What would you want to know on "Wednesday"?

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    Mark Newman

    Wednesday is going extremely well. I have just two more scenes to write, one of them quite short, but due to travel plans I may not get a chance to post it until the first full week of April. It depends on business, unfortunately, but the ideas are all worked out. That’s why I can’t accommodate RevTekkx last thought. But he will get his wish, in a fashion.

    After that, I’ll have to think about how far to take this story or whether I should move on to the next project. I do like playing with these characters and the situation.


    Hey Mark – you just keep giving and giving and granting wishes like an FMG Genie. What if the tables were turned? What would YOU wish of us?

    For example, are there any characters or sequences that you would like to see someone create an illustration or a morph of?

    Mark Newman

    Thanks for the offer. I do enjoy illustrations of growth and "reversal" scenes, whether from my stories or from others. Matt ‘n Emma has a few scenes that would look great in a few panels, in the first and last parts when Matt is getting progressively weaker while Emma grows and grows. The same with Give and Take and Tennis.

    Many of the others I’ve written take place too slowly to work graphically. But I would be tickled to see any artist conceptions of the characters I’ve created. I also love to see the animations people have created of FMG or muscle transfer. Leyla did some great animations like that, but they’ve disappeared from the web, mostly, or are now on pay site that I haven’t paid for

    So, that’s what’s on my wish list.



    I’m not sure if you remember me but I was a fan that e-mailed you say that i liked your alt worlds storys. I like you last storys because of the veriety of female caracters. Not all of them seen to become drunk with the power that they accuired. Some my think badly in those that become the verythings that they hated berfore the change.

    For some odd reason i see the one nicknamed Jaws Standing up in class laughing like a mad man (or woman if you preffer ‘:p’) and telling all the other girls in her history class how pathetic they’ve all become. They where complaining about how badly all the guys where treating them before the change now after it they are being just as bad or worse and the guys can’t defend themselves unlike before where the girls could take selfdefence classes and learn to stand up for them selves. Well I guess for that to happen she’d have to whitness something truely grusome happen to a man or guy that is close to her because girls are now bigger and stronger by such a large margin.

    How have you been? I’m glad that you’re still writing. I’m still trying to get the women around where i live( Buffalo ny) to give me the time of day. I wounder if the guys in a woman run world will allways go for the bitches that would miss treat the and lave the nice girls to forever be lonely as just friends?

    Thanks for hearing my comments.

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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