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    Heh…well I guess I didn't expect to try again in posting a story here, but I guess I wanted to at least give my other "non-were" TF tale a chance elsewhere.  This tale is a bit long, so I'm gonna be putting it up in installments. (or if you want to read it all at once, head over to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dungeon_of_female_tfs/

    "Miharu? Miharu, its time to get up!"

    The Yoshimune household reverberated with the sounds of yelling early that bright and sunny morning. It was one of those days full of potential…and Aoko Yoshimune saw her daughter as wasting it by laying around in bed early on a school day. Sure she knew that Miharu liked school: if she didn't, than she must have been complaining over all of the high marks she had been getting in and out of the classroom. But when it came to getting her up and out of the door, it was as if she was the mouse trying to move the elephant. Apparently the daughter and the first child of the Yoshimune household seemed to like dreaming her life away instead of studying. But that's what mothers were for.

    "Can't you wake Akira up first?," a cute, but groggy voice grumbled from a locked up room up the stairwell in the household.

    But before she could answer that question, a door slammed nearby to answer it for her. Akira was one of those boys who looked liked he was always looking for mischief: his hair was always messing around on top of his head like he never met a comb in his life, he always wore a silly T-shirt that showed itself underneath his white dressy uniform shirt for school, and his glasses were always tipped to the side as if he was making them crooked on purpose. Even though the mother vocally tried to wake up her daughter, it was always Akira who found a way of getting Miharu to get out of bed and out towards the school. And today's plan was going to be a doozy! Akira jumped up and ran to the door of his older sister's room, which was covered with cute little pictures of kittens and a sign with her name in kanji written on it. Sneaking to the very point where his mouth almost touched the door, the silly teenage boy began to speak in an official voice similar to those on TV:

    "Attention, miss Yoshimune! This is your conscious at work. Now I hate school as much as…"

    "I like school…" grumbled the voice from the other side of the door.

    "I didn't get a chance to finish," Akira's voice continued. His train of thought was off so he said the first things that came to his head: "I meant to say that I hated school as much as the next person, but those who don't go will have their ears grow to the size of Volkswagens, their nose turn into corn, their feet into manjyuu, and their…"

    "OK, I get it, I'm up…" Miharu said from the other side of the door. Anything to shut Akira up before he got even more absurd.

    A few minutes later (Akira had finished his breakfast by then and was licking his bowl of cereal clean), a cute girl emerged in the downstairs part of the house. Her face had this "cute" look to her whether it was intentional or not: it had a roundness that is usually seen in little girls, but worked well for her. Her eyes were a nice shade of brown, piercing through the slits that allowed her to view into the world. She had a nice little nose and small pouting lips, all of which were accented by the pail whiteness of her face and topped off with short black bangs hanging down to about the top of her neck. Just by face alone her mother often commented that she would have made a great geisha in another life, but that usually embarrassed Miharu. What also embarrassed her was her thin physical appearance: while nature was kind with her face, she never really had the looks that were flaunted in all those media tabloids or "testosterone" mags. Her body seemed somewhat like a bamboo shoot on the side, including a pair of arms that slung down towards her waist, a pair of legs that barely helped her up to her younger brother's chin, and a pair of boobs that seemed more pre-adolescent. In fact, she actually had to put some tissue paper into a B-cup bra to make it seem like she had more "model-like" qualities! (she didn't know why she did it, but she wanted something on her body to compliment her face) She was wearing a typical "sailor suit" uniform today, complete with a white blouse which was too big for her (thus her usual "stuffing the bra" maneuvers), a green ribbon tied on top and a brown miniskirt as was typically worn for a summer day…mostly so when she wore her brown nylons it would seem more uniform. Even though she had never lived in Japan, she always dressed for school like she did due to her parent's discipline.

    "And so the princess has finally felt the pea in her bed," Akira commented with a couple of cereal puffs in his mouth.

    "I doubt the pea would be talking about turning into a Volkswagen, wouldn't he?" the older sister complained to her younger brother.

    "Well if mom wasn't going to get you up, someone was," Akira quickly commented back. The cereal crunched around as several drops of milk spilled out "Even Rip Van Winkle eventually work up, but if he had your periods…"

    Miharu pounded on the table, nearly throwing out some of the puffs in her cereal. "What do you mean "my periods"?" A bit of anger was building up inside of her…"Men don't have to worry about it since they make it voluntarily!"

    Just before any more tempers flared, Aoko stared sternly at both Miharu and Akira. "No more crap like that this morning," the mother commented to both of them. "If you want to keep fighting like this, wait until after you leave this house. Remember the rules…"

    Both Miharu and Akira repeated them together: "No fighting in the house if we don't want to stir the spirits." It was considered pretty much mantra to the two of them.

    A couple minutes later, things were back to normal, as normal as you could consider this, in this house. But Akira got the last word in quietly speaking to himself as he watched his sister eat her cereal: "We'll see who the monster is in a couple weeks."

    Enrico Fermi High School was not very far away from the Yoshimune household, which made it advantageous to Mr. and Mrs. Yoshimune when they moved to this city from Japan several years before the birth of their first child. Ataru Yoshimune, the breadwinner of the household, had come to America with his new wife because of the promotion he was given to assistant manager of the overseas branch operations of Akagane Bank, more for his excellent English skills instead of for how well he ran things. In the last several years, he was laid off from this bank due to the various overseas cutbacks Akagane was making, but he quickly found employment as the manager of the local branch of Hamilton Bank, preventing any movement that would disorient anyone in the family. The money they made allowed for a nice, simple middle-class lifestyle as well as plenty of saving for his and his wife's retirement fund. But just because they were in another country didn't mean that the Japanese ethic was lost from their beloved children. Aoko had taught Miharu and Akira Japanese from the moment they were born and tried to take their children to Japan every year to reflect both on their "home" and to expose them to various aspects of their culture. Strangely, both children reflected their "Americaness" and their "Japaneseness" in different ways. Miharu mostly had a quiet, studious personality and usually wore the traditional Japanese clothing such as school uniforms, but embraced American cultural things such as classic rock and freedom of artistic expression. Akira, on the other hand, seemed to be more of the "loud American" in a Japanese boy's body: always trying to make himself heard and independent….yet he had a weakness for Japanese anime and manga. (so much so that he tapes shows off satellite in the wee hours of the morning…when it is prime time in Japan!) However as Japanese as they were, both found themselves Americans first…mostly due to the requirements of the life in this country.

    Fermi High was considered by many to be that of a typical inner-city public high school at the dawn of the 21st century. Considering all of the budget cuts and troubles the place had, it was tough for some to realize that the place was actually doing really well even with all of its troubles. Outside of a few "minor" sports and a cutback of buying new textbooks from every other year to about every 5 years, the school was sort of getting by with what the city and state was giving them, not to mention the occasional fundraising drive run by several of the teachers. As was typical of many inner-city schools, students of various ethnic groups, education levels and backgrounds came to this school for one reason or another, whether because of a special program the school offered or because this was the main school of their district. At the top of the heap were those enrolled in the "magnet" program: a special school offered as both part and separate of Fermi where some of the smartest students of the city (usually those who either were rejected or chose not to go to Kepler High for the Gifted) come together for an intensive four-year education program, especially focused in the various maths and sciences, yet also lead many to also partake in the Advanced Placement classes offered by the school and usually lead to some of the best colleges in the country. Although you didn't have to be a magnet student to take those classes, it was usually those students that ended up there. (both Miharu and Akira were members of this program, but it was a lot easier for Akira to enter due to his obsession with math…) Other programs in this school included a business school for potential entrepreneurs, a communications school for those who wanted to get into broadcasting (or for some, show business), a general "lower level" science program, and of course a liberal arts program which had a little of everything….not to mention every kind of student from underachievers to hoodlums.

    As was typical on a nice sunny morning at Fermi High, the whole schoolyard was abuzz with activity all around. At the front of the school as the Japanese duo entered the school, several of the black boys were blasting their hip-hop music at full blast where everyone could hear the messages of the latest poet of the streets. (Miharu usually held her ears when she passed this, but Akira found himself getting into the groove if something that didn't involve an intense base or sampling was being played) Along the faded red-brick walls, a couple of scraggly boys in ski caps (even if it was too warm for that sort of thing) were tossing around a bean bag with their worn-out sneakers. Although they wanted to create their own rhythm, those boys found themselves following along with the rhythm and blues of the front of the school. Not too far down from them, a couple of other students were taking in a last stab of nicotine before the start of the school day. Near the hill several Hispanic kids were talking about the latest events, while not too far away a few Korean girls were gossiping over the latest fashion tips. (Koreans were the main "East Asian" group at Fermi High in a school that also had large populations of Chinese, Philippine and a few Vietemese and Cambodian students. For all they knew, Miharu and Akira were the only Japanese kids in the school) At the bottom of the hill, several Indian boys were slapping each other "hi" and hugging each other while a couple of other Indo-Pak girls look on, nodding over how goofy they looked. Nearby, Miharu saw Akira running off to another group of Asian boys about his age with one of them playing some portable game system. Nearby, a couple of black Muslim girls arrived in the other gate to the school, covered in black veils that covered them up for their God's judgment. Yep, even if this place wasn't perfect, it was a picture that seemed to come out of a "politically correct" article found in certain magazines.

    Amidst all of the hustle and bustle of the early school day, Miharu found herself heading towards the same direction of Akira, but stopped when she reached a slender, thin boy lounging on the hill near the Hispanics. He was a sloppily dressed white male wearing a black T-shirt featuring Woodstock from the Peanuts strip singing on a tree, as if the little yellow bird was barely hanging on. His jeans weren't any better: they barely were hanging on to his body since he never really liked wearing a belt. His face was being covered up by a book bag, as if he was taking the last of his forty winks before the start of another school day…in fact he probably was. He didn't seem sound asleep since his breathing wasn't that heavy, but he did seem like he was trying to get a bit too comfortable a little to close to the first bell. The Japanese girl sort of knew the boy was like this, mostly because he relaxed like this every day, but she needed a little something from him this morning. Gently, she tugged on the taught handle of the navy-blue book bag in order to introduce him to the light. As it went upwards, it unveiled an unkempt clod of dark-brown hair and a pair of gray aviator glasses covering up two closed, but semi-alert eyes. As the light of the sun started shining on the thin boy's eyelids, several murmurs began to emerge from his mouth…sure he knew it was inevitable this would happen, but he did want a little more sleep after getting up really early to get ready for school.

    "Rumplesarkan…who dares awaken the great Professor Tomoe…", the boy mumbled as he raised himself to sit up. His eyes opened to reveal deep brown irises similar to the color of his hair. The white boy was still drowsy, but at least he was up…

    "You know, sometimes I wonder who's worse: you or my brother," Miharu responded back to him. Not that she hated anime or anything, but she did think it was a bit too overvalued for an outsider's view of Japanese culture.

