The (She) Hulk – Exiles #68 (no pictures)

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    In case anyone is interested, this past week's Marvel releases hitting the comic stores included Exiles #68 with a nice couple of pages spread with the impressivly buffed, but not so nice alt-reality The (She) Hulk.   😎

    Guess this "Judge Dread" Jen has no problems with Capital Punishment – she doled it out on Deadpool.

    Also, before I forget it – Marvel Team-Up #11 has Jen (nice page with her being winged along through the air by Warbird) cameoing in it – suppose to last through to issue #13.

    “I like a good story well told. That is the reason I am sometimes forced to tell them myself.”
    ~ Mark Twain / Samuel Clemens (1907)

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