The Sweat (the complete story – finally!)

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    rick powers

    The Sweat
    A real spinach story.
    by The Power Company

    There she is. Just like clockwork, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. She is so gorgeous. The perfect body. Perfect hair. Perfect smile. Jennifer. Even her name is lovely. I’ll just casually walk over there, introduce myself. Make some witty remark about … about … What would I talk about? Politics? The weather? The shipping department?
    Dan Travis just kept on walking silently on the treadmill, staring at the object of his fascination across the gym as she settled into a weight machine and began pumping out overhead presses. Soon a couple of muscular guys came up to see if she needed a spot and struck a conversation with her. Dan was just lost in his usual daydream.
    “I said, ‘How are you doing Dan?’”
    Dan finally tore his eyes off the gym princess and looked to his side. “Hmm? What? Oh, hey Martha. Didn’t see you there.”
    The woman next to Dan was walking on another treadmill. “Yeah, I guess it would be pretty easy to miss me, walking here next to you for the last ten minutes. Especially when Jennifer is working out over there.” She smiled to herself as she continued walking.
    After another minute or so of watching Dan watch the perfect body across the gym, she spoke up again. “So why don’t you go over there and introduce yourself? I mean, it seems like every time I’m in here, you’re ogling her. When are you going to make your move?”
    Dan smirked and trudged on, “Well, I’m not really her type I guess. She’s kind of out of my league. Besides I wouldn’t know what to talk about with her.”
    “You could talk about your job. You work in shipping, right?”
    “Yeah, that would impress her.”
    “Look Dan,” Martha continued, “I’ve only known you for, what, a couple of weeks. But you seem like a really nice guy.”
    “Yeah, thanks Martha. I don’t know. Maybe in a while, after I’ve worked off a few more pounds.” He patted his stomach as he walked “Say, how did you remember that I was in shipping?”
    “Oh, I don’t know, I guess I’ve always had a knack for remembering stuff about people I like.”
    Dan smiled at Martha’s remark. “Thanks,” he said rather shyly, “So what do you do?”
    “I’m working on a Ph.D. in botany.”
    “Really? Botany? What, uh, what exactly is that?” Dan asked politely.
    “It’s the study of plants. I do most of my work at home, in a small lab that I’ve set up. So I try to come down here to get out of the lab once in a while and clear my thinking.”
    The two walked on again in silence for a while. The princess moved on to another part of the gym and Dan returned his attention to the woman beside him. She looked to be in her late twenties. Rather unremarkable figure, mostly covered by sweatpants and a loose shirt. She did have a cute smile, but the rest of her face seemed to be hidden under large glasses. Her brown hair was cut in a short bob that curled under just above her shoulders.
    “Say Dan?” Martha broke the silence. “I don’t mean to sound forward, but how would you like to come over to my place for something to eat after you’re done with your workout? I could use the company. And I could show you around my little lab.”
    Dan quickly thought over the invitation and realized that this had been the only offer he had received in the last two months. “Uh, sure Martha. That’d be great. Can I bring anything?”
    “Well, I was planning on having some pasta tonight. I don’t know where you grew up, but some folks say my spaghetti sauce is the best they’ve tasted. If you’d like, you could pick up some bread.”
    “Great. I’ll be done here in an hour.”
    Martha’s treadmill beeped and slowed down. “Good! That will give me just enough time. I’ve got a business card with my address on it. I’ll put one in your bag. It’ll be fun to have some company. See ya!”
    A couple of hours later, Dan was pulling his car up to what looked like a small warehouse in a not very nice part of town. He checked the address on Martha’s card one more time and verified that this was the place. He grabbed his loaf of French bread and walked up to the door.
    Dan was a pretty good sized guy, 6’2” and fairly stout. A lifetime of hard work and a few bar fights had toughened him up. Still, he felt uncomfortable walking by himself in this neighborhood. He couldn’t imagine how a single woman like Martha would get along down here.
    Martha answered the door without hesitation. She kind of surprised Dan by not checking to see if it was he at the door or some low-life scum ready to slit her throat. “Don’t you think you should be a little more cautious, Martha?”
    She looked up and down the street before going back inside, “This isn’t really such a bad place, once you get to know some of the regulars around here.” She shut the door and led the way into what passed as her kitchen.
    It was indeed a warehouse. Martha had claimed some of the office space up front as living quarters and had put in a rudimentary kitchen with a small table to eat at. Both of them were hungry from their workouts so they focused on preparing the meal.
    Martha was right, Dan had to admit. Her sauce was extraordinary. After salad, the pasta, some wine, and a little more pasta, Dan was finally sated. They each poured another glass of wine and moved into what Martha called her living room. Really just another office, but this one with a couple of comfortable chairs and a sofa.
    “Martha,” Dan started, “that was wonderful. Everything was so flavorful.”
    “That’s what happens when you spend your life studying plants. You might be surprised what you can do with just the right combination of herbs and spices. And speaking of plants, how would you like to see my laboratory?”
    “Love to … lead on, my dear,” Dan said, as he stood up from his chair.
    Martha led him down a hall and through a door into a dimly lit open space. The only light in the room was a low row of neon lights suspended above a long planter. In the planter were fifteen very fresh looking plants. Against the wall, Dan could make out a desk with typical lab equipment and a stool.
    Dan was underwhelmed. He wasn’t sure what he had been expecting, but he thought she would have more than fifteen plants if she was doing some sort of research. He looked around a couple of times. “Wow. Nice.” He couldn’t think of anything else to say except, “So … what kind of plant are you growing there?”
