Vanessa’s Vengeance (Part 4)

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    Vanessa's Vengeance – Part 4

    Vanessa Keates was asleep. It was Monday morning, light was dawning and the alarm was set to go off. After the excitement of Friday night, Vanessa had not used the Ring at all over the weekend. Instead, Saturday had been spent buying new clothing to fit and show off her much-improved body. Saturday night had been spent testing her new body to its pleasure limits with the hottest guys she could find who would dare to go with her. Sunday had been comparatively chaste: she had gone to see her parents, wearing an outfit that left them no chance of guessing at the sumptuous body it concealed.

    Sunday night, though, had gone on planning a good dose of revenge for Ken Farrington, her immediate boss. Mr. Farrington was a year younger than Vanessa and loved to remind her of it. He was six foot two with close-cropped brown hair. He taunted all his employees, abused those he felt needed it in front of everyone they cared about and, as far as Vanessa could tell, only got on well with women who showed off more than two inches of cleavage. Any moment he had spare he spent in the company's gymnasium. He claimed it was where he got his best ideas but really he was keeping what even Vanessa had to admit was his awesome body in shape. That was where Vanessa had decided to hit him: his precious muscles.

    Vanessa's alarm went off, sounding, as it always did on Monday mornings, like machine gun fire. Groggily Vanessa rose and showered. She was now used to, and comfortable in, her new body. She loved soaping her strong, lean muscles. She loved how easy everything felt now. She dried herself down, slid the ring onto her finger and dressed in the special outfit she'd put together just for Farrington. Black thong. Black bra. White tight blouse. Full-length black pinstripe skirt. Black pinstripe jacket. Vampire red lip gloss. Vanessa adjusted her breasts in the suit in order to get them looking at their best. "You could lose your hand down there!" Vanessa thought to herself and sniggered.

    Getting to work was the easy part. Getting to her desk unnoticed was going to be a challenge. Vanessa wanted to save the surprise of her new body just for Farrington. Cautiously she approached the front door before marching straight past reception. "Step one," thought Vanessa. The ring glowed a pale shade of orange as Vanessa passed through all the other steps and successfully made it to her desk for 9am. She set about the tasks that had spilled over from the previous week.

    Her chance came barely fifteen minutes in. Farrington was on his customary "morning walkabout", checking that people were at their desks and had something to work on. In reality, it was so he could insult and deride as many people as possible. Amazingly, no-one had noticed the new Vanessa. As Farrington approached, Vanessa made sure she looked busy. "Tuck that shirt in, Hodgkins. Up all night with Lara Croft, were you, Kevin? Keep it up, Jenny." Then Farrington arrived at Vanessa's desk and was greeted with an eyeful of cleavage. He cleared his throat. "Why, Vanessa, you're looking particularly fine this morning," he schmoozed. A part of Vanessa's mind screamed at her to lunge at the man and tear some important part of his body clean off for now being nice to her after years of torment but she knew her vengeance would be much sweeter.

    "Thank you, Mr. Farrington," she replied demurely, looking down at her desk like a subdued kitten. Farrington did his best to fight off an evil-looking leer. He failed. "Would you mind stepping into my office for a moment? I have something that demands your personal attention." "Of course, Sir," she replied, not believing that he could get away with being so obvious. Still looking at the floor, she stood up and followed him back to his office. Farrington opened the door and held it open for her, bowing low and ushering her in with his hand. Vanessa nodded kindly and walked into the room. It was a good office. Farrington's desk was immediately in front of her, piled high with papers and dominated by a large monitor. A couple of small plants fought for life on the window ledge. There was a picture of Farrington's wife on the desk. She had been his high-school sweetheart but had lost her looks after having three children. It was well-known that Ken Farrington only stayed with his wife for his children's sake. The walls were covered with awards to and press cuttings about the company. "Success breeds success" was one of Farrington's mottos.

