The magic of video google.

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    For those that don't know about it (hell, I just learned about it at the beginning of this week!), Google Video.  It's like Google Images, but with video clips.  I personally LOVE the format.  Video imbedded right there in the browser window, converted to flash so you dont have to worry about media player incompatibilites/codecs.  Good stuff.  Oh, it is also archived via Google so you don't worry if it is hosted through places like geocities that go down if ONE PERSON looks at it too much.

    Anyhoo, the only female muscle I could dredge up was this Tangela Morgan clip.  Not the best quality.  If someone  is more familiar with how this works, how can more female muscle cips get "archived?"  Is it up to the owners of sites with clips to get them archived  through Google? 

    If everybody knew about this two years ago or whatever, SORRY TO SHOW UP TO THE PARTY LATE *SAD FACE*

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