    Martha walked up to her planter and gently touched a leaf. “Spinach,” she said with a knowing smile. “Actually it’s Tetragonia tetragonioides. New Zealand Spinach.”
    “Okay. So what’s so special about this plant?”
    Martha continued to examine the leaves of her plants, “What do you know about spinach, Dan?”
    “Not a lot. I’ve had it in different foods. Wasn’t there some in the salad tonight?”
    “Very good. But that was the species called True Spinach. Anything else?”
    “Oh, and if you eat it your muscles get big and strong. Or at least they do in the cartoons,” Dan added with a chuckle.
    Martha looked at Dan with a serious face, “Yeah. They do.”
    Dan was shocked. Martha seemed to actually be serious. Sure he had seen the cartoons when he was a kid, who hadn’t. But he had eaten spinach for years without anything happening. “What do you mean?” Dan asked incredulously.
    “Did you know that Elzie Seagar, the creator of the Popeye character was a Merchant Marine for years before he started his first comic strip?” Martha asked rhetorically, beginning her exposition (and it’s about time – here we are already to the third page and all we’ve had is dialogue – how about some plot, some action?). “Seagar had seen a lot of strange stuff in his travels that eventually made its way into his comics. I happened to be looking over some of his writings in a library one day when I discovered the source of his Popeye character and what spinach did for him. You see, Elzie had learned about a New Zealand plant when he was in the South Pacific. It seems that the legend goes that the Maori warriors would eat the leaves of this plant before going into battle. They thought that the plant would grant them superhuman strength to defeat their enemies. Seagar heard that it was similar to spinach and so he had his character pop open a can of spinach and gulp it down. And the rest was comic strip history.
    “I spent years trying to discover what that plant was that they used. And even more years developing the right strain of plant that would have the maximum amount of potency in the leaves.” Martha motioned to her plants, “These are my perfect plants.”
    Dan couldn’t believe his ears, “You mean … you mean … If someone eats this stuff … poof! Super muscles?”
    “No, not quite like the cartoons,” Martha smiled at the usual misconception. “Seagar was exaggerating for comic effect. However, if someone ate enough leaves, you could expect that their strength would increase significantly for a short period of time.”
    Dan was almost beside himself. “How … how much? How long?” Suddenly images of himself, muscles pumped, lifting huge weights, showing off in front of Jennifer, rushed into his mind.
    “Well, with some plants all it took was about ten leaves to increase strength probably three times. The effects only lasts for about a half hour.”
    Dan drew near to the row of plants and reached out to touch the ‘magic’ leaves. “Do you think … I don’t know, but do you think that maybe I could …”
    “Would you like to try some, Dan? You seem very interested in my project.” Martha plucked some leaves off several plants and handed them to Dan.
    Dan accepted the leaves and tasted one. When he found that the taste wasn’t too terribly bad, he proceeded to eat all of the leaves that Martha had given him.
    “How long does it take til …”
    He never finished his sentence. The effect was almost immediate. He felt a stirring in his stomach and then a flushed feeling all through his body. Instinctively, he flexed his arms. They seemed larger and harder than they had just a few hours earlier in the gym. His stomach flattened slightly and his chest rose with a new tightness.
    “Oh wow! Martha, I feel so good! So strong! Ahhh! I feel like I want to lift something, see how strong I am now!” He stared at his arms and flexed his muscles over and over again.
    “Well, there is some junk that was left behind by the previous renters. I moved it to the back of the room.” She flipped a switch and a light came on in the back of the warehouse.
    Dan could see an assortment of things that normally he wouldn’t be able to lift without help. He grabbed the axle from an old truck and curled it like a barbell several times. He hoisted a filing cabinet over his head with one hand, tossed it into the air and caught it again. There was a car battery lying among the rubbish, which he picked up and held in one hand while fully extending his arm. He saw a small floor safe and tried to lift that, but he still wasn’t strong enough to do that. Satisfied that he had found his strength limit, he went back to the axle and lifted that some more.
    “God, this is so incredible, Martha. I feel so super! So strong …” He looked up at Martha and another feeling rushed over him, “so … so …”
    Dan dropped the weight and wiped some sweat from his forehead all the while never taking his eyes off Martha. He hesitantly approached her. “My god, Martha, I’m not sure what’s happening to me. I feel so … alive …” He reached out to touch Martha’s face, “So … excited!”
    Dan gave way to the building lust inside him. He grabbed Martha roughly and drew her face towards his. He pressed his mouth on hers and kissed her long and hard. Martha offered no resistance to him, almost encouraging him with her hands and lips.
    Dan picked up the smaller woman and cradled her in his arms. In an almost feverish state, he marched back to the front offices and found Martha’s bed. He threw her down on the bed and ripped off his shirt. He almost couldn’t take the time to unbuckle his belt before he practically tore his pants and briefs off. His manhood stood out firm and erect, throbbing with virility. He glanced down at his member, not surprised to see that it was larger and harder than he had ever seen it. He was a superman in every aspect of his being and he needed to have this woman.
    Martha was wearing a skirt and a thick sweater. Dan removed the skirt with a flourish and straddled the woman. He noticed that her legs were very toned, almost muscular and he realized that he had never seen them before. But there were more pressing matters.
    A moment later, Martha’s sweater and bra were off and her torso was totally exposed. Dan paused to take in Martha’s physique. She was really quite impressive. Her arms looked very well muscled and her waist was thin but with noticeable definition in her abs. Dan traced the curve of her waist with a finger and then swooped up higher to cup her breast. It was surprisingly large and firm. He was just able to cover it with his large hand.
