The Door (A Dark Tower spinoff) Part 4.

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    That next month The Wolves were due to be released and the four of us couldn’t wait. It was also around then that Marissa and I called it quits. Again we had a good split because there were bigger things connecting us. She had a crush on this bodybuilder who was still only half her size but he was severely smitten with her, and I had met Tina. One weekend I discovered that her roommate was gone for a couple days so that Friday night I knocked at her door with flowers and a bottle of scotch I’d scored off a friend. When she opened the door and saw me and my intentions her face lit up and she pulled me into the room and immediately kissed me. The first kiss I was leaning down to reach her, then she smiled at me and kissed me again, this time I wasn’t leaning down so far, and the third time she kissed me I wasn’t leaning down at all, actually I had my head tilted up a bit. I stepped back to see what was going on and watched as she grew taller and taller right in front of me. She was easily a head taller than me in about thirty seconds. Then she began shrinking, and stopped when she was as tall as me. Apparently she was able to control her height and I couldn’t wait to see what I knew was coming up next.

    After kissing me thoroughly, and at my height that was very enjoyable, she began to inhale. Actually it only looked like she was inhaling, what was actually happening was that her pectorals were growing and adding muscle right before my eyes. By this time I had already reduced her to her underwear which was very tolerant of the changes so far, and it turned out the changes coming up next as well. She then started growing taller again and as she did she appeared to inhale even more and it looked like a couple of rock hard fluffy pillows living behind her levitating breasts. When her head brushed the low seven foot ceilings she turned and looked at her right arm. I watched as her forearm began to swell and grow with muscle, the growth flowed up to her bicep and triceps which swelled to a magnificent two feet tall and had to have a measurement of 50 plus inches. She then looked at her left arm which, while still muscular compared to my own, was like a toothpick compared to her right arm. Again her forearm started to swell with muscle, then her upper arm and when she was done she now had a pillow sized chest with two enormous arms, while the rest of her was still puny, it was quite the comic sight actually and I had to suppress a smirk. She then filled out her shoulders and her lats, and she did it so quickly that she looked like a bird unfolding her wings. Boulders grew out of her shoulders framing her Norse descent face and oddly beautiful red hair with unimaginable but real muscle, and her lats easily added twice her current torso size to her wingspan. I knew that when she turned around the plate of muscle that was now her back would seem as big as the deck of an aircraft carrier. But now she looked even sillier because she had an enormous upper body perched atop a pair of chicken legs. As if reading my thoughts I noticed her claves begin to swell, and it almost looked as if liquid muscle were being poured into her legs because from her calves up her legs filled with muscle. Her quads filled from the knee up and when they were full each looked like the trunk of a mature oak tree. Her transformation now complete she shrunk herself until she could move her arms about freely and proceeded to flex her now unquestioningly largest muscles in the world. Even Sarah would have a hard time comparing to the size and definition of Tina’s suddenly new muscles. The fact that she could grow taller and more muscular at will, and quickly, will make her that much more formidable as a soldier of the white.

    I understood then, as I stepped up to her to feel the power of her body, that the door, or the beam, or the white, or whoever, was improving with each successive angel and this amazing ability that Tina now possesses will enable her to stay below the radar of the low men for a very long time. She would be able to pass as a 5’6, 185 pound 18 year old female bodybuilder, which was rare granted, but she didn’t fit the giantess mold that Sarah and Marissa, and to some extent Stacy as well, were now cast out of. That night, as we made love, she started out at her normal 5’6, and as we kissed and fucked each other’s brains out she grew in size until she filled the room from end to end making her easily fifteen feet large, both beds were mangled and squished into the corner, the desks were shattered and the cabinets destroyed, clothes strewn everywhere, the only thing that kept us from bringing down all twelve stories of the dorm was the fact that it was built out of concrete and heavy duty masonry, and only the most powerful being in her largest size would be able to topple this tower. Another thing I noticed was that no matter how big she grew, as long as I was deliciously inside her, I would fill her up to the point of bursting through her, if that was possible. I guess for her, size truly doesn’t matter, because she makes it her own size. It was the most epic night I’d ever experienced, and given the size and strength of both Sarah and Marissa I was well seasoned when dealing with goddesses of muscle, and this night proved it. Tina thought so too, not only were the changes in her body an enormous turn on, the surprise that her body would enhance my mighty pillar of love into a tower that would satisfy her even when she was fifteen feet of woman tipped the scales and she enjoyed more multiple orgasms than she ever thought possible, like I said that night was epic.