    Farrington settled into his swivel chair and waved Vanessa into the steel chair opposite. "So, what was it, then? Silicone? Saline?" Vanessa was momentarily stunned at his audacity and couldn't respond before Farrington continued. "It's all the same to me," he said, greedily rubbing his hands. His expression turned to stone. "Strip."

    "Lock the door first," Vanessa said. She even managed to make it sound seductive. Farrington grinned and did as he was told. Whilst Farrington was busying himself with the lock, Vanessa put her plan into action. "Ring," she thought. "I am here," it replied. "I want to take this man's muscles away from him." The Ring paused. "As I have said, I can only affect your physical form," it said in its usual monotone, though Vanessa thought she could detect traces of sadness in there. She paused for thought as the lock clicked into place, guaranteeing her solitude for her plan. "OK," she thought slowly, as her plan clicked into place. "In that case, I want you to grant me this power. When I swallow a man's ejaculate, I steal 30% of his strength, which gets transferred onto my body, and fitted perfectly to me." The Ring paused. Vanessa covered it with her hand as it glowed a particularly bright gold. "It is as done," the Ring said. Vanessa's mouth twisted into an evil grin, which Farrington took for an attempt at seduction.

    Vanessa stood up as Farrington regained his seat. She took her bobble out and shook her dirty blonde hair out. "First," she said breathily, running hands all over her body, "I'm going to make sure that you can't touch the present before it's unwrapped." With military efficency she stripped Farrington and tied him to his chair with ropes and handcuffs her boss "just happened" to have in his desk. Once she was sure that the man couldn't free himself, Vanessa ran her hands up his legs, pausing at his rapidly-lengthening cock. She then drew trails up his tight abdomen, over his massive pecs and finally round the sides of his face. She leaned in and kissed him passionately. "That was just for starters," she said, smirking as the man's penis reached its full erection. "Not bad," she thought. "Pity I'm going to milk him dry."

    Gently and slowly, so as not to reveal the true extent of her strength, Vanessa pulled Farrington's desk out of the way. She made small, over-feminine grunting noises as she did so. Farrington moaned. Vanessa was now standing with her back to her boss. She was fighting to get the evil smile off her face. Once the battle was won, she turned on the spot to face him. She put her hands on her hips and looked down her nose at him. Vanessa started to sway her body from side to side, as if to some slow dance tune only she could hear. She ran her hands up and down her body, still swaying gently. After a minute of that she started to unbutton her jacket, still rocking on the spot. Once the jacket was unbuttoned, she span around once and gently threw it at Farrington. The garment slid down his body and fell to the floor. Farrington moaned again. Vanessa walked towards him with a bored pout on her face. She slid her hands quickly up and down his body before whipping them away and unzipping her skirt, which she wriggled out of and kicked away. The game was now up: Vanessa's legs were on proud display, much bigger than they'd been when she left the office last. Farrington's eyes widened.

    "How did that happen?" he whispered. Vanessa followed his gaze down to her legs. "Drastic action time," she thought, and walked over to her boss again. She ran her hands gently over his face. "Shhhh, honey," she said, "I did it all for you." Farrington grinned uneasily but Vanessa put all the thoughts out of his mind as she slid slowly down his body and stopped at his penis. "Mmmmm," she moaned, "got to get me some of that." With that, she gently fastened her lips around his cock and started to work his member. For a man of such supposed sexual prowess, it didn't take long for him to shoot his wad into Vanessa's waiting mouth, where she eagerly swallowed every drop. "Mmmmmmmmm," she groaned throatily as the first throes of the change took her over.

