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    Mr. Knight,

    My favorite type of growth to read about is when the butt expands enough to tear through anything. Here is an excerpt of what I am talking about.

    Subject: Denise from Italy

    Denise has just come over from Italy and she was a nice girl, she was very petite but had nice features. She had a very nice round butt. Well some people at the school got a hold of the chemistry lab and found some "clumsy" formula and thought it would funny to spike her drink with it. Unfortunately had the opposite effect they thought it would. Here is what happened:

    She started drinking the water the potion was in until she felt something funny:

    Her feet in the shoe started to expand, and she stood up to feel it rip through her shoe.

    Her sweatpants were now riding up her calves which had doubled in size and were stretching the material to it’s limits.

    The outline of her butt was getting more defined as it was growing.

    She had lettering on the back that said: Italian girl. The lettering was stretching as her ass cheek expanded. Then a rip at the crack of her now cavernous ass and the rest of the sweats followed suit and her boxers were showing. The boxers were being pushed farther and farther until….SHHHRRIIIPPPPP

    Denise: "No! my butt is too big………

    Something like this is always fun to read!


    It’s an excellent description, I think you’ll try to make a story. 😀

    If you have other idea like this post it on the forum. 8)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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