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    The packing was going faster then I had thought it would. With Sixty-five years under my belt,and newly retired , it was time to move on. So I was packing everything I owned which it turned out wasn’t a hell of a lot and getting the hell outa town.

    Actually I couldn’t afford the place anymore,what with my reduced income. So off I was going to some cheep retirement village to waste away the rest of my years.

    I guess I sound a trifle bitter, considering that I was the one who wasted my best years doing as little as possible. But the truth doesn’t always make you feel better.

    Well on the bright side of it I was almost done packing and then I came across my old High School year book. The cover quite literally cracked as I opened it to peruse the faded memories of youth. I flipped past old friends photos, some long dead and gone and others just gone. Memories flooded back into me of champion seasons playing defencive back for old coach Slean. Man could that guy yell.

    I looked at pictures of the dances and events I had attended in my youth, and a tear rolled down my cheek as I thought of all that misspent promise.

    It was then that I saw her. She was sitting on the football Field in her cheerleader outfit, her tanned legs crossed in front of her the radiant smile that always seemed to be on her face .Sandy Price! We had dated threw grade 12 and probably would have longer if all the guys hadn’t made me break up with her.

    No that was wrong , the boys had pushed me to do it seeing as they were all single and I was cramping there style always bringing Sandy, but it was my choice to do it. Not as if I hadn’t regretted that choice more then a hundred times across the years but hey you can’t go back can you.

    Just then I slid my fingers across the page to rest on Sandy’s picture, regret filled me as I gazed down at her cute smile and large brown eyes but then all of a sudden the picture started to glow with light. Brighter and brighter it grew until my eyes had to close or go blind, and still it increased so that even with my eyes closed I could see light, the shear whiteness of pure light. It rolled over and threw me, submersing me in it vastness, washing me away in its radiance.

    And then it was gone and I heard a familiar voice in my ear.

    "Aren’t you a bit old to breast feed"she said.

    I opened my eyes to the revelation that I was indeed sucking on a rather large firm breast and not only that but the breast belonged to Sandy Prince!

    What the Hell I thought, this was just how I remembered the first real date we’d had. Back then I didn’t say anything but had just kept sucking that wonderful tit!

    I kept sucking but then all the times afterwards I’d thought back to this moment and thought what if I said something to this gorgeous girl. And so I spoke.

    "I hope I’m never to old to suckle from your beautiful breasts!"

    She then did something I didn’t fantasise she would. She reached down and grasped my head in her hands lifting me so we were face to face staring into each others eyes, and after what seemed like forever she spoke.

    "Sean is that you!"

    Me! of course it was me! What was she talking about! Except that maybe she was asking if it was really Me and not just me!. Her eyes were deep brown pools trying to look inside me , right into my being , when she spoke again with I think a little more assuredness in her voice.

    "It is you isn’t it,after all these years you’ve finally looked into the book."

    The book yes the book that was the last thing I remembered before being here with her, here in my memories.

    Or maybe the past!

    I had been looking at the yearbook!

    "I can see it in your eyes Sean, the disbelief that this is real and that your back here again! But it is and you are!

    My god… what took you so long ! I cast that spell 47 years ago! After we broke up and when I was just dabbling in witchcraft. Oh no, oh this could be terribly bad Sean!"

    Her words rolled into me like thunder. Witchcraft,spell, 47 years!"Whats terrible!"

    I said almost in a whisper.She relaxed her grip on me but didn’t let go as she seemed to ponder the situation for a few seconds and then she spoke in a soft gentle voice.

    "I was young Sean and devastated by our breakup but I knew your friends were pressuring you to do it. So I cast a spell of regret that if you did ever regret your choice, as you saw my picture in the yearbook we’d both fall back in time to this moment!"

    She paused for a moment but her eyes took on a more serious gaze.

    " I was young in the craft then Sean and new to the understanding of the magical flows, I didn’t know that this spell would create a backwash spell and that the longer the spell went unrealised that the stronger the backwash spell would be. And now 47 years later that spell will be larger then any ever conceived!"

    The reality of all of it was like a tidal wave in my mind,spells ,Backwash, conceived!

    "What will the spell be?" I heard myself utter.

