Why is there so very little female foot-related growth?

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    Just an annoyance. I have a seething want to see material like this, but it’s practically non-existant.


    Presumably it’s because not many people get off on it.


    That would be my guess.



    Ah bugger. Does anyone out there except me find this sort of thing attractive? Am I the only one? Am I just odd? Agh! It’s driving me insane! Agh!


    Spammerhead, don’t feel bad man.

    I think there just needs to be enough of Bigfoot Fem disguised in popular culture to foster a proper substrata of people interested in it.

    You might be able to tap the FMG and GTS crowds for fellow foot growth fetishists by looking at how a growing foot on a woman relates to the main fetish.

    Most cases when a girl has really big feet it suggests she’ll be tall. That’s a turn-on for a lot of folks in FMG and GTS’. Not to mention when a lady’s feet burst from their coverings as a result of the rest of her transforming in a way that tempts the libido I’m thinking the crowd that clicks on this page would be interested.

    Look at the GIRL model from DAZ3d. While her poportions are cartoony the larger feet and hands allow her to be more expressive. Also that means you should be able to create some magnet derived chaos with her peds becoming gargantuan.

    Here’s my Tyler Durden homework assignment for ya. Take it or leave it of course. " 8)

    -Give us some input into your first time when you got hot and bothered by the appearance of a nice set of feet and started to think "Damn it would be sexy if they grew".

    -Set up a dream scenario. What would make your brain melt from sheer lust/joy if it actually happened in real life? Relating to yuor interest in growing feet. Are there any attendant changes like BE or cosmetic alterations in your dream mate?

    Good luck Spammerhead!


    Hey, I’m actually a fan of the growing foot 🙂 Barely nothing on the matter, though. Actually there was a group that was recently closed by yahoo called PJ’s feet that was all about the foot growth. He had some awesome sequences and stuff there. Dunno if he’s put his work anywhere else though. Keep on fightin’ the good fight friend!


    Damn it! I’ve searched and searched for Yahoo Groups like this and never knew that one existed! Maybe it was the same group I used to go to? I remember a group once where there were pictures of women’s feet expanding, but more like they were balloons. Ah, sometimes I don’t get this scene.


    As far as I know, these are the only video clips I know of which content female foot growth.

    Moon Princess: The back of her shoe breaks open and the heel snaps off.

    The incredible shrinking woman: At the very end, the husband is trying to put their wedding ring back on his wife’s finger, but can’t. She then hears a creaking sound and looks down to see her shoe being parsally torn apart by her foot.

    Attack of the 50ft Woman: Danyll Hannah (the growing woman) looks down to see her foot partially enlarge in her shoe.

    And prehaps the best of all:

    Teen Titans Go!Episode "Transformation":

    While in her bedroom, Starfire’s feet enlarge and burst right out of her shoes. (I know that she grows fur on the tops of her feet, so they look like a hobbit’s, but this is the only clip I’ve ever seen it I’m glad the animators did it at all).

    Apart from Teen Titans, the other scenes only show the foot enlarging in the shoe, not bursting out of it, and any other clips like that simply do not exist!





    In about 97% of my animations there is at least one female foot related growth sequence in case you were looking for more of that action.

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