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    A long lost link to some ancient classics of growth fiction – saved thanks to the Internet Wayback Machine –

    This disclaimer is posted on the main page:

    Hello and welcome to the story archive for

    All documents in this archive are text files of erotic literature and are
    protected by First Amendment free speech guarantees.  Download them at your
    own risk.  A brief table of contents follows, updated October 23, 1995.

    I will only add that along with the stories involving a female TF focus, some were of a m/m orientation*, so you've been warned about these same-sex land mines, click on 'em at your own discretion.

    *For some researchers, they might be interested to know that the origins draft(s) for what later was re-written by Mack as the female focused version of Morphenomenal can be found here under those penned by FanTCman.

    “I like a good story well told. That is the reason I am sometimes forced to tell them myself.”
    ~ Mark Twain / Samuel Clemens (1907)

    Hunter S Creek

    Wow!  That certainly brings back memories, AlexG.

    Thank you for digging it up and for providing the information!



    There were two archives, the size one and another focused just on female growth – the one not mentioned here was run by a guy who's still around, but he prefers his name not be used.  I don't see his archive on the Wayback Machine.  He writes me sometimes.  Nice guy.  He might respond here, or he might not.

    A lot of early FMG, BE and GTS stories were archived at the second archive, and for my money they were some of the best.  They don't really conform to genres, because there weren't any genres yet.  Hell, the BE guys fought for YEARS amongst themselves about what constituted their fetish, inflation vs. growth, etc.  The inflation guys – early on, like '96 – really didn't want me hanging around, and were not shy about saying so.  We didn't use the term "FMG" at that time – I may have been the one who started referring to the genre by that name, I'm not really sure.  Early on we called "ama. trans".  Which, in hindsight, sucked. 

    A third guy I have mixed emotions about – Jim from the Amazons Arena.  He's the one who founded, which is huge and we all owe him for that.  But he's also sold story CDs with my stories on them, without my permission.  That isn't cool.  So it's complicated.

    A fourth giant is Larry Heller, of LH-Art.  He's made an enormous contribution and I'd like to see him do well.  He's pissed me off a couple times, but I think it was inadvertant.  I shouldn't have taken offense – the first time was around '96 and he contacted me about writing for LH-Art.  He offered me something like $20 for the rights to one of my stories, and I think I wrote back, "Are you smoking crack?"  In hindsight I'm sure he's not raking in the big bucks off publishing – it's probably more of a hobby.  But then he wrote me again about the same time I launched Transvigor in 2003 and asked whether I wanted to move my blog inside  I told him that I wasn't confident in his ability to run a content site, which was the truth but I probably could have sugar coated it.  I didn't hear back from him, and I regretted my response almost immediately.  I'm sure he means well, and he's accomplished a lot.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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