    "That’s just it Dear sweet Sean, I don’t know, but what I do know is that it will cast on you or actually already has been."

    "What" I said

    "On me! Oh god is it good or bad." As I looked to her for guidance she just shook her head.

    "I wish I knew Sean I really do!" she said with genuine concern shading her face.

    "I wish you knew too" I said almost trance like.

    Just then her body stiffened and a light seemed to shine in her eyes for just a moment but then was gone. A smile came to her lips as she looked at me.

    "I know now Sean my old lover, I certainly do know now!"

    "What do you mean " I asked her. " A second ago you said you didn’t know, so what is it you do or you don’t". She looked at me then with her soft brown eyes and a calmness seemed to flow over me and the panic I was feeling fell away.

    " I’m sorry" I said and meant but for more than just shouting, I was sorry for the way I’d dismissed our relationship all those years ago. And as I looked at her I could see that she understood. She took my head in her hands and gently kissed my lips.

    "I forgive you Sean , I forgave you all those years ago and I forgive you now."

    I pulled her to me then and held her, enjoying the warmth of both her body and her soul against me.

    For a time we just sat there , too old lovers seemingly young again revelling in the feeling of each other. She pulled away from me gently to look me in the face.

    " When I said that I didn’t know I was telling you the truth, but then you wished that I did know and the spell triggered and I now do know my old lover." And then a smile filled her face a smile that only my memories had seen in so many years and my heart literally skipped a beat, god she was so beautiful, what the hell had I broke up with her for!

    " You see Sean my old yet now young lover the backwash spell is a wish spell, the most powerful wish spell ever cast." She leaned back then not bothering to cover her amazing breasts with the bra ,the same bra that in my youth I had been unable to unhook as I try ed to fondle her until she had done it herself to give me access to her warm full tits that literally overflowed my hands.

    " The spell is limitless it seems Sean . Whatever you wish will come to be , but there is an interesting catch it seems." Then she placed her hand on my cheek and pulled me to her kissing me deeply. I rapped my hands around her and returned the kiss as I had wanted to for so many years. The kiss seemed to go on forever but finally she pulled away from me while still holding the side of my head gently. Her eyes seemed to be almost aglow.

    " You see my lover every wish you wish will come true as long as it is connected to me. So it seems the spell that brought us back together has also linked use together in it’s backwash!"

    We spent the rest of the night in each others arms talking of our lives as they had been and perhaps as they may now become. Sandy told me how she had embraced magic after our breakup and how she had gained a fair degree of power from it but that it had never really fulfilled her and how she always thought back on what could have been. I told her of the regret I felt at breaking up and not having the courage to defy my friends . We opened ourselves up to each other in a way that neither of us had done before while at the same time exploring each others new again teenage bodies . It was the most physical , emotional and intellectually stimulating night of my life .

    I awoke with a start in an unfamiliar room with an unfamiliar woman beside me but as she opened her eyes to me I realised that it was not a dream and that it was Sandy or rather eighteen year old Sandy beside me, both of our bodies naked and intertwined . My silent perusal of her naked body was broken by a deep and somewhat agitated voice from upstairs. "Sandy" came the call from upstairs.

    "My Dad" Sandy said to me with a note of panic in her voice.

    " Sandy is that boy still here!"

    "Oh shit" we both said together .

    What happened next was like a scene from a very bad slapstick comedy as we lept to our feet fell over each other and tumbled around the room looking for clothes to cover us . I had a pair of pants halfway on before I realised they weren’t going to fit (must have been hers ) and she was wearing a Notre Dame shirt that I was pretty sure was mine as we heard the sounds of footsteps on the stairs. Our eyes met again.

    " Oh Shit" we echoed again.

    We were busted and we knew it and even though we weren’t kids anymore… but then again we were. Well it was one weird moment that’s for sure as we heard her father’s footfalls descending closer and closer.

    Just as I could almost feel his hand reaching for the door we were both starring at, a thought hit me. I turned to sandy.

    " I wish we were twenty-one years old , Married and living in the palatial house we had build for us with a fraction of the 150 million we won in a lottery!"

