Does Danger Girl Count?

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    Strawberry:  Thanks for the tip about Photobucket.  ๐Ÿ™‚

    I made an account & put in all those pix that remind me of Scott Campbell's work.  It does not include the amazing Fett's work (all his stuff reminds me of Campbell.  But Fett's are better because he draws femuscle ๐Ÿ˜‰

    The link is below:

    I hope this helps.  ๐Ÿ˜€


    Eric F., EnhanceMan


    PIMP: I recognize that you are much more experienced in this than I am. What I meant was that if I am going to be in a situation where I could get killed, things like, say, bees are less of a bother. If you still disagree with me, then I will ask you to elaborate because to me, itโ€™s counter-intuitive to think that comparatively trivial fears will be worsened.

    I's have, or as it would be had, a dear friend, an Englishman by the name of Renolds, who dedicated his life to 'Serving Queen & Country". With tours in Northern Ireland, The Faukland Islands and Balkans to name but few places. He also suffers terrible arachnaphobia -even the smallest spider would send him into the largest panic.
    Now, when off duty, he could control his fears -how ever great and ilrational- but when he was on active duty, he could not control them because of the situations he was involved in.
    Case-in-point: Once when Renolds was stationed in Belfast, he was called to help defuse an IRA bomb that was found in a factory. Because of the state of surpressed panic he was feeling at the time, his arachnaphobia flared as he was cutting the casing from off the bomb adn his hand brushed a spider's web. It was told that he screamed like a banshee and ran from the building, making all his comrades fear that he had somehow set off the bomb, so they all ran for their lives.
    Renolds also gave similar examples of when he was fighting in the Faulkland war and a spider landed on his hand whilst he was out on patrol. Same as when he was in the Balkans.
    Because he was in a state of heightened awareness and the fact he was repressing the constant fear of injury from enemies seen and unseen, he other fears would creep upon him because they were such a part of his midn and feed upon all fears and phobias repressed.

    Each of our experiences in such situations shall differ but do not think yourself invincible or infalible.
    We all fear and suffer from our fears, how we handle them may be different but the results and feelings are all but the same.

    To leave you with a personal experience:
    There is very little in the World, save a few things, that I's do fear but in 1994, whilst I's was working in the then country of Yugoslavia as a bodyguard to an arrogent NATO envoy, I's had a painful reminder what I's most fear and loath in all existence.
    That is to be utterly powerless whilst those around I suffer. This Fear is the constant hum of my's being and the motivator for almost every action that I's do. This fear almost drove I mad the entirity of my's day in the Balkan states (as well as other places for and since).
    This was none so more marked unto I during the 2nd week of my's stay, I's was in a crowd that was peppered by sniper fire. My employer was shot through the head and was killed instantly, while I's received a wound to my's left thigh, rendering I temporarily immobile. Though I's was filled with a rage.
    One that grew stronger as I's realised that the sniper had begun targeting other people as I's was left unable to help.
    This rage breed through to fear -one that I's had never felt before or possibly since. A fear that all those people would suffer and die because I's was powerless to do anything. Because if I's moved, I's would either bleed out or be shot again and thus everyone else would suffer more.
    I's used both this Rage and this Fear to drive my's weakened flesh forward and gather unto I those who had fallen and lived and guide those yet unhurt to safety. Until the sniper was rendered out of existence by the UN forces stationed there.
    I's was lucky that day and I's thank all the Gods of my ancestors for that Fate.
    But still, I's felt the Fear and it consumed I but I's bettered it.

    So, you see, Fear is the dominant of all existence.
    Just how we use it shapes us.
    So, speak your words to I only after you have stepped within War Zone and seen the horrors there in.
    Then speak your fears and tell I if you are any different than others who have come before.

    Dwell well on these words.

    The Pimp NeonBlack

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