    Afterwards, I relaxed lying between her mammoth breasts and stretched my arms across her chest which didn’t even come close to spanning halfway across her gigantic body. My head was nestled into the niche formed by her neck and her traps and my feet barely reached halfway down her cobblestone abs, where I had my feet perched on one of the muscles of her ten pack. All that day we experimented with her body and her new powers. At first she would be tall and normal, then short and so muscular she wasn’t able to move her joints, then tall and muscular, then about lunch time I had an idea and convinced her to go out and have some lunch. She shrunk herself to about 6’2 and 300 pounds of muscle and dressed to kill, low men preferably… We got burritos to go and then drove out to a park where we were able to get away from most all prying eyes, and after we ate Tina began to take her clothes off without any encouragement from me. When I looked inquiringly at her she responded by growing. She was growing both taller and more muscular and she simply continued growing. She went from her 6’2 to seven feet tall and equally as muscular, I was eye level with her collarbone, then eye level to her levitating breasts, then her belly button, then amazingly enough her holiest of hollies, but she just kept on growing, the middle of her thigh came into view, then finally her kneecap, and it was then that she finally stopped growing. I stepped back and looked up at her and she flexed muscles that defied all description, her arm alone had to be taller than me, she smiled down at me and bent over to pick me up, she lowered her hand to ground level and I stepped onto her hand. It was large enough for about four of me comfortably, and as she raised me up to her face I received a slow motion tour of the incredible musculature she now possesses, calves the size of VW bugs, thighs the size of SUV’s, a stomach like a climbing wall, and pecs and breasts each as big as a king size bed, appearing just as soft, but I ran my hands over them as she raised me up, sending a shiver through her goddesses, and they were as hard as warm polished marble, her traps were as big as any park bench leading up to a neck as thick as the trunks of the pine trees that surrounded us, and finally up to her face completing the elevator ride. She was smiling and I could tell from her eyes that she was so turned on that it wouldn’t take much to send her over the plunge, so I caressed her face and ended at her lips at the same time as I kissed her, and I felt her shudder with pleasure as her mouth overwhelmed mine with her own kiss.

    After she had used her other hand to enjoy herself to the fullest, we found a tree branch that just brushed the top of her head, and I pulled out the tape measure I had brought in anticipation of this and she held the tape to the branch and as she lowered me to the ground I got another one of those elevator tours of her body with muscles bulging and flexing with hypnotic motion. When I finally made it to the ground I placed the tape on the ground and had to check twice before announcing twenty one feet. She was twenty one feet tall right now, and while she enjoyed her current height with a head nod of satisfaction she began to return herself to her previous 6’2 and 300 and put her clothes back on. The twenty one feet was her maximum but we hoped there would be no need for her to grow that gigantic, although both of us enjoyed it just fine. That night we went out and all night she teased me with her power, one moment she would be the 5’6 she had been her entire life, then 7’6, then my height then a little taller, and her muscles inflated and flexed as she changed her heights to tease me and I was in totally confused ecstasy at my transforming Tina. And that night was no different, it was every bit as epic as the night before.

    That week she found a tailor who knew of a fabric that stretched seven to eight times that wasn’t rubber elastic. She hired him to make her a set of outfits to her 6’2, 300 pounds, which by her guess would allow her to grow to about 2400 pounds of woman before the fabric of the clothing would begin to rip. She had the tailor make one generic t shirt that she would be able to test herself on, but the rest of the wardrobe was very fashionable and beautiful, and in some cases very sexy. During the week it took the clothes to be made she enjoyed the new attention her body now demanded, and Tina and Marissa began to pose for art classes, that was a sight those art students would never forget, a seven and a half foot tall muscle woman and a 6’2 muscle woman as nude models for sculpting and drawing classes. Tina was also brought in to anatomy classes for the study of the skeletal muscle system. For both of these events she would stay at her usual height but would pour on the muscle to the point where she was sporting a 40 inch arm with a body to match. Watching her pour on the muscle was something I never got tired of watching, she would always inflate herself before she left for the gigs and she became really good at making herself look like she was being inflated like a balloon, or she would fill herself from the calves up, and then her thighs would fill and on up, that was my favorite.

