Emerald Fury (Evangelion/Hulk)

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    Apparently, this writer does a fanfiction.net series of Evangelion women who get superpowers. In this story, Misato Katsuragi's superpower is . . . change into the She-Hulk. This story is actually pretty decently-written even though he has a habit of jumping between perspectives mid-scene a la Dune. This is not a fetish-related story (note the 'T' rating) but there is some description of Misato's transformations (that's right, she gets to revert and change again).

    Nine chapters are up and it seems he gets a new one up on the average of six weeks.


    He has other series up that are unrelated to this one but have much of the same type of storyline.

    I hope people enjoy this. He's still active so I bet he'll write something new for the story soon.

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