The Door (A Dark Tower Spinoff) Part 5

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    Sarah called on Wednesday night happy that we three had made it through and wanted all the details of the battle. We told her the story willingly enough, even though she was just confirming events that she had sensed from us as they happened. It was good to hear her voice. We changed our meeting to just after Christmas so that we could prepare for our play at the door because we all had the feeling, now, that this was going to be the hardest part and that we would need everyone in on it, and that included Jo, Stacy and her man Andy. We all had to meet so that we could bring everyone to the same page and put together a loose plan for getting us through the door which we knew now would be heavily guarded. A loose plan was the farthest we were willing to go because improvisation was essential and of course nothing ever goes as planned.

    Tina, Marissa, Jo and I drove home together and right away we noticed that we were being followed, they weren’t even trying to be discrete about it. I wondered where they had found reinforcements so quickly and why they only began to follow us today and not a week ago. I kept driving while keeping half an eye on the black Expedition they were driving. All three of us could sense what they were and we were as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Then, as expected they pulled along side us and tried to wave us over. I responded by putting my WRX to good use and pulled well ahead of them by weaving through traffic like a trained racecar driver. They eventually caught up to us after a cop lurking for speeders slowed me down and this time they didn’t waste time on the formalities, they tried to run us off the road with their much bigger car. After surviving the first hit Tina told me to get their car on her side. Knowing she was going to do something amazing I gunned it and pulled ahead of the SUV, which as expected forced them to pull along our passenger side and this time they upped the ante again with guns drawn. When they again tried to run us off the road Marissa reached out of her window and punched one of the would be gunmen in the chest, sending him flying through the far side of the car taking two of his buddies and the far door with him. At the same time I saw Tina grow out of the corner of my eyes and as she completely filled the car with her muscular body she reached down with the one arm she had out the window to the running boards under the doors and with one quick motion that sent my car lurching wildly she flipped the entire Ford Expedition into the air. It easily rose twenty five feet and flipped over and over about six times before crashing in a mangled heap along the side of the road. I continue to be dumbfoundedly amazed at the amount of power that Tina now possesses and am so incredibly happy that she’s on our side, not only because I find it to be incredibly sexy, I asked her if it was as good for her as it was for me, and after a kiss and a stroke to my obvious errection she said it most definitely was, but because there seemed to be no end to the strength that she was able to muster, and to be on the wrong end of that strength would be utterly terrifying. Marissa told us to get a room as she was making out with a very turned on Jo in the back seat. He had some sense of how strong his girlfriend actually was, but to see it in action was a totally new experience for him.

    We made it the rest of the way without incident but my car looked like someone had tried to run us off the road. When my dad mentioned this I told him that I wasn’t paying attention and a construction warning barrel grazed the side of the car, actually about three of them before I could get back on the road. He gave me a knowing look and said that with such an incredible girlfriend as Tina it was easy to get distracted. Since I had been surrounded by extremely tall and unbelievably muscular women all my dating life they accepted my shorter than usual, at 6’2, but equally as muscular, 300 pound, Tina without question. After celebrating the holidays with my family we went to Tina’s family, who hadn’t seen her "growth spurt" yet, only heard about it. She met her parents and gave her dad a big hug, she was eye level with him and quite a bit more muscular, even though he appeared to be as muscular as a champion bodybuilder, I would find out later that was exactly what he was. Then she hugged her mother who was still about three inches taller than Tina and quite muscular for a woman of this world. She didn’t lift weights but was blessed with a natural strength. I felt short at my lowly six feet and especially with my runner’s/martial arts build. Then her sister came down the steps and I felt still shorter, a feeling I was used to and enjoyed when the taller parties were women. Tina’s sister was 6’1 and easily 275 of sixteen year old muscle. When she saw that Tina was now taller and bigger than her she was thrilled to see that Tina had finally grown into her own, because only a year ago she was still 5’6 and 185, and might still have been the runt of the family if it weren’t for the door. I now understood how she had grown so enormously muscular before we met at school. After dinner and celebration her sister challenged Tina to a posing contest where the three of us remaining would be the judges. She accepted enthusiastically with a mischievous grin and a glint in her eye that I knew all too well. When I saw she had changed into the custom bikini made of the stretch fabric I knew what was coming and couldn’t wait to see the looks on her family’s faces.

