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    I came out of retirement to lend my hand to a Superman story.  What do you think?

    Super Climatic Consequences
    By Hatour
    Superman has his way with a female powerlifter with unintended consequences

    Note: In this story, Superman is not married to Lois Lane.  In fact, they are not even dating yet.

    Superman reveled in the burning sensation that wrapped around his body as he entered into the Earth’s atmosphere.  It was almost like being in a hot sauna.  His muscles ached after his encounter with Darkseid.  When will he learn that Earth was off limits, Superman thought to himself.

    He almost forgot that he was covered head to toe in some sort of goo.  It began to melt in the heat caused by his entrance into the atmosphere, or was it being absorbed into his suit and skin?  Whatever was happening, he felt very relaxed and the goo was disappearing.  Just before he defeated Darkseid, Darkseid knocked over a nearby canister of unknown chemicals on him.  It did not stop him and after Darkseid was defeated, he was unable to figure out what substance was all over his body.  Superman was going to visit Star Labs to figure out what it was, but since it was disappearing off his body, he decided against it.

    Superman went straight to the Fortress of Solitude and went to get some much needed rest.  During his sleep, he fantasized about hugely muscular women.  This was not uncommon for him.  Although he was attracted to conventionally beautiful women, like Lois Lane, he would on occasion lust after massively strong women.  He also believed that only a truly strong woman would be able to handle sex with him.  He had had sex with regular women, but he always had to hold back for fear of hurting them.  He figured that he might be less careful with a stronger woman.

    When he awoke, he had a raging hard on.  Surely this was another one of my attracted to muscular women phases that will subside after time, Superman thought.  However, it did not.  In fact, it got worse.  As time went on, he began to fantasize about screwing himself raw on the biggest, most muscular women that his mind could fathom.  He had these dreams both day and night, which always resulted in a painful erection that begged to be released.

    He decided that something had to be done about this since it was beginning to effect his work, both as Clark Kent and Superman.  Trying to figure out how to solve the situation, he noticed an advertisement in today’s Daily Plant that was sitting on his desk.  It was a full page ad advertising the World Powerlifter’s Association’s World Championships being held this weekend in Metropolis.  This was perfect, Superman thought.  Perhaps I can find a strong woman there that can satisfy my appetite.

    After some investigation, he found out that the men’s contest was on Sunday and the women’s contest was on Saturday.  Superman went to the contest as Clark Kent, using his press pass to get right next to the stage.  When the contest got started, they introduced each of the contestants in the weight class.  Then they proceeded to go to the three feats of strength that was required of the contestants, the squat, the dead lift, and the bench press, in that order.

    The early weight classes did not hold that much interest to him.  Although some of the women were extremely fit, they would not be able to satisfy his muscle lust.  He began to get restless and started to eaves drop on some of the conversations of the reporters near him.  Many of them were talking about Natalie Sizemore.  From what he could gather, she was a last minute entry and was like nothing the reporter had seen before.  This peaked Superman’s interest.  However, the only other information he was able to get about this Natalie Sizemore was that she was nineteen years old and competing in the super heavyweight division.  Superman attempted to use his X-ray vision to see if he could spot her backstage, but the curtains that were surrounding the stage were lined with lead.  That’s okay, Superman thought to himself.  Surely she can’t be that big at nineteen years of age.

    As the weight classes got higher, Superman began to notice that the powerlifters were not like bodybuilders.  They may have big and strong muscles, but there was often a fair amount of fat on them as well, too much for Superman’s liking.  He started to get discouraged and thought that maybe he should see if there was a bodybuilding contest somewhere in the world that he could find in order to find someone to satisfy his muscle lust.

    Just as he was about to give up, they started to announce the super heavyweight division.  Oh well, Superman thought.  I made it this far.  I mine as well stay for the last competition.  After the sixth contestant was announced, the announcer said, “And our last contestant, a late entry from Alberta, Canada, weighing in at 350 lbs., please give a warm welcome to six foot three inch Natalie Sizemore!”

    Usually there were cheers that came after a name was called.  This time there was silence.  It was so quite you could hear a pin drop.  Everyone just sat there and watched in awe as she strode out on to the stage.  Superman was not the only one with his mouth open in amazement.  To call Natalie huge, would be an understatement.  She was massive.  She was easily bigger than Superman.  She definitely did not look like your average powerlifter either.  There was not a gram of fat on her at all!  She looked like a bodybuilder with rockhard muscles.  The only giggle on her was her large breasts that stood out proud in her red crop top.  She wore black spandex shorts that came to just below the bottom of her large butt to complement her top.  She towered over everyone on the stage, including the announcer and the spotters.