    When her clothes arrived she had to try them out, so she put on the test t-shirt and began to grow. As usual i was mesmerized by her transformation and i didn’t realize that she was nearly eighteen feet tall before the shirt finally gave way, which was more than she had ever expected from her new wardrobe, which did include combat clothing as well. She definitely enjoyed being able to get dressed up in sexy tight black pants, and a halter top that left nothing to the imagination and still able to grow to sixteen feet of amazonian massivness without the need to get naked or shred her clothes, which she enoyed doing on occasion, mostly to tease me. She was ready for anything.

    The next thing to do was to show Marissa and one night we all met at her dorm room because she was given a high ceilinged, very nice dorm because of her status as an athlete. she greeted us with her usual gigantic but very gentle hug, both of us at once, and then introduced us to her man, Jo. he was the bodybuilder who caught her attention and the comparison between the two of them was incredible. he was easily twice my own size but was still only half as big as she was and easily almost two feet shorter, but they made a great couple, I’d fear to see the children those two would make together, we’d have a new race of gigantic humans. actually I’m well on the way to doing that myself.

    The past month and a half I’d noticed that most all of the women around me, that I saw and interacted with on a daily basis, had begun to grow taller and more muscular. This one girl at work, Annie, went from eye level with me to being easily three inches taller and with visible muscles that began to make her look like a light-weight bodybuilder of this world. other women who used to be shorter than me were now eye level, and many women around me had developed a massive muscularity making them easily stronger than most men. it was interesting and I tried an experiment, I went to a coffee shop I didn’t normaly frequent and made notes about the girls behind the counter. over the next three weeks both girls had grown a good five inches and I guessed they added about twenty to thirty pounds of muscle. watching their arms dance and bulge as they worked became hypnotic. they were still no match for my women who had traveled through the door but it was a good start and I tried to expose myself to as many new women as possible so that I would convert as many women in this world as possible.

    As the evening of her revelation went on Tina began to slowly grow from her original 5’6 and it only took Marissa a few inches of height to notice, she must have had some connection to Tina and realized what was happening. Marissa stood up to her full height and Tina stood up facing her, and watching as her eyes slowly traveled up Marissa’s body, getting much the same elevator ride that I experienced earlier was always incredible, but the fact that she was actually growing through this elevator ride and that she very quickly began to dwarf Marissa was almost too much to bear. Jo lost his cool and had to escape to the bathroom to release his pent up steam. Even Marissa was feeling nervous when Tina was twice her height and easily four times more muscular, if that was even possible and yet she was still growing taller and more muscular. Having Marissa next to Tina for comparison made me realize the enormity of the power that Tina possessed and gave me a true sense of how big Tina’s twenty one feet of height and immeasurable mass really was. She was slightly hunched over because of the ceiling so she shrunk to just under the twenty foot ceilings and proceeded to pick Marissa up off the ground with one hand, which made her look like an extremely muscular doll, and with the other she scooped up Jo and myself and gave us all a tour of her truly impossible physique. This experience was most definitely new to Marissa who, up until now, was used to being much much bigger than everyone around her and now she was being given a taste of what Jo and I enjoyed on a daily basis, and as Tina’s tour progressed Marissa became more and more turned on, not only by Tina’s potential, but by sharing in the experience that drives the two men in her life. Jo leaped from one hand to the other and passionately kissed his woman. Tina set them down and set me on her shoulder as she shrunk to a point at about eight feet tall where I could also kiss her passionately. If the four of us had been so inclined our experience might have become a communal orgy but a phone call brought us out of our trance, unfortunately.

