What… that actually works?

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    I was out at an Amusment Park the other day and I was in line for a Roller coaster and I saw an AMAZING woman. she looked to be maybe 18 but some of the finest arm I have seen at the park. I really wanted to see what they were all about and she noticed me looking and I looked into her eyes for a moment and it was a little awkward for a sec but then I went for it and I said. "You have some nice guns there!" and she said oh thanks and she flexed them and they were huge for a girl her size. Anyways I couldnt beleive it just worked! u guys should try it out! Just ask 😮


    You see people? 
    Mattman is absolutely correct.

    This can work. 

    Last year, I was at a comic-convention and some female bodybuilder,
    I do not know who she was, but she was buff, and  looking at action figures of all things. 

    This woman had the whole package, she was super-muscular with a  tank top, shorts. 
    Huge shoulders, arms everything.

    I said "Excuse me Miss?"

    She said "Yes?"

    "I couldn't help to notice your physique,  it is quite amazing. 
    The sheer dedication that it has taken is quite extraordinary."

    She smiled a very shy smile, shy!!  I couldn't believe it .

    She then said with a huge smile "It takes a lot of hard work"
    Giving a slight flex.

    "I bet, keep it up." I said.

    She smiled and walked away, we both made each other's day.
    Muscular women enjoy being complimented.

    They are human, remember that folks. 

    Life is short.


    Yep that definitely works, check out this record of an event in my life this is an email i sent to a friend of mine who was a cadet at the Air Force Academy and she would fit comfortably into the fitness muscle category, enjoy:

    "anyway. something strange happened over the labor day weekend. i was
    working and this past
    weekend was parent's weekend at the air force academy, so we were getting a
    huge number of cadets and their families visiting the store(I'm sure you
    remember), now there were a lot of very beautiful and very fit female
    cadets(one of which was you in times past), but two of them were
    exceptional, they were both sophomores and they were both very muscular, one
    had on a blue tank top and the other a little shorter had a red shirt, i
    could tell they were stronger than the average woman so i asked the one in
    blue how strong she is, and she showed me first her arms which exploded with
    a round bicep and a large triceps, much larger than i will ever be able to
    develop no matter how much i work out, her shoulders were very broad but the
    biggest surprise was when she flexed her back, it looked like she grew wings
    under her arms where there was nothing a second before, i was speechless, i
    noticed that her friend in the red was smiling at the little demonstration
    and when i made a quizzical face she showed me her arms, they were even
    bigger than her friends' arms, her shoulders broader, everything about her
    hinted that she was stronger in every way compared to her friend in the blue
    tank top. i couldn't think straight the rest of the day, the thought of so
    much power and strength added to the feminine mystique and beauty has me
    hooked. i want a muscular woman.

    as if that dosen't complicate things there aren't many women who are
    confident enough to oppose the image of an attractive woman this society has
    forced on us since before we were born, and break free from the norm, ah
    well, whether i fall in love with a muscle woman or a normal woman the
    universe has yet to decide, although i hope for the muscle like i said

    hot damn, if i knew how big women grew at the academy… if i had known how
    big women were capable of becoming, egad, say did you by chance explode like
    those two women?  this girl i worked with in the springs was training to
    become a firefighter and she had been working out for the past few years and
    managed to become very strong and quite massive, also one of the girls i
    coached on the cross country team mentioned that she was going to play
    football, i commented that she's have to lift some serious weights in order
    the become competitive and she said that she had already started and that
    her body was exploding with muscle faster than she ever imagined, and it was
    true she had a huge amount of muscle for being only fifteen years old, and
    nowhere near her full potential.  so i guess there are more muscle women out
    there than i thought, but who knows….

    Needless to say I've become fairly good at spoting muscular women, or women who have the potential, both physically and mentally, to become muscular…ahh life is good, sometimes.

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