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    Mark Newman

    I know I’ve kept you all far too long waiting for the next day. But I just can’t write any faster. 😥

    To keep your frustration down, I’ll post a draft of the first two scenes of the next day.



    Mr. Green smacked his hand on the table, making much less of a noise than he would have last week. "This is JUST what I was saying. Why it took them so long to admit it was news just goes to prove what I said all along about newspapers. The whole industry is crooked. They only tell you what they want you to hear! ‘All the news that’s fit to print’ indeed!"

    "Then why do you read them?" Mrs. Green said, crossing her arms in front of her chest. Normally she would have just smiled at her husband’s tirades. But today, enjoying the feel of the new, hard bulges in her arms, she decided to take things further. "It seems to me that the time you waste with newspapers would be better spent on other things. Like talking more with your children."

    "What about?! They have no interest in anything other than pop music and — good morning Michelle." He cleared his throat. "You look like you went out for another run today."

    "Hi Daddy!" She leaned over to kiss him. "Uh huh! That’s five days in a row for me!" She looked at the headlines. "Um, what are you reading about?"

    Mrs. Green shot a triumphant look at her husband.

    "Just look. The whole newspaper today is about what’s happened to men and women. What still may be happening."

    "Wow! After all this time they finally — uh, does it, uh, say why it’s happened?"

    Mr. Green raised his eyebrows, determined not to look at his wife. "That’s a good question, honey. No, they haven’t. This article — it’s the lead story — says the NIH has not identified any factor that could have caused the changes. What they do say is that the whole biochemistry of the human body has changed. All the science on — where is it? — ‘the interaction between the endocrine system and human tissue’ is suddenly invalid and now has to be redone. But what has caused this change, which has been spontaneous, all over the world, and is confined to human beings, is completely unknown. Not only that, but they say there is no known physical process that can account for the simultaneous loss of body mass by all human males, or the gains in height and muscle mass by human females. What brilliance! I could have told them that!"

    Michelle had now sat down and was digging into her cereal, concentrating on the piles of Cheerios on her spoon. "Um, like it was magic?"

    "No, not magic! There’s no such thing as magic, Michelle. You know that!"

    "Um, of course, Daddy. It’s just … well, if science can’t explain something —

    "Then you don’t just call it magic. You keep on investigating, experimenting, until you find the cause. And then you can DO something about it!" He smacked the table again.

    "You mean, you think they’d try to change things back? I, um, like the changes. I like being stronger. Having muscles. It’s fun."

    Mrs. Green walked over to the table and put her hands on her husband’s shoulders. They felt so small, so fragile. She held them firmly. "That’s right, honey. I think it’s good that women have become the stronger sex. I think we’ll make much better use of our position than men have."

    Mr. Green tried to turn around to talk to his wife, but she was holding him too tightly. So he kept looking at Michelle instead. "We have no idea what has caused these changes, where they will stop, and what the long term consequences may be. Certainly our scientists should be doing all they can to get at the root causes so that they can return us to our normal bodies."

    Michelle looked distressed. "But Daddy —

    "Don’t fret, dear," Mrs. Green interrupted. "Your father has always solved the world’s problems at breakfast. But, fortunately, the world’s leaders don’t listen to him. Anyway, you can be sure that if men knew a quick way to grow bigger muscles they’d have done it a long time ago. So you don’t have to worry that you’re about to lose your new physique — which looks very nice on you, dear — at least not because of anything the world’s scientists may do."

    "Mom! What am I going to do about school clothes! Nothing fits!" Joe called out.

    Mrs. Green sighed and called out. "I took out some of your old blue jeans and polo shirts — from before your growth spurt. Good thing I never threw them away. You can wear those until we have time to shop for new things."

    "I saw that stuff! But I wore those when I was thirteen! I’ll look like a total dork!"

    Michelle covered her mouth to hide her laughter and barely resisted the temptation to call out her agreement. At least her sewing skills had some in handy last night for her own clothes, instead of just providing a reason for her mother to give her work to do.

    "It’ll have to do for now. I’m sure all your friends have the same problem, so don’t worry about standing out," Mrs. Green answered.

    Now Michelle couldn’t resist. "He won’t stand out, Ma. He’s so short no one will even SEE him!"

    Mrs. Green shot Michelle a dirty look just as Joe came into the room. "I heard that!" he said angrily and marched over to Michelle who immediately stood up. She was more than a head taller than her brother now, and next to her he looked like he was barely more than eleven. She looked down at him, patted him on the head and giggled. "I’m so proud of you for having such good ears, Joe!"

    Joe steamed, but didn’t dare try anything with his larger and stronger sister. Besides both his parents were right there, watching them.

    "That’s enough you two. Now eat breakfast. You both have to leave for school in ten minutes."

    Joe walked up the school steps, thinking he had just gone five years back in time, to when he had visited high school as a 5th grader as part of a special science fair program. Then, and now, the girls all towered above him, some a head taller, many much more than that. This morning they were calling out happily to each other, squealing with pleasure each time they saw a new friend for the first time since yesterday when she had reached her new height, reaching out to hug and kiss each other, heedless of bumping the boys that scurried underneath, too small to notice, too weak to push back.

    Unlike the boys, who like Joe could get away with wearing old clothes, most of the girls had nothing that fit yet, and had to make do with skin tight tops that left their midriffs and forearms bare, and with skirts that were let out around the waist and hips and reached down only to the middle of their thighs at best. Several walked barefoot, having worn her father’s snow boots to school until she could dispose of them in their lockers. It should have been a visual feast for Joe, with a sea of breasts whose shapes were revealed clearly by the stark outlines of ill-fitting tops. But that turned out to be a more dangerous pasttime than it used to be. The first girl he looked at on the way into school, a sophmore whose name escaped him, shoved him against the wall.