    The announcer broke the silence by asking everyone to give a cheer for all the contestants.  Suddenly, the room came alive with the sounds of cameras and flashes going off.  People began to cheer.  All Superman could think of was, is she as strong as she looks?

    The ladies all sat down in the chairs that were behind them.  The first event was the squat.  In this squat contest, a contestant could pass on a weight if they felt that it was too light.  That is exactly what Natalie did for the first ten rounds.  By that time, there were three women left.  The weight on the bar was 825 lbs., just 20 lbs. below the world record.  After the three women squatted the weight, Natalie walked up to the bar.  She was so wide, she could barely fit in the apparatus that held the large weight.  She had to bend down low in order get the weight to settle on her large shoulders.  She stood up and took a step back.  The weight arched over her massive neck and shoulders.  With surprising ease, she squatted all the way down and powered her way up with what appeared to be very little effort.  Everyone was amazed.  She made it look easy.

    They raised the weight to 835 lbs.  Two of the women were eliminated, which left Natalie to compete against one other.  The other lady was so confident, she asked that the squat bar be set to 845 lbs.  If she did this squat, she would own the new world record.  Natalie’s competitor walked to the bar.  She took the weight on her shoulders and slowly squatted the weight.  Everyone cheered.  Then Natalie came up to the bar.  With much more control, but with some strain, she squatted the weight.  But it was obvious to everyone that she was capable of squatting much more.  This time Natalie suggested that the weight be raised by 50 lbs.  Her competitor said okay, but that Natalie would have to go first.  Natalie agreed and the spotters loaded up the squat bar to 895 lbs.

    Natalie strode to the bar and got under it.  She took a deep breath and stood up.  She took a step back and squatted the weight.  She stood with the weight on her shoulders for a while and smiled at the crowd as pictures went off.  She placed the weight back on the rack and strode confidently past her competition, giving her a wink.  It looked like the blood had drained from the competitor’s face., but she walked up to the bar anyways.  She got under the bar, took a few breaths and let out a scream as she lifted the bar off the rack.  Shortly after, she put the weight back on the rack, not even able to step back in order to try the squat.  Cheers rang out for Natalie.  But she was not done yet.

    She asked the judges if she could do one more squat to break the work record again.  After some discussion, the judges allowed her to do one more squat before proceeding to the rest of the competition.  The spotters started to load the bar up with more weight.  My Lord, Superman thought.  How much weight are they going to put on that bar?  The announcer stated that Natalie Sizemore was going to attempt to squat half a ton or 1000 lbs.  Superman just stared in amazement.  He looked at the immense size of her thighs and thought, If anyone can do it, she can.  All of a sudden, Superman became aware that Natalie was looking back at him.  She gave a small smile and walked to the rack.  She took some breaths, walked under the weight and took the bar on to her wide shoulders.  She took a step back.  The bar bent as it held the heavy weight over her large back.  She went down and grunted as she slowly powered her way up.  Her thighs bulged obscenely.  You could clearly see each separation in each quadriceps muscle, which was each as large as the average man’s thigh.  After she completed the lift, she racked the weight.  The crowd went wild.

    She breathed heavily as she walked back to her chair.  She looked again at Superman and smiled.  Superman smiled awkwardly back and tried to hide the huge hard on that had developed while watching her during the squats.  When they started the deadlift portion of the contest, Superman had to leave to help stop a bank robbery.  Luckily for him, his erection subsided.  He had done his duty just in time to see the start of the last portion of the contest, the bench press.  When he looked up at the tally board that was over the stage, he became aware that Natalie Sizemore had established a new world record for deadlift as well.  She lifted 855 lbs., 205 lbs. more than the previous record.

    He also noticed that she had mathematically eliminated all but one other woman.  Natalie talked with the other woman and they decided to start the bench press at the current world record of 510 lbs.  Natalie’s competitor strained to complete the lift.  Then she waited for Natalie to take her turn.  Natalie sat on the bench and placed herself under the weight.  She took the weight and benched it.  But after she benched it, she brought the weight down and benched it again!  When she was finished, she had benched the weight five times.  She racked the weight and stood up to wild cheers.

