them low men as we did, but then I remembered that coincidence had been suspended and I was in a thin spot between worlds. As he walked away I asked him who had sent him and he said he didn’t know, the dreams had told him to seek me out and he admitted it was easier than he thought it would be, because of the Angels.

    A million other questions streaked through my mind, how did he get here and so on but, when he said than I had a sudden and fierce desire to check up on my three muscle ladies. I raced home and out of breath called them up to see if they were alright. I was obviously stressed out and Marissa came over right away to check on me. When she arrived I told her the whole encounter, and when I was done she looked worried. She told me that the dream had returned to her, and that it was the whole story from beginning to end every night. But this time she had a feeling of repetition, and every time the dream was just a little bit different. Like Jake would have 19 cents in his pockets, then he’d have 23, small stuff like that. It also seemed that when something trivial like that was finally the way it should be, after much trial and error. For example Jake finally ended up with eight dollars and 29 cents, and it stayed that way while some other mundane detail was slowly corrected. It was like trying to crack a safe with about a billion tumblers, using only a stethoscope to listen to the movement of said tumblers. Last night’s dream featured Roland with a Horn that none of us had seen before. The massive Sarah dropped by for dinner and afterwards we decided to go to the park that night to walk Marissa through the door again. Before it was too late.

    M and I got to the door just before midnight, and not a minute too soon. Just as we got to the door the feeling of evil appeared out of nowhere and was very strong. Somehow they could sense when I was near the door and they were coming, springing their trap. I quickly took Marissa’s hand and dragged her through the back of the door, she came willingly enough even though could, and did, pick me up with one arm on a regular basis. I couldn’t wait to see how muscular she would be now, but the feeling of impending conflict took a slightly higher priority. Just as she emerged from the door looking every bit as muscular as the largest of the enhancements we’d found on the internet they came. The first one tackled me away from the door, and I instinctively twisted, bringing my arm and fist around. Without thinking I connected with the blood spot and with the gush of blood that should have come out of the hole normally, he collapsed beside me because of my twist. In a second I was on my feet ready for the next one, but just then Marissa snapped out of the trance she was in, after seeing me kill the low man as quickly and efficiently as I did. She stepped up to the next one with spooky speed and picked him up by his head, her muscles bulged visibly with power as he went higher and higher, then I saw her forearm ripple and his head vanished in a spray of bloody chunks, that naturally covered me with gore. Fighting back the involuntary reflex to vomit, I took out the next low man with a couple of blocks and a roundhouse kick I never even imagined I had in me. I did all of this without thinking, which was the best way to go about it, I was in a fever that slowed everything down to a manageable speed and clarity. While I was dealing with mine Marissa had taken two, one in each hand, held them up off the ground and smashed their heads together forehead to forehead, right on the sweet spots. We both could feel that to hit them somewhere else would do fuck-all to hurt them, it was only the knowledge we gleaned from the door, or whatever beam powered the door that saved the two of us that night. These low men were the soldiers, and they were big guys. Each of the guys she had picked up were two-fifty easy. There were still four more to deal with. They were prepared but didn’t think we knew their weakness. Actually a child would have figured out where to hit them, it was that obvious. I was their objective so three of them came for me and as I tried to deal with them using martial arts moves I never knew I had, there were just too many of them, one of them grabbed me from behind just as I was about to dispatch another one, and they got in a couple hits before Marissa started peeling them off of me. She picked the one holding me up and tucked his head under her arm where he was pinned by her pectorals and bicep. As she picked up two more the first guy screamed in agony but was not seriously hurt by the movement of her marbled muscles because his blood spot was safe, for now. She was only able to grab the other two by both ankles in one hand, so she swung them, forehead first, into the nearby trees, saving the one in her armpit for last. While she was swinging to win the world series I fought the one she left me, and again without thinking I blocked and parried and got the upper hand on him with a jab into his forehead. His eyes rolled up into his head, but the feeling of my fingers inside his skull was almost too much for me. I looked up just in time to watch Marissa as she punched to last guy in the forehead. She had her now enormous hand around his entire torso pinning his arms to his sides, his legs flailed uselessly. She drew her arm back, making her muscles expand to a size that was truly frightening, and made me happy to not be on the receiving end of that punch, her fist went right through the space where his skull used to be without a sign of impact, just one fluid movement.

    We were covered in gore. We looked like we had just survived a horror movie, and in a way we had, except this was reality, wasn’t it? I was able to hold back the vomit but in the end she wasn’t, and again I felt bad for her because she was such a good person. But my intuition that she would be the best among us proved to be right tonight. I held her as she cried and sobbed after the battle fever dropped. After a bit we realized that the bodies had dissolved into this reddish black goop which was good, the prospect of disposing of seven bodies did not appeal to me at all. We washed ourselves off in the stream that ran through the park. Our clothes were ruined but we wouldn’t attract too much attention as we walked home. If someone looked closely they would be able to tell that we had killed multiple things tonight, but we didn’t se anyone and were able to sneak back into my house without arousing suspicion. Not long after we had changed Sarah knocked at my second story window. She climbed in from the ground without difficulty and we noticed that she was now seven feet nine inches tall, her head just barely shy of the eight foot ceiling. We finally had a chance to see the changes in Marissa, she was now as tall and muscular as Sarah had been not this afternoon. It seems Sarah was meant to be the taller of the two, and Sarah said that she felt her body shift and her clothes tighten dramatically at the exact moment when she had this vision of us getting attacked. She sprinted out of her house with spooky speed and arrived at the park shortly after we had left. She could see all the blood but could also feel that we were both still alive. She checked Marissa’s house first then came here to mine.