    "Oh, its you," the sloppy boy responded back. He rubbed his eyes to remove a little of the gunk in them, then continued. "You know you should have called last night if you wanted to get ready for the test. We could have studied together."

    "Don't blame me for it slipping my mind, Darren," the Japanese girl responded. "I don't really mind studying on my own. I just need to look at your math notes, that's all." While Miharu was one of the top students in the class, she did realize that this boy was a lot better organized when it comes to taking notes than she was.

    The sloppy boy, a little more energetic than the lethargic form he showed earlier, took back his book bag which was on the ground after Miharu took it off of him. Unzipping along the radius of his backpack, he took out a semi-worn out blue notebook with his name on it in some strange script (Miharu thought that maybe he had seen Lord of the Rings one too many times) and with the holes tearing out from the metal spiral holding it together. The Japanese girl's delicate fingers seemed to grab it from his hand…even if she was modest she needed to look them over before their second-period test. Opening it up, she entered a world of functions and cosines that would delight Lewis Carroll…or Darren Christopher Weiss at least. As Miharu got comfortable with looking over the math notes, Darren rezipped up his book bag and laid his head on top of it, knowing that she wouldn't ask him anything since it was just a breezeover before classes.

    "Thanks again for letting me do this, Darren," Miharu told him as she got herself stressingly comfortable on the nearby grass. "As for last night, I will remember next time to try and contact you before I forget the promises that I made."

    "No problem," the whiskered teen responded back. "I say invest in a PDA, but then again I don't have my own so that wouldn't help. But your dad could probably get you one of those…or maybe a little notebook from a dollar store. How about one of those memory-implant devices?"

    "Maybe you should get one of those," Miharu responded. "After messing up that Mac Beth speech you were supposed to memorize, you would do a lot better with one of those implants."

    "How was I supposed to know that life was 'a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing?' With all the other dour things he was saying, the speech should have ended earlier," the male responded.

    "But then it wouldn't have had the impact that it is supposed to." The studious female was trying to read the notes and talk to her compadre at the same time. "Shakespeare was trying to say…"

    "Well if I were Shakespeare I wouldn't have had written this so Polanski would put in all those naked hags. I say send him forward in time, show him Rosemary's Baby and then poof, A+ for me," Darren retorted. He was closing his eyes again mostly to block the sun, since he knew classes were about to begin anyway.

    By this point the girl wasn't listening, focusing instead on the notes for her test. All of the stress seemed to be building up with every word he was saying anyway at that moment, so much so that a little drop of sweat beaded down her geisha-like face.

    As all of this was going on, the duo was being watched with a little interest. Closer to the gate of the school, several females watched Miharu's and Darren's antics with hawk eyes, plotting the beginning of a strange little scheme…


    For those of you waiting, here's some more:

    Once the bell finally rang on the start of another school day, the duo separated into the "trout streams" for the start of another school day. While they did have several classes together, the first one was not one of them. Miharu's first period class was American History, while Darren went to a computer class that emphasized programming. The sailor-suited girl briefly saw Akira in the crowds, but since the din of movement was so loud she couldn't get a chance to speak out to her annoying/cute little brother. Moving through the Fermi halls, she finally reached her first classroom: a brightly lit affair with pictures of some of the great people to live within the middle of the three great states of North America. Several students had already sat down in their "brightly orange desk seats" when Miss Yoshimune arrived in the room. She sat down around front row center, the perfect place to stay aware if she wanted to get all the notes that she took for this class. Nothing really would have happened normally while waiting for the teacher to show up…except that one of the girls from the earlier "group" emerged into the room and heading right towards her. She was a Nordic-looking blonde girl who definitely looked like your typical definition of "beauty standards" in this society. For starters, she had the kind of large "poofy" hair that looked like it was stolen from Farrah Fawcett. One of the strands flowed it way down the left of her two piercing green eyes, trying to hide the mysteries of a semi-obvious girl. Then there was the pink halter-top with the off-color flower on it that seemed to be pointing towards her large, bouncy melons. Some people in the school rumored that she had run off to get silicone implants in some third-world country over one summer, but she kept claiming that puberty had treated her well. Her lower half didn't make things any better: she wore extremely tight blue jeans mostly to show her tight butt off and hide away her long, slender legs. In other words, outside of any genetic disorders that could show up later, she was the kind of girl that all females wanted to be and all males wanted to put to bed…

    Clomping along in a pair of new designer sneakers, the "slut/goddess" went along the dirty Fermi tiles like they were the runways of Paris. Normally she would had just slided over to the back of the classroom and placed herself in one of the corners where she would have just taken her notes while gossiping to whoever was around her. But this day she passed by the first aisle she should have headed towards and walked down the front until she reached the middle aisle where the short-haired Japanese girl was sitting with both her history and math notes standing side by side. Miharu was reading the math notes trying to come to grips with derivatives when she noticed the green eyes peering down towards her. Turning upwards, she stared directly into the other girl's eyes, looking beyond the hair strands and looking at her and trying to understand what she wanted. The blond had never gone directly to her before, so she knew something was going to happen.

    "I don't get you," the blond said in a brash, but quiet voice. "What makes you so good? Here you are, getting all of these great grades and yet you need someone else's notes when it come to taking a test."

    "I'm not perfect," Miharu calmly responded back to her. "I do well in studying, but I admit that I am not as adept with numbers as other people such as Darren. I rather use his notes to my own. But what about…"

    "I don't really need it to succeed," the blond responded back. "It just comes to me anyway…how else would I get into such advance classes without much effort?"

    "Money," Miharu said with a little bit of sarcasm. She then added "Well OK, this is a public school and all, but your parents probably had to pay a few more tax dollars…unless you were the one behind the windfall Fermi gets."

    This remark caused a few people already in the classroom to start chuckling…except for one black boy in the center of the room that started guffawing at the comment. The blond remained calm, but she did seem to have a bit of aggravation appearing in her eyes.

    "Speak for yourself, Nip!" she retorted back. "Your parents probably pay the same amount of taxes, but you don't have to worry about getting in because you are all geniuses! Stealing all of our jobs due to your cheaper labor and bigger brains! You're here to take over our country and turn us into our slaves!"

    "Is it just me or are you starting with those 80's clichés again," Miharu said back. She felt really offended by everything the busty blond said at that moment, but had to keep her calm because it was her nature. She continued. "For one thing I have been an American all my life and will probably work here too eventually. For another, Japan has been through many booms and recessions just like this country. We're just as bright and as lazy as you no matter what language you speak or how much money you have in your account. So take back your stereotypes and…"

    The fight probably would have continued if the teacher had not come in at that very moment. A little red in the face, the blond returned to the back of the classroom where she would stew over her own thoughts. Miharu immediately put away the math notes and prepared for another normal lesson. But before it started, she breathed to herself, "If she's bringing up clichés, maybe she should look in a mirror."

    Not much really happened during the first period after the big fight, outside of the scheduled study on Reconstruction America and the carpetbaggers. But as the class ended 55 minutes later, the blond stared once again at Miharu with viciousness in her eyes. The sailor-suited girl stayed behind a couple minutes to wait before heading off to math class, mostly since both were heading in the same direction.

    Outside of one class, both Miss Yoshimune and the snobbish Nordic girl pretty much shared the entire schedule of high level classes, both being some of the brightest females of Fermi High. (the only class the two didn't share was the final period: Miharu was taking a composition class and the blonde was in AP Spanish due to taking it starting in middle school) But until this day there really wasn't any reason for either of them to speak to each other, either inside or out of the classroom. Miharu usually kept to herself most of the time unless she had to study for certain things she needed help with while the other girl kept within her clique of "cheerleading geniuses", a group that proved that beauty, brains and high kicks can mesh together into a viscous, but strong fluid. The black-haired East Asian girl found herself going home after school unless there was an occasional study group or a meeting of the National Honors Society; the blonde stuffed responsibilities not only for cheering everything from football to badminton, but she was lining up her position to eventually become the assistant editor to the school yearbook once she got around to her senior year, not to mention honor stuff as well. Miharu thought and thought as she wandered towards the impending math test, not about figures that would show up, but the figure of that blonde standing over her, the Aphrodite to her own Athena; the Reese Witherspoon to her….well, the closest she could think of was Margaret Cho, but she would do for now. Why her? Why today? And why get offended over a math test? Miharu knew it wasn't going to get better as she got closer to the test room when she heard the voice of Darren speak out from down the hall. (he was a bit loud)

    "Listen, you have to get things straight, Barbie." (yes, the blonde's name was actually Barbara Midge Kenneth, but considering her looks everyone called her the shorter name…for obvious reasons) "You claimed a few days ago that you and your girls would handle the studying on your own. I promised Miharu the notes and she had first rights to them."

    "Well sometimes I have to check my notes with someone outside of them," Barbie spoke similarly loud as it echoed from the halls. "I do have a standard to keep up with."

    "But if you wanted to look at the notes, you should have asked a few days ago and I would have arranged something," Darren said as Miharu got closer to the classroom. "Miharu asked first and I…"

    "Miharu, Miharu, always with that girl," the blond said. "Why don't you just give her an engagement ring already?"

    It was about this point that the Japanese girl entered the room where she saw Darren, sitting in the second seat from the right in the front row of the classroom in a bright blue desk connected to a plastic chair. Barbie was sitting right next to him on the end, a little red in the face with what she was saying and leaning over as if she was trying to use her cleavage to win the duel. Darren then responded "Listen, its not like I even know her very well. She asks to study with me days before a test and I help her out. Its been that way since we both started here and it will probably be this way until we both have diplomas and go our separate ways to different colleges. If you want my help, you should arrange something…"

    "Well how do you think I feel?" Barbie interrupted brashly. She plopped right onto the desk where Darren stared at the lacy bra she was wearing. She continued, "Do you think maybe I would want to talk to the math wizard of this school before I get started on the test?"

    "Well Kim Cho Pang takes math at the university so I have to go with you," the blonde responded.

    It was about here that Miharu sat down again at front-row center and prepared to give back Darren's math notes. But as she adjusted her self to prepare for the upcoming test, Barbie extended her slenderous arm across the scruffy boy's desk and right towards the sailor-suited girl. She then stared again with her vicious green eyes and bursted out "It's your fault! He likes you more than me and that’s why he won't give me those notes! I'm telling you this isn't over yet Nip!" And with one final glare Barbie stood up as best as her tight blue jeans could get her to and strided in her designer sneakers all the way back to the back of the class. A couple of other students stared at the whole sordid affair, but many of them were in the midst of cramming the final nodules of information into their synapses to pay attention.

    With all of this over, Darren quickly turned to Miharu, adjusted his glasses and softly said: "Sorry this crap got all 90210 over here. Something happened this morning before you showed up and Babs got all demented. I'll tell you a little later."