    "You think I LIKE being looked at like a piece of meat?"

    Joe blinked. "What are you —

    "I DON’T like it. Not one bit!" Joe tried to remove her palm from his chest. He would have had just as much luck removing the bricks from the wall behind him. "As far as I’M concerned, boys are going to have to be more respectful. And ALL my friends feel EXACTLY the same way!"

    She marched away. Joe felt his slightly bruised chest and caught his breath, thinking that the sight of that girl’s tits were hardly worth even half the pain he was feeling, then proceeded down the hall. There was Pamela. She was chatting with two friends, laughing and gesturing enthusiastically. My GOD! LOOK at HER. He stared at the two melon-sized balls moving with happy abandon in her t-shirt, unchecked by underwear, every detail of her nipples traced against her top. Just then she turned his way. Her gaze hardened. "Another one!" she said to her friends and marched toward Joe. "Hey! Didn’t I tell you yesterday —

    Joe started running and crashed into a girl from his homeroom, Jean Marsh, a short squat hockey player. At least she used to be short and squat. Now she was five-eleven and built like the Hulk. He bounced off her and staggered onto the floor. She turned around, annoyed and then laughed. "Hey, squirt. Watch where yer going!" She reached down and picked him up off the floor like she was lifting her purse. "Joe Green! I wouldna’ reconized you!"

    "Yeah, uh, Jean. Thanks. I’ll, uh, see you in homeroom." He looked around for Freddie, but it was hard to see any of the guys and harder still to push through the traffic of large female bodies. Finally he gave up and headed down the school corridor cautiously toward homeroom, keeping his eyes to the ground, worried about offending more of the she-hulks. This was ridiculous. Somebody had to do something about these girls. They were totally out of control. First Michelle turning into a mega-Amazon and harassing him. Then every other girl in school showing up, bursting with muscle, pushing him around like he was a bit of foam on a wave. This was awful!

    Then things got worse.

    “Joe! I’ve been looking for you!” a voice sang out.

    Oh no! Cindy! He turned the opposite way and started walking away from homeroom, but a phalanx of broad female backs blocked his path and then a large hand reached over him and pulled him backwards.

    "Hey Joe! I was worrying I wasn’t going to see you before class!" She pulled him against her, the back of his head pressing into her breasts. The rest of her felt rock-hard. Then she hoisted him off the ground so that he rested in the crook of her arm like he was a small child. She took his books and added them to her own pile in her other arm.

    "What are you DOING!?" he sputtered angrily.

    She grinned. "Ssshh! You’re so small I was worried you’d get trampled by us big girls! So I’m carrying you to your homeroom. Besides, I wanted to see you. Room 212, right?" She squeezed his bottom.

    "Hey! Oww"!"

    "Oop! Sorry. I forget how strong I’m getting. Do you see my muscle?" She pumped her arm, pushing it outward. "It’s 18" all the way around! That’s really big, you know, almost as big as my Dad’s was. And it’s been just five days I’ve been exercising. I’ve lost all my fat too. Feel how hard my tummy is." Wary but curious, Joe reached down to touch Cindy’s surprisingly flat stomach. "These bumps here are muscles. Poor Dad. He’s got all fat now and he can hardly walk because of his knee. But he’s being really nice to me." She gave Joe another squeeze and a kiss on his cheek. "Here we are! I’ll find you at lunch. We can eat with Cal. She’s excited about meeting you. Unless you want us to eat with your friends. We could do that tomorrow. Oh! Isn’t that your friend Freddie? He’s cute! I bet Cal would like him!" She walked up to Freddie, passing through the crowd easily as the girls looked at Joe and laughed.

    "Hey, Freddie! I’m Joe’s girlfriend, Cindy. Joe and I want you to eat with us and Cal today, kay?" Fred looked up at Joe quizzically. "You’ll like Cal. She’s lots of fun, though not as big as I am. You’ll see.”. The first bell rang. “Oh darn! I gotta go." She let Joe down and gave him back his books. "See you later, honey!" She kissed him and walked quickly off. The two boys watched her long legs disappear in the crowd.

    "Did she mean Calley Fleischmann? She’s a complete zero!” Fred said, disgusted.

    “I know. But you have to come. At least today. For me, right? Until I figure out how to ditch Cindy. Don’t worry. You don’t have to go out with Calley!

    “You’re telling me? I mean, really, Joe. Are you saying Cindy Barrett’s your girlfriend now?”

    “Of course not! I know how it looks but, jeez, I’m sure not really going out with her. Although you have to admit she’s got some pretty amazing tits.”

    “Tits aren’t everything, Joe. She’s such a pain. Look at the way she treats you — like she’s taking over your life. Suddenly you’re eating LUNCH with her? What’s with THAT? And what about those muscles? UGH!! She’s like a man!”

    “Well you may not have noticed Freddie, but ALL girls have muscles now. Even my ditzy sister. And it’s not like we guys do. And I say, if you’re gonna be with a girl who’s got muscles, big tits help.” He sighed. "And speaking of tits — man! Did you see Pamela Brown’s tits today …."


    The wait it seems is more then worth it! Thanks for the sneek preview.


    Ha! Thanks Mark. It’s looking great!!!


    Great work, Marknew! Can’t wait to see more! Thanks for posting!


    Thanks for the preview – but now the wait is even harder.



    Gotta echo Fred ‘s comments…not the wait is starting to get to me!

    Mark, I think were really going to enjoy this one!

    Mark Newman

    I’m glad you like it. Still many scenes to write, many to enjoy.


    but waiting is so difficult with such a good story and the best part is coming now!!!!

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