    Martha had removed her big glasses. Dan could see that he was right. She really had a cute face, especially when she smiled at him. She was easily as attractive as Jennifer at the gym. By far, the most physically perfect woman he had ever had sex with in his life. Why would such a sexy young lady try to conceal her beauty?
    Just as Dan was wondering these things, Martha moaned in pleasure as he gently caressed her tit. That was all it took. With an almost animalistic urge, Dan roughly ripped off her panties, exposing her sex, and prepared to thrust himself deep inside her. But Martha took hold of his hips and stopped him mid-thrust.
    “Slow down there, Dan. You’ve got a pretty big friend down there and he could do some damage to my softer spots. Let’s take this part nice and easy.” With that, Martha proceeded to slowly take more and more of Dan’s manhood into her.
    Dan couldn’t believe how good it felt. And somewhere in the back of his mind, he was wondering how this small woman had the strength to stop him and exert such powerful control over him. He hadn’t seen her eat any leaves. But the pleasures that were emanating from his crotch blocked out all reasoning for the time being.
    Finally he was all the way inside her and he began thrusting in earnest. For some reason, he felt an overpowering need to mate, some primal urge that he couldn’t ignore. His actions became harder and faster. He had stamina like never before. Martha reached one climax after another, each accompanied by a crescendo of moans and screams.
    Finally, Dan could feel that he was about to climax, too. Suddenly, Martha grabbed him by the waist again and flipped him over so that she was on top. She pinned his arms to the bed and bounced up and down on his shaft. Dan tried to lift a hand to caress Martha’s boobs but she increased the pressure on his arms to keep them immobile. If it weren’t for the incredible sight of Martha’s large, perfectly formed tits bounding merrily up and down in front of his face, Dan might have been a little more concerned about his inability to move and the strength that Martha was exhibiting.
    As Dan neared his orgasm, Martha slowed the pace way down, grinding out each thrust. Suddenly, Dan felt like his calves were about to cramp up. The pain was so intense that he completely lost interest in his impending explosion. He tried to signal his partner that something was wrong, but she just kept on humping him. To his alarm, Dan felt the cramping spreading up his legs, like every muscle was involuntarily flexing.
    “Ma … Martha …”
    “Hmmmm?”  the lust crazed woman answered, never stopping. She looked like she was nearing another ‘O’, and wasn’t about to stop.
    “Martha, wait …”
    “No lover, don’t wait, keep going. Gotta come!”
    Dan was getting really worried now. The pain was incredible. But worse, he was powerless in this woman’s hands to stop her. He glanced over to his arms, wondering why they couldn’t lift up and move this small woman. The only things holding them down were Martha’s gentle hands. Yet he felt like two massive weights had been set in place to restrict him.
    “Martha,” Dan cried out, “my legs …”
    “Oh I know. You sexy, sexy man. You have such strong legs,” Martha replied, still grinding herself closer and closer to oblivion.
    “I … I can’t … move them …”
    “That’s okay, Dan, I’ll move for both us,” Martha answered, her eyes closed. She was clearly lost in what she was doing, not even aware of Dan and his predicament.
    Suddenly, much to his horror, Dan felt the constriction spreading through his abs and chest. Even his cock seemed to stiffen more than before. Martha let out a little cry of excitement. Obviously she had felt that happen as well. Again, Dan tried to lift his arms, to throw this bewitching woman off him, but the paralysis had spread down his arms as well.
    His whole body was clenched in the most painful cramp or flex or whatever it was that Dan had ever felt. Even his jaw was locked tight so try as he might, he couldn’t even signal his problem to his partner. Dan was sweating profusely, like he had just finish running a marathon.
    Martha, sensing that Dan was completely helpless now, slid off him but continued stroking his now rock-hard manhood with one hand while she reached for a flat lab dish with the other. All the while she kept cooing and encouraging him to let loose with his orgasm.
    Finally, the contractions and the pain and the overpowering sensations coming from his rigid cock all came to a convulsive climax. Martha calmly lifted the lab dish and directed the stream of cum into it by placing two fingers pressed together over the tip of the hot cock. She smiled in appreciation as Dan continued coming with one powerful surge after another, his whole body bucking with the effort. When he was done, Martha gently stroked his penis to get the last few precious drops out.
    Finally, Dan’s exhausted muscles were able to relax. An overwhelming fatigue swept over him. Try as hard as he might, he could barely keep his eyes open. As he slipped off into blissful unconsciousness, he thought he saw Martha pull out an instrument that resembled a tiny vacuum cleaner. He watched through half closed eyes as she carefully sucked up drops of sweat that were covering his body. The really funny thing was that Dan could have sworn that his sweat had a greenish tint to it.
    Was it hours or just minutes that passed? Dan wasn’t sure. But a noise in the back of the warehouse stirred him from his slumber. He tried to rise from the bed, but every muscle in his body screamed in pain. He quickly lay back on the bed, feeling like someone had been beating on him with a baseball bat. Even breathing hurt.
    Finally, he rolled himself over and gingerly lifted himself up little by little. He spotted his clothes lying on the floor next to the bed. With a Herculean effort, he picked them up and slowly, painfully, pulled his shirt on and slipped his boxers up. He was in too much pain to attempt to pull on his pants.
    Dan gritted his teeth and pushed himself on. He felt that if he could just start moving a little, the stiffness in his body would begin to dissipate. Sure enough, the more he moved the easier it was to keep moving. He braced himself against the wall as he cautiously moved down the hallway to the back rooms.
