The Touch: part 9! Sorry for the massive delay. really.

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    drumsstick master

    Ok, i figured i'd give this writing thing a shot. so, here it is. suggestions for improvements are welcome.


    The slab of stone groaned, and rose. plumes of dust fell from the ceiling, barely visible in the dank darkness that penetrated most of the the tomb. As the archeologist dusted off his hands, he stood up. taking the lantern that provided the single circle of light in the ancient structure, he walked through the newly opened passageway. the lantern threw light into the chamber beyond, revealing nothing but a solitary oil lamp, of ancient design on a stone pedestal. our archeologist walked hesitantly towards it, and gently raised it from the pillar on which it stood. seeing that nothing had happened, he walked out of the hall. through the twisting passageways of the catacombs he went, stopping only occasionaly to remember the way. when he emerged from the darkness and into the light of the desert, he walked towards a small tent pitched by the half covered entrance to the underground complex. the furnishings were basic, but adequate. he placed the lamp on a small folding desk, and hung the lantern from a hook in the roof. He sat down on the chair next to the desk, and picked up the lamp. It was gold, or at least gold coloured, and still highly polished despite being stuck in an ancient chamber for centuries. He gently brushed the side of the lamp with his fingertips. a long plume of blue smoke shot out, and swirled into a column.

    "Are you awake?" The voice was female.
    "So you are awake. Well, get up. I don't have all day." Compliant, the man stood up, opening his eyes. standing in the center of his tent was a woman. She had dark eyes and tanned skin. Her body was curvy and lithe. she was dressed in baggy trousers, a simple cloth strap around her chest, and a blue gemstone with a gold frame set into her forehead. "Make your three wishes and begone. I want to get back to my lamp." disbeliving, the man reached out and grabbed her arm, trying to see if she was real. her eyes widened and she gasped. quickly the hand was withdrawn.
    "I..Im sorry!" the man blurted. "I didn't mean to"
    "No, I was just suprised." the womans voice was less clipped, warmer. "Do it again." gingerly he reached out and touched her arm again. her eyes rolled back and she let out a slow breath. "Yeah… you've got it."
    "Got what?"
    "The Touch. Look, I'm a genie, right?" He nodded "Exactly. you shouldn't be able to touch me. but because you have the Touch, you can."
    "So i still get three wishes, right?"
    "Nope." He looked puzzled. She sighed. "You get as many as you like." He perked up.
    "Can i get started right away?" she nodded. "Well, can you change your body shape?" her head flopped down. evidently she had been expecting this.
    "Let me guess." Her hands grasped her chest "More meat here?"
    "Not initially." She raised an eyebrow. "First, grow taller. Until my head is at your breast level." She shot upwards, looking resigned. "Now. Add muscle." She looked startled. she had not expected that.
    "Muscle? You mean, as in, biceps?"
    "Rippling thighs, washboard abs, pecs like planks of wood, the whole thing, yes." She stared at him for a few seconds, then, maintaining her gaze, raised her arms and flexed. Biceps popped out of her arms, swelling like ripening fruit. Her abdominal muscles shifted beneath her skin, a steely hard 8-pack formed. Her chest surged out as pectorals thickened to inches deep. Every part of her body was thicker and more powerful. "Now bigger breasts." Her chest surged outwards a second time as breasts swelled like water balloons hooked up to a firehose. He walked up to her, and looped his arms around her waist. His face was buried in her chest.
    "I suppose you want sex now." she sighed.
    "No. This is… enough." He drifted into slumber.

    Setyla looked down at the man resting in her arms. His hair was sandy blond, his head rested on her chest. Eyes that, had they been open would be blue, were shut in contented slumber. his mouth was set in a happy grin. After he had fallen asleep hugging her, she had grabbed him, to stop him from falling, and laid on the camp bed in the tent, him on top of her. She took inventory of her new body. eight foot tall, massive breasts, good posture, and muscles which could break rocks. that was odd. most of the masters she had had wanted her to turn their wives/girlfriends/any woman they met into small, compliant, big breasted sex slaves. She knew times had changed, but this was what he liked? Muscle? She drifted into darkness as she contemplated her new master.

