Younger Sister Visits Home(again) for Thanksgiving….

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    Hey folks…

    About a 2-3 weeks ago or so, I posted a sketch of a once wimpy scrawny Sister,
    arriving from College, and arriving as a Super-Tall Uber-Buff Giant Amazon.

    I was never really happy with the FONT, my writing sucks.
    I have recently started using Photoshop, and started putting in new FONT,
    added some color here and there.  Blue sky, white clouds, etc.
    Looks a lot better, I kinda like the cartoony, looks on my drawings.

    I kinda like the one-panel drawings, but may make a comic next time.

    I basically drew with thick marker, water color pencil, and photoshopped some color here and there.

    This is basically my contribution to this site because I am very thankful of all the great artists,
    writers, and fans that have posted about this type of genre over the years.

    I may or may not post more drawings, my goal is to see this "Younger Sister" visit her brother
    every once in a while, each time, she would come back, getting bigger and more muscular.

    I already have about 6-7 scenarios, The last one will be the real "BIG" One…

    Any Comments, advise?  I am new with photoshop.
    Hope people like it it took me a while to do, because I am new to Photoshop. 
    I am really conscience about posting art, stories, etc.

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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