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    Saw this last Sunday while watching the 4400 / Dead Zone, but at the first quarter-hour break as a part of the USA Networks's "Characters Wanted" promo – (the longer version, not the shorter one) one of the misc "characters" that they mention was a female bodybuilder.  Unless you had the VCR on to record the program she flashed by so fast you can easily miss seeing her do a relaxed lat spread next to her bench.  😎

    Don't know how often it runs, but it was interesting to see that when they refered to bodybuilding it wasn't a male, but a female who they used as an example.  😀

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    I saw that too, the whole comercial is viewable on the USA network website and i'm very happy to see that more women bodybuilders are recieving more prominent air time, granted they're fractions of a second but shows like Rescue Me, One Tree Hill, the Simpsons, The Cell, and Napoleon Dynamite have all featured amazonic women for some length of time…here's hoping muscular women will become even more prominent in mainstream culture!!!

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