Amulet of Strength 2

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    I tried posting the whole story with the first post but it got cut off. So here’s the rest of the story…

    Amanda burst into Becky’s bedroom, nearly tearing the door from it’s hinges. She looked around and sneered, though smiled faintly when she saw the bed. Becky had a bed that was actually large enough for her body, which made Amanda feel somewhat envious. She’d been reduced to sleeping on mattresses on the floor.

    However, Amanda didn’t waste time admiring the scenery and instead went to work tearing everything apart to find the amulet. She emptied every drawer in the dresser, flipped the bed upside down and started digging through the closet. The search was taking longer than she had hoped and she was beginning to get extremely frustrated at that.

    "Damn tiny room," she grumbled, adding, "Where the hell is it?"

    Suddenly Amanda noticed the bookshelf. She’d already torn half the contents off, but she was staring at the top of the bookshelf and noticing something for the first time. There were several small things on the very top, but most of them were covered with a faint layer of dust. Everything except a teddy bear. The dust around it was very disturbed.

    Amanda quickly grabbed the teddy bear, finding that it had a small pocket on the back. It was one of those kind that was given on Valentines day and the like and used to hold jewelry. And since Amanda could feel something inside, she started smiling, even before she pulled out the jade amulet.

    "Got it," she grinned, noticing that it was back to the original green color, not the gray that it had been the last time she had looked at it.

    Deciding not to waste anymore time, Amanda clutched the amulet tightly and hurried away. She had what she wanted though had no intention of staying around long enough for Becky to come back. Instead, she was going to go someplace nice and comfortable…and wait for midnight.


    Beck had just left Chris’ house, having eaten dinner with his family and then ‘studied’ together in his room. At least that was what they had told his parents, though they had been both talking and making out instead.

    When Becky saw her front door wide open, she suddenly realized that something was wrong. She rushed inside, gasping at the sight of her dad leaning up against the wall and wincing as her mom helped him to his feet.

    "Are you all right?" Becky demanded fearfully, "What’s going on…?"

    "A girl…," Becky’s dad grunted as he looked up at her, "As big as you…"

    "She broke in a little while ago and went to your room…," Becky’s mom added.

    "Amanda…," Becky gasped in horror, "Oh SHIT!"

    Becky ran to her bedroom and was completely horrified at the mess that she found within. Her entire bedroom had been torn apart. However, her attention immediately went to the teddy bear that was lying in the middle of her upturned bed. And as soon as she picked it up, already feeling that it was empty, she felt her stomach drop out.

    "Oh no," she gasped, "She’s got it back…"

    But Amanda had already used the amulet, so Becky didn’t see why she would want it back so badly. Then, she gasped, realizing that Amanda intended to use it again…to make herself even bigger…even stronger.

    "NO…" Becky squeaked out, suddenly feeling very afraid.

    She had no doubt that it would be VERY bad news if Amanda got even bigger and stronger. As it was, she was barely able to hold Amanda in check. If Amanda used the amulet again, the whole school would be in serious trouble. Amanda would crush everyone who crossed her path, especially Becky. And then, she gulped, Amanda would go after Chris. Just to hurt her if nothing else.

    "She’ll kill Chris," Becky whispered fearfully.

    Then she grimaced, knowing that she couldn’t let that happen. And with that, Becky was rushing out the door as fast as she could.

    Becky ran the whole way to Amanda’s house, avoiding the shortcut through the woods as she didn’t want to trip again in the dark. She ran faster than she ever would have been able to in her old body, faster than anyone on the school track team would be able to. And by the time that she arrived at Amanda’s house, she was barely breathing hard at all.

    "Where is she?" Becky demanded, looking around though seeing no sign of the other girl. There wasn’t even a light coming from the window of Amanda’s bedroom.

    Just then, Becky noticed something down the street, a figure that was much taller than a normal person should be. It was her target, Amanda. And without a word, Becky ran straight for her, determined to make Amanda pay for everything that she had been doing, and even more importantly, get the amulet away from her so that she wouldn’t be able to do even more.

    "What the fuck?" Amanda growled as she saw Becky coming, hesitating a moment before glancing down at the amulet that she was holding and then turning to run. She didn’t want a fight until AFTER midnight.

    "Come back here you bitch," Becky yelled out, chasing after her.

    Becky glanced down at her watch as she ran, realizing that she still had just under an hour until midnight. That would give her plenty of time to catch Amanda and get that amulet away from her.

    However, Becky chased after Amanda for over fifteen minutes, neither girl slowing down or tiring, though they were starting to breath hard. Eventually though, Becky started to get closer to her target, and then when they were running through the middle of the park, actually caught up to her, tackling Amanda from behind.