    Natalie told the spotters to raise the weight.  The spotters looked at her and then the judges.  The judges simply nodded and told the announcer what the weight that she was going to bench.  The spotters were loading the bar with a massive amount of weight.  The announcer told the crowd that Natalie Sizemore was going to attempt to break the world record by bench pressing 765 lbs.  A hushed whispering filled the room.  Superman took a look at the bar.  It was bending under the weight of the eight 45 lb. plates on each side.  He look up on the stage at Natalie.  She was staring back at him while she swung her arm back and forth to stretch out her massive chest.  She had the look of supreme confidence.

    She walk up to the bench and sat down.  She positioned herself under the weight.  She took a few deep breaths and lifted the weight.  Light bulbs were flashing everywhere as dozens of people were taking pictures of this Herculean feat.  She dropped the weight to her chest and started to slowly power up the weight.  She stuck at a point and everyone in the crowd gasped.  Natalie gave a shout and pushed threw the sticking point.  She racked the weight.  Once more, Superman was in awe of this spectacular specimen of a muscle woman.  He knew that he had found his woman.

    Superman followed Natalie home from the air so he knew where she lived.  He sat on the roof of an adjacent apartment building.  Now he needed to find a way to approach her and ask her to satisfy him.  He searched her apartment with his x-ray vision and found out that she was not involved with anyone.  That would make it easier.  After many hours of thought, he figured that the direct approach would work best.  He floated to her apartment window and knocked on it.

    Natalie had just finished taking a shower and had put on a silk red bra and matching thong underpants.  She grabbed a robe a put it on.  Then, she went to the window and was surprised the see Superman floating out her window.  She opened the window and looked up at him.  “Can I help you, Superman?” she asked.

    For the first time, Superman was startled by her facial beauty.  He had been so focused on her muscles that he had not taken in her natural beauty.  She had shoulder length raven black hair and crystal clear blue eyes.  Her eyes seemed to look right though him.  “Actually, you can.  That is why I am here,” he responded.  “I was wondering if I could take you someplace private to discuss an important matter.”

    She seemed to consider it for a moment and then said, “Okay.  If Superman needs my help, who am I to say no?  Just let me put something decent on.”  She started to turn around, but Superman said, “There is no time for that.  What you have on will have to suffice.”  He grabbed her and flew her to the Fortress of Solitude.

    As he was flying her, he marveled at how big her muscles felt.  He also noticed how heavy and hard they felt.  She must have really dense muscles, he thought.  His mind began to wander to how he would pleasure himself if she let him.  When he landed, he was sporting a huge erection that he could not hide.  He placed Natalie on a chair in his recreation room.  When he stood up, she noticed his erection and smiled.  “So how can I help you, Superman?”

    He followed her gaze and turned red with embarrassment.  “Well, I have a problem and I was hoping you could help me work through it.”  He explained to her about the dreams and how this time it was different.  “I figure the only way I can move on is to…satisfy my muscle lust.  Now obviously I cannot just ask anyone to help me do this.  I had to pick a woman with surpassing beauty and unmatched muscular development.  When I saw you at the powerlifting contest, I knew that I found my woman.  So I ask you, can you help me?”

    Natalie thought for a moment.  Superman was propositioning her.  She always thought that we was cute and always wondered what it would be like to have wild animal sex with the most powerful being in the universe.  She stood up and walked right up to  him.  They were standing eye to eye and Superman could smell her sweet natural scent.  Without a word, she undid her robe and let if fall to the ground.  “I have always had a crush on you and if I can help you by fulfilling one of my fantasies, then so be it.”  She grabbed the back of his head and kissed him deeply, full on the lips.

    He started to move her to the coach, but she broke the kiss and said, “No so fast.  You want me for my muscles.  Well lets take a look at them.”  She spun Superman around.  He was looking straight at a mirror, with Natalie behind him.  His eyes widened as he truly began to realize just how big she was.  She was the same height as he, but she dwarfed even him in musculature.  “Give me a double bicep pose,” she said.

    He complied and she mirrored his movements.  They were both flexing their arms, but Superman could clearly see Natalie’s arms outline his 20” arms.  As if reading his mind, she said, “22 inches.  Now flex your thighs.”  Superman began to smell a certain musk with his super sensitive sense of smell.  She was getting turned on by this.  Superman flexed his thighs, but when he looked up at the mirror, he saw the same result.  “30 inches,” she replied.  Two inches larger than Superman.  “Now lets see your patented lat spread pose.”  He complied again.  His mouth hung open this time as she almost enveloped him in her lat spread.  Her shoulders were at least five inches broader on each side and her lats just seemed to go on forever.