    It felt to her as if every muscle was getting tiny electric shocks, all at once. Vanessa's biceps started to expand, filling her upper arm to capacity and pushing against the sleeve of her blouse. A couple of veins burst into life, one on each arm, to help engorge these new muscles. Her triceps joined in the action and Vanessa felt her sleeves get tight. The twin horseshoes grew as pure power layered onto them. She wanted to flex these new muscles but didn't dare for fear of ripping her blouse. Her shoulders pushed up and out with new might. Her pecs pushed out, giving her gorgeous muscle cleavage and extra pain as her bra straps dug into her bigger shoulders. She moaned again as her blouse pushed out in front. Vanessa could feel her abs contort and redraw themselves bigger, harder and sexier. Her butt filled out more and a section of her thong got lost in the new fullness. Best of all, her legs grew in all directions at once. Layer upon layer of sexy strong power burst into being the length of her legs. Vanessa moaned twice more before the transformation was complete. She was almost overcome with lust.

    When she could open her eyes, Farrington was still panting with relief. He hadn't noticed his muscles disappearing but he was visibly smaller all over. Vanessa's eyes shone. The plan was working and she felt better than ever before. "How – was that – honey?" she gasped. Farrington was still under the illusion that he was the one in the position of power. "Take it all off," he breathed. Vanessa nodded; she rose and returned to her dancing position.

    Vanessa started gyrating her hips slowly, leaning her pelvis towards Farrington. Slowly, and from the bottom up, Vanessa unbuttoned her blouse. Farrington gasped as Vanessa revealed her rock-hard jutting abs. As she undid her top button and opened out the blouse, his cock began twitching back to life. Vanessa put a finger in her mouth and opened her eyes wide. Farrington moaned again. She walked sexily towards him and, once she'd reached him, took off her blouse, running her hands slowly over his noticeably smaller chest. "All… off," Farrington repeated, though there was some strain in his voice. Vanessa stood up and flashed her sexiest smile. She strutted back to the centre of the room. Farrington said, "You're strong." "You don't know the half of it, honey," Vanessa replied. She went back to slowly moving her hips in small circles and put her hands behind her head, scooping up some of her hair. She started to make little moaning sounds, stopping when Farrington's cock had gotten back to full hardness. Then she lowered her hands and slowly undid her bra. There was a sense of a great weight being released when she removed the black lace and dropped it to the floor. Farrington groaned in lustful appreciation.

    "Feed me your breasts," he moaned. Vanessa approached and leaned into him. His tongue felt cold and slimy on her nipples – the lack of heat made them harden more than the erotic nature of the act. She leaned in closer so that the hateful man could take more of her boob into his mouth. Once he had had his fill of both breasts she pulled away and began to run her hands up and down her body again, stopping once she reached both breasts to stroke and play with them herself. Once her nipples had reached full hardness, she went down on Farrington again. This time he took practically no time at all to come. Vanessa gratefully received her second strength injection of the day. Her body started to expand again.

    "Mmmmmm," she gurgled. Now her body was free of bounds it was able to grow as it pleased. Which it did. Vanessa's powerful biceps increased in size and strength to proportions she had never seen. Experimentally she flexed her right bicep up. She was greeted with twenty inches of solid strength. Her eyes lit up. Her triceps again bloated and filled out to compensate. Her arms were textbook pictures of female muscle. Her forearms widened and filled up with raw power. She flexed them and tried to make a dent in them. It was impossible. Once more her pecs pushed forward. Her chest expanded and bloated. She flexed her pecs, pushing her enormous boobs up and out. She was getting so big! Her abs pulsated and pushed out further, carving themselves onto her midsection. She tensed the muscles and felt the steely ridges of power. Again her butt billowed out and more thong got lost. She felt her ass: it was firm, strong and delicious. Her legs grew. The slabs of muscle coating her upper legs bulged out with sheer strength. Huge ridges and valleys of power were hers to flex and release on command. Her calves pushed out against her skin. She touched them and even unflexed they felt hard as rock. Vanessa laughed.

