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    Below is part 1 of a story inspired by the Fantasy Female Muscle Game thread on the Video Game part of this forum. No FMG yet, but it will come, and thanks to the stories basis, it will likely come in several different forms throughout the story.

    wjroland aka Avalian

    The Game
    Written by Avalian

    Standard Disclaimers apply – this is an adult story, if you should not be reading this don't, yada yada yada.

    Part 1: The Village

    A young woman sat on her knees weeping amidst a field of ruins. Around her lie what remained of her village. The airship fleets of Koran had descended upon her village without warning. Explosions shook every building in the town to the ground. People scattered – only to be taken by the soldiers of Koran's Navy.

    At the head of the force of attackers was a tall, gallant looking man. He wore a white cloak and white armor, but carried a sword black as night. The young woman – who hid in the forest through the entire attack watched on in awestruck horror as the man faced her villages greatest warriors – 5, 10, sometimes 20 at a time. His speed, skill and strength were unequalled on the field of battle. When he grabbed the rope that would hoist him back to his ship, his armor was as gleaming white as it had been when he arrived. Not a drop of blood on him to speak to the mass carnage he had just caused.

    The young woman quivered in the forest for hours after the airships departed before bursting forth from the woods to run screaming into her village and collapse in tears. She raised her head when a gentle hand rested on her shoulder. As she raised her eyes, she saw Dane – the Travelling Swordsman. Dane was legendary. His compassion, his strength – surely he would aid her – avenge her village.

    A crack like thunder preceded Dane's collapse into her arms, a bullet hole through his chest.

    "So much for Dane, the Travelling Swordsman." a voice chuckled behind her. "Looks like we missed a pretty waif of a girl. Let's go fetch her."

    The young woman could hear the booted feet behind her. She was a pretty waif of a girl – barely 18, a mere 5'3" in height and willowy slender, but with hints of her woman hood that would fetch a fair price at a slave auction – she was not so innocent that she didn't know her fate.

    Then a woman's voice spoke

    "Do not cry child. Take heart. Take up Dane's sword. Defend yourself."

    The young woman grasped the sword's hilt at the voices command and with a strength that surprised her, brought the sword aloft as her accosters reached her back. She swung, her blade being guided and propelled by a strength not her own as it sliced through the chests of her attackers. It was a fine blade, once owned by a fine swordsman. In the poor girls hands it would have been of no value were it not for the force propelling her. The same force that kept her standing though her blade sunk back to the ground and her dress was now spattered with blood. The force of the glowing woman now standing before her, above the trio of defeated Koran Soldiers.

    The woman was a strong counterpoint to the waif holding the sword. She was immediately recognizable as Tria, the goddess. Her armor shone in the sun on her 6' form. Her own blade glistened with holy light. Her beautiful face was radiant in it's splendour. Her body was obviously strong and supple beneath her armor. She was an image of the greatest strength women could achieve – a warrior on par with the greatest of male warriors.

    "My poor child," she spoke. The young woman – Kyra – thought it odd that no one spoke her name. No one ever had. Even as a child no one had. They had all known her name, she was sure – just as Tria must know her name – but it was as if their voices could not speak it, as if their voices did not know it. She looked at the goddess again, her mind torn from these thoughts as the goddess continued.

    "You must learn the ways of the sword – avenge your village – it is your destiny. You are my chosen warrior."

    Kyra was going to speak at this moment, about how she was no warrior, how she was a mere peasant girl, but the goddess gave her no time to speak.

    "I know you are no warrior, a mere peasant girl…"

    It was as if the goddess was speaking her own thoughts. Curiously, Kyra realized people had done that a lot in her life too. Answered questions she hadn't quite yet asked. Assumed she'd answered questions she hadn't, but somehow got her answer correct. When she thought of it, she wasn't sure if she'd ever actually spoken…

    "..but destiny cannot be denied. The soldiers of Koran raised this village because prophesy spoke that the fall of Koran would come from here. That is why they slew all the soldiers and took everyone else captive. But, they know not of you – you shall fulfill the prophecy."

