What inspires you to do what creative things you do?

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    Now it's a no-brainer that beautiful muscle girls are in inspiration πŸ˜‰ but what is it that gets you wanting to make art or stories, if you do?

    For me it's music… man, rock music- the more industrial the better  πŸ‘Ώ
    I adore Rammstein, and those hardcore guitar riffs they come out with make me melt- just image some huge solid babes… intense muscle for intense sound…I'll stop before I go further ^^;

    So yeah, come one guys, tell me!  πŸ˜›


    Now it's a no-brainer that beautiful muscle girls are in inspiration πŸ˜‰

    Totally agreeing with you there! πŸ˜‰

    While I'm writing I like to listen to dance-type music: stuff like RΓΆyksopp, Daft Punk, Air, Lemon Jelly, those kinds of people. I find it helps my brain relax and get into creative mode. πŸ™‚ Every once in a while, if I'm getting stuck, I have a quick blast of Minesweeper or head off to another website or two and let my brain stew in its creative juices. I usually find that I can then carry on.

    As for where the ideas come from in the first place, I have no idea. I wish I did cos I'm stuck for a new storyline at the moment! πŸ™


    It just comes to me, sometimes I think of a pose in my mind that I just have to do and it's done.  Otherwise what drives me is the need to get it done when I have free time to dedicate to it.


    Well, it was marknew742's story, "Transfer Student" that got me into FMG fiction in the first place with "Power Play."

    His "Pendant Changes" rung enough emotional chimes and moral outrage with me to get me to do the Jimmy Templeton riff on it.

    Dr. Otto's "Cats and Dogs" inspired "The Stray."

    DC Matthews' Dyna brought out an adventure with her and M15+4 H4X0R (with the Dr. Robotnik theme and BGM music from the last few levels of the Sega Saturn's "Sonic 3-D Blast" being the villain's unofficial theme).

    I guess other greats are inspiring mine to do my own tweaks and enhancements of their works..  I guess I'm the 3M of the FMG writing world.  😎

    And I'm a mixed bag with influencing media. "PP" was inspired by gameshows (the incicental music of Russian Roulette, imparticularly), Akira, the Three Stooges, Piers Anthony, a lot of Newsweek articles, "Weird Al" Yankovic, and many incidents and moments from my own life.

    And Daft Punk's album Discovery's was a bit of an influence, too.

    And as I write Jimmy Templeton's Thursday, High Noon, I'm listening to Aerosmith's "Janie's Got a Gun" and "Living on the Edge."


    Too much alcohol in my diet? Brief episodes of insanity? Pure boredom? The unhealthy lust for unconditional praise?

    It’s probably all of the above.  πŸ˜€


    Well for me and my stories…the inspiration was originally just a free membership over at DTV lol…

    but now that I have that, the inspiration is just watching an anime/reading a manga, finding a girl hot as she is, and then imagining her buffed up and how others would react lol…I mean, I'd love to just plain out request the picture of the girls with all the massiveness…but then I sound like a real beggar…so my inspiration is the thought of possibly inspiring femuscle artists with my stories to draw what I want them to indirectly lol!

    of course it's not like I -haven't- requested….

    so besides all that…I just like muscle girls, but didn't like all of the situations a lot of the stories we have now put them in…so I put muscle girls in the situations that I'd like to see them in…

    yep, that's me!

    David C. Matthews

    For me it's music…

    I don't get inspiration from music per se, but once I'm in "drawing mode" the right music often helps. (But what the "right music" is can change from situation to situation… anime songs, for example, go down well when I'm drawing Tetsuko.

    Other than that, I'm pretty much "all of the above" when it comes to inspiration or motivation: seeing a hot girl and wondering what she'd look like buffed, "muscle girls in the situations that I'd like to see them in…", even, as 10-4 said, "the unhealthy lust for unconditional praise" (although not "too much alcohol in the diet", since I can't drink…)


    Well… I dunno what to say. lol.

    Usually from games I play, or shows I watch. Most of the time when I need fighting ish pics Ill play DBZ games or listen to music from fighting games. If I need something different, Ill watching something that puts me in that mood. As for my ideas, Ive been doing comics with a friend of mine since 8th grade(4 years ago), and when we stopped last year (due to uncontrolable circumstances) We took our seperate paths. Funny thing is I had the greater inspiration between us both, and well I obviously had the majority of chrs. lol. That mixing pot keeps buring now anyways, if I see anything, hear anythin, or feel anything inpirational… it gets put down. About 81% of the time Im drawing girls anyway, about 90% of that time they usually have muscle on them. ^_^

    drumsstick master

    It just springs into my head sometimes. I think "Oh, that would be cool" and then draw it.


    This may seem strange but what inspires I the most to do creative things is every horrible, selfish, malicious and vile act humanity can do.
    I's use them to push my's self forward and prove, to my's self and to the world at large, that we are capable of better and more glorious things and that I's must do my's best and upmost to insure such things.
    For once you give into the despair of things, you become weak. When you are weak, they whom seek your Despair have won.
    The Pimp NeonBlack

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