    As he approached the lab area, Dan could make out voices. It sounded like several women having a friendly discussion. He paused and peered around a corner, hoping he wouldn’t be detected in the shadows.
    Dan saw two women getting out of a car that had pulled into the warehouse. Martha greeted them and then closed the big metal warehouse door. Immediately, he recognized Jennifer, the gym goddess. As surprised as he was to see Jennifer there, he was even more surprised to see the other woman. Dan had lived in the L. A. area for most of his life, but he was still caught off guard when he caught a glimpse of a famous movie star or recording artist. Even though she was wearing dark glasses and a hooded sweatshirt, he would have recognized her husky voice anywhere. He had seen most of her movies, impressed by her sexy body as well as her acting abilities. But her last movie had been several years ago and the tabloids had pretty much forgotten her and her career, except for the occasional wild fling with a man half her age.
    “So you said you had something for me?” Dan heard the hooded woman say, starting to get down to business.
    Martha, now wearing a white lab coat, produced a small vial of greenish liquid from one of her pockets. “This is what you’re looking for. Did you bring the cash?”
    “Do you know how hard it is to get $50,000 in cash and not raise suspicions?”
    “I can imagine. Did you bring it?”
    The actress pulled out a wad of bills from her sweatshirt pocket, “Yeah. It’s all here.” She eyed the tiny container, doing a mental calculation, “Is this stuff really that good? I mean, this is a lot of money.” She held the money tightly in her hand.
    Jennifer spoke up, “Are you kidding? You’ll never need another face-lift, You’ll never need another tummy tuck.” She was wearing skin tight jeans and an oversized sweater. To demonstrate her point to her skeptical friend, she pulled her sweater up an over her head revealing her near flawless torso. Her broad shoulders narrowed dramatically to a rock solid waist that was even a little too small for the waistline of her tight jeans.
    “Not to mention,” she continued as she stripped off her bra, “you’ll never sag even though you’ll probably add a cup size or more.” Jennifer’s big breasts bounced free of their constraints and finally came to rest on her chest. But somehow they still looked like some unseen hands were holding them aloft, incredibly large yet perky at the same time.
    Dan was shocked, amazed, and incredibly turned on as well as he stared at a half naked Jennifer. He almost gasped out loud, but restrained himself in time.
    “And best of all …” Jennifer continued as she stepped to the rear of the building feeling so comfortable with her body that she didn’t mind walking around half naked in front of these women, “… you get this!”
    Jennifer reached down and grabbed the handle of the safe that Dan had tried to lift earlier. With little effort she picked it up and began curling it like it was one of those neon colored 5 pound ‘girlie’ weights at the gym. “I don’t know what this stuff is, but it makes you stronger than any man in the world.”
    Jennifer’s bicep finally started registering effort and began to swell in response. It grew with every repetition until it was huge and hard, looking like someone had morphed a male bodybuilder’s arm onto her sexy female body. Then she switched arms and began to pump that one up as well. When the two arms matched each other, she dropped the heavy safe to the floor and raised her arms in a double bicep pose that any Mr. America would have envied. Martha just smiled at the girl’s demonstration. The hooded woman removed her sunglasses and could only stare at her friend dumbfounded.
    “Now here’s the cool part,” Jennifer announced as she lowered her arms. She shook her arms out and stretched her neck a little. When she raised her arms again, the swelling had gone and her arms looked like they were back to normal. She flexed again and small biceps pushed out. On any other woman, at any other time, her arms would have given the impression that this woman had spent years building an award winning fitness style physique. But everyone in the room had just witnessed what her arms were truly capable of doing. Including Dan, who was now sporting a hard on that would probably take hours to relax.
    “See,” Jennifer said as she walked back to the other women and retrieved her clothes, “all that strength, but you don’t have to look like some sort of muscle monster.”
    “Will I be able to do that, too?” the astonished woman asked.
    Martha smiled and nodded her head, “Plus, the effects will last for at least ten years and then will naturally fade with age. I’ve seen women in their seventies who could still out lift most of the studs at the average gym.”
    The hooded woman finally handed the money to Martha. “God, Jennifer, this better be worth it.”
    “Trust me, Deni, you’ll love what it does for you. And so will that boy toy of yours!”
    Deni shot Jennifer a wilting look for bringing up her boyfriend, “I thought that subject was not going to come up tonight.” She looked back at the small vial she held in her hands.
    “Did you bring the extra clothes like I suggested?”
    “Yeah, I threw some in the car for her,” Jennifer answered.
    Deni eyed the vial of green liquid, “So what is supposed to happen when I drink this?”
    “A sudden rush of energy … your muscles will probably swell quite a bit,” Martha was absentmindedly ticking off the items while she checked out the roll of bills. Satisfied that the roll seemed to be about the right size, she tucked it away and smiled at Deni. “You’ll feel like you could beat Superman at armwrestling … or at least give him a run for his money … and in a about a half hour, your muscles will reduce in size but still be rather large for the next day or so. You will be quite a bit stronger than most people. That’s the part that takes getting used to. It will feel like everything is so delicate that you won’t be able to not break a few things. Just be careful and keep practicing. Jennifer will help you get adjusted.”
    Deni hadn’t taken her eyes off the vial the whole time. She grimaced and muttered, “Okay. Here’s goes!” With one swift movement, she put the vial to her lips and slugged the liquid down like she was putting down a shot of whiskey.
    Deni wiped her lips on the sleeve of her sweatshirt as she handed the vial back to Martha. “How long til something happens?”
    Martha looked at her for a moment, then she smiled. “Should be just about…”