    "Like I really want to know," the pale-faced Japanese girl said as she took out the messy notebook to return to him. Considering all the abuse she took earlier from the Nordic girl, she didn't want to make things even messier. Besides, all that crap had to be wiped from her mind if she wanted to concentrate on the math test that really mattered.

    Yet again not much really happened that is relevant to this story during this period. The pre-calculus test was given and Miharu did her hardest to cope with the stress of all she had to put up with, both in personal means and in her calculations. Barbie was on her mind so much that she triple-checked her equations to make sure she did them well. As for Darren, he finished the test about halfway through the period and pulled out a copy of Fahrenheit 451 which he had to look over for English later. Barbie, not surprisingly, finished a couple minutes later. Miharu was in the middle of quintuple checking when time ran out…even though she did pretty much get them all.

    "Now tell me: what is Bradbury's purpose of the usage of 'The Seashell' in his novel?"

    "In order to show the artificiality of nature as accepted by the people of this society who would rather have simulation over reality," a small black girl answered.

    "Well actually I thought it was Bradbury's insight that predicted the overtechnological reliance of our future society in that we rather listen to our walkmans and take part in interactive events without any connections to the reality that we are forced to live in," further added an Asian boy.

    "I was thinking mostly of the first answer, but the second one would do fine as well," the teacher responded.

    Third period for the majority of the students in this group usually meant English class…which by this point in time began to further emphasize various works of English literature not only to prepare for future testing and critical composition writing but, if all went according to plan, should instill a lifelong passion for reading within everyone in the class. However, one of the main differences of this class to some of the others was the informal structure of everything: while they still read a lot of books and had to do the occasional essay test, they didn't have really much homework outside of the reading. Another, more obvious, difference in class structure was that this teacher, a gray-haired plump woman, chose to have the class meet in a round circle so that all would be able to both give and receive the input being made. Yet again, Miharu and Darren found themselves sitting near each other, but not because they had to. The Japanese girl always found herself sitting along the "9 O’clock" position in the classroom, which was to the side of the teacher but far from the door to the class. Darren usually sat at "12 O’clock" behind the teacher, mostly due to his dislike of English even if it was easy this year. But because he wanted to get something out that he couldn't say before the test in math, he decided to spend this day sitting next to his "target". Barbie was also in this class, sitting around "5 O’clock" near a red-haired pigtailed girl that was usually seen in her little group. Occasionally during this class too she stared in the direction of Miharu, still obviously upset over something, as if she was the soulless robotic dog aiming for its target.

    "You know sometimes I think the teacher is getting too much out of this," Darren said as she responded to the two previous comments made about Fahrenheit 451. He leaned his head on top of his right arm, trying to think and relax at the same time. He continued by saying "While science-fiction is usually used in a constructive manner to comment about the society that one is presently living within, many would probably consider their content to be either too idealistic or too nihilistic…"

    "So then why do you read them," Miharu asked back to her compadre.

    "Because of their unique perspective on the world," he responded. "Anime is similar in that it is like a long novel, usually science fiction, yet uses the visual and the oral to create a great story in 13 to 26 chapters…well, outside the long ones."

    "Tell me about it," the Asian girl said as she leaned her head in depression. Not only was Barbie's insanities and the math test getting to her, but she couldn't help but compare Darren at this moment to Akira: both of them were really smart, but seemed one-note when it came to her own culture. Then again Darren probably had little else to work with outside the visual medium, so it wasn't like she could never forgive him for such repetitive chatter.

    Darren then turned his head towards his female counterpart, smiled a strangely mischievous grin similar to certain serial killers and said, "So I guess you want to know about Barbie now, huh?"

    "Not really, but you're going to blab it anyway so I'm stuck. So make it quick before Mrs. Percy calls on either of us to answer."

    "OK. I guess this whole thing started at the end of the school day yesterday. It was just after the end of the school day, not too long after the final bell. I was starting to head home to get some homework done after crashing from a day of filling up my gray matter. All was alright, nothing seemed out of alignment. When I first saw the blonde with her friends, I didn't really notice them. They were in their own little world and I was in mine…and trust me, unless she was Sailor Venus I wouldn't normally notice a blonde outside of typical outside encounters. Not really my type of female outside those "dirty blondes"…don't ask me why. But then, just after seeing them huddle up for a couple of seconds, Barbie separated from her group and seductively walked towards me in that way that's supposed to drive men wild. Then…"

    "Mr. Weiss! How does this talk about Miss Kenneth to Miss Yoshimune pertain to Fahrenheit 451 and the meanings in this novel?" Apparently Darren had talked a bit too loudly in his little story and attracted the attention of Mrs. Percy and several students in the classroom. Barbie let out a little chuckle at the buffoonery of the whiskered male before returning to talking to her pigtailed friend.

    Darren then said the first thing that came to his mind to get things back on track: "Why is it that Beatty said that comic books and certain magazines were kept in this society that disallowed reading? I know plenty of people who learned how to read from comic books in the first place, so shouldn't they be banned in this society too. And there are probably some people out there who read Playboy for the articles."

    Mrs. Percy almost answered this, but the short black girl from before stepped in first. "Beatty's conversation with Montag was trying to emphasize a future where humanity has lost the ability to critically think and would like having all of their answers and ideas handed to them instantaneously. Thus, with the elimination of things such as books and magazines, they would be able to abide both to the political correctness of this world and remove the need of thinking when someone is thrown the visual input. Assumedly, these comic books and pornographic magazines are also without words, but since they already rely on the visual without need for words, they were able to be kept in Bradbury's 'thoughtless future'.

    "Well I always thought comics was full of convoluted conversations but this is ridiculous." Darren concluded.


    Well I guess I've been moving too slow or something…so I thik I'll just speed things up and get the whole story over and done with…

    With all of the strangeness of the first three periods of class, the fourth period was at least a little bit of respite amidst the chaos of the Fermi day. For many of those in the advanced classes in this grade, not to mention assorted others dependant on their schedule, the fourth period was lunchtime, the refueling station between the weary beginning and the anticipatory ending of the school day. As usual, the black and white-tiled cafeteria was crawling with all sorts of students, each of which were finding seats all over the place with the designated group that they chose to be with: it was similar to the hubbub of the start of the school day, but a lot less crowded. As was typical on a day where she wasn't studying for a later-period assignment or test, Miharu found herself sitting by herself, even as she ate a slender peanut-butter sandwich at an empty end of a table that found an entire group of Indo-Pak students chowing down at the other end. Considering that she didn't bring any trouble or problems with her, they didn't mind her sitting near their group.

    As she bit through another sticky piece of the nutty bread, she contemplated everything that had happened on this day: her brother Akira waking her up, her mother's pressures, the math test, the general pressures of being a student, and especially the sudden discomtempt of Barbie towards her due to something between her and Darren. With each bite, another thought of her personal problems entered her mind, swirling around and making itself the biggest problem in her life until the next bite was made. The Japanese girl's mind became more and more stressed, like a balloon that was building up with the gases of the world. And when her stress really got to her, she knew that it would affect her physically as well. With too much on her mind, her heart rate would increase the blood flow around her body and her muscles would usually tense up, making it difficult to do anything Miharu knew that she needed a release. A way for all of these stresses to just melt away into nothingness and allowing her to return to her normal, everyday existence. And to her, the best way of releasing all of it was just by talking to someone. But whom? It wasn't like she wanted it to be Darren: he was part of the problem in the first place and had his history class at this very moment. She wished it could have been her little brother there to talk to, but he had one of the earliest lunches in the school (2nd period) and she probably wouldn't see him again until they both headed back home. Maybe the Indo-Pak kids? One of them, a big, short male with a beard, was sort of in several of her classes already but it wasn't like they were friendly either…although he did occasionally come to her for history tutoring. She turned with another gulp of peanut-butter in her mouth and looked around to see the multitudes. Hundreds of students of all races, religions, sexes and such crowded together in a giant stage that is a microcosm for humanity. And amongst the multitudes, there really existed hundreds of little egotists, each one looking out for themselves while trying to fit in with the situations that they found themselves in. With all of these people looking out for themselves, who would want to listen to the stresses of one of their own? Perhaps…

    "Hey, Yoshimune! I need you for a moment!"

    Miharu turned to her side to search for the echo that could have made her finally stand out. But what she saw was actually one of Barbie's "cheerleader geniuses": the red-headed pigtailed girl that sat next to the blonde in the English class. She was dressed a bit more modestly than miss "show them off": wearing a nice top that hid any potential curves and hidden a bit more by a flannel shirt she wore over it. (while she didn't mind her looks, she really didn't want to flaunt them off) She also had a tight pair of jeans, but wore an immense belt hanging over her like a black leather hula hoop that gave unneeded attention to her slim waist. Her two pigtails arched from her the sides of her head and came down to her shoulders, trying to make her look more juvenile than she let on. Her face was cute as well, with two black eyes, a small nose, and strangely capped off by a pair of metal braces that were trying to straighten her teeth. If this girl wasn't associated with Barbie's group, she could have made a better life as a model for the grunge generation. Yet considering everything that happened today, Miharu didn't need any more trouble from the "cheerleaders" as well as from their "ringleader".

    "What is it Lynne?" the Japanese girl said with a muffled up mouth. She had to respond quickly and forgot for a moment about the sandwich she was eating. (as it sometimes happened when in the midst of contemplation)

    "I really don't understand much of what's going through Barbie's mind right now, but you've better watch what you are doing," the fire-haired girl said. As she said this, she was picking some of the food particles stuck inside her braces so she wouldn't have to worry about them. There seemed to be a bit more innocence in her eyes than in the malice that the busty blonde had shown this day. Lynne continued. "When there is something that she wants, Barbie will stop at nothing, and I do mean that, to get it."

    "So what else is new?", Miharu coyly said. She had finally finished off the peanut-butter and was sitting with a juicy golden-delicious apple rolling in her hand, preparing to eat it after she was done speaking with the pigtailed brunette. She didn't know whether to trust what she was saying or not, so she just kept her mouth shut as Lynne continued onwards.

    "Trust me, if you don't want anything happening to you or Darren, you've better find some sort of way of getting back on her good side before its too late. Babs may have something planned because of this whole thing and I don't want anyone to get hurt, especially you."

