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    In a warm California morning, a tour bus paused by a towering manse.  Inside a young blonde woman in a kitschy pink jacket began to narrate.  "This is the home of philanthropist billionaire Tia Juno, who is renowned for her intellectual and financial contributions to the field of biotechnology."

    A question issued from the back of the bus.  "Are the rumours about her true?"

        The guide seemed nonpulussed.  "It's true. She's the largest and strongest woman in the world.  Regarding how strong she is, every calculation of her strength has proven an underestimation thus far."  Looking at the stares of her audience, she realized that the evasion failed.  "As for the speculation that she is a transmongrant…  all evidence for this is circumstantial."  The tourguide looked down and sighed. 

        An akward silence prevailed, until the bus suddenly stopped, sank a few inches, and lurched into a deep ditch.  "Ah snap!"  the blonde interjected.  After assessing the damage, one penetrated tire, she went inside and accessed her cell phone.  "Hello?  I need some assistence from… nevermind."  The girl hung up promptly, as a new development appeared through the windshield.  A pair of breasts occupied the length of the front windows.  Their owner bent down and smiled at the occupants of the vehicle.  "Hello.  Are you having some trouble?"  A mellifluous voice reverberated through the metal framework of the bus.  "It's her!" a voice gasped.

        The woman backed up to examine the entrenched bus, and her features became more discernable.  A conservative estimate would place her height at five meters.  "It looks like somebody left a bottle in the street again."  she commented, and bent down, allowing her endowments to graze the ground.  She lifted and dragged the tour bus back to the road with a modicum of effort that caused her massive abdomen and bosom to undulate.  Then her collossal hips folded and exploded upward as Tia hefted the front of the bus with one and and unscrewed the washers with her long, painted fingernails.  The tourguide placed the spare onto the axle while Tia tightened the nuts again. 

    "How are you, Bittany?"  The gigantic latina smiled warmly at the girl. 

    "Great."  She said suddenly.

    "Have you finished med school yet?"  Tia continued.

    "I still have to present my dissertation tommorow… I'm a little nervous."

    "That's understandable.  I was nervous when I presented my first dissertations as well, but by the fourth or fifth one, you'll be fine."  Tia bent down and hugged the college graduate, who could only manage to fit her arms around the fat deposit that dominated her midsection. 

    "Photo Op!" Tia bent down and grinned into the bus, double chin distorted by her expression. 

    She was about to turn away when someone asked a question.  "You were a weightlifter once?"

    Tia laughed at this.  "I did lift weights… three hours ago.  If you're talking about my girth…"  She jostled the spheroid vat of flesh that overshadowed those on her chest and legs.    "I just have a really high setpoint."

    "Are you a transmongrant?"

        Tia frowned.  "That's not a very nice thing to say.  Those people simply tried to improve themselves, but there was a mistake." 

        The affectionate smile returned.  "I've got to leave.  I'm having tea with my friend…"  She patted the front of the bus, which bounced accordingly.  Then Tia turned and left, posterior jutting about a meter behind her.


    Great beginning. Glad to see at Tia back in action with her gentle way to use her strength. I wonder how old are her children now.

    Thanks Axel from bringing back at the great character you created. I will be looking eagerly forward for the next part.


    Warren Vehec

    Wow!  Nice display of strength!

    I'm a little surprised to see that she didn't get angry about that 'transmongrant' comment.  I would have put in a short display of anger… maybe have her pick up a barrel and say She pointed at the barrel, "this is you" and with a with little effort on her strength, she crushed the barrel like it was a beer can.  She placed the pulverised barrel on the ground, "Any question?".  Just an idea.

    Keep writing, I like the story so far.


    Wow!  Nice display of strength!

    I'm a little surprised to see that she didn't get angry about that 'transmongrant' comment.  I would have put in a short display of anger… maybe have her pick up a barrel and say She pointed at the barrel, "this is you" and with a with little effort on her strength, she crushed the barrel like it was a beer can.  She placed the pulverised barrel on the ground, "Any question?".  Just an idea.

    Keep writing, I like the story so far.

    LOL!  That's a marvelous idea, but it's OOC for Tia to get angry over most things. 

