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    Dion Schuur

    The last chapter of Katie (part 28) is now out!


    At last, we have arrived at the final chapter of Katie’s epic saga, after two years and over three thousand pages! And I promise you, you will like the finale!
    Katie’s ship, the “Dominatrix”, is still on her maiden voyage, and lots is going on: Katie, Angela and George have a hot time. After that, George is visited by Susan (Katie’s mom). We’ll see a steaming hot scene with Katie taking charge of both Nathan AND Tommie, and then another even hotter one involving Hank. And much more!
    Great comparisons, big boobs, tall ladies, wonderful holds and positions, lifts… One more chapter that has it all!

    122 pages


    Dion Schuur

    Girls that grow part 7 is now out!


    The wild night continues! Britt grows into an incredible giantess, sporting muscles unlike anything the world has ever seen! She poses a danger for small guys like Donald, but beautiful and sexy Gretchen comes to his rescue…
    Later in Gretchen’s room, they play with each other. Until… Britt arrives with other girls who want to grow…
    Muscle growth, a really really huge girl, romance, comparisons, boobs, pecs, thighs… there’s nothing missing!

    95 pages.







    Dion Schuur

    Growing up part 2 is now out!


    On saying goodbye, Erin had told Rick she would only be bigger the next time they would meet.

    Rick remembers thinking: “bigger still? that’s crazy!”

    Boy, was he wrong…
    Rick and Erin meet again (he’s nineteen now, she’s eighteen) and he just can’t believe how big and muscular Erin has become (and you won’t either!). Her mood seems dangerously unpredictable, and Rick wonders what she has in store for him when she takes him first to her garage, and then up to her bedroom…
    Another steaming hot story, where the emphasis is on incredible size comparisons and on Erin’s unbelievable physique, as well as on her physical and mental domination of Rick.

    112 pages!


    Dion Schuur

    The Shoot is now out!


    When art student Dinah gets a photography assignment on the theme “unexpected power”, she knows exactly who to ask in her shoot. Her friend Alyssa is a beautiful and big bodybuilder, and is all too happy to show her power to a hapless male victim. But things devolve, and Alyssa will do stuff that was never meant to be captured on camera…!

    Female beauty, big boobs, overhead lifts, lots of muscles, lots of taunting, lots of other stuff in this juicy hot comic…!

    49 pages


    Dion Schuur

    Roommates part 3 is now out!


    Big female bodybuilder Angeline continues her training of her small roommate Milo, who becomes her housemaid and her toy-boy… until… it’s time for Angeline to hand him over to someone else. Yvonne is her girlfriend and her mentor, and Angeline has prepared Milo especially for her. But how prepared is Milo really? Because Yvonne is quite a bit bigger than Angeline. And she’s even cuter!
    Incredible lifts and comparisons, sexy dialogue, huge boobs, muscles, orgasm denial… and Yvonne is one of the biggest and most beautiful girls in all of Amazonias!
    99 pages


    Dion Schuur

    The Russian stepsister part 2 is now out!


    Finally, here’s the sequel to this great comic by MiniGtsLover!
    Little four feet three Nathan is completely blown away by his huge Russian stepsister Katarina when she comes back after a year of being abroad. This coming begins when Katarina’s friend Cassie arrives, for a joint workout. The two tall and muscular girls will take little Nathan with them to the gym, where he’ll serve as a weight and an assistant… But there will be some surprises…
    Incredible comparisons, sexy girls, wonderful lifts, great workouts… you’ll lick your fingers at this wonderful comic!

    110 pages.


    Dion Schuur

    You Make Me Grow is now out!


    After being treated roughly by her new boyfriend Johnny, Amanda decides she’ll dump him the next morning. However, right at that moment, a little voice tells her to not do that before she’s taken everything from him that she can. The voice teaches her how she can use him to grow, grow, grow!
    Amanda tries it, and to her amazement, it works…! She grows stronger, bigger and more confident, while Johnny grows… close to despair…
    Another scorchingly hot growth comic with incredible comparisons, sexy characters, beautiful muscles and humiliating situations (for the guy, at least).
    104 pages


    Dion Schuur

    Stepmom part 4 is now out!


    As Jennifer carries Zach out of his bedroom to the living room, she is very conflicted. She needs to punish Zach, but is very turned on at the same time. How can she punish him if punishment is exactly what he wants?
    Zach is in total awe of the big bodybuilder, whose incredible body he finally gets to see and feel. But will he get what he wants from her? And to what lengths is he prepared to go?

    This story contains a few plot suprises, as well as awesome comparisons, a throat lift, mental domination, and a lot of bigness…

    98 pages.


    Dion Schuur

    Twice your size part 1 is now out!


    A seventeen year old short boy, and a sixteen year old girl who is big and wants to grow bigger. What could be hotter?

    Remy has zero experience with girls, and is extremely shy. But one day, he meets the beautiful, tall and athletic sixteen year old Stella at a bus stop (readers my recognize the homage to my own “Amber & Julian” story). Remy plucks up all his courage, and offers her to help with picking a new computer at the mall.
    Days later, on a night when Remy has a serious fight with his parents, Stella invites him to come over. Remy can’t believe his luck.
    This comic is about realism, characters with depth, tension that builds up, plot and dialogue so believable that you really feel immersed in the story as if you were there…! I’ve spent a lot of effort on the graphics and storytelling. It’s pure, subtle hotness mixed with sweet romance, and a lot of muscle and beauty!

    93 pages


    Dion Schuur

    Mother & Daughter part 1 is now out!


    Kurt is a 32 year old German who is honeymooning in Thailand with his beautiful wife Helga. When he takes a walk on the beach alone, he runs into his fantasy: an enormously muscular female bodybuilder.

    Kurt is incredibly impressed, but knowing that such big, strong women are very rare, plucks up all his courage and approaches the muscular beauty. Not only is she nice to him: she invites him to rub sunblock all over her massive muscles.

    Kurt gets to know every inch of her as he rubs her big thighs and calves, her abs, and her big boobs. In the meantime, the little guy and the big woman get to know each other better.

    And then, suddenly, there’s not just one fantasy woman, but two.
    Kurt can’t believe what’s happening to him…

    You’ll enjoy incredibly muscular beauty, eye-popping muscle comparisons, close-ups of slabs of muscle, of little hands on big boobs, and much more. I dare you to go through this comic in one sitting!

    86 pages.


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