    The pale-skinned Japanese girl was trying to listen to what Lynne had to say to her, but it was Barbie once again that stole her attention. Her mechanical dog eyes of green were coldly looking at the both of them as she munched down on the remains of a salad that she had for her own lunch. Sitting right by her were several other girls that she and the pigtailed girl associated with in their clique, including another blonde with shorter hair than the vampish leader similar to Miharu's, a chocolate-skinned black girl with hair that resembled a puffed-up sea urchin, another brunette with glasses and waist-length hair, and an Asian girl that seemed to be wearing a purple wig with sparkles all over them. While she wasn't quite sure all of them were on the cheerleading squad with Barbie, Miharu had seen several of them in the same classes as herself…and never really talked to any of them outside of certain contexts before today. Both the short-hair blonde and the other brunette seemed to be looking similar to their leader with their cold, uncaring looks. The black and Asian girls were looking too, but seemed to have their minds elsewhere than the problems at hand.

    "I'm just wondering, but has Barbie or any of those other girls put you up to warning me for whatever is about to occur," the sailor-suited girl asked her flannel-shirt audience. "Or are you somehow actually concerned over what you've seen so far?"
    "I already know my own consequences for this action," Lynne responded. "Just because Babs is my friend doesn't mean that I agree with everything that she does. As long as you don't bother her, she won't bother you. I just wonder how smart either of us are for doing something like this."

    "Maybe ignorance is the worst fear of them all," Miharu quietly responded.

    On that note, Lynne turned around and went back to her table while Miharu returned to her own contemplations of all that was occurring. As she stared out into the vacant space, she felt a bit discouraged that she forgot to ask the brunette exactly why her leader was so angry at her today. While she did say some good things, it didn't ease anything within her mind…if it only just made her a bit more stressed. What she saw next didn't help her case: as she watched on, she saw Lynne return to the table with most of the girls turning away from her for speaking with the "enemy". Then, to her own shock, she saw Barbie get up from her lunching spot and start tugging on Lynne's right pigtail with her own right hand while slapping her on her left cheek with her left hand! Whatever she had just learned was forbidden information and Miharu now realized that. She just hoped this wasn't a premonition for something even worse as predicted….

    Not really that much happened in the next semester that didn't already occur earlier in the day. Physics class down in the basement annex of the school (a yellow trailer-like structure that extends out towards the yard and used by many students to get in who knew that it was pretty much unlocked long before school started) went off with all that had already happened. Miharu tried to pay attention to the lesson of the kinetics of atomic particles in response to its temperature, but every time she turned around she saw Barbie staring looking at the notes the bald teacher was putting up on the board and the other eye on her. Instead of a dog, the Japanese girl thought that maybe she would have been a chameleon (like one from Madagascar, not one of those little anoles from the southern United States) staring in two different directions at the same time. Occasionally the stare would turn towards Darren, who for this class was actually in the top-center of the middle row going vertically, but Barbie noticed that for some reason the venom didn't seem to reach out towards him as much as it had to her. Instead of contemplating the energy expended by a molecule of water at 15 degrees Kelvin, she wondered the comments that Lynne had made during lunch: what if she was getting too deep into all of this? What if there was more to this jealousy than meets the eye? Unfortunately, her priorities as a student came before any hell she was going through and she had to do a molar conversion before figuring this equation out.

    If there was any weaknesses that Miharu truly had in her entire schedule at Fermi High, 6th period brought them all out. For those within her group (herself included), this was the time of gym classes every day (outside of lab periods on Mondays for physics). Now there was one usual reason why Miss Yoshimune never really liked this class, and while it wasn't one legitimate enough to get out of it, it wasn't like she would not do the class and get an instant failing grade. This was how she was never any good when it came to sports or various physical activities. Sure she did some physical activity to get out, including walking to and from school every day and an occasional walk around the block several times dependant on the weather. But in a class that required running around a track one day, playing games such as soccer or basketball the next, and all of the various physical activities they tested her on from rope climbing to pull ups to sit ups and jumping across a sandy pit, a girl who was nothing but basically skin and bones, with maybe a couple ligaments and muscles keeping her from being a gelatinous blob, would probably cough up both her lungs and figuratively apply tons of pain-killers after everything she had to do in this class. Of course since gym class was graded on participation instead of being athletic, it was sort of an easy A to achieve. But there was another reason behind her disdain for the class, especially apparent today of all days. All students were required to wear a t-shirt with the Fermi name on it, most likely the gray one with the logo and the words "Fermi Hurricanes" on top (someone made that their mascot due to how well they thought "Hurricane" rhymed with Fermi…but everyone just usually calls their teams the "Fermi Hurris") as well as gym shorts in the school colors of red, black and/or white. While she was quite adept at hiding her "bamboo shoot" frame from everyone normally through the usage of her bra-stuffing and the skirt of her sailor-suit, Miharu's obvious physical deficiencies made themselves present whenever 6th period rolled around. And with this grudge that Barbie suddenly had towards her, she didn't want to add any more fuel to the fire. As she changed into the uniform for class, she made sure to stay within her normal bra instead of switching into the sports variety. Sure it felt really uncomfortable, but it was a tactic for diversion.

    After getting into her "uniform", the Japanese girl followed a line of other girls, magnet and otherwise, out a pair of big green doors that obviously looked like they were painted recently to the outdoors. Staring outwards towards a couple of grated windows put up by the door, she noticed the sky was a light blue, but there were several stringy clouds floating overhead creating a deceptive feel that the sun could be blocked out at any moment. Heading down the gray concrete pathway through a field of "brownish-green" grass, all of the girls (at least she thought it was all of them) walked in a monotonous line-up with what seemed to be rhythm, but was just ironic considering all of the girls were probably walking in their own pace. Walking past most of the fields, the lineup walked right into a nearby stadium which was pretty much the football field surrounded by a reddish-brown racing track for running. The males already were inside the stadium as they had been lead out about a minute or two ago, thrown about all around with several stretching themselves on the football field and others joking around by running mock races backwards. Miharu didn't mean to look around mostly because looking around meant was usually a premonition to more trouble coming up. But there, not too far away on the edge between the track and the field, Darren was seemingly having, um, some sort of conversation with a giant of a boy who was yelling right back at him. His large body dwarfed Darren's with a complex combination of fat and muscle being hidden under his shirt, although his thighs were large enough to crush anyone out there. What made it even weirder was that the sun had hit the two speakers perfectly so that Darren's glasses were reflecting themselves right off the arched, seemingly shaved bald head that gleamed with the yellow rays of our nearby star. While she couldn't make it out too well from the line, she did hear some of what was being spoken even from this far away due to the loud nature of both combatants.

    "…admit it! She's way too above you and would never want a freaky hairy weirdo like you!"

    "Well I would except that I have to consider the circumstances. She only wanted my math notes!"

    "Not from what she told me! She claimed that you asked her out using it as an excuse to practice for the math test!"

    "Well I don't see it that way. She asked me for the math notes long after I promised them to someone else for today's test! I was hoping to use them last night so I couldn't release them at my will without any guarantees."

    The huge bald man boy snorted out several puffs of angers, with a couple drops of snot becoming the steam of his release. He seemed to stare out at the whiskered male with a huge sense of aggravation, like a bulldog staring down a wire-haired dachshund for control of a certain tree. Darren was truly shaking in his boots…well, sneakers actually, but he was quite frightened of the immense figure that was watching him with the same evil stare that Barbie had given towards Miharu all this day. His thin frame shrunk into an black ant, threatened to be squished by the foot below without any means of defending himself like his red counterparts. But a whistle, emerging from the direction of the lineup of girls, brought an end to the standoff at this very moment. The bald monster, realizing that he didn't want any more detention than he already had this year, looked at his sparring partner one last time where he simply said: "You, me, after school…this will finally end." And with that statement, he stomped away as if he was a rhinoceros walking away after charging to protect his land from an invading predator towards the "liberal-arts" group also having gym at this moment. His bald head seemed to align with the sun in the high western sky, like it would be eclipsed by it at twilight.


    Part 4

    After the confrontation, the boys immediately lined up right beside the girls in two separate lines: a masculine outside with a creamy feminine filling. They were all lined up by their own height at this very moment, which meant that Miharu was towards the front of one of the female lines while Darren was about somewhere not quite in the middle, but not quite in the back to accommodate those such as the immense guy whom he just spoke with. The monster of a man found himself conveniently placed right near Barbie, who was near the back of the female end of the opposite lines since she had quite a height difference compared to others of her own sex. Someone noticed the two of them somehow talking to one another during this whole lineup waiting for the teacher's first orders, but no one could really verify anything at this time. The other "cheerleading geniuses" were also throughout the lineup, with Miharu standing right behind the cute black girl from English class but right in front of the sea-urchin haired black who was staring at her similarly to many of the other cheerleaders. The short haired blond was in the other female line around the middle, while the glasses-wearing brunette was slightly in front of Darren prospectively in the same line. (he slightly blushed looking at her for some reason) The pigtailed Lynne was also in Miharu's line, but around the same place as the short-haired blonde in the other line. Finally, the purple-haired Asian was at the very front of the same line with Barbie, keeping on her artificial locks even with all of the sweat and dirt that was potentially about to cover it up.

    Not too long after the line formations were formalized, both teachers for the gym class appeared in front of both lines to lead them for another gym of running around in circles. The male was a slightly large black male with a boxy shaved haircut and a thick mustache covering the top of his lip like shrubbery. His build seemed to suggest that he used to play football once upon a time. The female was a middle-aged female who looked sort of emaciated, but in pretty good shape for a person of her age. She obviously had signs of wear and tear even from her wrinkled face, but covered up any of her potential problems with a school-colored sweat suit of red and black.

    The black man, slightly straightening a little of his jacket from the creases and wrinkles in it, stared out towards the mostly attentive class (the large boy was cleaning out his ear and didn't want any distraction) and with a booming voice began giving out the instructions for the day.

    "All right. I know all of you are ready to go out and kick some butt out there, but you might as well save your strength this time. We're working on endurance today, and what better way to test that out than to run around laps at your own pace for the entire class!"

    Most of the class sighed from relief over the announcement of the day of laps. Some of them were relaxed that the teachers didn't want them to do anything more while others, mostly those who hated running or physical activities, were a bit upset that it was pretty much a class of constant movement, leaving them winded after everything they would be through. Miharu didn't like the idea of running the entire class either, but since she was pretty much going to take a brisk walk instead of flat out bolting, it wasn't going to be that bad.

    After a couple of quick stretches lead by the middle-aged woman to limber up their legs for the run, everyone lined up in similar lines to how they were in front of their teachers. Then, with the sharp metallic blast of wind from a whistle around the black teacher's neck, everyone dispersed like atoms separating as a gaseous structure, remaining the same structure yet thinning out across a larger space. As the swarm of red, white and black started making their way along the spongy reddish-brown material, the stragglers (Miharu included) began to gather together in a small lump towards the back of the mass movement, moving at their own leisurely pace, yet fast enough to qualify them in their teacher's opinion. They were a mixed bag of the liberal-arts and magnet students in this grade, some of them thin and scraggly as the Japanese girl, others were quite larger but weren't usually that physically active as they were outside this class. One of them was actually a large Indian boy that some people claimed was on the school wrestling team, but considering his bulky upper body wasn't really made for running, he at least had a reason for not blasting the rest of the little atoms.

