Tutorials from the Maniac?

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    Matthew Lim

    I know there are a few artists out there that are curious as to how I accomplish certain things. So I've been tinkering around with the Idea of doing a tutorial for anybody interested on how my drawings go from idea to final product. With the upcoming drawing in the Regime of the Rogue line, I was thinking about putting together a set of tutorials that will go through certain topics.

    The topics I'm sure I'm going to cover are going to be:
    – Scanning work in/Image adjusting
    – Inking in Adobe Illustrator
    – Coloring in Corel Painter
    – Hair in Photoshop

    And some other topics that I could cover if people were interested in it:
    – Sketching out the drawing/Anatomy tutorial
    – Lineart preperation after Illustrator
    – Image finalization/Special effects/Color adjustments

    So if you guys are interested in that, voice your opinions.  🙂

    David C. Matthews

    GO FOR IT!!

    I'd love to see what your techniques and working methods are. I'm always looking to pick up new tips and tricks, to improve my own drawings.

    So anything you wish to post will be read with great interest by me, anyway.


    Yeah! Please do Maniac! I need the help… :mrgreen:


    Bring it on Maniac, it would be really cool.


    Go for it. It couldn’t hurt.


    I am always a student willing to learn.

    Any tutorials are greatly apriciated!!

    Harry Braff

    That would be a great idea, since my work really sucks after inking !

    BTW it's my first post here, hello to everyone  🙄



    Inking in illustrator? dang wish i had a copy of that program.

    You wouldn't happen to have any knowledge on plan paper and pen inking would ya?

    You got quite a load there though so I'm hoping this wouldnt be too much for you. 

    Anways nice of ya to create a tutorial and good luck on that venture.


    After giving this board question a profobnd and deep consideration (actually 5 minutes while destroying a couple of pencils), I realized some important things I moght be interested in learnig.

    SUch as: *How to draw hair on any human being (I've been trying a lot and  neverfound a decent tutorial)
                *How does DCM do to get those amazing vriny looks on hisa drawings (the breast one specially)
                *How does DCM do to get to do those incrudibly reallistic looking sweat drops (you can see what I mean in that amazing coin bend strip, around this site)

    I know the last 2 are very specific, and stuff.

    But the firsrt one is something that bothers me a lot really.


    A GREAT idea! I'd especially like to learn to ink in Illustrator.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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