How many video clips do you have on your computer?

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    I was just scanning the files on my drives and wow, do I have a ton of female bodybuilding clips.
    So much so that I probably will not look at many more than once.
    Can anybody else relate to this? It is a good situation to be in, actually.

    Metal Bent

    Hahaha, what a question! Is it a good thing? Prolly not. Then again, before the internet, it was hard for a young, penny-strapped suburbinite to find such material. I guess we hoard it, in case the internet dies, (or, as a result of a nuclear waste spill over the main computer that houses the internet, at the exact moment there is a severe electrical storm, it gains to sentiency and enslaves us all. Believe me, when that day comes – and it will come – you’ll be glad you had terabytes of clips on a device that requires electricity to access it.)


    Yeah that question seemed pretty loaded
    “I made a punny.”

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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