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    By Jeremy Wilson  [email protected]
    A teenage girl grows uncontrollably strong

    *Author’s note: This story involves strength growth in an 18 year old girl, there will be no pre-teenagers at all in this story, if you don’t like my stories, don’t read them. I hope that those of you who do like my stories like this one as well, it is very similar to some of them and might be my best as far as descriptions. This story will include several incidental but extreme feats of strength, if this turns you off, I would suggest you don’t continue reading this, if this does turn you on, I hope my writing satisfies your interest sufficiently. Comments and story suggestions are always welcome*

    Jeanette Cruz was just getting used to her freshman year of college, she was starting to meet new friends, getting good grades in most her classes, and  seeing her high school boy friend on the weekends, since he lived 60 miles away and worked nights, the only time she was free. She was 18, away from home for the first time ever, so she was extremely nervous and even a little scared. She was pretty small and nerdy, 5'2 105 pounds, pretty flabby and uninteresting. But that all changed when she volunteered at an all state college Science Fair, she just didn’t know what she was getting into would alter her for the rest of her natural life, which because of that change, would be quite a long time. She had no reason to be scared anymore, for her power was well beyond anything that the Earth had ever seen, all because of her encounter with a young, though surely unbalanced scientist by the name of Dr. Mike Mitchell.
    Jeannette paced back and forth, waiting for the results, she had taken the pill a half an hour before and was told to wait there for just this amount of time, yet it seems the pill hadn't worked. Than suddenly she burped, her stomach started gurgling, and she broke out in a cold sweat. There was a pain in her chest, she grabbed it and sank to the floor to her knees, breathing shallowly and raggedly. She was shaking all over, she looked at her hands and saw that veins and muscles were pulsing, writhing around like they were alive. Jeannette screamed like a b movie horror actress and passed out with pain and fright. She came too, feeling healthier than she ever had in her whole life, her eyes adjusted instantly to the darkness and she sat up wondering where she was and what she was doing there. She noticed that she had her glasses on, but when she looked through them, everything was very fuzzy. She took them off and found that she saw better than she had ever seen up to that point, glasses or not. She put her hand on the ground to push her way to her feet, but heard something strange, like a tree falling, glass breaking, she looked down to see cracks forming out from under her palm. But that was impossible, wasn't it, the floor was pure marble, almost 1 foot thick, with a layer of steel and concrete underneath, there was no way her hand could be smashing it, when it took a sledgehammer three tries to do the same thing she was doing right now. She got up quickly and looked down, there were four craters, two in the shape of shoes, two in the shape of hands, about 3 inches deep each, there was no mistaking it, Jeanette had created them, but how she wasn't quite sure.
    Jeannette walked over to the door, there wasn't any footmarks leading up to it, so she wasn't super heavy, but her mind was still trying to figure out how she could have done it, she put her hand on the nob and turned, but she didn't realize it was locked, it turned anyway, with just a simple flick of her wrist, she broke the lock assembly of a door. She pulled with a little of her strength, but the door was wrenched off its hinges with a short screech of metal. The thing must have weighed 180 pounds, but she held the door like it weighed as much as a grain of sand to her. She finally understood, the pill that Dr. Mitchell gave her must have made her really, really strong. She smiled to herself, she was always the small, mousy, weak girl who would never amount to anything, now she was unbelievably strong, and had a grudge the size of New York City to take out on everyone who had ever treated her old self bad. She tossed the door to the side where it wedged 1/3 of the way through a plaster wall, she laughed again and brought her arms up into a pose that she saw so many of her bodybuilder heroes do on TV. She heard fabric ripping, she looked over to find that her arms were really muscular and had ripped through the seams like a hot knife through butter. "Yes! I am a muscle goddess, look at this arm, it belongs on Ms. Olympia, and its all mine, hahaha." She pushed the door to the ladies room right through the wall and entered to see how she looked in the mirror. She ripped her tattered shirt off and flexed, posing in a most muscular pose, like her favorite bodybuilder Paula Suzuki. Boom, her bra exploded from the pressure of her growing pecs and delts. She was now topless and couldn't have cared less. She looked like an extra big fitness competitor, a lightweight bodybuilder, but not really as ripped as you would find in a contest, she was still only 5'2, but the mass she added made her well over 130 pounds of muscle.