    After about a few minutes, the distance of certain runners quickly became evident. While the cluster who didn't really move that quickly was about halfway around the track, some of the fastest students were already beginning their second even at their slower endurance speeds. The middle-age woman, watching them at the line where everyone started holding up a pitch-black stopwatch, kept telling everyone to not go too fast or else they will wear out their muscles while coughing up a possible lung. The black man was just watching them pass by on a disgusting green lawn chair that belong to the school, using this "endurance training" as a little bit of a personal day off for some silly reason. They didn't care about anyone passing since they were dulled out working stiffs similar to the dulled-out feeling among many of the students at this moment. They just wanted constant movement from the start of the class until several minutes before the end when everyone had to return to their locker room. It was as if they were having as bad of a day as the students and really didn't want to teach or officiate anything.

    Miharu kept at a pretty moderate pace, so much so that she was about the middle of the "slow runners" on the track. She could have been close to the front actually, but her continuing doubts about everything that had happened this day kept holding her back physically as well as mentally. In particular, it had to do with Darren's conversation with that big bald manboy that was bugging her. While she didn't really keep very good track of his name, she did recall that he was on the football team in one of the defensive positions…but which one she didn't really know. But from how it sounded, he was angry because someone had an interest in Darren…most likely a female since he sort of heard stories about the occasional girls he hit upon.

    SWOOSH….in the blink of an eye one of the fastest members of the class, a tall black haired boy, passed the slaggers. The lapping had begun.

    Where was she….oh yeah, it was a female that caused this situation between baldie and Darren, but which one? Then again, there was something else that the Japanese girl realized at this moment. Darren wasn't really interested in any females in Fermi. Sure he interacted with them but…

    SWOOSH…a medium sized girl now passed by.

    …lost her place again. Was it about Darren and females? Yes it was. Well Darren wasn't gay, as Miharu knew from the outset of this whole thing. If Darren was gay, why would he keep the picture of Asuka Langely Sohryu in a pocket of…

    SWOOSH…now it was a couple of the black boys, followed by a short brown-haired girl…

    …in a pocket of what? Well it couldn't be his pants since he probably would have risked washing it by now and since its on cardboard or plastic he can't do that. It would wrinkle all up and get all mushy. Oh yeah, it was his book bag. Anyway, it was about a girl somehow…was it Barbie again? With all the coincidental hell she had been causing today she wouldn't be surprised if the blonde pulled something else just to try and peeve her off. Make her think that she even cared about a good source of math notes. Well sure she did care about Darren but it wasn't like that. She cared about a lot of the people at Fermi since…

    BAM! Something that felt like a semi-tough hit smashed right into Miharu's left shoulder. Trying to somehow hold the pain in, she looked ahead…it was that short-haired blonde from Barbie's entourage. The pain wasn't that bad…at least not enough to stop running.

    …well maybe Barbie was planning something…but why would Darren be so crucial to it? Its not like she wanted anything outside of…

    BAM! A strange feeling brushed right against her leg braising it…the black spiky-haired girl from Barbie's group ran out of the pack as she looked outward…she had to keep going…

    …what was Barbie's relation to Darren? What did it have to do with the bald football star? And why does this have to do with why she was treated so badly all day? Barbie and the football guy…Barbie and the football…

    SWOOSH…Barbie and two more members of her group pass along by, Lynne and the girl with the glasses. The malicious blonde continued staring behind her looking back at the pack she left behind…particularly that certain Japanese girl. Lynne ran right beside with a strange look of concern as if she knew something was really going to happen. The glasses girl was a little bit behind, but not too much so to have her longer hair tickle the nose of Miharu as she passed.

    …that football player was connected to Barbie a lot more than she had thought! She recalled seeing someone who looked just like him once hanging out with those cheerleaders. The old "cheerleaders get the football player" cliché! A cliché that was severly outdated but relevant towards what was going on. So if those two really were something then that meant that his argument with Darren was about…

    BAM! Just like an earthquake a force drove right into her feet and tumbled her down along the track and towards the brown-greenish grass. Several of the back-runners, including the large Indian wrestler, immediately run off the track and come to her aid. A couple of the other "slouchers" picked up another girl who had fallen down in the whole incident: another Asian girl with sparkly purple hair. A couple seconds later the middle-aged female gym instructor ran out across the track and towards her fallen students, frustrated a little that her peaceful, easy gym period had to have an accident. As she turned down towards the downed girls, Miharu somehow got up from the trouble with nothing but the bruises she obtained from the swipe-bys earlier. Her usually pale skin seemed a little redder from the blood somehow rushing through her, but everything else otherwise was alright. She returned to the track and walked the remainder of the period, watching as everyone pretty much passed her by, including Barbie's group and Darren, to whom she wanted to talk to and finally end this insanity, but not at this instant. The Asian girl also eventually got back up, but didn't return to running until she picked up a few glittery stars that had fallen out of her wig. Amazingly, it had remained on her head somehow with only a slight movement to reveal the black hair prevalent in East Asian societies.

    With all of the potential sweat, blood and tears drained from the students of the 6th period gym class, Miharu headed off down the hall towards her final class of the day….thank goodness for her. After all of the reading, running and high-level 'rithmatic she had done for the day, not to mention ruminations, rudeness and rowdy behavior, the Japanese girl was lucky that her last subject of the day was one of her favorites: creative writing. Although she was one of the top 20 students at Fermi High (she never really wanted to know her own ranking due to her own measures to prevent herself from comparing herself to anyone else, especially those cheerleaders), Miharu prided her own imagination as one of her few bright spots within her own psyche. And through the power of several overlapping nerve synapses pushing around a stick filled with graphite to create the symbols of the native language of her home country, she was able to unleash realistic fantasy, fantastic reality, or whatever just came to mind. And with all that was on her mind this day, she really needed to let it all loose in the most convenient way possible.

    The creative writing classroom was similar pretty much to many of the other Fermi classrooms: a white room that seemed to be made of concrete brick painted to deceptively look like a type of plastic. The chairs surrounding the room were the kind with two dark-green slabs bolted onto a bent metallic frame, looking as if they were barely holding up the pieces even though they were built a lot better than everyone claimed they were. Several bulletin boards surrounded the classroom covered in various newspapers, each one holding the contents of a different section and updated whenever the teacher felt like taking things down and putting up new ones. At the front of the room stood a green chalkboard a little lighter in color compared to the green desks in the class, with this surrounded by the portraits of several of the great writers of the 20th Century, both of page and of stage. The desk for the teacher was found on the far left-hand side of the class near pictures of Faulkner and Ellison (which were ironic since Mr. Anthony Murray, or "Giles" as he was called by certain students due to an uncanny resemblance to a certain character from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", liked all of the authors and just put his desk there in order to have a better perspective on the entire class), cluttered up with various assignments from a couple of previous English classes that he taught before relaxing with his special creative writing group at the end of the day. Mr. Murray was out of the classroom for the moment, but he had a specific assignment already up on the greenish chalkboard for those who wanted to get a head start on things:

    Write a story from your own imagination that reflects a different point of view of the world.

    Sitting down in her typical spot in the classroom (about front-row center), Miharu took out a three-subject semi-ragged notebook (not as ragged as Darren's calculus one though) that she mostly used for this class, but occasionally needed for spare paper in case she forgot a notebook at home. The Japanese girl didn't know if she wanted to listen to Mr. Murray's assignment this time around. She had too much on her mind and needed to get them all out in order to protect her own state of mind. Quickly breezing through several pages filled with all sorts of topics and writings, she got to the first page of tablet that she could find and put her pen to the paper:

    What is life…what the hell does it all mean…is any of the hell that we go through from day to day worth it in order to face one humiliation after another…as much as I love him I couldn't stand Akira this morning…why does he have to act like such a pesky little brother when I'm not feeling right…mother, mother get out of my business mother, I want to fight sometimes mother…why do I even have to take calculus in the first place…I don't mind math but this has no implications on my future…you can screw those derivations and the square root of the sine of 45 degrees, it all just status and statistics unless you are an engineer…Darren why can't I be forgetful, huh…I know I had to study last night but my mind is not a perfect machine don't expect my faults to bring me to success…I can't stand you Barbie..you and your perfect face and your perfect hair and your perfectly big boobs and the way your perfect unfrayed jeans complement your perfect genes and allows you to shake your perfect butt in front of those oblivious boys and those closeted lesbians…but what I hate the most is that how you happen to be perfect looking as well as those dang perfect grades and those perfect connections and that perfect family with their dream job…if she's the culmination of what a person can go for with the American dream then I might as well be Canadian…maybe I can find some unknown thread that will lead me to Vancouver and a Japanese community that probably won't even know I exist since I am too American for them…maybe that's just too much of an external thing but I happen to like relaxing to Springsteen and the Beatles instead of to some koto music in the middle of a blasted bamboo forest…what is the purpose of education anyway beyond a certain grade outside of class and stature it wasn't like this once but those darn higher-ups make us keep going until we are too exhausted and our brains collapse…the world is just screwing itself anyway like Bradbury wrote…obsessed with our imaginary worlds and our personal egos with no care of the poverty and the war and the criminal ideas…lets throw it all away cause we're all bored…one of these days the dog is going to come and bite us all in the butt and the bombs will drop as we all die our meaningless worthless deaths…the bomb doesn't discriminate between me or Barbie or Darren or those annoying brats of Barbie or that Indian boy who sat near me at lunch or the poor or the wicked or the wise or the high-ups or the low-downs or the middle-managers or the Christians or the Muslims or the Buddhists or the Jews or the Shinto or the atheists…all it knows is pure clean annihilation…annihilation that cleans the world of all but the cockroaches…a universal Hiroshima that will bring pure peace to the world…

    Miharu couldn't bring herself to continue what she was writing. Was her anger over this trivial day really bad enough to desire the annihilation of everything? It was just venting, she though. Venting that she needed to get out of the way to finally bring this hell of a day to an end.

    When Mr. Murray did finally return to the classroom, he looked at the prose written by Miss Yoshimune with a strange shiver lurching over his jacket. He didn't say how effective or well the passage was, but he did whisper something about a Virgina Woolf vibe as he walked along from her desk to another one.