    I blinked and when I opened my eyes Sandy and I were in our bedroom in what we referred to as our summer home. Sandy was wearing the teddy we had bought at Fredericks the last time we were in L.A. I just stood there staring at her in that teddy that she was filling out in all the right places.

    " Wow now that was close." she said as she took in our new surroundings.

    " It’s weird thou I have all these memories of our marriage and us building this place but I also know we were just about caught naked in my parents house."

    "Ya talk about a weird day eh". I said still staring at her amazing body. She walked up to me wrapped her arms around me and kissed me long and hard.

    " Weird, but I like it don’t you?" She said as she pressed her breasts against my naked chest.

    I pulled her closer then and gently kissed her lips.

    " Yes I like it one hell of a lot".

    She pulled away from me then and did this amazingly erotic pirouette.

    " So husband of mine shall we test this wishing power of your a bit more thoroughly?"

    " What did you have in mind kid " I said with a wicked little smile forming on my face.

    "Well" she said with a twinkle in her eye.

    " I’ve always wanted to be taller?" She said with small smile and a twinkle in her eye.

    " Taller hmm so how much taller" I said feeling myself getting horny at the thought.

    " Well your about 6’2" right so why don’t we try 6’6"!"

    OK so now I was getting very horny as Sandy could see as she stared at my boxers.

    " I may be wrong about this but it looks like you want to see me taller to babe!" She said as she started to rub my Hardon threw my boxers.

    "OK I wish you were 6’6"." As soon as I finished the sentence she started to grow , her legs always long became gigantic before my eyes. I stood there transfixed by them until the sound of the teddy ripping made my eyes travel upwards to see her breasts explode from the material in all there glory.

    The teddy kept right on ripping as her whole body enlarged beyond it’s ability to contain.

    "Well so much for this little thing" Sandy said as she tore the remainder of the teddy off revealing her expanding frame for my perusal , and peruse her body I did, from her amazingly long legs to her shapely hips, slim waist and her magnificent breasts.

    " I’m up here babe." She said as she lifted my chin with her fingers so I was looking up into her eyes.

    " Sorry I got distracted" I told her with a smile that went from ear to ear!

    " You breast loving devil" She said as she pressed my face into her tits.

    "Time to take these puppies for a ride don’t you think!" She said as she pressed me further into her cavernous cleavage.

    And ride them I did first sucking one then the other and then trying to do both at the same time. They were amazing, so large and firm I could have played with them all day if Sandy hadn’t picked me up carried me to our bed and proceed to screw the hell out of me!

    The sex lasted forever that night ( there was a lot more of Sandy for me to explore after all) and then we settled into each others arms and slipped into blissful sleep.

    I awoke to the beeping of our security system going off. As I reached over to were the remote control was ( amazingly I just knew were it was ) and turned on the surveillance cameras . The front door was open and as I watched four maybe five rather large men came threw all dressed in black from head to toe and with masks covering there faces . Just then the one in front looked up at the camera pulled out a pistol with what looked like a silencer attached to it and fired ! The screen went blank and my mind started to race. Were we being just robbed or perhaps worse! Sandy started to wake and I pulled her up off the bed and into the bathroom .

    "What’s wrong Lover you look terrified!"

    I explained the situation to her as I locked the door and looked for a way out which there was none. Grabbing a rather large pink terrycloth robe from beside the shower she started to talk matter offactly as she put it on.

    " Well I see only one option Sean , wish me the power to stop them !"

    Well that was rather more simple then I thought it would be.

    " OK sounds good to me." Just then we heard the sound of the men coming into the bedroom.

    " Shit OK I wish Sandy had the strength and power to handle these guys like they were baby’s!" A Slight moan came from Sandy but just then the door burst open followed by one of the burglars. It was then that my male protective instincts overrode my self preservation ones and I charged at the bugler throwing an overhead right that I was sure would do some damage!

    I woke up on the floor beside the bed with my hands tied behind me, my head was still spinning as they pushed Sandy down beside me with her hands tied as well but in front. I was staring at her wondering if her breasts had gotten larger as they seemed to be pushing out of her robe more then they should have when one of the burglars stepped toward me and planted his size twelve into my ribs. My head cleared real quickly as a dagger of pain sliced threw me.