    That is impressive. I can't wait until the next scene!


    Good golly, that's good stuff! 😀

    rick powers

    Thanks for the comments. I'm just about finished. But I got to say – the last scene is … well, you'll just have to see for yourselves. I didn't even expect me to take the story in this particular direction.


    David C. Matthews

    There will be a next scene? I thought you were going for a "Twilight Zone"-style effect where the reader is left to wonder what'll happen next.

    This will be interesting!…


    Reading through this again, I noticed something. I don't know if it was intentional or not, but I have seen a similar storyline in a movie. I believe that it was called "Death Becomes Her". This looks almost identical, except that this has a spinach twist and includes FMG. Did anyone else notice this?

    Mark Newman

    Oh happy day!  A new Power Company story.  And more to look forward to!  Thanks Rick.

    I do love mysteries, especially when they promise even more FMG.

    Happy New Year to all.

    Hunter S Creek

    Great stuff, Mr. Powers!

    Thank you for sharing it!  Can't wait to read the next installment!



    Fantastic beginning, I have to say it's one of the best FMG story I read tile a long time. I love the way they use the FMG serum to make money, very realistic. Plus, I love the way women can grow then shrink a little to make the everyday life easier.

    Please I can't wait for more, post post post please !!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    rick powers

    The Sweat (part 2)

    [Now let's see … where was I?]

    [Oh, yeah. Demi … I mean, Deni, yeah that's it … Deni had just taken Martha's Sweat formula …]