    Superman could not take it anymore.  He turned around and started kissing her passionately.  She responded.  She broke the kiss and said, “but you have only seen the front of me, don’t you want to see the back?”  She took a few steps backward and then turned around.  The symphony of muscle that was on her back was breathtaking.  Not only was her back wide, but it was densely muscled.  He looked down at her calves.  They were as big as her biceps and rock hard.  He gazed up to her butt and gasped.  They were dimpled with just a slight hint of striation.  She started to flex them for him.  He started to groan.  She was getting excited because she was getting Superman so excited.

    He looked up to her back as she started to move her arms in opposite directions and then end in a back double bicep pose.  Then she squeezed her back together and did another lat spread.  Superman’s knees were getting weak and had to float to stay standing up.  The massiveness of her back had a valley down the center that was so deep that Superman had an idea.  The ultimate muscle fuck for the ultimate of massively muscled backs.  Superman floated to Natalie and placed his huge erection in the small of her back and floated up the crevasse of her back.  She responded immediately by undulating her back.  She would squeeze her back together on his shaft as he floated up and down.  He started to move faster and faster and she would squeeze harder and harder.  Finally he released his load.  It seemed to last for a full minute and spread all over her back.  When he was done, he floated down back to the ground and laid his head on her shoulder.

    Natalie was amazed.  She thought, If he loved my back that much, just imagine what I else I can do to him.  The best part was that she didn’t have to hold back on him.  He could take anything she gave him.  She hated having to hold back like she did with all of the men she had been with.  She also started to feel a warm sensation spread over her body.  Was this love she asked herself?  I don’t know but it is sure making me feel good and horny!

    She noticed that Superman was still erect and that his erection had slid between her butt cheeks.  She got a sly smile on her face.  She grabbed Superman’s hands and put them on her large breasts.  “I see you want some more,” she said.  Superman only moaned in reply.  “Well if you liked humping my back, wait until you get a load of this next maneuver.  I have ruined men with my excitement with this one, but I think the Man of Steel can handle it!”  With that, she flexed her glutes.

    Superman moaned in approval.  He began to squeeze her breasts and rub her cobblestone like abs.  He started to kiss her neck and back.  He noticed that she seemed to have absorbed his jism, but he was so lost in muscle lust that he did not care.  She was flexing her glutes slow than fast and varying her pressure.  Her muscle control was unbelievable and it was driving Superman crazy.  She was also getting incredibly turned on and could sense that she was on the verge of orgasm.  She inserted some fingers into her love channel and started to message her cloritiris.  This time she would have herself and Superman come at the same time.  She could tell he was close and started to really pour on the muscle in to her glutes and Superman’s erection.  She was squeezing hard and fast, hard and fast, hard and fast, until finally she orgasmed and squeezed every ounce of strength she had into her glutes.  Superman lost it and orgasmed with her.  His load seem to last for a minute in a half and jizm again rained all over Natalie’s body.

    It was the most intense orgasm either of them had ever had in their life.  Natalie turned around and Superman put his head on her chest.  Then she noticed something strange.  She looked in the mirror and she seemed to be taller.  Not only that, she seemed to be bigger too.  She started to feel that same warm tingling though her body again.  All at once she realized that having sex with Superman was somehow making her bigger!  She flexed her arm and it exploded into a massive 28”!  She had to have more!

    She leaned down and kissed Superman.  He responded again and this time put his hands on her arms.  He was amazed at their size and hardness.  They seemed to feel bigger than just a few moments ago.  Wow he thought.  I am really into the muscle lust today and Natalie’s beauty isn’t helping things.  As they were kissing, Natalie started to flex her pecs on Superman first both at a time and then one after another.  “You have great pec control,” Superman said.

    “Hmmm.  It’s even better if something is between them,” she replied.  Superman took the hint a floated himself up and placed his raging hardon between her breasts and pecs.  Natalie wrapped her arms around him and started to message his erection by simply using her pec control.  She was starting to get hot again.  Superman was lost in all the wonderful sensations that her pecs were causing.  First she would flex them together, then she would alternate each pec.  Like with her glutes, she varied the pressure on his erection as well.  As she started to put a little more into her pec flexes, Superman started to feel a sensation that he had never felt with a woman before, the pressure was starting to hurt a little bit.

    “Not so hard,” he heard himself say.  Not so hard he thought.  How could she be hurting him?  He shook himself out of his muscle lust for a moment and tried to float back and away from Natalie, but he couldn’t.  She was holding him tight.  He tried harder and but she responded by holding tighter.