    "We need the combination to your safe." the owner of the boot said matter of factly to me.

    " So you can do it the easy way or the hard way your choice, me I don’t care one way or the other." As he finished his tough guy speech he then rubbed his right then left arm looking a bit bewildered then shook his head and barked some orders to the other five guys in the room to stop standing around and find the safe. He turned back to me then and said in his tough guy voice. " Just in case this guy wants to be a hero over a cupola bucks."

    I turned back to look at Sandy and Holy shit her chest was huge and pushing out all over and not just her chest but her arms looked to be stretching the confines of the robe as well, and as I looked down at her legs her quads looked to be expanding as well. I looked back to the big burglar who had imprinted his boot on my ribcage and he didn’t look quite so big anymore, in fact his pants seemed to be easily three inch’s to short for him. Just then the rest of the gang came running back in all in a panic.

    " Boss somethings happening to use" said one

    " Ya boss my pants are getting larger and so is my shirt!" said another with the rest just shaking there heads in agreement.

    " What the fuck are you guys talking about." he replied but then his eyes travelled downward and he noticed his pant waist just barely hanging on his hips.

    " I think I might be able to tell you guys what’s going on." Said Sandy in a surprisingly deeper voice. I turned toward her and watched as she stood up and up and up. The terrycloth robe split along the arms and shoulders as she stood just behind me. With a flex of her arms the plastic ties holding her hand snapped apart and the rest of her robe fell in a shredded heap at her feet. My eyes travelled from the robe at her feet up massively muscled calves to quadriceps that were exploding in size , her stomach was now armour plated cobblestones while her lats were like expanding wings at her sides and her breasts were being pushed high on a shelf of massive pectorals. She flexed then and her arms exploded with huge mounds of muscle.

    " It seems boys that your cloths aren’t to big! Your just to small. And what your losing… I’m getting!"

    Her face lite up then in an almost hungry smile as if she were savouring everything her body was taking from their’s.

    " What the Hel…" the one started to say but his voice cracked mid sentence from a man’s to the high soprano of a young boy! This drew my attention back to the burglars and there standing before me weren’t men but five seemingly very frightened boys with there now to large pants pooled around there ankles.

    I watched in amazement as they seemed to shrink right before my eyes getting younger and younger, smaller and smaller.

    As I stared transfixed at the scene in front of me a shadow fell over me and two massive hands each twice the size of my own grasped my wrists and a deep rumbling sexy voice said.

    " Lets get your hands free of those restraints lover." As she effortlessly snapped the plastic ties holding me and then gently lifted me to my feet.

    As I turned towards her I found myself staring at two massive breasts perched on a chest perhaps four feet wide! Her huge hand lifted my own and placed it softly on her huge breast and I started to caress first the one and then the other. She let out an deep sort of purring hum that I could almost feel as I caressed her massive mammarys. I was moving my hands downward onto her massive washboard when I heard the click of a gun slide being engaged. Sandy spun me around effortlessly and stepped in front of me blocking my view of what was happening. I peered my head around the wall that was her back to see what looked like a seven year old boy holding a Barrette and pointing it at Sandy!

    "Now now little man." Sandy said in a rolling deep baritone voice.

    " What do you think your going to do with that thing, especially since you have the safety still on."

    The burglar boy’s face grew uncertain and he looked at the gun as if it was something he’d never seen before! Sandy stepped towards the now perhaps five maybe four year old and took the gun from his tiny little hands.

    She turned back to me my head now barely above her belly button and slipped the magazine from the handle and unchambered the bullet from the gun as if she’d been doing it all her life.

    " It seems lover that I’ve not only taken there size and strength but also all there knowledge as well! It seems these guys were all ex military by the amount of firearm and explosive knowledge I now have kicking around in my head."

    "I guess I’d better be more careful how and what I wish for in the future." I said as I turned to look at the now perhaps two or three month old babies that were scattered around the bedroom floor.

    "Actually Sean I’ve already thought of that so why don’t you wish that all your wishes had to have my conformation in order to work. That way if you wish for something by accident we’ll have a safeguard!"

    It sounded like a good idea to me so I made the wish.