    Deni wiped her lips on the sleeve of her sweatshirt as she handed the vial back to Martha. “How long til something happens?”
    Martha looked at her for a moment, then she smiled. “Should be just about…”
    The raven-haired movie star’s eyes shot open. She opened her mouth but nothing came out. She felt a warm rush of energy race down her legs and then shoot up through her body as if it had bounced off the floor. She threw her head back and opened her arms wide as if trying to allow the energy a path of escape. But instead she felt it rising higher and higher inside her until she felt as if her entire body would burst open.
    Dan could see the loose sweatshirt that Deni was wearing begin to fill up as if someone had attached an invisible air hose to it. The woman clenched her fists and tightened the muscles in her arms causing the sleeves of the heavy sweatshirt to stretch even more. She slowly raised her arms up and clenched her fists even tighter. Suddenly, Dan could hear the sound of seams popping and fabric tearing.
    Deni grunted as she neared the top of her flex. She looked down to see her biceps stretching out the sleeves of her sweatshirt. “Oh god,” she yelped, “what’s happening to me?” But scared as she was, she couldn’t stop staring at her monstrous muscles as they struggled to shred the material. With a final push, she ripped open the sleeves, exposing her grapefruit sized biceps.
    But she had no time to revel in the power she was feeling in her upper body. Her jeans, which had been tight before, began to stretch outward as well. Deni grabbed the sides of her pants and tugged. With just a few tugs, she had torn most of the thick denim from her legs. Her quads were bulging larger and larger with each second. Again, Dan’s hard-on returned with a vengeance. He tried in vain to tear his eyes away from the sight of the growing woman as he grabbed himself and tried to push his hard cock down. Hoping that he would not be seen, he began to rub his hard member as he watched the increasingly erotic scene being played out in front of him.
    Meanwhile, Deni was having some trouble breathing. Her breath was coming in shorter and shorter gasps. “Can’t … can’t  …. get a … breath …” was all she could say.
    “Calm down,” Martha instructed, “and take one really deep breath.”
    The frightened movie star followed the smaller woman’s order. She calmed herself and then took in as big of a breath as she could. Dan couldn’t help himself. He had to watch. He saw the sweatshirt again fill up, but in the front this time. It lifted up above the actress’ waist and displayed the top of her panties which had been stretched into a ‘G-string by the twin hemispheres of her now very muscular butt and the sweeping bulk of her massive thighs.
    Dan heard a popping sound, which brought his attention back to Deni’s chest. Her boobs seemed to explode outward from her chest after the pop. The nearly overcome woman grabbed her now totally inadequate sweatshirt in the middle and tore it apart with one motion. As she did so, her breasts, each easily the size of cantaloupes, sprung out.
    Finally the growth was over. Deni stood in the middle of the warehouse mostly naked, save for a tiny bit of cloth that covered her privates, breathing like she had just sprinted a mile. Her massive tits rose and fell on her thick chest with each tremendous breath, her arms being pushed away from her torso by her huge back muscles. She placed her hands on her hips as she began to catch her breath.
    Without a word to the others, Deni stepped over to the safe laying on the floor where Jennifer had left it. She cautiously took hold of the handle, not really sure what to expect. But when she stood back up and lifted her arm, it was obvious that the heavy weight of the safe was negligent to her now. She lifted it several times and examined it with both hands. Then she tossed it in the air a few times like she was tossing an empty cardboard box.
    “Too light,” Deni said as she casually flipped the safe over her shoulder. “Got anything heavier, doc? I want to see how strong I really am!” The safe came crashing down on the floor, filling the building with a reverberating boom as a testament to how heavy it really was.
    Deni walked over the car that was parked inside the warehouse and sized it up. Dan held his breath. Was she going to try to lift a full sized sedan with her bare hands? Just how strong was she? She bent down and grabbed the bumper with both hands. Then she paused and a sly smile spread across her beautiful face. She shifted her right hand to the center of the bumper and then slowly stood upright.
    Dan was nearly choking with awe as he watched the huge car rise slowly off the floor. Deni’s arm grew larger and larger with the effort. Soon she was beginning to curl the front end of the car up to her shoulder. Dan couldn’t tear his eyes off the beautiful woman as her muscles expanded to match the resistance. Her bicep ballooned upward as if someone had shoved a grapefruit on top of the cantaloupe under her skin. Her chest  and forearms exploded with size as well. From his viewpoint, Dan could see all of her huge muscles working in concert to lift the car.
    After completing the impossible lift several times, Deni switched hands and repeated herself. Finally, she set the car down and spread out her massive, pumped up arms. Then she once more brought her fists in toward her head and flexed her biceps as hard as she could. She looked side to side, her field of vision was nearly filled with the sight of her unbelievably massive biceps. They looked more like arms from a cartoon character rather than a real person.
    “Holy shit!” Deni exclaimed, as she stared in wonder at her new body. Her usually husky voice carried even more resonance than before, “You were right, I do feel like I could take on Superman!” Finally she lowered her arms and approached the other women. She walked up to the shorter and considerably thinner Martha and placed her hands on her hips, “And speaking of that,” she said as she extended her hand, “I’ll take my fifty thousand back now.”
    The two women were shocked by this change in attitude and could only stare at the massive muscle woman in front of them. “But didn’t it work like I told you it would?” Jennifer asked.
    “Oh yeah,” Deni replied not taking her eyes off Martha.
    “And didn’t you agree to the amount?”
    “Yeah, but see,” explained Deni, “things change. I figure that I’m the biggest and the strongest in here and this little lady will either hand over the cash, or I’ll take it from her the hard way.”
    Suddenly, Martha grabbed hold of Deni’s wrist and held on. Deni tried to pull away, but she felt like her hand had been caught in a vise. The muscles across her chest and shoulders bunched and swelled with the effort, but she was still stuck. Meanwhile, Martha calmly looked at the large woman and barely registered any effort while holding her wrist stable. Out of desperation, Deni took a swing at Martha’s face with her free hand. Martha caught it before it could make contact. She began to squeeze the hand and the wrist and force them backwards.
    Deni finally began to give in to the relentless pressure that the diminutive woman was exerting on her arms. She dropped to her knees and gritted her teeth. “Alright, alright, I give up. I’m sorry!” she cried out in her pain.
    “You ungrateful, self-centered, self-absorbed little child!” Martha finally spoke. “I gave you everything you wanted and you would deny me just compensation? I have another serum, you know, that would leave you as weak and undeveloped as a seven year old girl and I have half a mind to force it down your throat right now!”
