VH-1 Bicep Flexer

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    I don’t know if any one you know about this, but some years ago, the music video network VH-1 used to have these–well, I dunno what you call them, but they were these short "artsy" video clips that, IIRC, ran either between music videos, or before and/or after commercials. They were almost like miniature semi-music videos in themselves, with some sort of short tune playing in the background, while an announcer said what would be coming up next (another video, etc.).

    One clip featured this female bodybuilder; the clip was in black and white, and the *first* thing to appear was this bicep flex up close; unless one noticed the hand, one couldn’t tell if the flexer was a woman. And then there’s a view of her upper body, as she continues posing; the face and hair gave the gender away.

    The woman wore, IIRC, a white tank top. Impressive looking arms, very powerful-looking.

    By any chance, does anyone here know:

    1)Who was this flexingathlete? Has she tried acting in anything else?

    2)Who was teh person(s) directing/producing/etc. these clips? What other works are credited to this person(s)?


    Saw the pic on the Cindy Phllips blog, from the link on the recent post in Transvigor; have to note that her arms–not to mention the rest of eth upper body–has similar dimensions to the VH-1 flexer.

    So, no one knows anything about this?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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