A.D. 3 – Despair (Completed)

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    Here is the beginning of the third adventure of Absolute Drainer.
    Enjoy it and let me know what do you think.


    A.D. 3 – Despair
    By Max

    Part 1

    A figure flied between the clouds, invisible to the people below.
    "I'm a late. I better hurry" said a female voice as increased her
    speed. She flied so fast that if someone could spotted her, she
    will look like a mere blur in the sky.

    Seconds later, she landed carefully in the front door of the
    Dodson's mansion. "Flying can be so messy some times" the
    woman complained as she combed her hair and fixed her clothes.
    Happy with her looks, the woman rang the doorbell.

    Doctor Leon Dodson opened the door. "Welcome. You make it
    on time" he greeted inviting at the woman.

    "Yeah, it's good not to deal with the traffic rush hour" laughed
    the woman as she walked in.

    "Aunt Sam!!" said a little girl leaving the safety of being behind
    her father's legs

    "How is my favourite niece today?" asked Samantha picking up
    at the little girl in her arms.

    "Very good. Did you come to talk to mommy?" the girl asked.

    "That is corrected Katie" Samantha said playing with Katie's

    "She is in the kitchen" said the girl.

    "Do you mind if I take at your little princess for a while Leon?"
    asked Samantha.

    "Not at all Sam. Take her with you" smiled Leon.

    "OK. Do you want that aunt Sam gives you a ride?" asked Sam
    to Katie.

    "Flying, flying" cheered the girl.

    "Whatever you say" smiled Samantha as she placed at Katie over
    her shoulders. Then, she lifted herself from the floor and flied
    slowly to the kitchen. "I'm flying dad. Look at me" beamed the 5
    years old girl.

    Leon smiled at his daughter and waved her goodbye as Samantha
    took her toward her mother. Looking at his watch, he said "Chris
    should be here soon. I better help in the kitchen too"

    "Hello Alyssa". "Hi mommy" said the Sam and Katie as they
    entered in the kitchen.

    "Hello girls. Nice to see you Sam. Just let me put this in place"
    greeted Alyssa as she put down the refrigerator in its place. The
    heavy artefact made an aloud sound as Alyssa gently dropped it.

    "Problems with your refrigerator?" asked Sam as she took at
    Katie off her shoulders.

    "The guys of the company said that the guarantee covers the
    reparation of the artefact, must not the service to place the
    artefact in the place the owners wants. They want to charge me
    for that" said Alyssa.

    "No way" said Sam surprised.

    "Yeah. Fortunately I'm a strong woman" said Alyssa flexing her
    arm. A small bicep, that carried enough strength to lift a
    transatlantic cruiser, bulged on it.

    When Sam left at Katie on the floor, she ran toward her mother
    leg. "I want to be as strong as you mommy" the little girl said.

    "Someday little one" said Alyssa to her daughter.

    "Do you think that Katie will be part of the enhanced women?"
    asked Sam.

    "I guess. It seems that all the daughters from the enhanced
    women have also powers. There are still women that appear to
    develop powers by themselves, but the women of the second
    generation are enhanced with two powers" said Alyssa.

    "Yes. I heard that too. You and I are from the first generation

    "Hello ladies. Hope not to interrupt anything" said Leon entering
    into the kitchen.

    "Of course not darling. Take a seat. I will prepare some tea" said

    Sitting next to Sam, Leon said to her "I reached to hear
    something about a first generation?" said Leon.

    "Yes. Alyssa and I were talking about that the daughters of
    enhance women have two powers instead of one. If this goes
    on…" said Alyssa.

    "In 50 years there will be women that could have even 4
    different powers" said Leon without showing any sign of
    surprise. "Life will be very different by that time".

    "So far we have successfully keep under control at the women
    that have use their powers for evil" said Alyssa bringing three
    cups with tea and cold water on them. "But when the first bad
    seeds of the second enhanced women generation begin to spread"
    she said as her hands turned bright red. "We will have to cut
    them down from the root".

    Grabbing each cup for a couple of seconds, Alyssa boiled the
    water in them. "Tea is ready" she said placing the cups over the

    "I just hope those bad seeds appear soon. It will be great to have
    more powers. They can be so useful" Sam said drinking her tea.