    The three of us got no sleep that night out of paranoia and adrenaline. I rested in the arms of my giantess, comforted by being surrounded by massive warm marble that moved sinuously around me as Marissa shifted and held me protectively. Her upper arm was easily as big as my head and I simply lay there staring at her face and caressing the curves, lines and shapes of her monumental muscles. The fact that Sarah was now proportionally even more muscular put her into the muscle cartoon category. Only someone with mad drawing skills, Patrick came to mind from out of nowhere, would be able to create a sexy beautiful muscle woman of her size. I mentioned that next door she would be even bigger and even more muscular. How does it feel to be the strongest, largest being in two different worlds, she said she didn’t quite know yet. That turned out to be a good night, even considering the conflict earlier, I spent the night cuddling with one Muscle Goddess, and staring at another, until the sun rise.

    That morning we were somewhat paranoid to go to the last day of school before graduation, not only because of the growth spurt of my Angels, but out of fear of retribution from the low men. Even daylight didn’t allay our fears that they would openly attack. We agreed that I would always have at least one of my Angels with me at all times, and I agreed, not only because that seemed like heaven, but because I knew now that they wanted to use me to create super soldiers out of the low women that worked with them. We knew that must never happen. Our paranoia was somewhat unfounded. Everyone at school was not surprised that my Angels had grown overnight, my position had already attained legendary status and this just added to it. None of us had the feeling of evil either and by lunch we had our confidence back and began to feel invincible again, as teenagers are wont to do. After school, and after signing yearbooks and hanging out M and I went to a local Dojo that was recommended to us by a friend, and I began to formally train. The sensei asked me if I had trained before and when I said no she was very surprised. She told me that I was definitely at a brown belt almost to a red, one away from black. With no training I was stunned but somehow not surprised. I had the feeling then, again from the door, that we were forming our own tet of "gunslingers." Well gunslinger was not quite right because none of us had ever even picked up a real gun in our lives. We all used our bodies as our weapons so I suppose we were bodyslingers. But that sounds kina weird, so I suppose warriors would be most appropriate. Or Amazons, hmm, but I don’t fit into that so who knows.

    In the mean while I became very adept and advanced and became a formidable fighter, and we enjoyed that final summer before we went away to college. I even sparred with Marissa who was so much bigger than me, and possessed of a spooky speed, but I was still able to evade and block her attacks, but because of her mass I wasn’t able to do much damage to her, so I took her down by the back of her knee, and a well timed kick to send her off balance and sprawling. She was so large that I was able to hit her three more times before she hit the ground. It was enough to wind her but she was far from out of commission. She reached out as I was bowing and threw me up into the air with her magnificently muscled arm and caught me in a hug with the utmost of gentleness. The dojo was impressed with my ability to get the upper hand over her, but more impressed with my trust in her strength, and amazed at the immense power she possessed. They all knew that she was able to go out to the parking lot and lift every car over her head and hold it there with one arm. That kind of power demands respect and that respect transferred to me because she was my woman.

    We enjoyed our summer together as well as we could. We were on the alert for the low men who had not showed themselves since their failure that night. Sarah was also going to a different school across the country and we wouldn’t see her except during breaks. Marissa and I were going to the state school not two hours away, but somehow we could feel that even college would change us and send us in different directions. Nevertheless we had a rip roaring good time with each other, with Stacy and her man, and just Marissa and I. That wonderful summer came to an end and we helped Sarah move, and helped each other move into our separate dorms. Marissa got more than a few stares and because we were now small fish in a big lake the two of us were the definite odd couple. That was the first indication that we were already starting to grow apart. Living in separate dorms, even though we spent a lot of time in each other’s rooms, enjoying our new freedom from parents, we stared hanging out with different people from our own dorms which slowly moved us even farther apart. I did worry a bit about the door which I assumed was still at home, and the low men, and Roank’s warning about creatures worse than the low men was ever present. I would expect the feeling of evil to flood through me, but nothing would come. The dreams however were still the same, working on the trial and error process of opening the safe with ten billion tumblers to keep it locked. The Horn would show up in 75% of the versions and somehow I knew it was the key. The key to what I didn’t know. Probably not my door, but who knows. The dreams were again so regular that they became a normal part of our daily lives. Sarah and Marissa were having the same dream, and the exact same versions each night. Even Stacy who was an hour away at school told us that she was having sporadic dreams of the gunslinger. She was lifting weights and at her 5’8 easily as big as any web enhancment.