    Martha released her hold on the nearly crying woman and stepped back. “Jennifer, kindly get your friend out of here,” she said coldly, as she walked over and opened the warehouse door.
    Jennifer helped Deni get up from the floor and handed her the clothes she had brought. Sheepishly, Deni slipped a huge sweatshirt over her head and drew a large pair of shorts up to her muscular waist. Then she slid quietly into the car. Jennifer closed the door and walked around to where Martha was standing.
    “Oh Martha, I’m so sorry for my friend’s behavior,” she said as she gave the smaller woman a hug. “Does this happen to you often?”
    “About every third one, yeah. The power just goes to their head,” Martha replied still holding Jennifer. “But they forget about it over time.”
    “Was I that bad?”
    “Worse. I had to get a new place after we got done wrestling.” Martha puled back and smiled at the younger woman, “But I have to admit, that really was fun!”
    The two women laughed and kissed each other on the cheek. Then Jennifer headed for the car. She gave Martha a silent wave as she steered the car out of the warehouse. Once more, Martha pulled the heavy metal door down after they were gone.
    She walked back to the small lab and began to clean things up. “You can come out now, Dan,” she said without looking up.
    “H … how …” Dan stuttered, “how did you know I was …”
    “I saw you. I heard you gasping when Deni lifted the car.” She finished her cleaning, took off her lab coat and hung it on a coat rack. Then she walked over to Dan. She ran a finger seductively down his chest, “Hell, I could smell you as you came down the hallway.”
    Dan cleared his throat but didn’t even attempt to shift his thickening cock as he became aroused by her voice and touch. “You really could see me? How? I was so far away and in the shadows.”
    Martha laughed gently, “All of my senses are just as strong as my muscles. You saw how easily Deni lifted the safe and the car? And then what I did to her when she wanted her money back?”
    Dan stared at her like he was trying to solve a complex math calculation. Finally his eyes lit up, like he had just come up with the answer, “Wait a minute, just how strong are you?”
    Martha smiled demurely and turned back to the safe that was lying on the floor. She effortlessly picked it up and rested it on the top of her arm. She began to slowly bring her hand down towards her shoulder. The thick metal of the safe resisted her efforts. She gritted her teeth and really started to concentrate.
    Soon, Dan could see that the side of the strongbox was beginning to deform. He heard a small squeal as Martha kept up the pressure. Dan was shocked and yet amazingly aroused by the sight of Martha’s muscles overpowering the safe.
    With one last squeeze and a little cry that sounded almost like she was about to come, Martha released her pressure and grabbed the safe with her other hand. After taking a moment to get her breath back, Martha flipped the safe over so that Dan could examine it.
    Dan’s heart skipped a beat and his mouth went dry. Martha’s big bicep had left a deep indentation on the side of the safe. It looked like some had pushed a baseball into soft clay.
    “About that strong,” Martha said as she waved the heavy safe like it was no heavier than a cereal box. She dropped the safe next to her and approached Dan with a hungry look in her eye.
    “But you know what, Dan?” Martha’s hands were back on his chest now. “Using my strength like that,” her hands were circling his butt and her boobs were pressed against him, “gets me so horny!” She reached down into his boxers and grabbed his raging hard-on with both of her super-powered hands. But she was so incredibly gentle! Explosions of pleasure were going off in Dan’s brain. He was finding it hard to catch a breath.
    Soon, his shorts were down around his knees. Martha grabbed the outside of his thighs and lifted him as easily as if she were lifting a doll. She held him aloft as she began to lick and suck on his rock hard member. “Mmmm, you know what I love about that New Zealand spinach?” she asked in between slurps. “The effect it has on a guy’s cock can last for hours, even days.”
    Something that Martha said shook Dan out of his pleasure induced stupor. “Wait … wait a minute,” Dan tried to slow the super woman down by pushing back on her head. But he might as well have tried to stop locomotive with his bare hands. She could barely even feel him pushing against her.
    Martha sucked faster and more insistently, trying to get Dan to come once more in her mouth. With Martha holding him up by his hips, Dan’s dangling legs began to tremble of their own accord as he approached his impending explosion.
    Dan’s mind cleared momentarily as he took stock of the situation. Here he was, a tall, 230 pound man, suspended two feet above the floor by this diminutive young woman who was jacking him off like she was licking a popsicle! And he could do nothing about it but give in to the sensations.
    Which he did.
    As his body shuddered to it’s inevitable conclusion, Dan looked down at the beautiful woman who was taking him in her mouth. As Martha lapped up the last of his cum, Dan could have sworn that her tongue and lips had a greenish tinge to them.
    Martha stepped toward her lab once more and set Dan down on a table. Then she picked up the safe once more. Without pausing she brought her hands together, crushing the safe like it was a paper bag. She kept working on the thick metal, molding it into a ball shape. Then she poked her finger into the ball three times, held it like a bowling ball and rolled it toward the back of the warehouse. The ball hit with such force the the junk was sent flying like bowling pins. Then the ball smashed into and nearly through the rear wall of the building.
    “And about that strong, after another dose of you,” Martha proclaimed as she raised her arms in a mighty double-biceps flex. Dan thought for sure that he could see atomic bombs going off in her upraised arms.
    “Martha … what’s going on here?” Dan was finally able to mumble.
    “C’mon, stud,” Martha said as she picked him up in her muscle bloated arms and set him down on the floor, “let’s go back to my kitchen. I’ll put on some tea and ‘splain it all to you.” She wrapped an arm around Dan’s waist and walked him back to the front of the building.
    A few minutes later, the two were sitting in Martha’s cozy living area sipping tea. “Okay, Dan,” Martha started, “I’ll bet you’ve got a ton of questions.”
    Dan was still looking a little dumbfounded, turning  the events of the evening over and over in his mind. “I guess the first thing is, what happened to me … you know … my muscles? They’re still aching!”
    “I’m sorry,” Martha replied rather sheepishly, “I didn’t warn you about that. You see, in doing my research I found that when a man eats enough of the leaves of Tetragonia tetragonioides, his muscles tend to cramp up temporarily. But what the muscles are doing is acting as a kind of filter. The liquid that is pushed to the surface is like a concentrated form of spinach. The leaves produce another chemical in the man’s testes and when the two are combined … well, you saw the effect it had on Deni and Jennifer.”
    “And what about you?” asked Dan. “You’re even stronger than Deni while she’s on the drug and then you take a shot of me straight and your strength goes off the scale! I mean, forget about giving Superman a run for his money in armwrestling. You looked like you could have taken on a whole team of Supermen.”
    “Well, first, it’s not a drug, it’s a nutritional supplement …”
    “Yeah, sure it is. And I’m Johnny Depp.”