    It was Stacy calling from her school and she was panicked. She was babbling on about the key and if we had found it yet because we were supposed to have it by now. After getting her to calm down a bit she told us that she had seen Tina grow to her maximum size for the first time and when she did she had found they key! But she didn’t when we were in the park and measuring her final maximum height! And now we were beginning to panic because Stacy said she had then seen these creepy bird and rat men with what looked like a silver skeleton key celebrating with a group of men with bullet holes in their foreheads. We knew that we had lost the key to them already but we knew that they didn’t know where the door was yet. We also knew that I was now in immense danger because it’s no secret where I am, but I also think that’s why my presence began to change the women around me as well, it was a response to the growing danger. We asked Stacy if she knew where these men were, if she could give us any landmark. She said something about a meat packing plant but nothing more specific. We knew of four or five in the area so it gave us somewhere to start looking. Stacy even volunteered to come and help but we convinced her that both Marissa and especially Tina would be able to keep me safe on our retrieval mission. We only had a week of school, then finals week, before all of us, Sarah included, would be able to meet in the same place.

    Not a minute after we hung up with Stacy, Sarah called from the east coast. She was also nervous because she’d received a very similar dream and needed to talk to us. She was very reassured when she heard that Stacy had already alerted us, and she was very impressed with Tina and her ability, she couldn’t wait to experience it herself. Speaking of which, we arranged to get together, all of us, the Sunday after finals week when we had all arrived back at home. We had a feeling that was when we were to try for the door, if we recovered the key that is, and then on to our real purpose in life. I know I could hardly wait because our journey was to begin in a world where women were superior to men in all ways. For the rest of the night Tina cradled the three of us in her gargantuan musculature and we talked about our up coming mission and tactics on how to get the key back. Marissa was not looking forward to the fight but she was very excited about going to the world next door, more than anything else, even school and finals, because she, and the rest of us, now knew that the real test was still forthcoming and it’d be harder than anything college could throw at us.

    We decided to strike the weekend before finals week, which gave us a week to prepare, then we scrapped that plan right away because that also gave the low men and the, whatever t’ahelltheybeen with them time to prepare, or even to re-hide the key. We decided to take that next day off from school, which was a tuesday, and to search them out in daylight. We reasoned that the packing plant they were at would be exclusive to them only and we wouldn’t have to worry about differentiating between average civilians trying to scratch out a living, all the people at the plant would be agents of the King and in need of extermination. Not only were we possessed of this need to rid our world of this evil we now knew that they had our key and that it was by rights ours and we were going to take it back nomatter what. Just thinking about the key in their possesion was almost enough to bring down the battle fever but with a force of will i was able to push it back, i watched as Tina forced it back as well, we were sharing thoughts and emotions, and i could almost feel Sarah, all the way across the country doing the same and wishing us luck, and even more wishing she could be there in person, all seven feet nine inches of her.

    After a big breakfast which we ate silently, we piled into my WRX, a grad present from my parents, and went to the meat packing plants we had looked up in the phone book. I drove with Tina shotgun, and Marissa filling the entire back seat and we were all quiet because we knew that this was going to be much worse than the last time because they know what they’re up against. We were counting on the element of surprise, their unpreparedness at our sudden appearance, and most of all on Tina’s ability to out mass what we hoped would be all of them combined, but we had no idea of their numbers, all we knew was that we were severely outnumbered. Maybe as much as ten to one, but we hoped it wouldn’t be that bad.

    Our story was that we were journalism majors working on a school project. This worked very well and we checked out plant after plant and aside from learning more than we cared to know about how meat gets from the animal to the table we found no trace of our enemies. Lunch passed with none of us hungry and our list was getting shorter, and finally at the last plant we asked the manager giving us his tour if there were any other plants in town, a plant with an exclusive clientelle maybe. He told us that there was a meat packer who only hired inside people and nobody knew who they distributed to but they did a good amount of business, there were always trucks in and out of that place. We knew right away that was the place, again from next door, and we had wasted half the day before thinking to ask because, of course, it wasn’t listed in the public directory. We raced out to it’s secluded location and the feeling of evil and un-naturalness was almost enough to knock me flat. As per our plan i pulled up to the closed loading dock and we piled out and lined up at three different doors.