    Fulfill the prophecy? How, she had no idea where to start.

    "You must first travel to the town of Marinda, on the coast. There, book voyage aboard a ship. On that ship you will learn skills that will be needed on your journey. Take Dane's sword with you, for while it is too much for you now, it will prove useful in the future."

    Take the sword? Not likely. Without the goddess power aiding her she could barely lift it. And the only pack she had was a small pouch which surely wouldn't…Oh, look at that. Apparently her small pouch was quite capable of holding the 4' long blade. And in fact, when she looked, she noticed it also held 4 healing herbs, 2 tents (why did she need 2?), 400 gil and her personal journal.

    The goddess disappeared and Kyra stared at the spot where she had stood for some time. It occurred to her this would be a good time to write in her journal. Openning the book she was surprised to see, somehow, a synopsis of recent events was already in her journal along with the notation: Current Goal – Board a Ship in Marinda.

    She closed the book up and put it in her pouch again – how did all that stuff fit in there? She found a small knife amongst the ruins which she took to protect herself, and prepared for her journey. As odd as the story sounded, she was unprepared to argue with a goddess.



    I loved how the girl was stuck with the Gordan Freeman effect; Everyone doing the talking for her and knowing what she was going to say.

    Can't wait for the random monsters and XP grinding on the Veldt  👿

    Thanks a lot for sharing this.

    A great beginning can't wait for more  😎


    It's time to play The Game!


    I agree – definitely time to play The Game – so, without further ado – here's Chapter 2 whilst I work on Chapter 3. A little natural growth occurs in this one.

    The Game
    Written by Avalian

    Standard Disclaimers apply – this is an adult story, if you should not be reading this don't, yada yada yada.

    Part 2: Marinda Port

    Kyra was weary and more than a little upset when she arrived at the hedge wall surrounding Marinda. She had fought many battles between her village and here – the first few had gone poorly, since she didn't really know how to fight. Thankfully, the most dangerous beats in this area were Nika Birds, whose flesh could be pierced even by a young woman with a dagger. She had discovered the first night why she needed 2 tents. Oddly, when she awoke in the morning the tent she had used had vanished.

    She had also used much of her healing herbs, but had found that, strangely, Nika Birds often carried the healing herbs in their talons, and someone stashed boxes with single doses of the herb in the strangest places in the forest between her home and Marinda. She had learned much in her journey about how to handle a dagger – 2 days of frequent Nika Bird attacks would do that. She now felt confident that she could deal with any Nika Bird's that came her way – even the pairs or trios that began to be prevalent nearer the town. It had been so convenient to find that one of the herb boxes had instead contained a suit of padded armor perfectly tailored to her body. Strange, but convenient. The armor had made the Nika Bird's talons much less fearsome.

    And now, she was at Marinda Port. The entire city was surrounded by a low hedge – which oddly no one ever bothered to hop over. Everyone always dutifully made their way to the small opennings when coming or going. Not that much coming and going was happening – everyone seemed content to mill about inside the town.

    She went in and was about to great a man near the gate – an elderly man dressed in a robe.

    "Welcome to Marinda, child. Are you a refugee from the Village? We didn't think anyone survived that."

    The man then turned and wandered away. Kyra thought this very rude and went and prodded him. She was astonished when he looked at her and said…

    "Welcome to Marinda, child. Are you a refugee from the Village? We didn't think anyone survived that."

    Kyra moved on from the strange man and began moving through the Port Town looking for someone who could help her get passage aboard a ship. She was nearing the port when she was almost knocked over by someone chasing a cat. And that someone turned out to be a dear friend of hers, Stella.

    Stella was of a different build than Kyra. Stella was training to be a soldier – or had been when last Kyra was in Marinda. Now it looked like Stella was indeed a soldier. A sword at her side, leather jerkin and pants adorning her sinewy 5'7" body. The 19 year old was an odd site chasing after a cat.