    Farrington recovered his composure and demanded more. "Untie me," he ordered, his body now a pale shadow of its former glory. For some incredible reason, he still had not noticed any of the changes. Vanessa did as she was told. All of her movements were so easy now. The rope felt like string in her strong hands. When he was released, Farrington got up unsteadily. "Woah," he said, putting a hand to his head, "guess the blood's really rushing in here." Vanessa's lips curled into a cruel smile. "He deserves this," she thought and strode over to him. "Once more," she said, putting her hand on his now soft chest. "Yes – oh yes," he said. "Get on the floor," Vanessa ordered, "on your back." Farrington did as he was told. Vanessa mounted him, like some dominating she-beast. She raked his shrunken body with her breasts, moving them up and down until she sensed he had got hard again. "You're – so – good – at this," Farrington moaned. "I know," Vanessa whispered. She kissed the ring, thanking it for granting her these powers, and went down on her employer for the final time. His soft body jerked and spasmed into her mouth within seconds and she waited for the third growth spurt. She stood over Farrington's prone body.

    Vanessa's steel-hard biceps grew into goddess proportions. Veins sprouted all over her body, feeding the now obscenely massive muscles it was being forced to build. She was becoming visibly incredibly strong, even unflexed. Her arms seemed bound in thick cords of juicy muscle, each stronger and better than previously. Vanessa flexed her biceps again and was greeted with brawny muscles twenty-two inches around. Once more her pecs grew to push her breasts further into space. They would never sag again as sheer power filled her up and out. Her midsection tautened and tightened as it took on strength and firmness never before seen on a woman. Her butt plumped out. Vanessa slapped its warm, solid firmness. "To hell with quarters – you could bounce a manhole cover off that baby!" she thought. Best of all, her legs had taken on the look of a male bodybuilder's – raw, unadulterated power ripped from every inch of her flesh. The ridges and valleys of earlier blossomed into impossibly strong, tree-trunk sized muscles. She flexed all of her muscles at once. Finally the spell seemed to break and Farrington came to his senses.

    "My – body!" he cried, patting his now nondescript form. "What's happened to me?" Vanessa towered over him. She slowly released her muscles, revelling in the feelings of power. The strength transfer had made her four inches taller as well, though Farrington had not shrunk an inch. Of height, at least.

    "I've taken your muscles, you pathetic little man!" she crowed. "If my maths is right, you now have just over a third of your original strength. And I – " she paused to flex up a massive bicep – "have the rest." "How did you do that?" he gibbered. "Why did you do that?" Vanessa grunted at him, a grunt that said "Are you really that stupid?"

    "I have never worked for someone more sexist, more condescending, more vile and more downright low than you, Ken," she hissed. "Someone who just happens to have handcuffs and rope in his desk! Someone who treated me like dirt for years and, as soon as I got a body on me, took me into here to have me! You are sick and worthless." She paused. "I wanted to teach you a lesson, so I did a magic spell. I took your strength every time I swallowed your come. Those precious muscles of yours look much better on me, don't you think?" Farrington gibbered. "Can't I have them back?" he pleaded, pathetically. "Sure!" Vanessa replied, leaning down. "Get into the gym and start working out. There's no way you're taking this off of me," she said menacingly. Farrington started to cry. "But… but!" he stammered. Vanessa smiled down at him as she collected her clothes.

    "You know you deserved this," she said. Farrington nodded pathetically. "I want you to go home tonight and make love to your wife. Like you used to, when she looked good. She deserves better than you've given her." She paused. "Also… I want you to make me Head of HR. It's a vacant position and I can help you to try to rectify the damage your 'leadership' has caused over the years." Farrington swallowed. "I'll – see what I can do," he muttered. "You can do better than that!" she said, and started to dress herself again. Vainly she tried to fasten the bra's clasps but there was no way. Giving up, she pulled her blouse on and just about managed to button it up. Finally she wriggled into her skirt and put the jacket back on. Having given Farrington enough time to consider his position, she turned around, her impressive frame bulging from the suit. "Well?" she said, an eyebrow raised. "You can move into your new office tomorrow," he muttered. "Thank you!" she said. "Was that so hard?" She moved to leave, putting his desk back in position as she did so and opened the locked door with one hand. "Ooopsie!" she said. Vanessa paused in the doorway. "One more thing – you never tell anyone what happened, OK?" "Of course!" he said. Vanessa slammed the door behind her.

