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    from: Sue

    I’m sad to hear you talk like that Celia. I’m sure me, you, and David could have been great friends. David I know is lonely and almost every one shunned him even most of the girls but he all ways been there for me and Mary and listened to all our problems. I know that he would have loved to go out with use but he never pushed it. I just hope when I’m escorting some of the boys to there next class I hope I never have to stand up agenst you. But I will if nessicary (please excuse my spelling). And better hope that I don’t get this so called penent because I don’t really like the way all the women are turning out. I some times think that every one would be better off if the men still had most of the power.

    I’m sorry.


Viewing 11 post (of 11 total)
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