Avengers No. 500

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    I haven’t read that issue of Avengers though I’ve seen the new She-Hulk series.

    What would constitute the best She-Hulk creative direction ❓

    Aside from levels of physical development and erotisism that will proubably never enter a book descended from a flagship character like the Hulk. Reactions of "Hey check it out the Hulk’s cousin’s a slut!" or "Whoa she’s more jacked than Captian America ewww" might not result in more sales but it couldn’t hurt at this point.

    What makes She-Hulk sexy is proubably her personality as seen by John Byrne: a bodacious straightforward kinda gal. Eye popping physical dimensions as to be a radically robust live green Barbie doll are also a signifigant factor of Sheulkie’s appeal. The fetish triggers of a big invulnerable amazon can’t be the ONLY reason folks like her though it proubably is the largest.

    Her own worst enemy in terms of plottingis that she’s derivative product plot-wise. She-Hulk’s a result of a blood transfusion from Bruce Banner, her cousin. Jennifer Walters (Here’s hoping I remembered the correct name) is a former lawyer who got on the wrong side of the mob andf was nearly killed by them. I’d love to see that angle explored again. Odd imaginings of the Marvel Sopranos equivalent verses a former member of the Fantastic Four. For at least a four issue story arc.

    Who are her enemies and how does she make more? It’s great to see Shulkie stopping her opposition with irradiated feats of strength especially since it provides the option of seeing Jen Walters transform in times of need. While the pages devoted to such a swap of physiques is at most threee pages perhaps an issue might have her shift somehow be radically slowed so that for a few hours it’s just a six foot tall jaw droppingly filled out Jen instead of the ID made muscle She-Hulk.

    Interesting mini-rant smitty love to see any more opinions on the gamma giantess. 🙂


    In her current series, She-Hulk has moved out of the Avengers Mansion, and is practicing Super-Human Law. The one restriction her boss put on her is that when on the job as a lawyer, she must be in her normal ID, not She-hulk. Therefore 9-5 she is normal, and then off work, she reverts to her "normal" self. Please Post if you have any questions.


    Thank you very much for the info a_hoser!

    While I’ve read an issue of that new series and skimmed back issues your synopsis helps a lot.

    With that being said let me ask you some questions.

    If you had the choice of any artist and any writer who would you put on She Hulk? Not just talking about the -actual- series that is out mind you just your version of what you’d consider the BEST SHE-HULK Comic EVAH! 😆

    What sort of stories would you want out of this ‘dream’ creative team?

    How many issues a year would you be happy seeing? Lesser issues like bi-monthly sometimes allows for better quality.

    And now for the tough sorta bonus question how much would you charge in US dollars for each issue?

    Thanks again for posting.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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