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    I have recently discovered a nice alternative to CHICKEN. It's Barilla Plus pasta. It is really good! It's made with grain and legume flour (lentil, chickpea, oats, barley, flaxseeds), so it have Omega-3 and Fiber and Protein. If you eat like I do, a 1/4 of a box (100g portion) is 17 g of Protein!!!  If you eat like a mouse (1/8 of a box), it's 10 g of protein. It has a slightly different texture than traditional pasta, it's less "sticky"…more like a rice noodle.

    I've been eating this for lunch tossed with tomatoes, basil, garlic and olive oil. Talk about good!

    Well, just thought I'd pass on some of discoveries along this road to diet perfection.


    Sounds awesome, but unless there's some kind of animal protein in that pasta, the protein content is negligible for muscle gain from my research.


    Seems like we allready had this discussion hey?  It was my understaniding that as long as the necessary amino acids are present the body will combine them into a protien that is needed by the body for reconstruction.  I don't think this was addressed in the last thread.


    I agree, Vic.

    There is a vegetarian bodybuilder in my gym. She highly endorses the pasta.

    She's got plenty of muscle!

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