Could it be…? Is the birth of Ultimate She-Hulk imminent?

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    Sometimes I wonder how the creative process for these things goes:

    "Let's make Dr. Doom a metal demon type character WITH POWERS! Oh and let's make sure he's pretty stupid too! Wait, why stop there – let's make him hang out with a bunch of hippies and be related to Dracula and, and, and…" etc. Rinse and repeat for Mr. Sinister.

    Oops, ranting again.

    You forgot the "and belch his organs out as a poisonous gas" bit for demon-Doom. 😉

    The Muffin man

    Wait, are you complaining that Ult. Dr.Doom has ties with demonic entities?

    Prophet Tenebrae

    I just thought it was pretty much lame that he pretty much LITERALLY took the form of el Diablo – I wouldn't say he had any ties with demonic entities, not that I was aware of anyway.

    The Muffin man

    Doom has been into demonic/black magics for literally decades.

    That's one of the biggest things about him.

    Prophet Tenebrae

    Oh, yeah – that I know.

    But that wasn't mentioned in the Ultimates… they just made him demonic looking. Might as well have painted him red and put a sign around him saying "EVIL!"

    But I digress.

    So… Ultimate She-Hulk, eh?


    I really like the Ultimate Marvel Universe – I think Ultimate Spider-Man is probably my favorite comic and has been for years now.  The primary difference between the characters in the two "realties" is that the UMU characters never shut up.  Bendis has made Elektra chatty, for chrissakes.  Elektra! 

    Bendis writes Peter Parker as someone who's suffering from post-trauma, and who was so deeply traumatized by the deaths of his parents and then his uncle that he probably won't ever get much better.  For Ultimate Peter Parker, the secret identity isn't primarily about the traditional things – it's about avoiding the positive benefits of doing good things for other people.  Peter doesn't want good things to happen to him.  He believes he has no role but to suffer to lighten other peoples' burdens.

    The underlying point of the UMU is that everyone wants to have superpowers.  It's like being on TV in the real world – and we all know the crazy, degrading shit people do to get on TV.  If it was possible for people to have superpowers, everybody would want them, just like everyone wants to be famous and rich.  So of course Jen Walters will give in and take the serum – anything else would be out of context.


    I picked it up today and wow It was a blast… Very well written in the sense of comedy… later


    For a bit there I thought they were going to change who was she hulk there if Betty Ross was allowed her congigal visit with Banner. Strange how eating someone can turn a lady on.

    If they introduce shulkie they're probably going to make her big and ugly. Though the  other possible is that due to her different chemical makeup the hulk/cap.america serum she ends up big, strong, and sexy. Maybe a big ol sexual predator.

    The Muffin man

    Cap didn't turn out big and ugly. In fact, for all intents and purposes, Captain America is intended to be a "perfect" human. I.e physically attractive, strong, in shape, smart, etc.

    So judging by how good the writing is overall with The Ultimates, chances are She-Hulk will have taken a serum similar to the one Cap got, thus making her a physically 'perfect' looking woman(albeit muscular. There's no evidence that the muscular growth is male only).


    You can be sure of one thing… In the Ultimate Universe, She Hulk will be SICK AND TWISTED 👿

    They keep making the case that Ultimate Cap is unique and that all other super soldier attempts have either resulted in death or madness. In order for Ultimate She Hulk to stand apart from her 616 counterpart, they would have to make her a dangerous jacked up superbitch (least I hope so 👿 👿 :evil:)


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