    “Hmmmm, I like it when you let me think I’m stronger,” she said and picked up the pace on her pec control.  Superman looked at her with new eyes now and noticed that she was getting bigger.  Not only bigger muscles, but she was growing taller too!  He was starting to get concerned but he was so turned on as well.  She was growing before his eyes!  His erection was getting harder and she was squeezing and messaging so fast and hard.  She was holding him and she was lost in her motions.  Finally the sensations won Superman over and he started to buck between Natalie’s breasts.  She was moaning and taking all the force he could muster.  She pulled him harder into her chest started rapidly flexing her pecs faster on his erection.  Sensing that he was about to come, Natalie bent her head down and took the tip of Superman’s erection into her mouth and sucked hard.  Superman lost it and shot his load all into Natalie’s mouth.  She took it all.  She then let Superman slide down her rock hard and sweaty body.

    When Superman got to his feet, he was looking up at Natalie.  “What happened?” he asked as he stepped back and away from Natalie.

    “I don’t know, but isn’t it great?” she replied.  “I’m getting bigger and taller!  I wonder if I’m getting stronger too?”

    “I’ll say,” Superman said.  “You almost broke my spine with that last maneuver.  I wasn’t letting you hold me there, you where holding me there.  And there was nothing I could do about it!”

    “Really?” Natalie exclaimed with excitement.  “How big do you think I am now?”

    “Well, I would estimate that you are now 6’5” with  32” arms and 38” thighs.”

    “WOW!  Just look at these!”  Natalie flexed a huge double bicep pose.  Then she got that familiar warm sensation.  She poured on the flex and before her unbelieving eyes, her bicep began to grow. 33”….34”….35”.  She also noticed that she was growing taller too.  6’ 6”…6’ 7”… 6’ 8”.  She hunkered down into a most muscular pose and her body just exploded with another inch of huge rippling massive muscle.  Her growth had subsided, but Superman’s erection had returned.  She turned to Superman with lust in her eyes and knew that he wanted her again.

    Superman remembered the countless times he had watched the Olympia contests on TV.  Those guys were huge but compare to this girl, they looked like toothpicks!  Her legs now possessed thighs so voluminous that they seemed to hang a foot on either side.  Her hips were very broad and the contrast with her tiny waist would have made her lower body seemed out of proportion were it not balance by an upper-body that consisted entirely of hypertrophied muscles exploding into an orgy of bulges.  Her lats were so wide that her arms were forced at a 45 degree angle making her look frightening.

    Natalie turned around. From the back, her arms looked thicker than her waist and her shoulders, of unbelievable relief and volume, looked wide and strong enough to sit a linebacker on each.  Her ass was enormous, perfectly round and striated as if chiseled out of granite.  Superman was speechless as Natalie turned sideways to hit a chest pose.  Superman could not help but yelp.  Natalie had a chest to put any bodybuilder to shame; the layers of muscle laid down on it made it of impossible thickness.  As this was not enough, she had breasts the size of watermelons.

    Natalie turned towards Superman and raised her arms again.  She just bent her arms behind her head, in order to show them just slightly, semi-hidden and not really flexed.  Even in that way the biceps appeared huge on her arms.  And then, putting a serious face she extended her arms.  Even with them straight the bulge of her biceps was absolutely huge!  She started to bend her arms, very slowly, that movement took what seemed an eternity to Superman!  The bulge was becoming bigger and bigger, but she was just bending her arms, relaxed, not flexing them!  Her arms formed now a 90 degrees angle, and she went further, with a serious expression again, till they were in the position of maximum bicep exposure.  Their volume was unbelievable, and then, as the final apotheosis she flexed them, while showing her prettiest smile to me.  Her biceps increased further in volume and definition, they were two huge, round balls of pure ripped muscle.  Those muscles overcame all I had seen before, not even a professional male bodybuilder could display such amazing and perfect biceps!

    She slowly walked to Superman and stood in front of him.  She did a lat spread that was unmatched in front of him.  “So if I was stronger than you before, just imagine how strong I am now,” she said.

    “You couldn’t really be stronger than me.” Superman replied.  “You had the leverage on me and I was in a weakened state in my lust.”

    “Oh really?” she said, raising on eye brow.  “Okay then, give me your best shot.”


    She flexed her abs.  Each ab looked like was as large as a baseball but made out of granite.  “Hit me in the gut.”

    “You really don’t want to do this.  I don’t want to hurt you.”

    “I don’t think you could if you tried.”

