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    When you're an artist, sometimes you never know what's going to inspire a drawing. But that description did; I read it and fwooosh! the image popped into my head. I don't know if it's anything close to what you had in mind, but this is what inspired me to draw. (Be kind; it's a quick drawing, the objective was to get it done rather than get it good.)


    I imagined keeping them in ball shaped pocket dimensions, but that's a much better image.


    So, what happened to this thread? We had Dave showing interest in doing some artwork and Kulli demonstrating that he could do some killer sprites for it and has some game designing experience. There were some great ideas bandied around and then it just dried up. Are you guys still interested in making this happen?

    One of the ideas I had was for a fun Leisure Suit Larry style point 'n click, but with a female muscle theme. Instead of dodgy singles bars you would try to pick up at gyms and female body-building events. You could even have the main character try a mucle worship and wrestling session or managing a female body-builder, all of which would go horribly wrong. The game would end when you meet the fantasy muscle woman of your dreams and live happily ever after. I really liked the humour of those games and think it would cross over really well into the amazon admirer world.

    As for which idea we should choose, I think we should do all of them because there's sure as hell no way the industry is ever going to do it. However, I think the 2D muscle-girl fighter would be a good place to start. There are some well developed 2D fighter game engines out there like MUGEN – (available for  Mac/Windows/Linux by the way) and it seems like it could be used to generate nice anime style animated sprites very quickly. I know that it's more conventional to use bitmap editors for sprites, but using vectors would make it resolution independent and would also let you re-use animation between characters.

    Kulli, could you give us a bit more detail on far you got with your 2D fighter? Perhaps we could just build on that one – it looks like you used MUGEN as well.

    Anyway, hopefully this will revive this thread as I would love to see what the talented people on this board could do when they band together.

    Amazon Lover

    Hate to tell you this, but Kulli left Amaz0ns a few days ago, not sure if or when she'll return.  If there'll be any spriteage, I doubt it will be from her.  Perhaps she'll reconsider if you get enough of the project done without her and prove that the cause is worthwile, but I could be wrong.


    Well, that sucks :-(!! She would have been perfect for the job!

    I guess I'll have a bash at doing a Tetsuko sprite myself with Moho. Perhaps once I post a few progress pictures, people out there will get inspired enough to contribute some background/storyline artwork or sound effects/music.


    Wouldya lookit that, I returned afterall :p


    Welcome back, Kulli!
    (Great, now I've got the theme song from "Welcome back, Kotter" in my head.)

    Doing a sprite turned out to be more difficult than I thought – I'm still stuck on the first frame. Just wondering how far you took your fighting game as perhaps we could use that as a base and just some more characters. Also, what engine were you using? Some developers are currently working on an open version of Mugen and say that it will be able to run on XBOX. It would be cool to create our own XBOX game.


    Yes, yes, I know this is a damn old thread, but the topic itself is still a good one…

    What's YOUR ideal muscle-girl game?

    Atomic Adam

    An 'Incredible' She-Hulk game where Jen Walters has been accidentally exposed to chemicals which make her as big and savage as her meaner cousin.  She starts hulking out and rampages around the city like the hulk will in Hulk 2, occassionally shrinking down once you take too much damage or complete a level, but able to grow back after health is recovered.

    Whew… if only it were possible.

    I was thinking along the same line when I played Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction. I was thinking "This would be so musch better if I could play as the She-Hulk!

    Atomic Adam

    My own ideas are a game similar to Altered Beast only you play a famale who grows bigger taller stranger and more muscular every time you get one of those puwer-up magic orbs. And a giantess figthing game similar to the godzilla games only all the characters are muscular Giantesses!


    Hm, if I'm right, a while back on this same thread a lot of people were talking about the idea of doing their own muscle rpg with minizons and amazons and such where you could level up beauty traits for curvier women and strength for of course, buffer, taller women, etc. (sorry, I'm too lazy to go look up exactly what it says, but I'm on dial up so cut me some slack).
    That interests me, and if anyone here still wanted to do it, I have some pretty minimal programming experiance/ideas and would love to help!
    Always wanted to do an rpg with a team or something, and what an excellent way to start =D.
    I could share my ideas openly on this forum, or you could private message or email me and I could share that way, just ask  😉 .

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