An attempt at BIG muscles

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    This is in response to Lingster's posting of Adam Hughes' amazing Power Girl cover. As was noted, The Great One chose to de-muscle PG a bit, and I figured I'd try and fix this (yeah, right, me fixing Adam Hughes… is that the sound of bats flying out of my ass I hear?). Anyways, I figured I'd try my hand at drawing some serious guns (as opposed to the more "normal" muscleculture I usually try to aim for). And my question is: How come when 00tree draws those humongus guns, they look like the most natural thing in the world, but when I do it it seems the like the poor gal could never put her arms down??


    Serious muscle huh? Well it's a damned fine job. I think she can probably drop her arms any time she feels like it.


    hah Ha Well I thank you for the compliment but I really dig your drawing of PG. I to was somewhat disappointed with the amazing Adam Hughes' lack of muscle on his pic of PG. Not knocking his art he's brilliant, but I was really hoping for a higher level of muscle. Say… kind of like when he does a drawing of Caitlin Fairchild. But I really do love you pic of Power Girl. She's one of the few female heros that the people of comics aren't afraid to pump up. The only flaw that I can see is that her cape is blue instead of the red one she usually has, but hay that's miner and PG is always changing her costume. Maybee this is another new one. I swear only the Wasp has had more. LOL  😀 keep up the great work Yatz57.


    Heh the reason the cape is blue is because Yatz has said that he's color blind, but it's a fantastic drawing regardless!


    Daaammn Yatz!  Love those long swooping muscle bellies as compared to the short round tennis ball type bi's.


    Great pic, Yatz!

    Thank you!  😆


    Eric F., EnhanceMan


    Heh the reason the cape is blue is because Yatz has said that he's color blind

    Well, actually, I would say it was either ADD or the hour (4:30 AM) – though color-blindness is also a good excuse! Sorry…


    Wow!  Thats a fantastic pic, Yatz!  Todah!
    I love the sculpting of her biceps, lats and abs – just superb!  Maybe the smile could be a little smaller, but this pic is smoking hot!  You draw such brilliant muscle women.  I really loved The Equalizer at LHArt too – beautifully done!
    Thanks so much for a wonderful pic! *applaud*


    That's a good one, honestly.

    REALLY big muscles are tricky and you sort of have to come up with your own way or getting about drawing them… Becuase I draw 'em so damn big I've hadto make characters quite disproportionate bt still try to keep it looking.. well.. okay.
    It's not really an easy thing to do once you're drawing arms as thick around as someone's waist.. but then I do them very unnatural, which I know a lot of people don't really like.


    Looking cool

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