Favorite Parts — Loss of Control


To answer the other post, sometimes happy endings just don’t work for me. But I hear you guys, I really do! Now tell me what is a happy ending? For example, are we FMG fetishists happier when guys regain their strength or when the girl keeps it? Certainly sometimes we’re happier when the guy and girl stay together, but who should be on top?

Maybe this should be a separate topic: "Alternative story endings I would have preferred."

The girl should ALWAYS keep her strength and end up on top! 😛

To me, happy endings are when the girl and the guy stay together. Even if she’s a little bit psycho. The only endings that really disturb me, are the ones where the guy ends up in his lowest and the girl looses interest in him. For example: Gayle and a few of your other stories. You can be very cruel to your readers. 🙂

Btw, today is a wonderful day, isn’t it? 😉