    "Gotcha!" Becky growled triumphantly.

    "I don’t think so," Amanda growled back, suddenly turning and punching Becky in the face, throwing her backwards.

    Staggering from the force of the blow, Becky rubbed at her jaw then saw that Amanda had already gotten back to her feet. Both girls glared at each other, then started slowly circling, knowing that this was it. This was the fight that had been brewing since they had both been transformed.

    "You want this bitch," Amanda sneered, holding up the amulet, "come and get it…"

    "Who are you calling a bitch," Becky demanded angrily, thinking about what this girl had done to her bedroom.

    Amanda sneered at that, then put the amulet over her head, spitting, "After I’m stronger, I’m going to break that wimpy little boyfriend of yours in half…"

    That was enough, and Becky charged her furiously, punching at Amanda who blocked and tried punching and scratching back. With a howl of determination, Becky grabbed Amanda, picking her up and throwing her nearly a dozen feet, grinning as the other girl hit the ground in what looked like a painful manner. Unfortunately, Amanda was immediately back on her feet.

    A moment later, Amanda grabbed a garbage can and threw it at Becky, who dodged to the side. The garbage can was followed by a park bench, which was beginning to really piss Becky off.

    Once again, Becky charged at Amanda, hitting her with everything she had and sending the other girl flying again. But a few seconds later, Amanda returned the favor, hitting Becky harder than she’d ever been hit by anyone, sending her flying back.

    Becky and Amanda continued to punch and kick, each taking turns charging and throwing the other. Slowly their fight moved back towards the street, though neither was consciously aware of it.

    "I’M GONNA KILL YOU," Amanda snarled.

    Then she took another charge at Becky, hitting her hard enough to send her flying back, hitting hard against the side of a car that was parked there. The door dented in from the force of the impact and the window shattered.

    "Damn," Becky gasped from the pain, sure that her entire back was going to be bruised. In fact, it already felt like she was going to have a lot of good bruises by the time this was all over. She grimaced, moving back towards Amanda.

    Giving a howl, Becky launched herself at Amanda again, knocking the other girl to the ground and choking her. Both of them struggled as they rolled around, each fighting for leverage and control. Finally, Amanda threw Becky off and got back to her feet.

    Becky shook her head, glaring at Amanda but then grinning as she looked down to what she held in her hand. It was the amulet. She’d managed to grab it while they were wrestling on the ground.

    "What?" Amanda gasped as she saw the amulet in Becky’s hands, her own hands automatically reaching up for where it was missing around her neck. "Give that back…"

    This time it was Amanda who launched herself at Becky, who was expecting the attack and clotheslined her. But before Becky could feel pleased by her actions, Amanda kicked out, catching her legs and knocking her back to the ground as well.

    Both girl’s quickly got back to their feet and were circling again, when Becky noticed a faint green glow beginning to come from her hand. She quickly looked down at the amulet, then realized that it was time…it was about midnight.

    Amanda glared at Becky, then took advantage of her momentary distraction to lash out, snatching the amulet from her hand and punching her in the face. And while Becky was thrown back from the force, Amanda threw the glowing amulet around her neck again and laughed as he started to glow green as well.

    "Too late you fucking bitch," Amanda laughed triumphantly.

    "Oh shit," Becky gasped in horror as she stared helplessly at Amanda. She’d failed…

    But as Becky stared at Amanda, she noticed that something wasn’t quite right. Amanda was glowing…and she was changing…but she wasn’t changing quite like Becky had expected. Instead of swelling up…growing bigger and stronger, Amanda actually seemed to be…shrinking.

    "Now I’m going to kick your fucking ass," Amanda started, then paused as she realized that she was having to look a little further up to see Becky eye to eye. She looked down at her looser clothes and gasped on confusion, "What the fuck…?"

    Amanda was slowly shrinking, losing height with every second. At the same time, her muscles were noticeably dwindling…atrophying right before Becky’s stunned eyes. Even her magnificent breasts were beginning to deflate.

    "WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?" Amanda cried out in horror, grabbing at her shrinking breasts and fading muscles.

    And then the changes stopped and the green glow faded away, leaving the jade amulet a dull gray once more. In less than a minute, Amanda had transformed completely, reverting to exactly as she had been before using the amulet. Her clothes, which had moments before been barely enough to cover her, were now far too large for her.

    "Oh my God," Becky whispered as she stared at the tiny Amanda, realizing what must have happened.