    “… And second, I’ve taken it so many times that now just a shot of enhanced semen alone pumps me up.”
    “And this is how you make your living? Ensnaring unsuspecting men to make your super strength formula?” Dan was almost getting angry thinking about how he had been used. But one look at Martha’s bicep as she lifted the cup to her lips tempered his outburst considerably.
    “They’ve never complained,” she said with a mischievous smile. “In fact all of them have been grateful for the experience. See, one of the side effects for the men is an increase in the size of their penis and in their ability to add muscle and lose fat through their normal workouts.”
    “All of them?” Dan seized upon her words. “How many ‘all of them’ have their been?
    “Well, let’s see,” Martha seemed lost in her calculations. “Somewhere around 500 I’d say,” she said, without seeming to be very surprised by the number.
    Dan practically spit out a mouthful of tea, “500!!??!!”
    “Yeah, about. I would estimate that I’ve had about 10 ‘donors’ per year, give or take a few. Some years I was pretty busy. And since I started while I was in graduate school, which was back in ‘57 …”
    This time Dan did spit his tea out. “Wait a minute! I wasn’t even born then and I’m …” He looked over at Martha who was still smiling back at him. “Well, that’d make you …”
    Martha smiled at Dan.
    Dan stared back a Martha searching for a clue to let him know that Martha wasn’t serious.
    “I’m 72, Dan, on my next birthday.”
    “But … but …” the poor man’s brain was on overload, “… you’re so … so …”
    “What did they say back in the sixties? Better living through modern chemistry. Hmmm … come to think of it, I may have coined that phrase. Drink your tea, dear, before it gets cold.”
    Obediently, Dan quietly sipped his tea. All the time he kept stealing glances Martha’s way attempting to reconcile what she had just told him with what his eyes and hands and body had experienced.
    Finally, Martha set her cup down on an end table. “Well, thanks for coming by tonight Dan. I had a wonderful time. But it’s late and I’m sure you need to get some sleep before work tomorrow.” She stood up and stretched her arms back, once more showing off her good sized tits and still inflated muscles.
    Dan didn’t seem overly impressed with Martha’s display and simply smiled back as he rose from his chair. “Yeah, I … I guess I better get going. Thanks for diner and … and …” Dan was trying to remember what else went on, but it seemed to be fading away. “… and everything.”
    “I had a lot of fun,” Martha said, helping him out, “it’s great to just relax and talk to someone else besides my plants. Maybe we could do it again sometime?” Martha pulled on an oversized sweatshirt and put her glasses back on.
    “Yeah, that’d be great. Well, I guess I’ll see you at the gym sometime, right?”
    “You bet.”
    “Yeah, well, goodnight.” Dan said and gave a little wave as he walked to his car.
    Martha went back to her kitchen to clean up. She carefully packed up her special blend of ‘forget-me-not’ tea, glad that she had discovered that the plant had been seriously mis-named and that blended with the right herbs produced just the opposite effect. Dan would go home and eventually forget everything that had gone on. Still, she mused to herself, he was a pretty awesome lover. A couple more ‘donations’ from him and he would be hung like a horse, not to mention what it would do for his physique.
    But no, she reminded herself. She had tried that once with some fledgling bodybuilder back in the late sixties. He grew to heroic proportions, as did his fame. But the potency of his sweat decreased dramatically with each donation. And that was what this whole thing was about.
    Martha took the wad of thousand dollar bills that Deni had given her and tucked it inside a blue bank bag. Tomorrow she would deposit it at her bank. She had a friend who was the bank manager who handled everything, and never asked questions. She was a woman in her fifties that looked twenty years younger and who felt thirty years younger. 0ne of Martha’s clients from a couple of decades back.
    From there, most of the money would be given to shelters for abused women as anonymous gifts. Martha also helped out in these shelters during the day as a volunteer. This way, she could identify the women who would benefit the most from a free dose of her formula, like her friend the bank manager had.
    Martha walked back to the lab portion of the warehouse to make sure everything was closed down. She checked on the formula she had mixed up from Dan’s donation. The unused vials of the liquid were being stored in a small refrigerator. Slightly overweight, single guys seemed to give the most sweat and their semen was still fairly fresh. She had collected enough material from Dan to make ten doses of her formula and had given Deni two of those, leaving her with eight. A pretty good night.
    Martha slipped out of her top and shorts and opened a small closet. Hanging there was a long dress-like garment. She pulled it over her head and straightened it out. With practiced moves, she added a belt and a long piece of material that draped down in front and behind her. Then she tucked her brown hair into a veil and wrapped a long rosary around her belt.
    Sister Martha slipped the blue bank bag into a hidden pocket in her habit then left the building through a small door in the back, making sure to double lock it. I’ll have to remember to fix that wall tomorrow, she reminded herself as she left the building.
    A short drive later and she was back at her convent. It was a small building, once used for the nuns who taught at the nearby school.
    As Sister Martha padded silently through the darkened hallway, she was greeted by a kindly voice, “Out late tonight, sister?”
    Sister Martha stopped at the doorway of a small room and saw an older woman sitting on a comfortable reading chair. “Good evening, Sister Agatha. Yes, I was working late at the lab. Did you get my message that I wouldn’t be able to join the sisters tonight for dinner?”
    Sister Agatha, the Mother Superior of the convent, was a small, thin woman with a kindly face. She looked to be no older than her mid-50’s, but was actually nearing 80 years old. “Yes, thank you. But you missed Evening Prayer as well. Is everything alright?”
    “Oh yes, Mother. It just took a little more time than usual.”
    “Didn’t you have an appointment with that movie star, tonight? How did that go?” Sister Agnes queried, looking up from her reading.
    “Another nice donation for the homes,” Sister Martha replied, patting the bag in her pocket. “She seemed like a nice enough woman, but she needs to work on her self-discipline, I’m afraid. Still, it was nothing that I couldn’t handle.”
    “I’m sure of that,” the older nun replied, smiling. “God has blessed you with tremendous spiritual strength. And we are blessed to have you as a sister.”
    Sister Martha smiled demurely, “Well, thank you, Mother. And thank you for being so supportive of my ministry.” Then changing the subject, “Well, I’ll leave you to your reading. I’m feeling so full of energy, I think I’m going to go for a quick jog around the block before I retire. Good night, Sister Agnes, I’ll see you at Morning Prayer.”
    “Good night, Martha, and God bless,” the older nun responded as she went back to her reading. While concentrating on her book, she absentmindedly picked up a heavy statue of St. Jude that she used as a doorstop. Without looking up from her reading, she began slowly lifting the 40 pound statue like a dumbbell as her door swung shut.

    The End.

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