    Marissa used her phenomenal strength and muscles to blow the first door off its frame and send it flying across the plant, then she quickly moved out of the way so they wouldn’t see who or how many. I leapt in and the scene that greeted me was exactly what i expected. Carcasses hanging everywhere, of the usual stock, cattle, pigs, sheep, but there were some others that my battle frenzied mind would register later. For now all the workers were low men and women and as my training and nature dictated i began to take them out with a ruthless efficiency. They had no idea what was going on and by the time i had taken out four of them they finally recovered enough to put up a bit of resistance. It wasn’t enough, I had improved by leaps and bounds in the time since our last battle. I skull crushed the remaining three without much dificulty, seven down and who knows how many more. I was now blood spattered and covered with gore so when i sensed reinforcments enter the room i jumped up into the ribcage of a steer and hid waiting for phase two of our rough plan.

    Again Marissa acted and with a gigantic boom another dock door flew through the plant taking out another low man and scattering the rest, and close behind the door a raging tower of feminine muscle, M waded through the reinforcments which included a smattering of bird, rat and weasel men. She had no difficulty with the low men as her punches traveled right through thier skulls with no resistance, but the t’ahelldeybeen put up a bit of a fight. The rat and weasel men were super quick and the bird men were tough. At one point she had a bird and rat in each hand with another rat and a weasel attached to her leg and torso when i crashed in a took off the two biters, allowing her to finish off the two in her hands, and while i snapped the neck of rat boy she punched weasel boys’ skull through the concrete floor leaving a crater about nine inches deep. Not only was she also blood splattered she was mildly injured, minor bites and swollen knuckles the worst of it. Then the thrid wave arrived and to our greatest fear, they were armed with what looked like semi-automatics.

    Just then they found out what was behind door number three. It flew across the warehouse with the usual velocity but the woman who walked through the door made them pause and actually step back a few paces. Here was the real threat because Tina was as tall as the fifteen foot door and when she walked in her shoulders took out the entire wall on either side of the door, destroying the two adjacent doors in the process. Seeing the two doors hang free she took one in each hand and threw them like frisbees at the armed t’ahelldeybeens. Most of them dodged the first door, one got squashed, but the second door reduced their numbers by a third to about twelve. Four of them were up on a second story walkway and the rest were on the ground. One of the four, a low man i recognized as the leader from the conversation by the door the night Marissa went through her first growth spurt, shouted orders to fire at all of us, not just at Tina. Eight of them opened on the real threat and the other four sent M and I rolling in opposite directions so that one shot wouldn’t take out both of us at once, and it set us up to flank them from either side, pinning them between the wall and Tina. Speaking of which, i was amazed to see that she was mostly unaffected by the bullets. The first five or so had actually broken the skin and loged not too deep in her muscles, but then she poured on the muscle and almost instantly inflated and hardened herself to the point where the bullets only left welts and bruises, and another expansion and hardening later they simply hit her and dropped to the ground, all of them misshapen from their impact with her. She was fine and advancing one twenty foot stride at a time. M and i were busy avoiding our own shots because neither of us was bullet-proof but cover was plentiful and i had a ricochet graze my calf as i was rolling. I was a little slow to get up but i didn’t register the pain until later.

    At this point Tina had reached the annoying noise makers that irritated her more than anything and as she began crushing goons two at a time with each hand. Their toughness meant nothing to the fifteen foot giantess with more muscle than the entire NFL combined. When she had taken out half of their remaining forces they broke and ran. When they did M and i sprinted them down, M taking three to my two and as far as we knew not a one made it out of there alive, with one exception. The leader who we had taken for a low man was standing in front of Tina with the key raised in his hand. She was still taller than him even though he was up on the walkway and somehow he had stopped her in her tracks, her hand was about a foot away from grabbing him and motionless. I yelled at her to grab him but she didn’t respond and at the last possible second i did the only thing instinct told me to do, i picked up a gun and shot Tina in the shoulder. The shot was true and i didn’t even remember pulling the trigger, just seeing the bullet in her shoulder, but it was enough, just as he vanished, dissapearing into thin air Tina plucked the key out of his hand and in a matter of a minute and a half it was all over.

