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    This is my first post, so bear with me. This isn't really a forewarning as much as it is an alert. I don't know if anyone has seen Transporter 2 yet, but one of the three main villains is a pretty buff woman. She isn't big so much as she is defined, but that really isn't that big of a deal. The point is that a woman with a fully defined six-pack, which, I might add, she displays for almost the entire time that she is in the movie, plays a some-what major role in the movie. It's true that she is the least important of the three villains that the movie focuses on, and she is sadistic, masochistic and otherwise completely unstable, but still! There is a definitely well muscled woman that is playing the role of an important character in a good action movie! What's y'all's take on this?

    P.S. Don't confuse the term "good movie" with the term "good action movie". There is a substantial difference.



    yeah I saw that trailer shes was pretty ripped and just for that I wanna see the movie!


    I loved the movie. A helluva lot. ^_^

    Delmo Walters Jr.

    If you saw & enjoyed the first one, you'll like this one. This gal, Kate Nauta, looks like a taller version of Pink. I believe she's a singer because she performs one of the songs in the soundtrack.


    Wish I got out to see more movies.

    Here are some pics of Kate Nauta out of character. Unfortunately registration is required to see more than the thumbnails.

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