    The original story is here, if you have not read it.


    The blue eyed Latina returned to her garden where a younger woman with dark eyes waited patiently.  The browned eyed lady's features looked acromegalic and half melted, and they periodically emitted unintelligible consonant clusters that combined with a perpetual case of croup induced by a permanently enlarged larnyx.  In fact, the asymmetric articulation of her mandible retsricted its opening and occlusion.  Her body was profusely muscled.  Her trim arms sported lavish biceps, but each of her broad shoulders featured a superfluous flipper that jerked about, trying to follow the corresponding appendage.  Otherwise, she could have been a rather large boned fitness model. 

         Tia picked up a teapot.  "More tea, Miss Marsical?" 

        The addressee nodded with a warped smile.  Tia bent over and refilled her cup.  She continued,  "What where you saying, Tina?"

        At this the tall humanoid voiced protest.  "/e?e?e/!" she chirped.  she picke up a small slate at her side and began to write.

         Tina just died.  Please call me by my true name.

         "Okay, Tia, but you don't have to be so melodramatic about it."

          Tears leaked from the bulbous eyes as she wrote on the slate again. 

          I still have nightmares.  My greatest moment.  Big muscular women finally fashionable, and I was on the set, and
    it started falling apart, on camera.  The footage is all over the internet  I'm so embarrassed.

         Tia hugged the outlandish looking person.  "It'll be alright.  You'll find another job."

         Tia Marscial hugged back, trying not to smack her friend with her flippers.  She wrote on the board again.

      I can only model jeans now.

          "That's good.  Some post-operative polygenetics have to find new lines of work."

        This elicited an indeterminate sound from the other woman.    Really Tia…I'm a 'mong  now. LOL

         "No.  You  don't deserve that pejorative term or any of its procope-derived variants."

        "?a?a?a?a"  Tia laughed and scribbled a response.

         Even at your most preposterous, you're sincere.

        "Such sardonism is a sign of versility.  You'll be fine."  The blue eyed woman took a biscuit and flung it at Tia, who grabbed it, shredded it, and placed it carefully into her mouth.

        "You must be hungry.  Would you like some chocolate cake."

        Tia blushed ultramarine and wrote.  I don't want to inconvenience you."

        "It is a facile matter."  Tia vanished and swiftly returned with a pitcher full of blender-rent cake.  She placed it on the table.

         "/o:u/"  Tia cooed and drank it.  She beamed afterwards and made a note.

        That was delicious.  Am I going to get fat now?

        "Yes and no.  One of the symptoms of your condition is that your parameters change.  So although your fat and muscle tissues will become exponentially larger than normal humans, you will technically not be obese."

       Sounds like you.  Tia looked her friend up and down.

       "Yes, I have… a related condition, but it is a natural part of my genotype, not the effect of genetic engineering" 

        I see.  Do you know what will happen to my butt?

        "It'll feel like a pair of wrecking balls wrapped in a thick warm blanket.  Have a seat."  Tia patted the side of her posterior that flattened outward as she sat down. Her friend hesitated, but eventually seated herself on the billowing escarpment of flesh.  Tia looked down to see the woman on her flank crying   "What's wrong?"

          Whoa!  This feels nice.  Thank—  The rest of the message was unintelligible. 

        "Are you still saddened by something?"

         Tia pondered. Do you think I'll be able to get a man this way?  She gestured toward her face 

          "It is a definite possiblity, but thinking about your face will only render it a cynosure."

         Tia stood, suddenly more composed.  She ran an hand through her hair and wrote on her chalkboard.
          I feel better now, but It's getting kind of late.  She hastened to depart before Tia Juno could say anything.  She turned around and saw what disconcerted her.

         An obtrusive camera extended from the bushes.  Tia bent her thighs and propelled herself to the side of her property.  She landed squarely on a shocked paparazzo and elevated the comparatively scrawny man to eye level and grabbed his camera.  "You should be careful lurking about in the bushes.  Somebody might step on you."

