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    Mark Newman

    This place is so funny. Mark told me about this site, as one of the places he indulges in his fetish. At least he did before he had ME to indulge in in the REAL world. Before the real world went a lot further than he in his wildest dreams could have imagined. Now I’m going to give him lots more than he’s ever dreamed about. Just wait until I get my hands on that pendant! Heh-heh.

    But for now, I just have to tell you guys how much I laugh at Marilyn’s responses to those letters. She is so naïve. Things have changed A LOT more than she says. The only thing she said that was right was that girls aren’t nicer than boys. Oh god, is THAT ever true! But you don’t know the half of it, Marilyn. Or if you do, you aren’t admitting it, are you? Boys are so simple! They have no IDEA how we girls think, how complex we are. I read an article the other day that it’s because we have so many more "active" genes than guys do. Whatever THAT means. But the fact is, we’ve always been craftier and cleverer than guys. We just see things in so much more detail. Not just colors and styles, but real things: situations, relationships, emotions, desires. Guys think we’re manipulative. Well, duh! It’s just so EASY to manipulate you. You don’t know the half of it! You’re still on step two when we’re on step 10. Marilyn knows exactly what I mean. Just look at the difference in the way she responds to guys and girls (except for Mel, who’s an idiot). Any girl knows instinctively how much she has to simplify things and talk

    s o m u c h m o r e s l o w l y

    just to be understood by a guy.

    Anyway, I get what Marilyn says about the bullying. It was a bit OBVIOUS of me to do that. And WAY overboard. It was hard not to take them out and play with my muscles, now that I have them. But, I know, there are better ways to get what I want. I’ll use my muscle when I need to, or want to. But it’s better to just "flash" them now and then, let the guys know I have them, let them take my far superior strength into account, without actually using it on them — most of the time. After all, they know what it means. It’s one of the signals they understand, like the arched back that shows off my tits, or reaching down to pick something off the floor and letting my shirt kind of hang open. I know you’re watching, guys. I know it distracts you, throws you off guard, and now frightens you a little. You can’t help it. And I know all about it.

    Kiss, kiss.

    Mark Newman

    Oh, one more thing, guys. Those of you like Mark who think it’s cool that girls have muscles, well, you have no idea HOW cool it is. After all, I’m the one who has them!! TA-TA!!!



    Can she be more teasing? 😀 I bet she can.


    Mark Newman

    Oh God, Marilyn! You are such a loser!

    I can’t believe what you wrote to that Ruth Benedict. You have absolutely no sense of fun. All this crap about bullying and assault laws! As if guys are going to run off crying to the principal or the local police every time a girl says "Boo!"

    And then telling guys to travel in pairs and watch out for dark alleys!

    You’re missing the whole point. Or maybe you don’t want to frighten the boys TOO MUCH.

    You bet they’re going to have to change the way they act. They’ll have to think twice and three times each time they make a joke to a girl or look at her the wrong way. (And guess who decides WHICH way is the WRONG way.)

    We don’t have to beat them up to make them scared. There are so many little things we can do to them that they can’t do to us. A little push with the hips that sends them crashing into walls. A grip that’s too hard. A pinch on the ass. They still want to kiss us, feel us up and all the other things teenage boys want. Hey, we want it too! But that won’t stop us from taking advantage and pushing them around too. It’s one of the fun things about close physical contact. You take the bad with the good, so long as the good is good enough.

    It’s not just the bad girls who’ll do it. We all will. We’ll all enjoy having the guys jump to do what we want them to do. Who woudn’t? I bet you do too, when you don’t have your professional counselor hat on.





    My name is Cala Malika. I am a new student in Baghdad, Iraq. My English teacher, Owen from America, is writing this for me.

    I saw him looking at this site. He was embarrassed by it a little. I guess this is why he encourages my friends to play sports. I guess this last week would be a dream come true if he were back in the States. 😉

    Me, I am very thankful that teachers from the West came all this way here to make our minds and bodies stronger and help us Iraqis get better lives.

    When he saw Celia’s message, he sounded very irritated. I asked what it was about, and he told me.

    I do not understand. How can an American girl feel this way? Why would she want to manipulate as well as scare men? I would understand if she were living here. But certainly the American boys and men couldn’t be as bad and cruel as the Iraqis. My friend Adiva would always hide from her brother who would beat her for talking to Westerners in the school. One time two weeks ago, he brought one of his friends to hunt for her, and Owen hid her in his office. He try send men away, they kick him down hit him with sticks. They no find her, but Owen walk pain six day.

    Has Celia had to deal with anything like that? If there are nobody but weak enemies, why must she fight on all sides like that.