    She wasn't embarrassed about her body at all now, she was so different from the woman she walked in as over an hour ago, her face was sculpted into a supermodel's wet dream. Her hair was longer, straighter and shinier than it was, her nose was more aqualine, her lips were, and her eyes were strikingly green. If she wasn't so muscular, she would have easily qualified as a playboy covergirl, and even with the muscles, men would go crazy over her, she was so gorgeous that very few men could resist her charms for more than a couple minutes. She found she didn't mind being nude, so she stripped her skirt and panties off to reveal an equally muscled lower body, her quads were obviously separated and her calves had that diamond shape that took bodybuilders years to achieve. She kicked off her shoes, knowing her bare feet are now much tougher than any shoe could ever be. She smiled at her reflection in the mirror and to test her power stepped up to the bathroom wall, then took a step forward, embedding her breasts and face into the tiles and concrete, she took another step forward, blasting through the other side like it was nothing more than styrofoam. She giggled a little, the power it took for her to do that was comparable to the power it took to crush an ant, next to none of her true power was used.
    "Now, where can I test my true powers, nothing here is going to give me any trouble, that wall was probably the toughest thing to break, but to me it was nothing." She walked out of the lab and looked around, the first thing she was was the SUV she came to the building in, she smiled and thought, "well, if my speed and stamina has increased like my strength, I am not gonna need this big, old thing anymore." It was about 100 yards away, but less than a second later, she was standing right next to it, smiling wildly. She reached down to the side bumper and gripped the steel lightly, but there was a loud screech, and the sound of metal bending, she let go a little and began to lift that side off the ground. It came up really easily, she thought, it weighs 2 tons, but it feels like nothing more than a matchbox car to me. She thrust it overhead so quickly and with such power that it left her hand, soaring up like it was a plastic bag in an updraft, it stopped at about 100 feet and started to come down, just from a small thrust, with maybe 40 percent of the power in her arm. She looked up, the whole scene had been slowed down in her mind, she could see the car coming down very slowly, when in reality it must have been going 50 miles an hour easily. She got in its path to catch it, not really caring how much it weighed and how fast it was going, she knew that her new power was almost unlimited and she wanted to demonstrate that fact at every opportunity. She caught it in her hands, but it hit them so hard, the metal was ripped instantaneously, meaning that her hands were sticking through the metal, right underneath the passenger's side seat. "Boy, I have to learn some limits, I could do a lot of unintentional damage, I do want to find out how strong I am, but I don't want to hurt too many people." She ripped her way out of the metal under the seat, tearing through the tough steel like it was nothing but taffy to her. "Now to find some real challenges, I'm going to the quarry, should be some heavy rocks over there."