      As the powerful woman erased most of the pictures, she elaborated.  "I've always tolerated the cameras in the past, even that tasteless public restroom incident, but this displeases me to an indisciple extent.  You invade my property, where my family lives and eavesdrop on one of my friends during a very emotionally vulnerable time, and that is unacceptable.  She hung a fingertip indented camera on the photographer's neck, and carried him to the gate, where she placed him on his trembling feet.  Tia loomed close and looked him in the eye.  Fully aware of his overwhelming fear, she knelt down and gently whispered a word in his ear. 


         The paparazzo nearly tore his arm of as he rushed through the wrought iron gate.  Tia looked down and noticed that he had dropped his camera.  She glared into the camera and took a single picture.  Then she leaned out the gate and hurled it at the retreating offender.

         Tia sighed and went into her home.  Her husband, a 2 meter blonde man named Chad, stood and looked at her curiously.  "What was that?"


        "Did you call the police?"

        Tia shrugged.  "I couldn't.  The man felt compelled to do so for his job.  I get the impression that he had a family."

        "What did you do?"

        Tia smiled slightly.  "I reminded him that it was unwise to encroach on people's territory unannounced."

        "You psychologically scarred him, didn't you?"

         "Maybe, but many people would have physically scarred him.  I'm tired of thinking about this.  Let's eat dinner."

        "Certainly.  Tia?"  Chad looked up with eyes brimming with emotion.


        "Happy anniversary."

        "Happy Anniversary cutie… What's this?"  Tia went to one of the dining rooms, where an unusually large feast was awaiting her.

        "Remember that meal we had at our wedding reception ten years ago?  Here it is!"

        Tia's eyes teared as she examined the delicacies.  "Just as I remember."  She kissed her husband passionately and sat down at the table. 

        "Wait.  Where are the kids?" 

        "Ted says they'll be home tomorrow."

        "Okay, let's eat."


    Nice chapter Axel (Congratulations on your 300 post 😉 ). I must say that I got confused a few times since the two women were called Tia, but the rest was very good. Glad too see that Tia kept her gentle personality. I only feel sorry for the other Tia. Hope she can find happiness too.

    I will be looking for the next chapter and see how Tia's children are doing. (Thanks for the tip about the time that has passed  😉 )



    Tia Marsical was the genetically-enhanced bodybuilder in the first story.  I brought her back as a tie-in and an example of what the "transmongrants" were.


    You are right. I completly forgot her. It will be interesting to know what will be her part in this story.

    Good luck with the next chapter.



    hehe  I didn't forget this old tale.  This is my first actual sex scene. 😳  I usually leave such things to the readers' imaginations, but I feel this is revelant about their relationship.

        Chad ate, yet he was soon sated.  He watched while Tia gorged herself with the remainder of the banquet.  Upon consuming the last morsel, she flopped over and pinned her husband to the floor. 

        "Where are you going, baby.  We haven't copulated for at least three days, and I'm incomprehensibly horny right now.  Tonight, we're going to follow my agenda."  Tia smiled down on the slender man from a height of nearly two meters. 

        Chad looked up at his wife from beneath her engorged chest.  "This is new…"  He commented.  He reached all the way to her flank and clutched some of her soft, pillowy flank.  The action send a crescendo of ripples across her titanic form. 

        "What's the matter?  Am I too soft and warm for you?  Don't you enjoy being enveloped in womanly flesh?"  Tia giggled.

        "I've never seen you so adipose before."  Chad babbled. 

        "When I do what I plan to do to you tonight, you will be thankful for the padding.  As I previously announced, this is my fantasy.  I've given you every fantasy you've ever requested and a few that you had yet to contrive.  Don't you want to play with me?"  Tia pouted and shook her portly shoulders back and forth.

        "Where do I start, darling?"

        Tia knelt and invited her husband to have a seat.  He perched himself atop her voluminous paunch and nestled into her curves.  "Have fun! Massage!  Just pleasure me!"  Chad turned around and began to softly knead Tia's newly formed mountains of fat.  "Oooh…"  She muttered sensuously.
    "Now it's time to finish the job."  The immense woman rolled on her back and pulled back her overstuffed abdomen.  Chad obediently crouched at her pelvis and began to position himself. 

