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    Hi. I’m looking for a particular storyline… which may or may not exist already.

    I really like the idea of female muscle growth that is realistic or at least believable. For example, a story that takes place over the course of months or years. The heroin would work really hard in the gym and see gradual gains in muscle size, body weight, and strength. Maybe she’d be taking supplements or steroids but not magic pills that make her double in size over the course of a paragraph. There could be realistic psychosocial subplots too where the female would have outgrown her clothes and have trouble finding new ones that fit her unique figure… or she’d have to deal with trying to stay feminine while growing.

    If there are any stories that resemble this, it’d be cool if someone could direct me to it. If not, maybe this could spark some ideas for a new story?

    thanks for taking the time to read my post



    There’s actually a novel with that theme: ‘Chemical Pink’ by Katie Arnoldi.

    I did not like it much, actually.


    Here’s the description from Amazon:

    "Aurora Jeanine Johnson is an unwed mother from Savannah, Georgia, desperate to sculpt a new life–and a new body– in California, where the quest for the perfect butt or bicep reaches religious intensity. Spending every spare moment training at the gym, Aurora is barely getting by–until she meets the man who will offer her everything she most desires.

    Charles Worthington is a wealthy eccentric, rich enough to indulge his every decadent whim and fantasy. Aurora is his sexual ideal, the raw material from which he will shape his masterpiece. He will transform Aurora into the woman of his dreams — and fantasies — no matter the cost.

    To achieve their common goal, Aurora hands over complete control of her life to Charles. He dictates her diet, her lifestyle, her training–and when and how much she’ll take of the body-altering drugs he "prescribes" for her. He decides whom she sees and where she goes. And what kinky games of his own devising they will play.

    For Aurora, everything that Charles asks is a small price to pay to become the woman she’s always dreamed of being. Or is it?"


    I read Chemical Pink too. My review from Amazon.com:

    This book was like a car wreck on the highway wreck. No matter how messy, disgusting, or annoying Ms. Arnoldi gets, you’re compelled to keep reading to see if she’ll stoop further. She often does. The characters seem like they were from a B-movie, one dimensional, corny dialogue, and unbelievable situations. While she may have set out to create an original novel showing people’s obsessions, what she made is just a silly novel. 👿


    ….but somehow she got it published.

    You’re right, though, I had to get all the way through. Particularly disapointing was the fact that she did not describe the changes in the main character much at all, which is wierd as this would seem to be the main point of the book.

    I also found the trainer character particularly weird and not in a good way, and definitely not interesting.

    I gave it to a female friend (fit runner) of mine to read for fun. She occasionally calls me ‘Charles’ now. 😆


    P.S. I found it remaindered at one of those mobile big book sales in a shopping mall back when I was in Northern Virginia on a trip back. Paid maybe 4 USD. Sure half.com has it for a few bucks.


    Does anyone know of other Novels along the lines of female muscle growth?


    I am also the fan of the ‘believeable’ growth sequences. It need not be real time; the growth described in the beginning of the recent instant classic "Compounding Interest" by HS Creek is an example of such a prolonged growth sequence, and I think one of the best.

    I too would be interested in other examples and encouraging authors to explore the themes of slower growth.

    Trent Harlow

    another FMG novel that’s been mentioned before is "Love Child", I found it for 89 cents @ Amazon


    I also like ‘realistic’ growth stories, especially between husband and wife. There are far to few.

    I don’t care to much for the stories on Mak’s Female Muscle, but there is

    A pretty good story called "Quid Pro Quo" by the author, Leroy.

    I hope he would write the a sequal.


    The only other "realistic" growth fiction that comes to mind (other then those previously mentioned) would have been a short story by Shade called "The Coming Out" which has her slowly growing larger after getting involved in weight training and becoming a full-bodybuilder by the end of the story. It’s also on the gentle-loving side in her relationship with her husband who is the narrator of the story. I think it can be found at the Valkyrie site in the section for misc growth fiction.

    Another might include the ones by Avida Dolor (also at the Valkyrie site), which involve slow growth through bodybuilding and the use of enhancement drugs, but has the character(s) existing in rather excessively brutal and violent environments.

    I seem to recall that several years back he was posting stories in the alt.amazon.women-admirers news group – you might be able to track them down via the Goggle news group archive search engine under his name as the poster.

    “I like a good story well told. That is the reason I am sometimes forced to tell them myself.”
    ~ Mark Twain / Samuel Clemens (1907)

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