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    Another story I just can’t get out of my head is Marknew’s "The Spell." Right around the time I read that story, a gorgeous platinum blonde was made pet of the year. For some reason, even to this day, I keep picturing her whenever I think of the improved Marta.

    Thanks for the inspiration, Marknew!


    Rob Smith

    Nice job on both this and the ML tribute!

    Mark Newman

    I LOVED writing The Spell. It was my first complete long story, and I kept finding things to add to it.

    Marta sure didn’t start out that way, but I like what you’ve made her into.


    That’s Elizabeth Hilden. She was awesome. She got married, then divorced, then disappeared.


    She is beautiful, isn’t she?

    I’ve been looking for some hi-res pics of Elizabeth Hilden in the photo shoot where she’s in black PVC and licking her lips a lot to make a series of muscle morphs of her. I think that this shoot was her Pet of the Year photoshoot in the July 1995 Penthouse, if my research is correct. Anyone have an idea of where I could find them please? It’ll be worth it, believe me!


    I used to date her older sister, Kelly. Beth lives with her husband in Independence, MO – where she grew up. Her husband is a high school science teacher at a local high school. A couple of years ago, she got her boobs blown up a second time – they’re bigg! now – and unfortunately for most of us she’s pretty much out of the scene.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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