    A second use of the amulet didn’t make a person even stronger…it reversed what it had done. It took away their strength, turning them…turning Amanda back into the normal girl that she used to be. Becky didn’t know whether that was to intentionally reverse things, or perhaps some sort of trap to prevent anyone from getting too greedy with the power. What she did know was that she was suddenly very grateful that it did work the way it did.

    "What were you saying about kicking my ass?" Becky asked the tiny Amanda with a smirk, "Or about hurting Chris…?"

    Amanda could only stare up at her with growing horror, attempting to back away but tripping over her own clothes. Though the sight might have made Becky laugh normally, the situation was still too serious for that at the moment.

    Then Becky picked Amanda up, suddenly realizing exactly how small and helpless her opponent had become. She was suddenly struck by the urge to really let Amanda have it, to throw her halfway across the park. However, she held back, knowing that she couldn’t hurt someone who was helpless like that. Not even Amanda.

    Grimacing, Becky just took the amulet from Amanda, dropping her back to the ground. "I don’t think that you’re going to be hurting anyone anymore," Becky sneered as she towered over Amanda.

    For a moment, Amanda just remained where she was, staring down at herself in shock and then up at Becky in terror as she realized just what kind of trouble she was now in. Just when she thought that she’d become unstoppable…she lost everything. The true horror and unfairness of that struck her completely. However, she retained enough awareness to suddenly turn and run before Becky decided to get even.

    "Finally," Becky whispered as she watched Amanda run away. She let out a sigh of relief, thankful that Chris wouldn’t have to worry about her anymore.

    Then Becky slowly turned her attention to the amulet that she held in her hand, seeing the dull gray clearly under the plentiful lights that surrounded the park. However, she knew that in less than a week, it would return to it’s normal jade coloring and then be able to be used again.

    "Oh my God," Becky whispered as she stared at it.

    Becky took a deep breath, realizing that since the amulet could reverse what it had done…it could turn her back to normal. It could fix the problems that she had with Chris. Her heart raced at the realization that they might be able to become closer now.

    But then, Becky frowned, realizing as well that this would mean losing her new size and strength. She flexed her arm, staring at the bulging bicep, knowing that she couldn’t give that up. She’d come to enjoy…to love the incredible sense of strength and power that she now possessed. She was stronger, healthier and more confident than she’d ever been before in her life, and there was no way that she could just surrender that.

    "But Chris," Becky whispered, cringing under the knowledge that she could lose him for good.

    After several seconds though, Becky looked back at the amulet thoughtfully. As it was, there was no way that she could go back to being small and weak after having experienced the strength and power of her new body. And there was no way that her and Chris’ relationship could survive her being so much larger and stronger than him either. But as she stared at the amulet, she realized that there was still a way that she could have her cake and eat it too.

    "Oh yeah," Becky grinned, deciding that she rather liked the thought of Chris being her size, all big and muscular. And the more she thought about it, the more turned on she got. "Definitely…"

    Of course, it would be nearly a week before Becky would even be able to use the amulet on Chris, but that would give her plenty of time to warm him up to the idea. She grinned to herself, knowing that even if Chris wasn’t too fond of the idea, she was strong enough to hold him down and put the amulet on him long enough for it to do it’s work. And once he’d experienced the strength and power, there was no way that he’d go back.

    Becky reminded herself thought that once she was done using the amulet on Chris, that she would have to hide it in a place where she wouldn’t have to worry about someone else finding it. The last thing that she wanted to worry about was another Amanda. But she would deal with that later.

    Still grinning to herself, Becky took another long look at the amulet before slipping it into her pocket and then started walking back home. And even though it would only be a week before Chris joined her…she could hardly wait.



    Freakin SWEET!!

    A nice reason for the ladies to brawl totally in character for both of them.

    Freaking awesome plot twist at the end as well.

    A plus plus Morpheus 8)

    PS Good luck finding the One.


    I concur, I admired Becky thoroughly.

    Faking me out, thinking Amanda was going to be the oppressed heroine, and turning into the bully… that was an art.

    I thought the plot twist was going to be Amanda’s caving in under her own oversized mass or something like that, but that worked so well.

    And her plans with the amulet with Chris… heh heh!

    Hope there’s a sequel!


    Very cool fiction, man. Really enjoyed this story. Thanks!


    I really loved this story. If not a sequel, how about a prequel?


    Good story, well written…. excellent ‘solution’.

    More please!

    Amazon Lover

    Very nice story; as a nonviolent person, I’m glad that the heroine was able to win without fighting, something that not every author could pull off without sounding lame, yet you managed to make it fit in well. Nice job! I’d like to hear a sequel, or perhaps more of your stories!

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