    "I can't believe it's you, it's been so long…Oh, the cat?"

    Kyra didn't think she'd asked about the cat, though she was going to…

    "I'm part of the port watch, but so little happens in Marinda, we spend most of our time saving cats from trees. It's really not what I signed up for."

    Kyra was about to ask about the dock.

    "You need passage on a ship?"

    More of those strange responses to unasked questions.

    "Unfortunately, the Port is closed – order of the Koran Navy. No one is supposed to leave. Maybe if you talk to the Mayor he can find a way to get you a ship. I'll come with you."

    Kyra nodded and headed for the Mayor's house, Stella was following right behind her, single file. The 2 travelled in silence until the Mayor's house. Kyra moved to knock, but instead the door openned and she walked straight through. When they were before the Mayor, Stella abruptly stepped out from behind her and stood beside her, speaking to the Mayor.

    "Mayor, this is my friend – she's from the Village and needs passage on a ship."

    The Mayor gave her a very cursory examination.

    "The port is closed.", he replied. Kyra got the idea that if she were alone that would be the end of the matter. But Stella spoke again.

    "Perhaps we can sneak onto one of the Koran ships to leave port."

    "Sneak on? That would not be easy. You'd need disguises. We can sneak you on as slave girls. Go, stay at the inn and I will fetch you when all is ready."

    The Mayor was a really helpful guy.

    Kyra and Stella travelled back to inn and slept till midnight, when the Mayor arrived with his son – a boy of Kyra's age who looked at her in a slightly unsettling way.

    "Put on these slave clothes and we will sneak you onto the ship."

    Kyra and Stella did as asked – and Kyra was shocked to learn they were going to hide their armor and weapons in her small pouch. Even more so when they all fit quite comfortably into it.

    The boarding of the ship went without incident and Kyra and Stella were soon on their way out of Marinda, headed for Calitha – a city on the mainland. Their time on the ship was not easy. Kyra never spoke out, though Stella did once complain to her saying "All this slave work is beneath us, but I guess we have to do it to survive." – that was the end of it.

    Through the long ocean voyage, the hard work began to have an effect on Kyra's slight frame. The slaves were well fed, and so the work served to build muscle onto her body. She noticed that after the first month, her sleeves were a little tighter, especially when she flexed her arm. She also noticed that the soldiers were taking more notice of her legs, which had become shapely with pleasant muscle.

    It was 3 months into their journey when the ship was attacked by Pirates!

    The ship shudderred, waking Kyra and Stella from their rest below.

    "Stay here, I'll go above.", Stella said and went up the stairs. Kyra waited a bit.

    One of the Koran soldiers was knocked down the stairs. A pirate pursued the falling body down.

    Kyra looked from her bed to her pouch. If she was quick she could reach it.

    The pirate's mind was still on his quarry who said, "…"

    Kyra leapt to her pouch and from it drew forth a 4 foot length of steel – Dane's Sword.

    The pirate turned to face the new attacker. "Do not test me girl – you're no match for me."

    Kyra leapt into the fray, her sword arm provind a match for the boastful pirate. She matched his every attack with a skilled and strong parry and soon the pirate began to tire, while Kyra was feeling invigorated by the combat. When finally a blade struck flesh it was Kyra's blade that dug deep into the pirate's arm, causing him to drop his own blade. A second stroke ended the miscreant's life.

    Alive with the energy of combat, Kyra rushed onto deck.

    On deck the fighting was furious – Koran soldiers were engaged with pirate's everywhere. Kyra spotted Stella engaged with 3 opponents of her own – the warrior woman's clothing clinging tightly to her sweat soaked body displayed her shapely muscle to wonderful effect. She was losing ground to her opponents, and Kyra rushed to her side. With the new blade at her side, the battle turned and the 3 pirate's were dispatched.