    "So now what do we do about them." I said pointing to the babies.Sandy seemed to think about it for a few seconds and as she pondered that I perused her new body. She was easily over eight feet tall I decided judging from how much bigger she was then me and how close her head was to the ten foot ceiling. Her body was now the most massively muscled frame I had ever seen, easily twice the size of any male bodybuilder but still maintaining her feminine curves. Speaking of curves her breasts had to be the size of medicine balls but sat firm and high on her chest almost defying gravity. I surprisingly found myself getting very aroused by her new frame when she cleared her throat to get my attention.

    "Didn’t your mother teach you not to stare!" She said with a wicked little smile." But getting back to the babies here I need you to wish we had a nursery built that could accommodate them for the night, then in the morning we’ll call childhood welfare and say someone left them at the door."

    It was a good idea and I told her so then made the wish just as she had said and she gave her conformation and within ten minutes we had the babies all tucked in for the night. The little guys all seemed exhausted but then it had been a big night for them hehe.

    When we got back to our room I decided it was time to turn Sandy back to her former self and so I made the wish. Sandy just stood there for a second then shook her head. " No I don’t think I want to go back Sean not just yet, hell maybe never!" As she talked she started to flex her arms watching her biceps explode with size and then she shook her thigh and I watched her huge Quadriceps float on her leg as she shook them and then expand wildly as she locked it into place with a huge flex. As I stared at her she gave me a wink and I watched in ah as she made her breasts bounce up and down on her chest.

    " I like this new body Sean and judging by the tent in your briefs their so do you!"

    With that she scooped me up in her arms and carried me to the bed ( which I had to wish larger ) and proceeded to screw my brains out. I must admit that at first it was a bit intimidating, her being so much stronger and bigger then me but as the night went on I fell into a more submissive role to her dominant one. Sandy became so much more confident and commanding while still being sensitive and accommodating to my needs. It was far and away the greatest sexual experience of my life and as I drifted of to sleep with her huge arms cradling me to her I wondered what the morning would bring?


    It’s a very good one (my favorite stories begin with a spell) the muscle transmormation is too fast but i love the story very much and the way she enjoy the change at least…


    Thanks for reading and leaving you opinion. It’s always nice to get feedback on a story both good and bad. As for the muscle growth being to fast I agree but I was getting very irritated at how long it was takeing me to finish this story. So although I had high hopes for this story when I started it I just got tired of not having enough time to spend on it so I rushed the ending just to get it done. Perhaps later I’ll revisit it and expand on it when time permits.


    it was good. i liked it. the spell expansion time seemed to fit for me do to the power of the spell but that just my opion but its funny how he could be screwed over withe agreement of losing the power to wish at will.


    An amusing story and I like how he had the power for any wish as long as it related to her. It was also interesting to see how she tricked him out of the ability to change her back to normal or do anything else at all without her permission.

    Mark Newman

    Yes, it has a very good plot and I also like the way she managed the shift in the power to control his wishes, although I think he should have been a bit more suspicious of it. I certainly wouldn’t want to give up sole control so easily.

    One alternative way to manage that would have been for him to wish her the power to stop anyone from harming either of them. Then that could have applied as well to any wish he would make to weaken her.

    Wishes are so much fun. There are so many ways for them to go at least slightly wrong.


    A very good story, too bad she has to approve now, but he doesn’t seem to be the brightest guy on earth to start with so its probably a good thing. I wonder what other tricks she will pull, and if she will start using her own witchly powers at all since she seems to be able to cast magic anway. I would love to see a coninuation of this tale.


    Like everyone else here, I liked how he was tricked into giving her control of his wishes. Very nice story.

    Amazon Lover

    I liked how he was tricked into giving her control of his wishes.

    I wouldn’t say that she had total control of his wishes, but it did have to be something they both agreed on; from that standpoint, they’re equal.


    alex wrote:

    I liked how he was tricked into giving her control of his wishes.

    I wouldn’t say that she had total control of his wishes, but it did have to be something they both agreed on; from that standpoint, they’re equal.

    Ha! Not that equal! She’s 10 times stronger then he is now! Right now, he would probably do wherever she "asked"of him. Wouldn’t you? 😉

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