    "I know what you mean, I can't deny that life is a bit easier with
    extra powers" smiled Alyssa as she used the thermal powers she
    acquired long time ago. "But since the enhanced women knew
    that Absolute Drainer and Etheria were able to extract their
    powers, there hasn't being any threat of those women in more
    than 8 years" said Alyssa.

    "Not only from those women" interrupted Sam. "There hasn't
    being any criminal activity in this city, or in the other six that are
    under our protection. Sometimes I bored not to be able to use all
    my powers".

    "Have you talked with Richard about your powers?" asked Leon.
    "Your relationship is turning more seriously with each month".

    "I haven't had the time yet" said Sam rubbing her arm.

    "You are lying Sam. You are just delaying things" said Alyssa.

    "It's not as easy as you think. You were lucky because when
    Leon meet you, he knew about your powers. Now, there are
    some men that are afraid of getting out with women, even marry
    them since they don't know if they are enhanced"

    "Good point, but how he feels about enhanced women?" asked

    "I don't know. Remember that we started dating 5 years ago.
    There haven't being any activity of enhanced women to bring the
    issue to discuss" said Sam.

    "Well, there is always a way to know how he thinks" said Leon
    raising an eyebrow.

    "Oh no!! I respect him to much to even try to use my powers on
    him without his permission. The idea is tempting, but if I do that,
    the trust we both have for each will be broken" said Sam.

    "And you are not already breaking his trust in you as you keep
    things hidden from him?" smiled Alyssa.

    "You know how to make me feel guilty, don't you?" said Sam.

    "She is very good at that" laughed Leon and the girls joined him.

    They were laughing so aloud that they didn't realized that Chris
    entered into the house. "Hi mom, dad, aunt Sam" said Chris
    stepping into the kitchen.

    "Oops. We get so entertained in our chat that I forgot to prepare
    you something for eat" said Alyssa to her son as she stood up
    from the table.

    "It's OK mom. I'm not hungry" said Chris leaving the room.

    "What's bothering you Chris?" asked Alyssa materializing in
    front of her son. "You never skip a meal"

    "It's nothing mom. I must be tired or something" said Chris
    passing her mother and walking up the stairs.

    "Don't walk away from me young man" said Alyssa again
    materializing in front of her son. This time, at the other end of
    the stairs.

    "That will be useless. You can teleport at will" said Chris
    sticking his tongue.

    "Glad you realize that" grinned Alyssa. "Now, will you tell me
    what is bothering you?, or do you want me to use a power that
    will force you to say the true?" asked Alyssa.

    "You don't have that power" said Chris. "Do you?" he asked

    Alyssa looked at him to the eyes for a moment and then smiled.
    "No, I don't. But I can talk to your father and cut your

    "Alright, I will tell you" sighed Chris. "I think there is an
    enhanced girl in the school".

    "What?!" gasped Alyssa.

    To be continued…


    Nicely done, Max. I'm curious to see where this is going.


    I like the way this is going! You've moved the set-up on and I'm eager to know what's gonna go down. Good stuff! 😀


    Nice start and nice premisse.  I see interesting possibilities here. 

    Please continue.


    Max I will have to say you are quickly becoming one of my favorite writers next to Jimmy and Mark. Besides I like the idea of strong women protecting guys any ways I have said this before but there are too meny stories of women being adbusive in this gendra (excuse my spelling).


    The term that you are looking for is genre, I believe. And I agree whole-heartedly. There are too many stories with the women abusing the men. Admittedly, in some of these stories, the men deserved what they got, but that is not the point. I also prefer the more sensitive side of this topic, as is shown in the story that I wrote as a sample for my Yahoo group. Usually, the only tihng that changes in the relationship is that the woman becomes the sexual dominant in the relationship. I apologize if you take offense at my correction.


    Loving the beginning…lets see where it goes from  here.  😀


    Thanks for all the nice words my friends. I'm glad that you are enjoying this new adventure with Alyssa.

    I must say that this adventure has the more intrigued plot I have ever designed, since it was made by taking in consideration the suggestions the members of this board sent to me.

    The next part will be posted tomorrow and I must say that it will be… shocking.



    Please don't tell me that you just made a pun. I'm supposed to have the twisted sense of humor, not you.  😉


    Very good setup for the next story, can't wait for part 4, keep up the good work, dude!

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