    Part 5

    With the smashing of the hammer into the bell, the signal went out which signified the end of another school day at Fermi High. The streams that had entered the school early that morning were now crowding together in another molecular stream, filing themselves out of the doors that let them in earlier and many of them dispersing like a gas through the gates towards their after-school destination. With many of the molecules flowing outwards, several little atoms remained behind for one reason or another somewhere in and around the school. Several students flowed in an alternate stream from the school towards the gates of the athletic fields: Fermi was taking on a rival school in soccer at home today and there were always a few people at the games dependant on whether they knew someone on the team or just that they liked "football". (there were a few boys who actually went because of the appearance of the Fermi cheerleaders showing up as spiritual motivators…and with Barbie and her group part of the team of course they would always have some guys show up to amuse) Other stragglers were similar to some of the people that hung out earlier when the school day started: several smokers hung out by the gates to feed on their nicotine addiction and destroy their lungs in the process; a few of the ski-cap boys were back to tossing around the bean-bag, with one of them relaxing while he wasn't playing pulling out something that looked like a joint; several of the Indian boys joining up with each other preparing some plans that they had for the day, and other assorted characters found within an inner-city school.

    Just as it was before the school day was, the Japanese girl found herself standing solitarily in the middle of the concrete as the student streams dispersed on their way to who knows where. The clouds overhead were just as fluffy as they were before and were blocking the sun out for the time being, casting a little bit of a shadow that extended out from her body. Her reasons were pretty simple: she was just waiting for Akira to get out of the school so the two of them would trade battle scars over the day. While both of them could just simply walk home from the moment they left school and meet each other at home, Miharu and Akira chose to go home together just so their mother wouldn't worry about one being missing while the other had survived somewhat intact. It was just the sisterly thing to do: not only was Akira her little brother, but she was perhaps the best friend she had in this entire place. She dusted a little bit of the dust that had gathered on her school uniform as she waited: while it wasn't like it would be that noticeable in an outfit of brown and white, the crowds she waded through just to get to this obvious waiting space did get her a bit flustered in the wardrobe department. A couple minutes passed…then five…Miharu turned her head to look around and look for something familiar. The smokers were still there as were the bean-baggers and…something heading her way quickly from the direction of the athletic fields! It seemed at first like a frantic blur moving at what could have been the speed of light, but it was wearing a certain black Woodstock T-shirt that flowed in a way to make him look faster. He looked like he couldn't run any faster because he was panting really heavily as if all of the oxygen in his chest was vacuuming right out of his nose and mouth. His gray aviator glasses also looked as if they were falling off, but at the same time the glistening sweat looked like they were fusing them right onto his face.

    "You've got to help me!", the boy yelled out all around the school yard. The bean-bag boys didn't really notice what was going on, but Miharu immediately turned towards his direction. She had a stern feeling in her eyes and a sick feeling in her gut that this had to do with all of the hell both Darren and she had been through all day. Looking at her face, Darren headed right into the pale-faced girl's direction, which was probably the last thing she wanted at this moment. The shaggy-faced boy, seeing who it was he was heading towards, simply just exclaimed one line: "Oh, I am fortune's fool!"

    "Well at least you could remember Romeo's murdering line right!" Miharu blurted out the moment he said that. She really didn't think that was the best thing to say for the moment, considering for all she knew, Darren was running from Tybault himself!

    Darren seemed extremely shaken, like he had been through similar trauma to what Miharu had this very day. He was shaking right out of his jeans and probably would have if they weren't being held up so well by his hands. The sweat flowed like blood down his cheek and he was coughing like he had mucus stuck inside his lungs. He slightly adjusted his downed glasses to make sure they didn't fall down. Then he started to speak in a soft dour way that Miharu had never heard from his mouth before:

    "Listen, I am sorry for everything that has happened today and for everything that may about to happen to me. And I would like you to know that you are completely innocent from all of the scorns and arrows that you have gotten today from Barbie and everyone. If anything, it is me that is getting all of the scorn from her and you are just the means by which she is doing so. But please…"

    "What does this all mean?" the Japanese girl questioned. "Barbie was scorning me, the cheerleaders were scorning me! They were…"

    "Barbie was jealous of you!", Darren said in his saddened manner. "She was jealous of my loyalties to you! It was all a ridiculous bet involving me and her! Someone bet her that she could make me, the most ignorant heterosexual male towards her on campus, fall for her."

    Miharu gasped. What sick and twisted mind would make a horrible bet just to try and win over the hearts and minds of the Fermi males, she thought. Then it fully came into view: Barbie was one of the top students of the school, if not #1. She could have easily aced the calculus test with one arm behind her back and blindfolded, without Braille even! If she didn't know anything then one of her girlfriends could have helped her out. She didn't want to study with Darren to prove how little she knew on the subject for the test. Barbie wanted to give the ultimate test of masculine libido…to prove that she could get any guy anytime anywhere no matter how resistance they were to her sexual outgoing nature. But then again, why did Darren resist? Darren immediately answered her questions:

    "There's more: even though she didn't get through to me, she had already told one of the many boys who wanted her that she was 'with me now' even before the first meeting with myself! That was…"

    "…that football player," Miharu answered with. It did make sense that the argument earlier was one of sexual tensions between the alpha male and one of the other males in the pack, just like a lion pride or a wolf pack. Several did hear the argument between the bald bully and the whiskered wiry male and could tell even without knowing about anything that they were somehow or another fighting over the same woman. As Miharu looked, Darren continued to shrink from her view behind her, crunching himself into a weird little ball that had a blue backpack protruding outside his body. It was clear he was hiding himself and trying to get away. And it wasn't too long before what he was getting away from emerged into the scene. The bald football player from before came out from around the corner near the athletic fields with a fist clutched right inside the palm of his other hand. His wrinkled brow clearly showed the aggravation that he had at this very moment, most likely continuing to build since the confrontation earlier during gym class. He was being followed by several other males, most of them large in nature like they were the entire defensive lines for the Hurri’s football team. (though it wasn't like either of the other two knew who they were since they didn't really encounter them in any of their classes) Most of them were white, with a few black specks and even a couple Hispanics mixed in to this angry mob of monsters. Each one of them seemed to express something similar to their bald leader, as if all of them were outraged by whatever Barbie was planning to pull off with Darren, even if it was all her own ploy. All of them had their head in different directions looking off towards where their prey had headed off to, but the bald leader sort of knew where to go, heading right towards the Japanese girl from the moment he had arrived on the scene. He literally smelled the fear of the moment and nosed his way to the area where his shadow easily covered the smaller Miharu. His semi-vacant look stared right into her eyes, a meek little kitten scoping out an immense rabid Labrador before it sends out its attack.

    "You really are nothing to worry about," the immense bald male said, his head reflecting whatever light was trying to shine its way down to the Earth. "To the luminance that is Miss Kenneth, you are but a 40-watt bulb."

    "Well its not like looks ever really mattered for me," Miharu tried to say with a little confidence, but it just added to the fear in her gut and her heart. Why would a girl who stuffs her bra say something like that? She continued meekly, "W…well…well…what really matters is the inside, not the outside. I be..be..bet that you are a little thing looking for a little love yourself before.."

    "My love has and will always come from my Barbie!", the monstrous football player yelled out, forcing even the semi-confident Miharu to start cringing in her place, revealing the place of Darren right in front of him. The other football players started to surround both the whiskery male and the pale-faced female…their shadows cutting off all light in and around the area outside of the shining head. Darren, poking his head out from the side of the now cowering girl, felt something inside of him start emerging once again: a messy gooey combination of fear and false bravado. His running had stopped and he had to do something to save whatever respect he had left within himself. Miharu had tried to save him in her own way and even she failed, so it was time to show his own metal. Slowly getting up with shaky knees and the sweat trickling down his nervous face, he stared right into the face of the bald football player and forced his unconfident brown eyes right into the soulless irises of his enemy. With a small little noise emerging from his throat that sounded slightly horse without even opening his mouth, Darren then began to speak.

    “Go…go…goodafternoonTybaulthow’sBarbie?” The voice coming from Darren’s mouth sounded strange and inhuman, speaking so fast that all of the words emerged as one big blur. His breathing started to pick up quickly as the darkness blackened the entire area around him, watching as the monsters closed in on their kill.

    “You know, I was going to ask you the same question myself,” the Hurri’s player said back at him, moving one of his enormous fists right towards his other hand, cupping them together as a muffled cracking noise emerged from his digits. “In case you haven’t noticed, Barbie still hasn’t talked to me since the last we saw each other.”

    “The last you saw each other was gym class, dummy,” Miharu said to herself in her own mind as her pale brown eyes tried to stare up at the confrontation between the two idiots. She knew that she was probably in the way in this battle between men, but she was just too full of fear to do anything at this moment. Confrontations, either physical or emotional, were never one of her strong points.

    Darren continued trying to stare his fears in the eyes, watching as the sun continued to beat down on the shiny head, reflecting its rays right into his glasses and continuing to add more and more anguish into his mind and body. His pant-legs revealed a bit of a tremble and sweat continued to trickle its way down his neck towards his back and the black T-shirt he was wearing. Even his goatee felt like it was standing on end as he and Tybault continued their confrontation, albeit a silent one at this moment. The football player kept his hawk-like gaze right on top of the eyes of the geeky student, making sure that he knew his place in the school was the tiny, caked wad of gum that stuck right to his white cleats. Darren knew he had to say something to stop the silence, but didn’t want to screw it up for him…and especially for the poor Japanese girl that was cringing right in front of him. His body started to become more confident, drawing power from the feeling that he could protect Miharu if he couldn’t protect himself. Although he was still nervous, he had to say something in response.

    “So Barbie hasn’t talked to you, too bad. Maybe she’s finally realized that football players are just so overrated compared to us otaku.” Darren sort of sensed that these weren’t the words that he should be saying at this moment, but he decided to stick with it since he really didn’t have any other direction to go in. “I mean, we male otaku encounter so many females and so much fan service in the shows and books we watch that, heck, we know exactly the ins and outs of both what to do and what not to do with a beauty such as her. I mean, there are just as many gentlemen in many of the shows I watch than there are the perverts and lechers and who knows what else! But then again, with bodies like what they have…and of course, with what we‘re given with Barbie, wherever she is, its easy to put two and two together.”

    Miharu didn’t quite comprehend what Darren was saying at this moment, but one thing was certain: anime was probably the last thing she really want to hear about right now. She kept her eyes away from any part of this conversation, hoping that it would soon be over and the two of them would be out of danger. But she continued to think about this situation and how it probably would turn out in the end. And if his tiny mental capacity had anything to do with it, Tybault probably didn’t want to hear it either. He was here on a mission and listening to some false prophet about cartoons from her nation she drew her heritage was not the way to ease it.

    With Darren’s side of the argument complete, the Hurris continued their staring effect right in the direction of the poor geek boy. Although Tybault was the de-facto leader of this group, each and every one of these menacing football players were placing their own eyes, heavily shadowed by the effects of the light, right in the poor, unfortunate direction of Darren. Who knows what each and every one of these individual football players were thinking of when they placed their eyes right near him. Some of them had the same mental stream as their leader: take down Darren and all of their problems would be over and done with. A couple of them probably wanted Barbie for their own needs…if not were already one of the many boys that she had flirted or dated in this school. Some thought that what Tybault was doing had gone completely out of control and that Darren was guilty for doing completely nothing…but really couldn’t tell him that for fear they would be kicked off the team. And then there were a few that weren’t actually thinking of anything to do with Tybault, Darren or this situation at all. Their minds were elsewhere in the cosmos, thinking about their families, their homework, the girl they could be watching cheering at the soccer game right now, or even what was on TV tonight.

