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    Hey there gang,

    I've tried searching for this topic and found ones rooted in 2005 with some requests and some examples. I have a nice collection myself but thought (after consulting with some of my buddies here) it will be more fun making it into a game of guess work, why guess work? because some of them are utterly unrecognizable).

    In a addition to the curiosity involved, I think this post might also inspire some of our dreamer girls and beginners to see everyone started somewhere.

    So here's the deal, I'm posting 2 of the before pictures every 4 days, letting you guys do some guesswork for three days, then post the answer with some after or progress pictures.

    After the known before and after will be depleted I have some more pictures that are unknown to me and also transformation from lightweight-natural to full pledged pros.

    I just want to ask one thing, wait for my posts before posting any new ones, if you want to add to the old ones be my guest (that is, you're welcome to post more old pictures of revealed fbbs, I only ask this becuase it happened before)

    So let's start with some heavy cannons

    Who is this?

    See you soon with the answers.



    First one is tough. At first glance, it looks like Joanna Thomas, but Joanna actually began bodybuilding in her late teens, so there might not be any natural and "soft" pictures of her out there. So I'm going to say its a young Kristy Hawkins.

    Second one — looks like a young Tazzie Colomb.


    Second kinda makes me think of mah dear Monica Martin. 😛

    Bo Inaka

    I'm gonna say Rebecca Armstrong for the first one.  No idea on the second. 


    I'm going to say the first one is Rebecca Armstrong, and the second monica Martin.


    The second one looks like Annie Riveccio to me.


    Number 1 – I initially thought Mandy Blank, then I thought Rebecca Armstrong, but I actually think it's a young Krissy "Big Kris" Murrell.

    Number 2 – Either Monica Martin or Annie Rivieccio, but I opt for Monica.


    Can't identify the first one, but the second one might be Tazzie Colomb, just because she seems to have a strong cleft, and of the possibilities, Tazzie's is most pronounced. Could be Annie though.  Or Monica.

    Actually, on second thought, the second one looks pretty darn Annie.

    Zespara Alathar

    #2 is Annie.  That'd be my educated guess.  🙂



    If there is ONE thing that I am certain of it is that #2 is NOT Annie.
    You guys must be blind or new to the sport or something. Tazzie Colomb, maybe,
    Monica Martin, perhaps, but definetly NOT Annie.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 183 total)
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