    "I thought I told you to stay below Kyra.", Stella began. Kyra was going to challenge her – tell her she just saved her life. "But, you did just save my life – your quite skilled with that blade. Perhaps we should stick together."

    The 2 women fought their way across the ship, trying to find the Captain. Little did they know, they were being watched. The pirate captain was observing the 2 women, his lust for battle could hardly sate his lust for women – especially two such comely lasses. Both women fought like wildcats, their long, luxurious hair wave about their heads as their sweat soaked bodies leapt from battle to battle. Their simple blouses clinging to every curve of their forms made them quite a distraction to their opponents, allowing them to often gain an upper hand even against superior opponents. When this battle ended, they would be his.

    Meanwhile, Stella had spotted the Captain of their vessel – he was surrounded by pirates and fighting like a man possessed – but he knew his ship was lost, and he was under strict orders that pirates were to get nothing from his ship. Not a single slave, not a single gold coin, even if it meant destroying it. And he was a loyal soldier of Koran. He shouted out "Light the ship – kill the slaves – break the holds – leave nothing for the Pirates."

    Stella turned to Kyra, "We have no chance here no matter which side wins – quickly, we'll flee to a long boat and make for that nearby island."

    Kyra followed STella to the boat, battling now through both Koran soldiers and Pirates. When they made it to the boat, they cast off into the fog and soon, all signs of the battle that remained was the sound of clashing swords, and then the glare of fire through the fog as the boats sails were lit.

    The 2 women maneuvered their craft to the island nearby.

    Aboard the flaming ship the Pirate Captain smiled an evil smile. He had been denied most of his booty, for certain. Even now he was returning to his own vessel. But, 2 comely and fiery lasses had escaped the destruction and sailed straight to Skull Island – his own home. He'd find them soon enough. If the Witch didn't get them first!


    Skull Island  :mrgreen:

    This bodes for some nice fog effects.

    Mode 7 volcano lava?

    Can't wait to see more of this mate.

    Keep up the good work. I'll keep reading if you keep posting.  😉


    lol I love a good paridy of an old text rpg. I wonder if there would be a time when the main caracter will finally speek. That would probaly be really funny. Good work. :mrgreen:


    This is getting good…


    I agree. This is very good. I especially like how you relate the character's feelings at the odd things that take place in this FF-like world.


    Delayed – and not entirely my best work – but here it is:

    The Game
    Written by Avalian

    Standard Disclaimers apply – this is an adult story, if you should not be reading this don't, yada yada yada.

    Part 3: Skull Island

    As Kyra withdrew Dane's sword from the dead Kutu Fish she pondered the oddity of her latest battles.  Sure she was on the beach, but she was not actually in the water. It seemed strange that these blue fish would somehow manage to attack them on land – sometimes swimming through the sand, other times flying above it. And every once in a while, the Kutu Fish would be accompanied by a Kutu Shark – she'd swear she'd learn in her early schooling Kutu Shark's ate Kutu Fish, but they both seemed awfully eager to fight her instead of eating each other – so eager that they actually had followed her into the forest on her last trip in.

    She'd returned to the beach after facing a Bika Bird – which looked much like a Nika bird only it was purple – because for some reason she could not set up a tent inside the forest. Stella had accompanied her the whole way, and never remarked on how odd things were.

    Oddest of all was her new armor – the Bika Bird had somehow carried it, she wasn't sure how. It was  Chain Mail – but hardly a full suit – only enough to cover her upper torso and her waist and legs – the latter with something akin to a skirt. It left her arms, her lower torso and her head completely bare – since it wouldn't fit over her padded armor. Yet, for some reason, since she'd donned it, all her opponents attacks seemed directed specifically at the parts of her body that were armored.

    In the 2 days they'd been ashore, Kyra had fought with Dane's sword often enough it had become like an extension of her – and she noticed that the blade seemed to gleam brighter now than it had before.  Whenever she drew it she felt a surge of energy, and she was certain she gained several inches on Stella whenever her blade was out.