    The posedown began and at first all I could do was stare. Even after a lifetime of muscular women the sight of two gigantic sisters, one slightly larger than the other both with muscles that defy description and definitely belonging to the world next door made me stare with my mouth open for the longest time. Then I realized I was with Tina’s parents but when I looked nervously at them they had the exact same expression that I had. There is something hypnotically captivating about a woman with enormous, perfectly proportioned, muscles and the sight of two of them, their own daughters, was too much for even them. They only snapped out of their expressions when they noticed that Tina somehow seemed to suddenly dwarf her sister. She was growing both taller and more muscular and very quickly was twice the size of her younger sister and by then it was obvious who would win the contest, everyone was amazed at her ability and a flood of questions were sent her way. How did this happen, how big could she grow, all the usual questions. Here again was a family used to being taller and more muscular but this was something new that they had to explore and of course accept without question.

    I wondered then if I had thinned the wall between these two worlds with my long association with the door and the beam. As a matter of fact, not only were the women around me who hadn’t gone through the door, growing taller and more muscular I noticed for the first time that there were a higher percentage of either much taller women, or more muscular women, and especially both around town. These were random strangers but were obviously of the world next door. Somehow they were crossing over into the keystone world and everyone here was accepting it with good grace. They were definitely the exception but since there were so many more of them around it became a commonplace occurrence, almost a part of normal everyday life. That was fine by me because in my humble opinion this world is a male dominated, chauvinist, den of corruption that desperately needs a return to balance, a return of the feminine half of life and a respect that is desperately missing. Physically empowering women is a definite step in the right direction because men respond only to force, why do you think American football is so popular.

    After the holidays we met up with Sarah, Marissa and Jo, and Stacy and her Andy and Stacy looked incredible her body was a mass of muscle from head to toe like I had never seen before. And with a life like mine I had seen a lot of muscle. She stood at her 5’8" and had muscle size and definition that defied description, somehow even Tina wasn’t able to compare. As I looked over her body I tried in vain to find a soft spot anywhere on her amazing body. Her shoulders were wide and broad and appeared to stretch the T-shirt she had on to its breaking point. Her arms bulged with biceps that were easily 30 inches and they were completely shredded with veins protruding noticeably even as she stood relaxed, arms at her side. The shirt did little to conceal two huge pecs on a tremendous back that I doubted Marissa could put her arms around – and at 7’2" this made it an impressive distance indeed. The shirt stopped just below her breasts to reveal her hard abs – as ripped as any I had ever seen. In her tight shorts her quads looked carved and incredibly solid. The quads were immense and even Sarah felt a little envy for the size and definition of her legs. The veins crisscrossed the muscles in intricate patterns and surged with power as she shifted position while she greeted us with enthusiasm.

    It was a good reunion because I had forgotten how beautiful and truly huge Sarah was and of course everyone’s eyes kept being drawn back to Stacy’s incredible musculature, even a ten foot tall Tina wasn’t enough to distract from her. I think it was the contrast of her height to her massive size that made her irresistible. After our strategy session I mentioned this to Tina and she tried it with her body and sure enough somehow that was it. Then she began to grow taller while maintaining Stacy’s mass to height ratio and as she grew taller her mass became absolutely unreal. She was pushing the limits of her abilities and looked incredible doing it. She only wondered why it took her so long to even think to try this. When she reached nine feet tall her stretch clothing began to rip which meant she was easily 2400 pounds of sexy red hot smokin’ woman. This was half her usual height for ripping her clothes which definitely explained how she was able to easily launch an SUV twenty five feet into the air. She decided to keep growing at her current proportions to truly test her abilities to the fullest. She definitely looked as powerful as we knew her to be and she continued to grow. Unfortunately the ceilings in her house were fifteen foot ceilings and she had to stop there or destroy the house, which she could have done with her pinky alone, but she felt that she had at least two or three more feet of height to grow with the new level of musculature she was now sporting and at her usual 6’3, put her at 980 no problem. This was definitely as muscular as she could push her body to become but neither of us had any complaints about that.

