Where does female growth place in society?

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    magnus knight


    Now to me female growth is not really porn.  If you have ever read one of my or some one else's stories or seen their art there is nothing pornographic about it.  It is something more personal and emotional then that.  Porn is just an ends to the means of getting some one off.  This growth thing goes deeper then this.  Yes it may get you off, but it also requires a sense of imagination and a suspension of reality in the mind.  It requires more thought then just the primal sex drive in us all.  There isn't even sex or nudity in a lot of the pics and stories people post.  There is something more personal involved for each of us.

    I don't think of it as a fetish persay either.  A fetish is a fascination with a specific object or body part that becomes sexual in a way to the mind of the person.  I don't see any object in growth, unless you consider the female body one, which most of us hopefully out there don't.  Growth also covers the whole body, there is no one part to become fixated on. (Though I'm sure some foot lovers out there may argue with this one.)

    For women it means more to then men.  Seeing as to how I'm a guy I can't really comment here other then if it had a special meaning to women, maybe there would be more female members here. (It would be nice.)

    Is it a lifstyle choice?  Hard to say.  Did anyone here just wake up one day and say "My god female growth is awesome, I think I'll adopt it as my daily theme."  Is female growth a choice we all made to enjoy, and if so could we just as easily decide not to take part in it anymore?

    For me personally female growth is something sensual.  It's something I feel I'd still be into even without all the boards, forums, groups, and sites.  It didn't come from no where, but is a part of me.  I don't know if I could ever walk away from it even if I wanted to.  I just find something arousing about being with a woman.  I love their form, their scent.  Imagining being with one, admiring her beauty, her personality, and then sharing something with her intimate, which is the growth.  As she grows her clothes tighten, teasing us with what is to come.  As she out grows them its a like a kid unwrapping a present.  Her grace, beauty, mind is the present, and the fact ahe shares it with you makes it all the more special.  Watching, thinking of her becoming something more, bigger, more confident, more powerful, more of her to love and admire.  I see nothing pornographic in this.  I see romance, pleasure, something to celebrate.  The goddess has always been in her, the growth just shows it on the outside.  Am I crazy for feeling this way?  Are any of us?

    _M. Knight


    Female growth is just a fantasy.


    Can be reality. Depends what KIND of growth…

    For me I guess it's a fetish o_O tho I am trying to get buff too…


    How bout an art form?

    john barry

    i agree with archangel on this one…….. :mrgreen:


    The trouble with such a subject and topic is that it means different things to different people.
    Some may view it as Art, others as Pornograhy. Some may see it as a disgusting Fetish whilst others will see as a Healthy Lifestyle choice that hurts no one. Same as Fantasy, others a longed for reality (mainly in terms of Muscle growth than any other).
    I's prefer to stay out of such arguments and let others see it as they shall. For it is easier to hold the Moon still in your hand than it is to change another's mind.
    The Pimp NeonBlack

    Deadly Pixxxie

    Harmless fantasy and a small part of you (at least for me).


    The trouble with such a subject and topic is that it means different things to different people.

    So true – is it art, is it erotica or is it pornography . . . I’m reminded about something that one of the US Supreme Court Justices (whose name eludes me at the moment) once said on the topic – words to the effect – that he couldn't define it, but knew it when he saw it.

    I'm also reminded of a scene from the novel "The Agony and the Ecstasy" by Irving Stone about the nude works that Michelangelo was painting for the Sistine Chapel, not the ceiling, but a much later work The Last Judgment.  So offended by the blatant portrayal of the naked human bodies – male as well as female – that one of the Vatican officials (been many years since I read it, he might also have been a Cardinal) demanded that he paint over the "naughty parts" by placing underwear upon them.  Of course, it’s never wise to piss off an artist – so Michelangelo painted the official into the work (wrapped up in a snake, conveniently protecting his male modesty) being shoved into Hell.  Needless say if he was angry before, he was outraged then and properly complained to the Pope – who upon inspecting the work pronounced (with a sly wink and nod to Michelangelo) that if he had been painted into Purgatory he would pray for his release, but from Hell there is no reprieve.

    “I like a good story well told. That is the reason I am sometimes forced to tell them myself.”
    ~ Mark Twain / Samuel Clemens (1907)

    Hunter S Creek

    Regarding the survey question and the listed choices — I have a write-in vote — None of the above.

    In the overall context of Western society I see female growth taken to an exaggerated degree as little more than Science Fiction or Fantasy.  For most folks it does not need to be sexual, pornographic, erotic, or sensual.  For many it is simply about the empowerment of a given female character.  Of course, others enjoy it because for them it contains a more Id-stimulating undercurrent.

    However, one needs to keep in mind that the average person in society who enjoyed "Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman" or "She-Hulk" probably enjoyed them for reasons that differ in principle and intensity from one who is a member of a Female Growth Board or GTS Site.  Most of the members of such web sites seem to enjoy them because at some level they have at least some appreciation of the Id-stimulating aspects of female growth.

    I believe that it is simply the level of and the degree of that intensity as perceived by a given person that seems to separate those that consider it to be "sexual" or a "fetish" or just a "fantasy", etc.

    Similarly, to most people whether or not a given sketch or story is considered "pronographic" is not at all based on the fact that the female character is growing taller, more muscular, or even bustier; it is based on what else she is doing, what she is wearing (or not), and what is being done to her.  To paraphrase a famous logic question — If a fully clothed female character is growing alone in the woods: is it sexual, pornographic, erotic, sensual, or none of the above?



    This just came to mind to help clarify what is actually deemed as fetish, a revelation that I's had many years ago after serious meditation upon my's (then) current life.
    After Time, everything becomes a fetish to someone. No matter how mundane, there shall be someone who worships it.
    The Pimp NeonBlack

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