    The battle fever dropped and we all felt the reality of what we had just done sink in. We had come upon them unprepared as we had hoped, we waded through them like a scythe at harvest time, had recovered the key, and none of us were seriously injured. Oddly Tina had the worst wound from my shot to her shoulder, apparently i had hit the weakest part and the bullet had stopped on the bone. I reached in to the wound and plucked it out and as she shrunk the wound mostly closed up, but her shoulder was sore for a few days afterwards. Once again Marissa lost control but this time she recovered much faster. It seemed that i couldn’t let go of the gun in my hand, it felt like it had become a part of me that i couldn’t get rid of, and in a way that was true, but eventually i pried it out of my reluctant fingers only to find myself putting it into it’s holster and tying it and it’s mate around my waist. I was now sporting two .45’s in holsters around my hips, after a moment of embarrasment i realized that it felt right and that soemtime soon i’d be wearing them all the time, just not here, or even next door… Tina had the hardest time of it since this was her first experience dealing with these creatures, these t’ahells. She had involuntarily shrunk down to her normal 5’6 and try as she might to grow to the 6’3 that she had become accustomed to she wasn’t able. Her ability returned after we had all calmed down from the next shock that greeted us. We looked around at our handi work, which a part of us was proud of, to the carcasses, and among the usual stock we saw the carcasses of people; men, women, children, and even infants. We stood staring motionless at the atrocity of this place, then all at once stampeded out of there and ran into the fields, as tharn as any creature alive.

    We were mindless from the shock so we ran. I was the best runner among us so i hit the lake first, unthinkingly keeping the guns dry, then of course Marissa splashed in after me then Tina. The water was blissfully cool and cleansing and broke us out of our shock. The sight of the place would haunt our dreams forever but we had a righteous feeling knowing we had ended their butchery. It was only after cleaning ourselves in the lake that Tina gave a shriek of glee. She still had the key clutched in her hand and she held it out to me. The moment it came into view i heard these slightly jarring chimes and a chorus of voices singing the perfect chord, the voice of the door, of the beam, of the white. Then it was gone and i almost doubted if i had heard it at all. Then i reminded myself that coincidence had been cancelled and knew it for what it was. We finally had the key and i had to resist the mad urge to drive to the door right now open it and leave this world for the one next door where i would live a very happy man. But i knew that to do that without taking care of business here, and taking my angels with me, would lead to the end of the work we had to do, and wouldn’t solve any of the tumblers in the Gunslingers’ 97 billion more tumblers to go.

    So we walked back to the packing plant and numbly poured the spare gasoline we had brought, and numbly set the place a blaze, we knew no one would ask questions, not about this place, and we headed home in a state of shock. At dinner no one said anything, and we even went out for coffee, again in complete silence. I think we were each of us absorbing and reliving the fight and coming to terms with the higher stakes that this job entailed. We knew we had a choice of whether to go through with this, especially now that we had the key, and we spent that night deciding. On the way home we asked Tina what the leader had said to her and she wasn’t able to remember, that part was yellow in her memory. This had us a bit worried because it this guy could stop Tina with his command and dissapear into nothingness he was a real threat that we night not be able to handle. Marissa, coming to her decision, aksed when we were going through the door, and after a moment of reading what the door and the beam had to say about an answer, it came to me. New year’s eve. I was in from the moment i laid eyes on the door so my choice was already made, but my angels had to choose for themselves. She nodded and went home to her place to her man who was waiting nervously for her. Tina and i walked home with my hand around her waist and her muscular arm draped over my shoulder. She had returned to her 6’3 and 300 pounds and i couldn’t have been happier, that was answer enough from her. That night we were so exhausted from the day that we nearly passed out the second our heads hit the pillows but we were both so happy to still be alive and to have each other that we made love with a slowness and passion that we had never experienced before. We slept in through most of wednesday before returning to our normal routines for the last week of class and finals.

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