    We had a scant five days before we were supposed to try for the door, which again had traveled back to it’s original location from the first time I saw it. We arranged for a night time surveillance and sure enough the low men and the ta’beens were guarding the door at night with the highest number at midnight, which we knew was when we were supposed to open the door. Unfortunately the thinning of the wall between these two worlds had allowed several of the low women working for the King to cross over and the six we saw were easily as tall, if not taller and more muscular that both Sarah and Marissa. That would complicate things. On top of that the night of the 30th their leader, the man in black as we’ve dubbed him, made a personal appearance and now we were very nervous, but we had come up with a fairly simple plan that hinged on one assumption. An assumption that had very little evidence to support it and if it didn’t work all of us would probably die.

    The dreams, of course, became more and more persistent as the date of our departure approached, again it was the constantly repeating story of the gunslinger and his friends but each version was slowly getting closer and closer to the way it should be. Here and there small details were being ironed out, the number of people at River Crossing, even the number of teeth in gasher’s mouth, for some unknown reason had to be three…we talked about that one and couldn’t come to a reasonable answer, I guess it’s just one of the 400 billion tumblers that need to be in place for things to go smoothly. Of course these were details that none of the characters in the story noticed because they were within the story and not seeing different versions at least three times a night. Two nights before I began dreaming of another girl, just before I woke up, her name was Rosie and was very well endowed, but otherwise looked to be a totally normal woman, but in my dream she looked like one of those optical tricks where if you moved your head a little the image changed, and I saw her as she is next door, a head taller than me, superbly muscular with breasts that defied gravity much like Kim Kilper’s. For some reason I was supposed to know her, or was going to know her. Who she was or how she was connected to us I had no idea but I got the message and was now on the alert for her.

    Again the night before I dreamed of her just before I woke up, but nobody else apparently knew of her. Once again it seemed that I was the most important one and that filled me with a sense of dread at the prospect that worlds, or even existence itself might hinge on me and whether or not I would be successful tomorrow night. Actually not just tomorrow night, the upcoming journey and the climax at the end, or the alternative, which was unthinkable. It was somewhat weird to think that we were leaving our friends and family behind, well almost behind, our friends and family were still the same next door, but I now had a feeling that next door was simply a portal from this keystone to the world of the tower. I also had a feeling of dread that we all shared, that for one reason or another one or more of us were not going to make it through tomorrow night. We couldn’t explain it but the feeling was undeniable. The gunslinger had a work for it but somehow it didn’t feel like an apt description of this sense of impending doom. I feared that it would be Tina that wouldn’t make it, mostly because I was too self-important to consider that it’d be me, and because I was the most attached to her, I loved all the women in my life but Tina most of all.

    That day we made preparations, packing a backpack each with some essentials, but not enough to weigh us down or affect our range of motion. We enjoyed our last few hours in what would forever be our home world, but also with a sense of anticipation that some of us knew well. The anticipation of battle, it was somewhat addictive, and we knew that it had the potential to destroy us if we let it get out of control. Stacy was more nervous than she let on and Sarah who had been out east and out of all the action was downright giddy. I was worried about that because she was more prone to making a mistake. Dinner that night was jovial and we had a grand ole’ time but then after we went into war mode. We staked out the park and even though we couldn’t see them we could feel them, and especially the man in black. We could see the door in the moonlight and every once in a while we could see one of the low women who had not yet adjusted to their new body size, and then she showed up. It was the girl from my most recent dream and she was dressed as if for travel and wonder of wonders she walked right into their trap, right up to the door, and before any of them could move she opened the door using a key that was identical to my own, and disappeared through the door. By the time they were all out of their ambushes the door had swung shut with a resounding thud. It was chaos and I realized that this was our opportunity. I closed my eyes and focused on the door and on moving it. I felt the door, and I felt two tethers attached to it, one was the access to next door, but the other was the stake in this world. I pulled on the stake with my mind and when it gave I quickly and forcefully drove it into the ground about 100 meters from where we were and 300 meters from their jumbled group that had been plunged into chaos by the mystery woman’s sudden use of the door.