    There was a story from India that Owen taught me in class. There once was a mouse that was afraid of cats. But then it met a magician. It asked him to change him into a cat. So the magician did. The mouse was brave… until it met a dog. So it asked the magician to change it into a dog, too. He did. Then it was not afraid… until it met a horse. So the magician changed it again, into a horse. It was unafraid again… until it saw a tiger. So it had the magician turn it into a tiger. It was totally fearless… but then it met a hunter with a gun.

    The mouse/tiger returned to the magician, but this time he changed it back into a mouse. "I am sorry," he said, "but though you have the body of a tiger, you still have the heart of a mouse. I cannot help you."

    I soorry. Owen no want write more for me. He too shy, humble. I gentle press hard, but he no want write. So I move him out computer room and close key door and write. I go up, write all story ago.

    When women strong and men no strong, Adiva run after brother into class room. She take desk go to kill brother, but Owen go in front of her. He cry. say Adiva, please dont do this. Dont be bad like him. Adiva, you very good girl, your naame mean gentle, pleasant. Adiva, what you doing not you!

    Adiva stop. She cry, put down desk. Brother run, no come back.

    Owen very brave man . He have body of mouse but heart of tiger and lion.

    Celia I know my english no good

    s o I w r i t e s l o w l y t o o .

    Y o u h a v e b o d y o f t i g e r , l i v e i n t i g e r c o u n t r y A m e r i c a , m a y b e h a v e b e a u t y o f t i g e r. I no k n o w .

    B u t y o u h a v e h e a r t a n d h e a d o f m o u s e .

    Mark Newman

    Oh puhleeeze!

    I’m not talking about fighting and killing people, like you guys are always doing over there. I’m talking about having fun!

    I’m real sorry things are so bad for you over there in Iraq. I’m glad I’m here and not there. Am I supposed to feel guilty about it? I’m sure you wish you were here. So I’m luckier than you are. That’s nothing for me to apologize for. So there. Don’t try to make me feel guilty ’cause you won’t succeed.

    And what’s this crap about the having the heart of a mouse? You think I feel insulted by that? What do YOU know about MY heart? Hey, I read Aesop’s Fables a long time ago. I’m on to other things now. Maybe you think we should all live in a world where everybody is always kind and considerate and we all have total respect for each other’s feelings and nobody ever does anything that might make someone else feel even a little bit bad. Well, that would be very nice, wouldn’t it? Except that even here in America, in high school, there’s always something that you want that someone else won’t let you have. Like if I want to go out with some boy, but he thinks I’m ugly or not cool enough or my breasts are too small or too big or maybe he thinks I’m too smart or too dumb. I don’t know. There’s always something you have to do to get what you want.

    I know I’m not a saint and never will be. I want things. I know there are limits on what I can do to get them, but now I have fewer limits than before. What’s wrong with that? Why should I bend over backwards worrying so much about other people’s feelings? I’ve already said I went too far bullying Harold and stuff. You want me to repent or something or fast for a few days? No way. That’s not me. I admit it was a little heady having all these muscles all of a sudden. I’m over that, but it’s not like I’m not going to find other ways to use them — more subtle ways, if you know what I mean.

    Anyway, I’m having fun with Mark, and if we ever get our hands on that pendant, I’ll have a lot more fun. Then you’re all going to have to watch out. But even if I don’t … well, just watch.

    Mark Newman

    Sometimes I send things too soon. That’s the thing about the internet. It just makes me mad when I think somebody is trying to make me feel guilty for being who I am. Okay? I’m just trying to be honest here.

    Mark Newman

    This "Girl-cott" is just the absolute funniest thing yet. I heard that some Greek women went on "strike" once to stop a war. Maybe girls would have the ability to stay away from boys for awhile, but there’s just no way high school boys could ever manage it.

    I know what I’ll do if I hear they’re starting. I’ll dress up in one of my absolute tightest t-shirts — and since I’ve grown I have some that are incredibly tight — and waltz around the school getting a lot closer than 15 feet to these girl-cotting guys. I can make all my body parts move and see just how many seconds they manage to ignore me. Hey, with my new muscles, wait until they see how I make my boobs dance. Just about any girl can do it now, sure, but mine really shake.

    This just gets to be more and more fun every minute.

    Mark Newman

    Jill is a fucking idiot. I mean, everyone always knew that, right? I mean, any guy who didn’t know that isn’t that bright. But Anthony didn’t deserve this. I don’t know what else to say.

    Just makes me even more determined to get stronger. But don’t get the idea I would ever do anything like that. Sheesh.

    Mark Newman

    Haha! I just read Marilyn’s reply to Geekboy. She’s finally losing it. What would she say or do if she ever found out about the pendant! If I didn’t want to keep it a secret, I’d almost want to tell her, just to watch that uptight bitch freak out!

    What she doesn’t realize is there are always people with power over you. The trick is to get some power yourself. Or to keep them happy. Or to stay out of their way. That’s the way the world works. At least that’s what I’ve seen.

    I’ve GOT to get that fucking pendant!

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