    "Congratulations, Vanessa Keates," the Ring intoned. "You have passed the Second Test and are now a full Ringbearer."

    "Er," thought Vanessa. "What?"


    Vanessa's Vengeance – Epilogue

    Later that day Vanessa sat on her sofa, wearing the new clothes she'd been forced to buy earlier. "So, Ring," she inquired, "what's this 'Ringbearer' stuff you were talking about?" The Ring had been ominously silent since that announcement.

    "I have been trying to find a way to explain this to you," the Ring said in its flat voice. "I have searched for a similar situation in your popular culture." It paused. "Have you seen the film Amélie?" it inquired. "A May Lee?" Vanessa repeated, puzzled. "No." The Ring paused. If Vanessa hadn't known better, she would have sworn that it had sighed. "All right," it said, the merest undercurrent of anger in its voice. "Have you heard of Quantum Leap?" A happy grin worked its way slowly onto Vanessa's face. Quantum Leap was one of her favourite shows. In the programme, a scientist called Sam Beckett had invented a way to time-travel during his own lifespan by inhabiting the bodies of people from different eras. In each episode he would have to fix some part of their life that had gone wrong and would then 'leap' into the next person and be faced with a different problem to sort out. Sam was guided by a colleague called Al, who would tell him what part of the person's life needed fixing and try to help him, even though he was a hologram that only Sam could see and hear. It was a great show. The Ring sat patiently as memories of the show unfolded into Vanessa's mind.

    "You are Sam Beckett," the Ring continued. "Your mission is to help people to become better. Francine and Kenneth will now become better, kinder and more loving people as a result of your interventions. Those two are the people you most hated in your life, yet you overcame your impulses to harm them with excellent results, for both them and yourself. We thought you had the temperament required and we were right. You passed the Tests." It paused whilst this sank in. Vanessa was shocked. She stood up, opened her mouth, found nothing to say and sat back down again. Her sofa creaked in protest. "I fulfil the role of Al," the Ring said. "I tell you who needs help and I am empowered to give you qualities that will help you on these quests."

    Vanessa sat very still. It had been a strange few days, certainly. Despite that, she had enjoyed every minute, every second, every moment. The decision was easy. "I take up your challenge," she said, confidence running through her voice as it had never done before. "I will be a Ringbearer."

    — THE END —

    Well, that's it for the moment. I really enjoyed working with Vanessa and I'm hopeful that, one day, I'll write more adventures with her. Thanks for reading and big thanks to anyone and everyone who said they enjoyed it! 😀


    Wonderful story Fonk. I must say that I enjoyed it a lot. My only complain is that it wasn't longer.

    I like that Vanessa didn't abuse of her boss as most women with 'that power' do in this kind of stories. Btw, very good job finding the way to phrase her wish in order to obtain 'that power'.

    I really hope you can work in the future with Vanessa. She is a great character and it seems that the ring has more powers that it appear to have.

    Thanks for sharing such wonderful story.



    Wonderful story Fonk, thanks for posting it.


    Excellent story. I would liek to see more of Francine in the next one tho… ^_^ But Van is greatness. ^_^



    I'm very happy to have looked at this story. While the title made me fear that Vanessa would take the base route you gave me a welcome surprise in her Ringbearer status.

    Thank you for sharing this and I look forward to any more adventures you may have in store.

    What would be amusing would be if her work situation mirrored the British TV series "The Office".  👿

    Hunter S Creek

    Great stuff, Fonk!

    Thank you for sharing your story!

    BTW — Belated congratulations on your new job!  I hope that it is going well!



    Great stuff, Fonk!

    Thank you for sharing your story!

    BTW — Belated congratulations on your new job!  I hope that it is going well!


    Thank you, Sir, you're very kind. Well, I have a piece of paper at home that says that I've passed my first four months, so I'm very happy so far! 😀

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