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    Why don’t you describe the story so that someone might know which story you’re talking about? It would help greatly.

    Rob Smith

    Glammazon — I wish someone would finish that one, too 🙂

    Rob Smith

    And Praetorian — that’s a nice one, too!


    And Praetorian — that’s a nice one, too!

    Agreed! This is my fav story of your’s Praetorian. Its ripe for a sequel me thinks. 😉


    Hi all,

    Thanks VincentX for the compliment.

    If you or anyone thinks it is a good one for a sequel, please could you give some ideas as to how it would go.

    Maybe I’d write it or write a new one using your ideas.



    Yeah, I concur. Nice story praetorian. Prae may I ask what the hell your name stands for? I’ve never read any of your prose before (or have I? and just not known it), but it was good. Good.

    Ideas for a sequel? A "visit" to the lady doctor’s office? In which the good virus is spread instead of cured? This is unimaginative though. Maybe a prequel, in Africa, describing the origins of the virus, with the foxy tribal ladies reversing tribal roles with their growth. This hasn’t been done yet, at least, that I can remember. Doctor’s office, psh, who hasn’t been there?


    I don’t know if he got his name from antiquity, but "Praetorians" were the body guards of Roman emperors.

    There’s a brief reference to a praetorian in "Gladiator" when Maximus kills the first two praetorians then calls out to the third on horseback.

    I like it. 😉


    Is this one by Xxxecil? Title isn’t virus but there are viral elements in it…


    Yates has answered the question for me.

    The praetorians were the bodyguards of the emperor of Rome.

    They were also the best soldiers of the empire.

    I chose it because I do some of my best work thinking of female muscle growth.



    Hey all, interesting site. First post here/

    Back when I was happy with a 9600 baud modem I found a bbs that was called something like Amazons arena.

    There was a story line on the bbs that had something called the ‘dominion virus ‘ in it. There were other sites that followed up on theis ‘dominion virus’ story line.

    I remember one tale where a scientist develops the agent to spread a mad (female) doctors virus.

    All I get now when I search is DtV stories under the Amaflix heading.

    Anyone goot the rest of the ‘Dominion universe’


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