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    Here’s what Clover normally looks like (note total absence of muscular development):

    Unfortunately, the effect ran out at the end of the show. Part of the gag is that she was transformed into a hypermuscular amazon for a pairs ice skating competition. She wound up bigger and stronger than her male partner.


    Might this be a clip for Lingster’s Brand Name Messiah?

    Thank you for sharing the stills as well.

    Amazon Lover

    I liked that episode… but how I wish it were Alex that got all buffed up.


    And how come they never showed her actually becoming muscely? The never showed her like tearing out of her clothes! That’s the best bit! 🙁

    Prophet Tenebrae

    It always happens to clover, FMG, becoming a catgirl… quite funny really. It is disappointing they didn’t show her ripping clothes but it still amuses me they put these things in


    These were those episodes where Sam was infantilized and turned into an imbecile.

    There was one episode where Alex was surgically altered to resemble a crone for no fathomable reason.

    I know far too much about this show… 😕

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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