    But even with many different minds going in many different directions, every last one of them continued to stare directly towards Darren…and indirectly at Miharu. Darren’s mind processed this as a complete attack on him. But to the Japanese girl’s mind, all that was happening was that they were all tools being manipulated by Barbie in order to get her own way in this situation. It mattered not whether there was one of them or a hundred of them: they all were gathered together in the name of a bratty girl who chose to use her brains, emotions and sexuality to punish those that she didn’t see fit! And while Darren was their main target towards whom they were preparing to attack, this was also an indirect attack towards Miharu. Somehow Barbie saw the geek’s loyalty to the small Japanese girl an attack on her complete domination of the opposite sex in this school! And even though she probably could have just had her football goons go after her, Barbie chose instead to go after Darren! As bratty as the blonde was, even she had her pride.

    About a couple minutes after the last word was said by the lanky geek, a small hush went through the air of the school as the showdown continued silently. Neither the attackers or the prey chose to make any remarks or comments as they stared back at each other as the wind continued to blow around them. Some of the other students, including the bean-bag players, left the two sides alone to their conflicts, not wanting to get involved in it themselves. The entire front of Fermi High was like a concrete desert where several students stood around waiting for the eventual showdown. Suddenly, the silence was broken by one of the other members of the Hurri’s football team: a black male that was standing along one of Tybault’s sides.

    “Isn’t every anime just some battle about fighting over something, with the winner either being the strongest or the one with the greatest will for victory?”

    “Well…” Darren felt in his element talking about anime, but still felt frightened as heck with every word being inserted to the ears of the enemy and processed as they saw best. “Well…while not every story that comes out of Japan is similar to those types of stories, many of the most popular anime and manga usually are just about that. While usually made for boys and young teens, many of all age groups watch these stories, making them one of the most popular genres in Japan.”

    “Did we have to keep going with anime?” Miharu said to herself. She quietly moved her eyes away from the crowd of football players towards her brown skirt and pantyhose as her legs felt like they were losing their circulation. She squirmed them a little bit so that she could get that fuzzy feeling out of her black dress shoes and maybe feel a bit more comfortable. If only the topic would be a bit more comfortable as well.

    “So, you want to fight for Barbie you say?” the bald football player said the moment after Darren had completed his last comment. It was as if he had ignored everything prior to his teammate the moment the word “fight” was said. His brow lightened up and a huge smirk began to emerge on the massive body as the grip of his own hand towards his other began to loosen up with the delight. “Is that how you want to settle this?”


    Part 6

    “No, you didn’t understand a word I was just saying! Not all anime are like that!” Darren exclaimed as the courage he had gathered over the last minute or so evaporated away in the heat of the moment. His t-shirt lowered with his downbeat shoulders and his legs began to shake even further from the fear of what Tybault was thinking. Miharu swore that she felt the cowardice fall through the pavement and right up into her own scared, fragile body. But with her hairs standing close to an edge and the sweat pouring down from her forehead around her pale face, she had her own worries to think about.

    “But if you want to figure this out through something you two understand, why not just fight?” a blonde-haired player spoke with his head barely poking above one of Tybault’s shoulders from behind. “Whoever is the last one standing keeps Barbie while the other just writhes around in agony for a few hours before the ambulances come to pick them up.”

    “Please don’t say yes…please don’t say yes…” Miharu said under her breath as she tried to keep her emotions and her body still in thinking she was out of the conversation.

    “I still don’t think fighting is the right way to get anything done, but I guess if it resolves this thing…” Darren slowly stepped away from Miharu and tried to give himself a little bit of space between him and the bald football player. It looked more like a retreat by him instead of a preparation for a showdown, but the surrounding football players kept him from moving anywhere outside the closed circle of large bodies. He straightened out his shirt before starting to speak again. “We can fight as long as Miss Yoshimune can make her way out of this. I don’t want anyone else involved that needs to be.”

    It was these words that redirected Tybault’s eyes back from his potential opponent and once again towards the small Japanese girl sitting there in the middle of things. Her pale face seemed slightly blank from the comment just made by Darren, but also showed a small twinge of the confusion of having been mentioned in the same breath as this stupid battle the two of them were going to undertake! Tybault and some of the other players started to lower their heads down towards the girl: her legs still slightly asleep, but her feet feeling fuzzy as the blood started making their way back into them; her brown mini-skirt and white blouse dusted up from being on the concrete; her short black bangs feeling moist from the humidity of the moment. She looked extremely helpless in this position, regardless of how wise she was or her reputation at Fermi High. Sure she may have been one of the reasons behind Barbie’s hired thugs being here, but at least they knew to make this a battle between men. With a simple turn of Tybault’s head and a nod in the right direction, a couple of the surrounding football players open up a small passageway for the Japanese girl to make her way out of. Without saying a word to either Darren or Tybault, Miharu slowly stood up, ignoring the fuzzy feeling her foot still felt, and quietly made her way out of the radius of the large bodies back out into the free outside of the school’s exterior. As she looked around, she saw that no one else was around outside the ones that were about to fight. But as she continued to get a good view of the lawn and the high school to make sure it was still standing, the wall of uniforms slowly closed their gap once again, making sure it was no one inside except for Tybault and Darren.

    “That’s the only request I’m gonna grant for you, dorkwad!” Miharu could hear the football player rant once again as she stared out at the impenetrable wall of muscle nearby. “We’ll let Barbie deal with her later!”

    “Like I want anything to do with any of this crap,” Miharu said to herself as she dusted herself off from her previous predicament. Now that she had escaped from the center of hell, she no longer had a “deer struck by headlights syndrome” and was slowly regaining the confident, thoughtful form she usually had. And this form realized that even with Darren about to receive the beating of his life, she had more important things to worry about. Akira had not shown up and she was worried where her brother was at this moment. Plus she had plenty of homework and other school things that she had to get to the moment she got home. Sure Darren didn’t deserve any of the crap Barbie or Tybault was putting him through, but they did agree to a fight. And a fight between men didn’t need anyone, especially the girl behind it, getting involved. The Japanese girl turned away from the crowd and started making her way somewhere else…anywhere that didn’t involve a testosterone conflict.

    It was then, as Miharu started lifting one of her feet up in the air to begin heading towards whatever direction would be best, that she heard the first blow of the confrontation. It was an unearthly sound, like the cry of a shrieking animal as it is struck by the high velocity of a bullet. The noise was too high to be coming from Tybault…if he was struck by the first blow, who knows what Darren would have done. Wait, was that the noise of Darren? Did the first blow of the fight really do that to him…if that was him? What the heck was going on there after all? It was after this initial, shocking noise that she started hearing more from the vicinity of the bullies and the idiot geek.

    “Well that takes care of that pencil-neck geek!”

    “Yeah, he went down too easily! Just as expected!”

    “But…but…can’t you let me have a chance to hit you or…”

    Another deafening sound emerged from the direction of the football players. It reflected on Miharu’s ears just as the first call had gone, but this scream was louder and more painful than the first! This sound wasn’t just a noise anymore, but also carried the distinct tone that Darren carried whenever he spoke in class. But this noise was much louder and more high-pitched than anything he would normally do!

    “OK, I know I am wrong for anything I did,” the Darren-like voice whimpered. A few coughs were interlaced with the dialogue he was trying to give. “I don’t deserve Barbie…I never deserved Barbie! I never even wanted Barbie! She just…”

    “Unacceptable!” Tybault yelled as the sound of another scream made its way out of the circle and into the vicinity around the front of the school. The screams this time were of a more constant pattern, as if Darren was getting hit over and over in the same place by a constant force. Tybault kept talking as he continued dishing the hits. “This isn’t about you anymore, geek! This is for all you weirdoes that don’t realize who the real power of this school is! You and all your kind don’t do anything to enhance the stature of Fermi High! You don’t compete in any competitions, you don’t go to any football games, and you don’t respect the ones that actually do something to make our school great! And yet your kind goes on ahead to try and take our pure virgins for yourselves as if all of us come from the back end of a dog!” With each and every line that he lists, another scream comes from the direction of the football players, each just as horrific and blood curdling as the last!

    It was at this moment that something snapped inside Miharu. As she heard scream after horrible scream being yelled out by Darren, her mind suddenly realized how selfish she was! How she was thinking only for herself and her own safety as someone she actually tolerates was going through one of the worst times of his life. She remembered everything she had thought about earlier involving how every person in this school was an individualist, an ego only looking out for themselves. When something conflicted with how they felt or what they were going through, they would just ignore it and let it go on. But only if it affected them directly did they even try to take a handle on it! And yet here she was, with Darren in the beating of his life against Tybault, fighting for what could be his life…and all she was thinking about was getting out of the school and going home! Darren was the boy that was one of the few people outside her family she even spoke with. The same boy that she had borrowed her math homework from earlier…which lead to everything spiraling out of control at this moment. Darren was less like a boyfriend….and more like a silly, annoying, caring brother she never knew she had. And yet here she was, Miharu Yoshimune, standing there in the middle of the school grounds witnessing the horrors indirectly with every blow…and she wanted nothing to do with it.

    “Am I really that horrible?” she thought to herself as the screaming continued to echo through her ears. “Is this really hurting Darren just as much as the bullies? Does this make me a bully?” Tears started to flow from her eyes unbeknownst to her as the thoughts started to come to her mind. “And what does this mean for me…for all of us? No one else notices when someone else is in trouble because we’re all in our own little worlds. And with one deaf cry ignored, they can make their way to the next one and the one after that…until all their critics are silenced. If they can get their way with Darren, then Barbie and those bullies pretty much rule this school! I can’t let them keep going like this any longer!”

    With new determination, and a little bit of fear for potential failure, the Japanese girl did something she never thought she would do: she turned right back around to face the crowd in their fury! As she stared at them, it looked like several more members of the football team had joined in to the fray in order to teach Darren their lesson. Her eyes burned with a passion as tears continued to stream down her pail face towards the green ribbon in the middle of her blouse. With courageous determination, Miharu then started to run as fast as her small legs could carry her back towards Tybault and his armada! She didn’t care about her plans or her schoolwork or even her brother’s whereabouts anymore. All she wanted was to save Darren just like he saved her by getting her out. A small, determined scream emerged from her lips as she ran right towards the humps of mass, which had closed in as Darren had gotten further and further pummeled. In one of her small hands, a fist was forming that she knew wouldn’t be enough, but maybe the passion of the moment would do something! With little force, she made her way through a small groove in the group and right back into the center of the action.