    She saw the rock quarry was about 3 miles away, but to her new vision, it looked as close as 3 blocks. She jogged, not even 1/8 of her highest speed, but arrived only 30 seconds later. There was a huge steel gate, 4 inches thick and 15 feet high, she smiled as she pressed her very well pronounced bosom against the hardened metal, only to hear it screech as it bent inward, all from the softest part of her body. If anybody had been on the other side of the gate, the most amazing vision would have greeted them, two melon shaped protrusions coming their way, getting bigger as they came nearer. She walked through the steel as though it was nothing but air to her and stood in front of piles and piles of huge stones, some as small as the human head, some as big or bigger than a greyhound bus, she smiled as she surveyed her domain. "This is gonna be good." She said to herself as she approached the smallest rock, a foot square rock that would have passed for a bowling ball, if it wasn't so pock-marked with craters and fissures. She bent down to pick it up, got her hand around it a little and started to grip it, she over did it though, her fist closed in on it and the rock was almost instantly disintegrated. Poof! Nothing but dust was left in her hand, even though the rock was 25 pounds and one of the hardest materials on the earth, it was almost nothing to her.  "Boy, I guess I still don't know my strength, got to be more gentle next time." She saw a boulder that was 5 feet by 7 feet, it must have weighed 6,500 pounds, which would be the heaviest object she had lifted up this point. She squatted down to find the lift point and put both hands under it, making sure she was gentle enough as not to break the rock, or launch it into the air as she had her SUV, she began to lift it. It came off the ground slowly, but to her it didn't weigh all that much, she brought it up to her chest and stood up with the rock in that position. She proceeded to lift it over her head like in a clean and jerk competition, but it was much too light to give her any sense of accomplishment. She really wanted to test her strength and knew that her SUV was launched into the air with only a slight jerk, she wondered how far she could throw this heavier object when she put everything she had behind it. She brought her arms down until the rock was against her chest, leaned back a little to get momentum and threw her arms out with all the power in her body. Incredibly it flew miles and miles into the air, over 20 miles high and 30 miles away, where it impacted a barn, destroying it completely, luckily no one was in there, but the crash set the farmer back several hundred dollars.
    Jeanette was tired of not being challenged, she looked around until she found a site that made her smile wider than ever, the biggest rock in the whole quarry, it was 30 feet long, 20 feet wide and 15 feet high. It was among the densest rocks in the quarry and had only been moved with three bulldozers pushing it and 2 pickup trucks pulling it from the other side. It had never been lifted before by any one thing before and was too large to be weighed, the owners of the quarry estimated its weight at well over 40 tons, or 80,000 pounds. She approached it warily, not knowing if this was indeed, more than she could lift. She found the midpoint and gripped the massive boulder, forgetting in the anticipation of the moment not to grip it too hard. The granite was destroyed, crumbling in her fingers like dryed cornbread. "Calm down, Jeannette, you can do this, that last rock was nothing." She said to herself as she repositioned her hands and gently gripped the rock, with a slight grunt she picked one end off the ground and started to walk her hands inward, it wasn't easy for her, it was apparent that this was the challenge that she wanted. She found the liftpoint and gripped it enough to drive her hands through the stone so she could have a weightlifter style grip. When she did this, she brought the immense rock up to her heaving chest, sweat rolling down her breasts like a slow motion waterfall. She grunted loud and screamed with determination, "Rock, I am stronger than you, get up damn you!" She attemped it once, twice, then finally on the third try, with arms shaking she overhead pressed the rock. "Yes, I am unstoppable!" she yelled at the top of her lungs while holding the bus-sized rock overhead. She felt it get lighter in her arms as the adrenaline hit her, she brought it down to her chest and pressed it up, much easier than the first, each rep got easier, her body adjusted to the rocks weight and got stronger in response. She finished 10 reps with it, then decided to see if she could throw it, as she did the smaller rock, she brought it down to her chest once more and heaved with all her might, but unlike her previous attempt she sent it straight above her head. It went up 30 feet, incredibly thrown in the air by a woman that weighed about 145 pounds of muscle. She looked up and smirked.
    You would think that would be the end of our heroine wouldn't you but the most incredible thing happened, she raised her fist at the last instant and the rock was stopped. There were many sounds of crackling and crunching, then suddenly the rock was broken into hundreds of smaller pieces, all from the punch of this super woman. She stood on top of the pile of crumbled rocks that she had created, flexed her immense biceps, and she laughed long and hard, "Look at me world, here I am, the world's most unstoppable woman, and I'm coming for you next." Her power had gone to her brain, she had become corrupted like Anakin Skywalker was by the dark side of the force, or Frodo Baggins was by the power of the one ring, and she was going to take out all her past-life bullying experiences out on the whole world and with her power, it could become very messy…. the end?

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