    the race was on, the man in black realized right away what happened and sent them charging in one group towards us, they had no organization and had lost the element of surprise and as we sprinted for the door we spread out into our planned formation, Tina closest to the charge, with Sarah and Marissa to back her up, then Stacy Andy, Jo, and I closest to the door in order to open it and hopefully get us through. I reached the door and we had about thirty seconds before they were on us, and I saw that Tina was enjoying her growth as she grew to her most massive 21 feet tall and 7500 pounds that we estimated her at. They barreled into her and she scattered them like bowling pins with one arm, low men and weasels and crows flying every which way. The low women were the second wave and with her other arm pounded into them with enough force to break a few bones but since she was only trying to halt their charge she didn’t hit a single one in the sweet spot so they were up before she could bring her other arm around again. The drawback to being so huge is the lack of speed, so Sarah and Marisa stepped in and went toe to toe with the low-women. Marissa was taking a beating from two of the three that were on her, she had felled one already, when Tina reached down and picked up one of the low-women between her thumb and index finger and in a spray of blood her head disintegrated, allowing M to finish off the other one who was actually a head taller than her, and after exchanging about half a dozen blows that would have liquefied me, M hit the blood spot and her head exploded.

    Sarah, who had never fought in a battle of this sort was doing amazingly well. Her almost eight feet of womanly muscle was somewhat larger than her foes and through a combination of ferocity and randomness she had managed to take out three of her four. The fourth low woman had her in a head lock and Sarah was starting to turn purple when Tina reached down and with a flick of her wrist twisted the head off the low woman. By this time the survivors of the first wave, mostly low men, the rats and weasels and crows had not fared well against Tina’s battering ram, had re-joined the battle and now Stacy, Andy and Jo, who each had a pair of handguns we’d salvaged from the meat packing plant, were taking out heads with no mercy. In the fifteen seconds this took place, I had pulled out the key and had it in the keyhole, and had just unlocked it when the third wave hit us. The man in black had about ten reserves ahead of him and after loosing about four to our first line, and two more to our second line that left four to me. I drew and with a combination of 45 rounds to the blood spot and boots and fists I took out three of the four. I looked around to get a sense of the fight when I noticed that Tina, Marissa and Sarah all were motionless with the leader the center of their focus. Stacy saw this and without a second thought launched herself with her refrigerator sized legs directly at the man in black. Andy with a shout of dismay sprinted after her, while Jo stayed with me at the door. We could see that they were under some sort of control and that there was nothing we could do. Stacy’s flight took her directly into where the man in black should have been but at the last second he vanished, only to reappear over Stacy where she rolled to a stop, and before she could even register his presence he put his hand through her back and into her torso, somehow punching through all of her muscle mass. As he lifted her over his head with the one arm, Andy leveled his gun and fired. Again he vanished and Andy’s bullets punched through Stacy with a wet smack that was sickening coming from one of our own.

    Now that the man in black was gone the three angels he had in his enthrall came back to life and just then The man in black, with his five remaining soldiers hit Jo and I from the side, we had been stupidly distracted by Stay’s death and Jo was able to shoot one of them before his head got twisted by the remaining low woman who was easily as big as Sarah and made Jo look like a twig. I was cut off, the three girls were moving to help me but I could tell they’d be too late, I couldn’t take them all down myself, especially with, (Walter) the man in black here, so I did the only thing I could think of, my only out, I lunged for the open door and somehow rolled through without any of them grabbing me. I rolled and on my back faced the door with guns drawn waiting for one of them to show themselves and or come through. I saw Walter appear and when he did a bullet hit the surface that divided the two worlds and fell to the ground. He smiled knowingly and stepped into the door. He never came through and I never found out where this door sent him. When he vanished I had a second to look around and noticed that none of the soldiers had a twim in this world, and strangely neither did my friends. None of us were here in this world. These worlds were linked so where were we. It was a question I didn’t have much time to reflect on because just then Tina and Sarah came through the door and closed it behind them. I lunged to keep it open because Marissa hadn’t come yet, But a now twelve foot four inch tall Sarah picked me up off the ground with one hand and told me that Marissa had chosen to stay with her Jo. She was a seven foot two inch tall impossibly muscular woman in a world where that was the exception and she had just lost her love. It was a little too much for her to also come through the door and continue this journey. At home she’d be unique and as they told of the fight after I went through the door, I realized that she was meant to stay in the keystone world as an anchor to our ka tet.


    😯 How’d you fit them all in that dinky WRX???

    Nice, real nice. Is this the finale?

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