What was your first exposure to the concept of FMG

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    Real world variant: Any number of print-issue bodybuilding mags from back in the day before the I-net.

    Fiction variant: A few sci-fi writers that I read dabbled with the idea of physically strong, muscular women as principle characters – Heinlein comes most readily to mind w/ Friday and Robert Adams, some of his Horseclans novels featured a nation of Amazons. Also, SM Stirling, most notably w/ his dystopian Draka novels. And of course comic books – She-Hulk and Thundra – and as ZZZ and Lingster have already mentioned, Polaris going Amazon, at least for a while.

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    olive olye,early 80’s hulk cartoon she hulk,
    I remember :Rich” used to hold court at “the Valkyrie” his knowledge on muscle women in printed and cartoon media was incredible!

    Rob Smith


    Probably the Superfriends episode where some meteor crashed on earth and started mutating anyone who came too close to it. IIRC, Wonder Woman got turning into some giant She-Hulk-ish thing (not green, though, and with a mind more like that of the original Hulk).

    And not FMG, but for GTS it would have been the Superfriends episode with Amy Zahn. (A bitter feminist scientist takes some drug to make women stronger and ends up turning into a 50′ giantess).


    Ah, seems this topic comes up every couple of years, never gets old. 🙂

    For me, I believe it was the influence of the He-Man cartoons which was my first exposure to a male becoming powerful, that probably led into the fascination for me. It was He-Man, which led to She-Ra, which led to the Incredible Hulk.

    When I first watched Bruce Banner transform into the Incredible Hulk in the original cartoon series, then again in the live action TV show, my imagination couldn’t stop replacing the male banner with some girl I usually had a crush on.

    Fast forward to a random trip to the grocery store, I found the grey she-hulk comic book, and wow did that blow away my mind. To see Bryan Hitch’s rendition of She-Hulk as huge and muscular as her green cousin was mind blowing. I pretty much couldn’t stop fantasizing about it and at that point I knew FMG was a huge turn on for me.

    I later did a photo morph will Grey She-Hulk ended up topless in that epic cover, you can view the image here at Deviantart.

    Actually I just realized my photo morph has nudity and would make this thread NSFW. So I’ll just post the link instead.


    J.W. Appel

    Nice job!

    Zespara Alathar

    There were also times back then in the same series where Rogue absorbed She Hulk, Juggernaut and a physically muscular and tall black amazon woman, and each time Rogue grew in size and strength. One more of the many reasons I loved X-men back then(still do enjoy modern Xmen but not as much due to all the constant changes of the non good kind).

    Well… I do know that Rogue absorbed the She-Hulk’s powers in Uncanny X-Men Annual #7. The name of the story was Scavenger Hunt involving the Impossible Man. The main problem with the story was that several artists were used in the story giving no consistency with the artwork. Rogue was larger and muscular when drawn by one artist but normal but green by another.

    Rogue took Juggernaut’s powers in Marvel Team-Up #150. In that issue, she did grow large and was in charge for sure. The artwork was fine and it was the first time she underwent what we traditionally call FMG in a comic book.

    I’m not familiar with the story with the black amazon woman. That sounds like Frenzy who appeared in several X-books but I never heard of that story. I’m guessing it was after the mid-2000s when I stopped collecting comics.


    Muscle Growth Nut

    Rogue took Juggernaut’s powers in Marvel Team-Up #150. In that issue, she did grow large and was in charge for sure. The artwork was fine and it was the first time she underwent what we traditionally call FMG in a comic book.

    I managed to find a copy via torrent. The artwork was indeed fine, but Rogue wearing a costume that completely concealed her body was…less fine.

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