Your wedding day

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    David C. Matthews

    Imagine, if you will…

    You're standing at the altar, tugging at your collar. Tuxedoes are, to put it kindly, not your favorite manner of attire; "damn monkey suit" you usually call them. But you're wearing one today, because this is a very special occasion.

    You glance over at your best man. He picks up your look, and pats the jacket pocket of his own tux. His silent message is clear: the ring is safe, and available. You've heard too many horror stories of rings left behind at the crucial moment; at least this will not be your worry.

    In fact, you shouldn't have anything to worry about. Every facet, every detail of this ceremony has been checked and double-checked; nothing should go wrong. But "the best-laid plans", and all that, so your continued nervousness is understandable. Not only because of the planning, but also because there are so many people here today. You had no idea you knew so many people; but here they all are, looking expectantly at you.

    And everything has to go off without a hitch today. Today is the most important day of your life so far; it's the day you've been dreaming about for years now, the day you wouldn't have thought would happen, could happen, just three years ago. Everything has to be perfect. You deserve it… she deserves it.

    The music suddenly swells, and you gasp: is it time already?? The bright fanfare of the "Trumpet Voluntary" rings out, and everyone rises, looking toward the back of the church. You look as well… and the sight takes your breath away…

    Sometimes I wonder what it is that makes me put away everything I "should" be working on, and draw a picture like this on a whim. I just know that I was looking through my collection of anime pics I've been downloading from the internet over the years, and came across a pic of a girl in a wedding dress. It just struck me then, the idea to draw a similar picture of Tetsuko in a wedding gown.

    I also wish my comics pages would go this fast; this pic took about five hours.


    WHOA!!! Thats something I've never seen anyone do before.  Damn dude, thats……thats……thats…..uh….don't there is a word good enough.


    lol I think the word…or the phrase rather…

    is that "I'm speechless" lol

    But anyways, I'm not! Great job DCM, not many let the FMG thing venture past a few sensual dates XD


    That's what Tet-Chan's muscle-phobic boyfriend should be fated to see.

    He might not even grow out of his pig headed ness but somehow he may still love Tetsuko enough to tie the knot.

    Would be especially funny if it was because of his own insecurity "She'll never let me date another woman now that she's so BIG I just know it. No I must spare myself the indignity and take the breast- uhhh- beast by the horns!".

    If only for the emergency room trip on account of the honeymoon's exertions  👿

    OH evil thought Dr.Sonya Gannon as a brides maid  😆 MRROOW


    Beautiful artwork. Simply breathtaking. I wonder how Satin would look in that outfit… *dreams*


    Who is the luchky guy………..!?!

    Tetsuko wedding i can't believe that….!!!!

    😮 😮 😮 😮 😮


    brings a tear to my eye…

    Muscle Growth Nut

    Beauteous. Hope I'm spelling that right. 🙂


    *has heart attack at the altar and dies happy*

    DCM…*bows* We are soo not worthy! Excellent work.


    Keep hearing "Chapel Of Love"….

    "Go-ing to the Chap-el and I'm…Gon-na get ma-a-ar-ried"

    You should work this image in some future story!  😀


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