    Stan woke up. Man, he'd been overdoing the excavation. he dreamed he'd found a shapeshifting genie who would do whatever he asked. imagine that! His pillow was a lot bigger and firmer than he remembered.
    As he opened his eyes, he saw a vast expanse of smooth and suspiciously round flesh. It couldn't be real. He found his arms were wrapped around a very hard torso. It couldn't be real. He saw a massively muscled arm on either side of the chest. It couldn't be real.

    But it was. He had found a genie who would do anything he wanted. could give him anything he liked. and who now held him in her big, strong, muscular arms against her magnificent chest. He should be freaked out, but he wasn't. if anything he felt more comfortable than ever. Struggling free proved no good: her arms were like girders. But he managed to wriggle up to see her face. Her eyes opened.
    "Errm…" He felt awkward, as though he'd been caught doing something he shouldn't.
    "Hello." She said. He smiled nervously. it seemed the only thing to do. "Aren't you going to talk to me?"
    "You are a genie, arent you."
    "Thats what i said."
    "You also said i have unlimited wishes."
    "Thats right. You see, you have the Touch." Stan gave a blank stare "Right… where do i begin. Magic abilities are natural. all that stuff about learning it from books is rubbish. ok?" Stan nodded "Well, such abilities are very rare, and the Touch is so rare, only one other person has ever had it, and he was the one who put us into lamps and rings. Basically, you have complete power over genies. any of us that you find will serve you. Now, would you mind answering me a question."
    "Why did you want me to have muscle?"
    "I just like it. Why? You can be normal sized if you like, if you don't want to be this big."
    "No" she said "I've decided i rather like being this size." She hugged stan even closer. "I was just suprised is all. By the way, what is your name, master.?"
    "Stan. and yours?"
    "I am setyla. now, how about breakfast in your new york apartment?"
    "Aside from this tent, all i have is a dingy little room in soho. I don't have an apartment in New"
    "York" He was no longer in his camp bed, but a wide bed with a black wood frame. the walls were white, large curtains were drawn and the floors were polished wood.
    "You do now. Now, what do you want for breakfast?"
    "Full english, please." Stan replied "It's weird, i should be freaked out by all this magic that you do, but i'm not."
    "Well" Setyla pushed him off of her "the Touch is something you've always had." she swung her legs over the side "so you've always known about genies" she streched her arms to either side of her body, causing a series of sexy twitches and ripples all over her arms and back. "and what we can do. so you aren't freaked out by our magic." she walked out of the room, her hips swaying seductively.
    There you go. comment, praise, flames, leave it all here. and if it seems unfinished, thats because it is. I should do some more soon. or not, as the case may be.


    Most interesting, dear Drumsstick Master, a fine first work. Simple, elegent in it's form and descriptions and a breeze to read. I's would make commentry on characterisation, motivations and explanations but such a fantasy does not need them as so much as others would. Though they should be items to think upon for further endeavours -which shall be eagerly read.
    Please let us know when the next parts are complete.
    Best of luck to you.
    The Pimp NeonBlack


    Pretty good.  There will be more to the story, I hope?  🙂


    Cool… I think its great. I feel motivated to do some art of a muscular female genie pleasing her master  🙂 to go with your story.


    Very nice.  🙂


    It's simple but sensual.  I like the genie's surprise.

    drumsstick master

    Second verse, same as the first!
    Stan crunched on his bacon. It had been a week since he had freed a genie from a lamp, and found out that she would serve him for his lifetime. He had come to terms with it pretty quickly. The fact that he now had a new york penthouse, unlimited resources, and an omnipotent girlfriend.
    "More coffee, master?"
    "Please. And i've told you before, call me stan."
    "And i've told you before that i can't do that." Setyla poured a mug of coffee, and walked away. Yeah, and an omnipotent eight foot tall girlfriend with massive muscles and titanic breasts. He had wanted her to have them, but worried that she might not like it. she had explained:
    "Master, I am your slave. I will do whatever, be whatever, you want."
    "But thats just your code, isn't it? its not what you actually think."
    "True, but i really do like these muscles." She flexed an inhuman bicep to prove her point. "I like being big. I like" she raised her other arm. "feeling strong. I like" she flexed her pectorals "doing this. It feels incredible. You like me like this, I like me like this, so lets keep me this way." He did indeed like her like that. being in her embrace made him feel safe, secure, protected. feeling her hard body against his was indescribable. Waking up next to her was a joy every time. she was perfect, life was perfect. but something was missing, some spark from his life had vanished. As he cut up his egg, he pondered it.
    "Master?" Stan turned around, looking at her. "What shall we do today?"
    "I was thinking we could see a show on broadway in the evening."

