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    David C. Matthews

    Usually I don't post or publish a commissioned drawing until well after the client has had the original in his possession (or the exclusive use of the digital version) for awhile; but this isn't exactly a "commission", since the original order was for a different medium.

    It's the most ambitious single drawing I think I've ever done; it's certainly taken the most time. I did it as a "bonus" for a client who regularly requests pencil sketches, mostly of Tetsuko. Usually, it would only be a pencil drawing that he'd get; but this last time I put off and put off and put off doing it until close to a year (if not longer!) elapsed between the time he commissioned (and paid for) it and the time I finally finished it (about two weeks ago). So to sort of "make up" for making him wait so long for his drawing, I did a bonus color version. So sometime in the next few days he'll be receiving a package with the pencil drawing he commissioned plus a print (on nice glossy paper direct from my HP deskjet) signed and numbered (1 of 1) of the color "painting" you'll soon be seeing. (I'd usually charge about $150 to $200 for a color piece this elaborate.)

    (The client is a member of the Amaz0ns forum; so if he happens to read this before the pic arrives in the mail for him, well, I'm afraid I've spoiled the surprise. I won't say who it is; if he wants to reveal himself as the recipient of the "original" and the print of this piece, I'm sure he will. If / once you know who he is, well, then it'll become understandable why I've exaggerated the size of Tetsuko's bicep in this pic, at his request.)

    Okay, without further ado… click on the thumbnail below!


    OMG!!! That's gorgeous.

    Muscle Growth Nut

    Sweet Zombie Jesus, I just did a spit take — and I'm not even drinking anything! That's…that's…HOLY CRAP, THAT'S BIG!

    Thank you, David. I am now in desperate need of a cold shower. 😉


    I see this is a return to sweaty Tetsuko, my favorite.  Absolutely amazing piece David.  You just never disappoint, ever.  Thanks for sharing with us.


    😮 damn  😮    😎 nice  😎


    Great pic, Mr. Matthews!    🙂

    Looks like something I'd commission (I didn't, though).


    Eric F., EnhanceMan

    Harry Braff

    OMG!!! That's gorgeous.

    +1 !

    ze fly

    😮 My God!! She's huge… Amazing, and thanks for the privilege of leting us be the firsts to see it.


    Pardon me while I pick my jaw up off the floor.


    As if Tetsuko's massive biceps can't get any bigger :p 

    Thanks for sharing that with us, DC man.  Anything with her in it of course is class.

    BTW: You take commisions?  Heh….maybe someday I should ask sometimes

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 34 total)
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