    I had a surprise one night when a group of us from the ninth floor went for a walk in the park. There were several guys and a couple girls. One who was of average height but wore clothing that tried to cover her bulk. She seemed like a large girl, breasts that defied gravity much like those of Kim Kilper, but her bulk didn’t seem to be in the right places for fat. I had my suspicions but for now kept them to myself until an opportunity to talk to her came up. I got another shock in my life when I saw the door, serenely standing, with it’s impossible hinges anchored into nothingness, in an out of the way corner of the park. I stopped so suddenly that Tina bumped into me, and because of her size, bowled me over and sent me rolling gracefully into the grass. As she apologized and picked me up off the ground I felt myself lifted completely off the ground before I put my feet down on the ground again. I gave her a knowing look and she blushed with a knowing bashfulness. I then intuited that she had a crush on me but didn’t want to get between me and my giantess. But she was most definitely muscular and very strong for her age. I wondered at what age she would have started lifting weights to get so strong naturally by eighteen. I told them that I thought I recognized someone from high school and that was why I stopped so suddenly, and started this little theatre. I don’t think anyone else saw Tina lift me off the ground but our collision and my roll were enough for comment.

    I came back later that night alone to check out the door. It was definitely the same door and looking through the keyhole had the same result, although there were no women behind to voyeur. Then I heard a branch snap and the grass rustle behind me and I instinctively lunged for my would be attacker. I threw her to the ground and pinned her before I realized who it was. Tina had followed me and was now pinned for her efforts. Then she started using her strength to disengage my pin when she caught sight of the door and froze. I let go of her and the door disappeared and she looked at me as if she were seeing me for the first time. She sensed that there was much more to me than meets the eye. She could see the warrior, just below the surface, in my eyes, and she was momentarily frightened. But then the same courage that made her follow me out here tonight asserted itself and a flood of questions came out. Just then I sensed the low men, only of patrol from the feel of it, they were searching for the door now that it had moved, so I picked Tina up off the ground and we walked through the park as it we were two lovers out on a Saturday night. They didn’t mark us and moved on. As we walked back to our dorm I told her a little of our story, and realized that here was another woman meant to be a part of our group, mean to risk her life for me and my mission.

    I detailed the dangers and told her of our first battle, and knew that there would be more. She had already read the Dark Tower and was hooked even before she knew me or that the door existed, or that everything King had written was actually reality that he had channeled the story through himself into the written word. She instantly started bugging me to bring her through the back of the door to see how she would grow, because ever since she was eight she had wanted to be the largest most muscular woman on the planet, and she was already well on her way until she saw my Marissa. After ten years of lifting eights she had already grown an eighteen inch arm, forty inch quads and at her 5’6 weighed 185 of solid muscle. Puberty was good to her as well because she inherited her mother’s rather well endowed breasts which because of her muscular chest defied gravity in a way that was hypnotic. She now knew how Marissa, and Sarah for that matter had one upped her and was not deterred in her wishes. She was definitely much stronger than me and eventually she wore me down. I myself was curious too. One Sunday night about a month into the semester we went to the park with Marissa and just as with M I had Tina look through the keyhole at her and of course the gasp of surprise was audible throughout the park. Here M was seven feet tall and impossibly muscular. Next door she was easily eight and a half feet tall and so indescribably muscular that she defied description. We told her that Sarah we even bigger, topping off at ten feet tall making M look weak in comparison. Tina was so enthusiastic that she reached out to me and picked me up with a spooky speed that I didn’t expect from her before going through the door, and with me thrown over her shoulder walked through the back of the door, which was already solid for her, telling us that she was already a member of our tet before we knew of her. This time however nothing happened when she emerged from the front. No split second delay, no new version of Tina emerging from next door, nothing. Trying to suppress her disappointment she put me down and flexed her muscles. They grew to their normal huge size for an eighteen year old, but she wasn’t taller or bigger. We were puzzled and even looking at her through the keyhole, where she was about my height and more muscular than any man here, she didn’t seem different from her trip through the door. In a dour mood we walked back to our dorms and I recommended we try to avoid the door as much as possible because of the low men. The more I use the door the closer they get and I’d very much like to avoid another battle. But a part of me wanted to fight again, to watch my Angels fight and use their impossible strength against the unholy minions of the King, whoever that may be. Another part of me knew that there were a lot more battles ahead, especially when we were going to try for the door after we found the key. I suddenly knew that we would find it now that we had Tina and another tumbler clicked into place. Only 98 billion more to go.


    This will be my first post here, 😳

    but since no one commented on your part 3 so far,

    I just want to say


    can’t wait for the rest.

    Thanks to all the author sharing their work


    I agree with the previous comment. I’m mostly a lurker but I must say that I have greatly enjoyed this series!


    excellent, i’m glad to hear it, i’ve had to take a bit of a break because of school but the wind is starting to blow again and i’ll have part four shortly. I’m glad to hear that you’all are enjoying it, i have a vague notion of how it’s going to end but as you well know i have no control over that…


    8) Yeah !!! Man, I’m waiting eagerly after parts 4, 5, 6 ,7…. etc

    It’s very good (I’m fan of the Stephen King’s dark tower)


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