    They both wandered the streets of new york at night.
    "What a show, eh?"
    "You weren't oogling any of the dancers, were you?" Setyla replied
    "Why would i want to?" Stan wrapped his arms around hers "You're so much nicer to oogle."
    "You know, if you wanted them i could get them for you. I am your slave. You may do with me as you will, and i am bound to your every command."
    "I dont want twenty identical dancers who starve themselves half to death and train twelve hours a day. I want you. You're always there, you're smart, fun, incredibly sexy. Why would i want anyone else?" There wasn't a lot setyla could say to that, so they walked in silence through the streets, until
    "Right, let go of the chick and i might let you live." man and genie turned to see a guy in a greasy coat pointing a gun at them. Setylas body was hidden beneath a thick coat, so he coudn't have seen her muscles. Sam clung to her harder than ever. "If thats the way you're gong to be.." the guy in the coat squeezed the trigger. the hammer slammed down. a shot rang out. Stan closed his eyes and held on even tighter.
    "Don't you dare" Setylas voice bubbled with rage "harm my master." Stan opened his eyes. Setyla had the slug grasped in her other hand. She flicked the bullet into the darkness.
    "Wh… Wh… Stay away from me!" The man pulled the trigger twice, but produced only clicks.
    "Aww, did your gun jam?" Setyla began to walk towards him "Shall i have a look?" the man was reduced to a gibbering wreck as he saw how tall setyla really was.
    "Setyla!" She turned upon hearing her masters voice. "Don't kill him!"
    "But he was going to kill you!" She looked at his expression "I'll just… rough him up a bit, ok?" Stan nodded resignedly. Setyla turned back to the cowering scum who had dared threaten her master.
    she picked him up by the neck of his jacket.

    This bile breating filth had raised a weapon at stan.

    She landed a punch on his abdomen.

    would have taken her for his own.

    She struck him on his face.

    had threatened to take stan away from her.

    She raised him closer to her face.
    That was unforgivable. She dropped him to the dirty ground, and walked back to her master. Who was shaking.
    "Master?" He flung himself at her "Master, whats wrong."
    "He was going to kill me! and you were going to kill him!" he was crying into her chest. She was unsure of what to do. The other one would have wanted the attacker dead. he wanted to just leave. She wrapped her arms around him, and fell backwards. Into their bed. As they landed on the soft white matress, he buried his head even further into her now naked chest, grinning crazily.

    He knew what was missing.


    again, flames, comments, suggestions, leave 'em all

    David C. Matthews

    I like this story!

    Here's a scene I'd have liked to see – very simply: that Setyla takes off her coat (showing off her magnificent physique) as she approaches the mugger – that would've really made him "a gibbering wreck"!

    Still… very enjoyable so far!


    I like the story so far. I guess that I know what Stan is passing throught. It's true that Setyla is everything he wants, but there is just a bit that is missing. She doesn't have an independence thought.

    She does what her masters wants, and that is ok really, but sometimes a man want a companion and not a slave.

    Since Setyla will do everything he wants, what about if he wish to have what he feels is missing? Just an idea.

    This is a great story. I like strong amazon women who are gentle. Keep up the good work.



    This is a really fantastic story, and I think it has a lot of interesting (and sexy) possibilities! Thank you for sharing it, and I look forward to reading any future installments.

    I'm especially liking how the relationship between the two main characters is working out, as both of them grow in different ways. (Sorry, I'm not much of a writer, so I'm reduced to cliches.)

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