    Superman was starting to get mad now.  “Okay, if that is the way you want it.”  Superman took a half hearted swing.  The type of swing he used to knock out an average man for an hour.  It connected with a thud.  Nothing happened.  She simply smiled down at him and said, “Is that all you got?  I expected more from the Man of Steel.”

    That got him really mad.  He swung on her again, this time much harder.  The result was the same.  He steadily increased the speed and strength of his punches until he was pouring all of his strength into the punches.  He stopped and looked up at her.  She had the same smile on her face as when he first started.  How could this be?  And how come I’m so turned on by this?  She looked down on him from her 6’9” vantage point and saw his erection had returned.

    “Boy, you really do have a thing for massive and strong women!” she said.  “And I love being stronger than you!”  She grabbed him under the chin and lifted him up off the floor with one hand.  Her mouth enveloped his and they began to kiss each other passionately.  He was a foot away from her and she could feel his erection on the underside of her breasts.  She let him go and he was floating there.

    “Go ahead and put that beast in me, “ she said.  He floated down and tried to enter her, but could not.  “What’s the matter?  Not strong enough?”  He redoubled his efforts, but no matter how hard he tried, he could not get past her strong sex.  “Here, let me help you.”  She flexed her vagina open and he slipped right in her hot wet pussy.  He started to hump her with super speed, but she clamped down on his member with her vaginal muscles and he stopped cold.  “Not so fast, take it nice and slow.”  She unclamped his penis and he started to move slower.  In and out … in and out.  She started to gyrate her hips to the movement.  She was almost there.  She grabbed his ass and held him to the hilt.  Using only her vaginal muscles, she stroked his penis.  The sensations were amazing.  I was like someone was giving him a moist, hot hand job.  The stroking came faster and harder…faster… and harder…  She began to scream.  She let go of Superman but he did not move, being held by her powerful vaginal muscles.  She grasped the air and flexed every muscle in her body as she yelled her orgasm to completion.

    She placed her hands on her hips, gasping for air, still holding Superman with her vagina.  Superman had had his orgasm as well, but she did not notice.  In fact, she did not grow again.  She was disappointed.  Made he could change her by so much.  She released her grip and Superman fell to the ground exhausted.  She tried to see if she fly by attempting to hover, but she could not.  She tried to look about using x-ray vision and then tried to melt something with heat vision, again nothing.  I guess only his strength passed to me.  She didn’t care why but it was great!  I feel like seeing what these muscles can really do!

    Natalie walked over the door that was marked “Gym.”  The door had a Kryptonian DNA scanner.  It said, “Only Kryptonians may enter.  Please place your hand in the scanner.”  She said, hell, I’ll give it a try.  She placed her hand on the scanner.  “Interesting,” stated the door.  “The tendon structure, bone mass, and muscular physiology is Kryptonian, but the rest is Human.  Since you more than capable of using the gym, I will let you in.”  The doors opened and she walked through.

    The End


    Hi Hatour
    I just want to welcome you back from retirement. I just finished reading the story and  it is great! You leave yourself a great opportunity for a continuation and next chapter. I would love see what would happen next in the gym and what effects this would have on Superman.
    Thanks, again for the story. I hope will continue to contribute to this forum.


    A most excellent tale, dear Hatour. Well written, well paced and with good imagination.
    Thank you for your return to us and with such a wonderful gift.
    Kudos to you.
    The Pimp NeonBlack


    Yes, I agree with everyone else, this was an excellent story, with good writing and description, I hope this is only the beginning of your comeback! Great Job, dude, can't wait to see more!


    Welcome back – I remember well your story and picture archive site of years ago.  😎

    “I like a good story well told. That is the reason I am sometimes forced to tell them myself.”
    ~ Mark Twain / Samuel Clemens (1907)


    Niice one man.  😀


    Great writing as always, Hatour!

    Quick request:  while you're UN-retired for the moment, is there any way you can post the second Brandi story?  I remember reading it, but it appears to no longer exist on the 'Net.

    Thanking you in advance,

    Adrian Burns

    Mark Newman

    Um, I think I wrote the Brandi stories, and they all should be available on DtV's site.


    Welcome back – I remember well your story and picture archive site of years ago.   😎

    Wow!  You must be an ancient femuscle web denzin if your remember my web sites.

    Mr. Marknew, I loved your Brandi stories (actullly I love all your stories), but I wrote two stories about a Brandi of my own.

    Since I am always one to please, I will post both Brandi stories on a seperate thread…. :mrgreen:

    Mark Newman

    Very happy to be corrected on this one!  I look forward to reading Hatour's Brandi.

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