      "What are you pondering?  It's not rocket science."  Tia placed Chad so that embarcation could ensue.  "Speaking of rockets…"  Chad braced himself at this comment.  Although he had been modified by Tia many times, this particular operation was both blissfully pleasurable and still awkwardly disconcerting.  Innundated with flesh, Chad found a seam of fresh air between two bulging love handles and began to thrust.  With each thrust, Chad felt his phallus extending further and thickening to fit the contours of his wife's interior.  As he released, Tia's frame receded like a tide withdrawing from a shoreline.  Chad realized that the bulges on her stomach were no longer comprised of fat.  Instead they had transmuted into horizontal pillars of lithic muscle.  Chad crawled backwards to get a better perspective of his wife.  Every sinew of her muscle curled and slithered like an anaconda beneath her taut, sweaty skin.  Thick vessels interlaced uner her integument, piping nutrients to the pulsing pululating myofibrils.  His gaze voyaged to his panoramic paramour's face, which radiated peace and beauty even as it was as rugged with hypertrophied muscle as the rest of her physique. 

    "Happy anniversary, lover."  She whispered.  A frisson caused Chad to tremble.  She continued.  "Poor men, limited by their refractory periods.  Have a drink and snuggle with me while it reloads.  She tapped the temporarily enlarged organ, which somewhat resembed a benthic tube worm in its relaxed state. 

    "You don't have to carry that thing around.  I'll get the water for you."  Tia reached over and got a pitcher of water from the refrigerator and gave it to him. 

    "Thank you for fulfilling my fantasy."

    "I never conceived that you wanted to do that."  Chad looked perplexed.

    She laughed with a shrug, pinching her deltoids forward in a way that stirred a little blood back into Chad's fatigued member.  "I'm an enigma.  Come on…  I know you liked it.  I can smell pheremones, you know."  She leaned in close and sniffed Chad's shoulder.  "Hey!  I can smell that paparazza again."

    "How do you know it's her?"

    She seems to be walking around the yard.  This has gone too far!"  Tia frowned.  Soon after, she closed her eyes to focus.  Tia's forearms and hips shrank a few inches.  Chad gasped when he heard a scream and some scuffling outside the window. 

    "What did you do?"  Chad's face was white until Tia smiled at him.

    "She shouldn't be causing us any more problems."

    "Why did you transfer your muscle to her?"

    Tia burst into laughter.  "After what I did to her it would be cruel to not increase her musculature. 

      Outside a young woman endeavored to stand.  Rising to her new, unwiedly height of seven feet, she began to feel her chest.  Her powerful arms reached to the end of her poitrine, and she hefted them upward.  She waddled to a shiny new wheelbarrow beside the garage, and filled the bin with her brimming bustline.  She trudged past a sign that prominently displayed the letters "PLEASE RESPECT OUR PRIVACY" and toddled off the property.  A few weeks later, Tia would see her gracing an advertisement for a lingere catalog.           

    Chad said, "Did you hurt her?"

    "Of course not.  The world's second bustiest woman just found bigger things to deal with."  Tia winked and shook her record-setting endowments.

    "Anyway.  I think I'm up for some more action." Chad looked up at his own penis, which cast its shadow over him.

      Chad and Tia began to run their hands over each other's bodies.  Forty minutes later, both of them were panting, sweaty, and fatigued.  "Thank you so much."  Tia puffed.

    "You're the one worthy of gratitude.  You've made every dream I've ever envisioned come to fruition.  In fact, you always try to improve people's lives.  Sometimes I still doubt that you aren't some kind of goddess."

    Tia tapped her husband's nose.  "I'm not a goddess."

    "An angel?"  Chad smirked. 

    "Angel?  You may call me that, if you have to."

    "mmm.  Angel…."  Chad wrapped his arms tightly around Tia, who then reduced his penis to its proper size and shrank to her normal height as she turned off the light.  She traced in the air with her finger, and an aurora script of ions fizzled into the night.

    Tia loves Chad the flickering letters said. 


    Very good chapter my friend. It's great to see that you retake this little tale. I will be looking foward for more of it.


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