    Stella was speaking now. "You've become quite a warrior Kyra, perhaps even my better. But it's not safe to remain on shore any longer – we should head inland."

    "I agree.", spoke a black robe that suddenly appeared on the beach in a vaguely human form. "But not the girl, only you warrior."

    The robe extended an arm and a gnarled finger. Kyra watched as Stella began to flicker, seeming to blink with a white light,and then to actually fade in and out of visibility before disappearing altogether with an exclamation of "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

    "Ahahahaha.", the robe laughed in it's hoarse voice. "She will do perfectly for my spell."

    Kyra drew Dane's sword and moved to shout a challenge, but the robe responded before she could.

    "No interference from you."

    Kyra slid backward several steps and suddenly a black armored form was in front of her. Then, the robe vanished in the same fashion that Stella had.

    Kyra was locked in combat with the black armored form – a fearsome warrior to be certain. The being was capable of attacks that seemed to defy nature – leaping high into the air and coming crashing down with it's blade – oddly, always on her bosom like all the others but with force enough to hurt. Kyra used several healing herbs in the fight and during it discovered that she too could perform these amazing leaps, her lithe legs propelling her airborne and her blade striking the armor. Though she appeared to do no damage the armor eventually let out a cry and then vanished.

    Kyra made her way into the woods and fought the Bika Birds and Kutu Sharks that attacked her there – her new leaping attack and armor, combined with her added strength from her transformation when Dane's blade was out – she was sure it was happening now – allowed her to dispatch them and make her way to a small hut in the woods.

    With her blade she broke open the door and went in, finding the hut much larger inside than out – with stairs up and down and several rooms. This was obviously a witch's lair.

    And across from her, standing over a fallen woman – an aged and frail woman – was the black robed figure, about to drink from a vial of glowing liquid. She was unprepared for Kyra's arrival. Kyra knew it was important that the witch did not have that drink. Instead, she snatched it from the frail hand and imbibed it herself.

    The witch turned. "You arrogant child." she hissed. "You will pay for that." and then she blinked out.

    Kyra felt energy rush through her, meeting the energy of Dane's sword and seeming to encompass it. Her hand went numb and she dropped the blade, but she did not shrink back as she normally did – instead she grew. Kyra's body grew to 6' in height, her armor amazingly growing with her. Her chest swelled, with muscle and feminine charms, the latter more pronounced than the former. She flexed her arm and saw a tight bicep swell from it, bigger than even Stella's. Kyra felt empowered – the strength of not 1 or 2, but 3 warriors now coursed through her – her own, Dane's and, as she realized with sadness, that of her fallen friend Stella who lay before her, her energy drained.

    Kyra swore vengeance on the witch, seizing up Dane's sword – it's magical nature now seemingly lost into her it was still a good sword. Her long, lithe legs carried her deep into the Witch's lair – battle Bika Birds and Earth Mounds and Carnivorous Slime at every turn, finding locked chests that her powerful muscles easily forced open or her sword broke as needed to free Healing Slaves and Moon Tears – a magical restorative that she saw little use for.

    Finally she stood before the witch, Dane's sword in hand. The witch cackled and swung her hand, Dane's sword skittered across the room. Kyra was not concerned, she could take this frail creature apart with her bare hands.

    Then, the witch cast off her robe, revealing her rotted flesh and muscle – she was an undead, her magic boosting her strength.

    Still, Kyra would not be denied and leaped at the witch, hands raised to grapple the beast.


    It's sad how her NPC buddy got killed but also a wonderful excuse for a boss battle!

    The observations about 'bullet proof nudity' also had me in stiches.


    Also that Dread Pirate Captian awaits ….

    The FMG elements didn't overpower this superb parody of 16-bit RPG goodness.

    KEep posting and I'll keep reading.

    Thanks for sharing this.  :mrgreen:

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