    As she finally re-entered the circle, she saw everything that was happening first-hand. Right in front of her, in a recognizable mass on the ground, writhed a lanky, wiggling boy that looked larger than he should have been. His shirt was still clinging to his body, but torn with several holes going right through showing his weak pale flesh. The Woodstock picture nearly gone, with some encrusted blood and sweat right on top of where the bird once was. His jeans had a couple holes near the bottom, but were mostly covered in the dirt and blood that was flowing over the rest of the body. Several bumps and bruises were apparent on Darren’s face, with blood oozing out of one on his cheek and another just below one of his eyelids. His other eye looked black and blue from being pushed in and several other bumps looked like they could have been sights of breaks or dislocations. Even his gray aviator glasses, which peered the courage in his eyes as Darren forced Miharu away from the fight, were shattered on the ground right by his body, the frames twisted into two with the lens of plastic and glass smashed into little bits and pieces. As Darren laid there in his small, defenseless form, Tybault kept smashing one of his immense cleats right into a spot around his midsection, with each and every hit causing one slowly weakening sound after another to come out of the voice of the nearly unconscious boy. He was purely on the winning end of this fight, but Tybault didn’t want to show any mercy if only to drive his point right into Darren’s heart!

    It was as he lifted his foot for another set of spikes to be hammered into the geek’s bloody body that the bald football player felt his chin getting hit by something much lighter than it was intended to be! The blow made his neck jerk his head upwards for a moment as he nearly lost his balance, which was the only thing the poor punch could really do towards the brute. Tybault placed his foot on the ground as he turned his predator eyes in the direction that it came from. He saw the fist emerging from the blouse-covered arm of Miharu, who’s eyes were still filled with tears as she stared at her enemy on the verge of sobbing! Looking at the pitiful Japanese girl trying to hurt him at his moment of glory, Tybault slowly turned away from his former victim and looked straight in the eye of the female. Miharu tried to turn her head away from him, but the little he saw of her eyes showed the fear that she held over what she had just accomplished.

    “I thought I told you to get the hell out of here, Jap!” Tybault screamed right at Miharu without any care for political correctness.

    “Darren didn’t do anything, you brainless slime!” Miharu yelled back without even thinking of it. She was letting the rage of the moment speak for her. “Why not think for yourself instead of doing what your told by your bimbo! For all I care, she can just go to hell!”

    These words were the last things Miharu could have said…or even at one point desired to say. Sure she knew Barbie was a manipulative bimbo, but as long as she kept those words away from anyone that could use it against her, she was fine. But while these words for the moment did nothing to Miharu’s mind, it immediately enflamed even more anger through Tybault. His teeth started to grind together and his eyes enflamed with a passionate fury as the sun continued to beat down on his bald head! Without thinking of anything that could have stopped him, not even that his opponent was a girl, a fist formed in Tybault’s right hand and started to fly across the distance separating him and Miharu, smashing her right on her left, rubbery cheek! Redness began to swell over the Japanese girl’s pale skin as the impact made her fly all the way out of Tybault’s direction, past the crowd of football players around him and made her head smash right into a red brick wall near the front of Fermi High! Her body showed no movement as it took the blow, first from the bully’s fist, then from smashing into the wall! It laid there, lifeless on the ground, as her head found a resting place on the concrete near the impact where her short black hair began to caress the pavement. Her slants closed with the immediate impact and her mind slowly started to lose consciousness as she heard one last set of words emerging from the loud, boastful mouth of Tybault:

    “You’re just like that geek! You deserve no respect if you mess with me or my Barbie! All you Nips deserve is what’s coming to you!….”


    Part 7 (where it starts getting good)

    Miharu slowly regained consciousness in a strange dark place unlike anything known to the conscious mind. She couldn’t use any other motions or senses in her body but her sight, and even that wasn’t something she could trust! She didn’t know where she was, what she was doing, even who she was at this time! She couldn’t even tell if her eyes were open or shut. All that was around her was pitch-black darkness. There was darkness to the left, darkness to the right, darkness above, darkness below. Darkness both behind her and in front of her. She was in an empty pool of nothingness. A world without feeling. A world without pain. This was the darkness. Time began to pass right before her…or was there time at all? She stared out in the room for what could feel like moments, but to her mind could have been a day, a year, maybe even a millennium! Time had no meaning in the vast, shapeless darkness.

    Eventually, another sense within Miharu’s psyche suddenly started to notice something. It was something that approached her and entered into her mind. A collection of electromagnetic energy that had gathered from somewhere and somehow started to collect to a place where she could hear it. Was this approaching from the outside or within? Was this sound coming to her ears, or memories locked inside her own brain? Whatever it was, there was so much of it flooding her all at once. All sorts of comments and words that Miharu knew she heard somewhere. She continued staring out into the darkness as she listened, making out a few things she knew she had heard before.

    Rumplesarkan…who dares awaken the great Professor Tomoe…What makes you so good? Here you are, getting all of these great grades and yet…humanity has lost the ability to critically think and would like having all of their answers and ideas handed to them instantaneously…She's way too above you and would never want a freaky hairy weirdo like you!…when there is something that she wants, Barbie will stop at nothing, and I do mean that, to get it…Barbie was jealous of you!…You're here to take over our country and turn us into our slaves!…without any connections to the reality that we are forced to live in…We'll see who the monster is in a couple weeks…

    Slowly, all of these words, as well as many, many more swarmed from somewhere to somewhere in an audial vortex within the darkness. Miharu tried to catch each one of them, trying to figure out where they all came from and where they were all going! Perhaps one of them would help her remember what’s going on and why she’s here. But the voices became more and more, growing louder and more numerous by each reaching moment. The voices were growing into a deafening din, crowding out any chance of rational thought by the lone being! Miharu needed something to hold on to that blocked out every other voice except for itself! Then suddenly, just when she thought she was about to drown in the waves, it all stopped! Every sound within this darkness just vanished into thin air! Miharu was alone again within the void, hoping to concentrate to find her own voice and her own means to escape.

    It was after a moment or two, which could have been a second, a minute, a lifetime, that a voice did emerge in the darkness. A lone, solitary voice that Miharu knew she had heard somewhere:

    One of these days the dog is going to come and bite us all in the butt and the bombs will drop as we all die our meaningless worthless deaths…the bomb doesn't discriminate between me or Barbie or Darren or those annoying brats of Barbie or that Indian boy who sat near me at lunch or the poor or the wicked or the wise or the high-ups or the low-downs or the middle-managers or the Christians or the Muslims or the Buddhists or the Jews or the Shinto or the atheists…all it knows is pure clean annihilation…annihilation that cleans the world of all but the cockroaches…a universal Hiroshima that will bring pure peace to the world…

    These words scared Miharu: was that really her own voice…and did she ever say those words? But from this fear emerged a new sensation, the first feeling that she had within this darkness. It was a feeling of nil…of this world which these words were talking about. This was a world of ultimate nothingness, and yet of ultimate peace. A world where the bombs had fallen where only she had made it through to utopia. The last words continued to repeat over and over again within her mind as she realized the point where she was at:

    …A universal Hiroshima that will bring pure peace to the world…

    As these words continued to repeat over and over, a small light began to emerge from within the darkness. It was a tiny star at first, barely twinkling in order to survive. But the words kept coming and the light kept growing, becoming larger and larger by the second. The emergence of light in this world of darkness scared Miharu at first, nearly blinding her as she emerged from the cave. But the further she stared at the light, the more importance she gained towards the beam It was a magnificent jade luminescence, more powerful and beautiful than anything she had ever seen before. And it was these words from her own head that made it grow to such power!

    “This is no ordinary light,” Miharu thought to herself, “this was the light of Hiroshima, the light of annihilation. The light would be able to create harmony in this world!”

    Continuing to stare straight out, Miharu let the jade brilliance surround her, allowing it to engulf her entire form from head to toe. She was no longer in need of the darkness. She had found the light…and was ready to awaken to it.

    “Come on, geek! I know you have more left in you! Stop quitting and start squealing!”

    It had been several minutes since Tybault’s immense force knocked out the petite Miharu. With the only person that even respected Darren out cold, the massive football player had returned to smashing his weight around his victim’s body. From the time that he had returned to beating his original victim up, the boy on the ground’s voice became more and more faint as the abuse he had taken was making his own mind become as unconscious as Miharu’s. Many of Tybault’s buddies from the team were continuing to watch the massacre as it occurred, cheering him on whether he deserved it or not as he made sure that Darren was completely punished…but as long as he wasn’t dead or anything. As much as Tybault could get away with at this school for being on the football team, he at least knew that killing someone would be a huge strike against getting a potential scholarship to a football college.

    With all of the eyes continuing to focus on Darren’s punishment, no one in the vicinity had noticed that there was a slight stirring going on around the unconscious Miharu. The pale Japanese girl, practically left for dead after getting knocked out by a combination of Tybault’s fist and the front wall of Fermi High, was starting to show a little bit of life in her body. She was still breathing and her heart was still beating when she left the reality of the school, but within the last minute both vital organs had been getting heavier and heavier, as if she was preparing to awaken from a terrible nightmare or a long peaceful dream. Her head, resting comfortably along the wall she was smashed to with her hair between both, started to stir at a similar rate to her increasing pulse. Suddenly, without any warning, Miharu’s small slanted eyelids jumped right open like waking from a nightmare! But there was something different already about the Japanese girl: her irises had mysteriously changed color! What was once a beautiful shade of brown had changed into a mysterious jade green color, similar to the jade luminescence that she had stepped into before. Her pupils had changed as well, going from a normal black color into an unearthly silver shade. If anyone had seen her at this very moment, they could have known instantly that something just wasn’t right!

    Compelled by some sort of new power starting to awaken within her, the Japanese girl started to rise up off of the ground into some sort of standing position. She didn’t know what was going on or what was compelling her, but she had to stand in order to embrace this surge racing through her. Her voice started a small, soft moan that luckily no one had heard, but she knew that somehow it meant something. As she got up, small little sparks green in color emit in the air around her, either releasing or reflecting the strange energy that she had just begun to control. Physically, she looked practically exactly like she had before she was knocked out, except there was something different about her. For starters, her beautiful pale white skin did not seem as pale as it was. While it still looked very pale, it looked like it was starting to take a bit of color…particularly the color green! While not as magnificent as the jade color her eyes had taken, the skin was starting to take to the new pigmentation as was willing to take more! Meanwhile, her hair on her head had unknowingly started an unusual growth spurt that Miharu couldn’t expect as much as the changing of her skin color! While it was still really short as neat as she usually kept it, it had started to crawl down her neck as she started to stand upwards, having grown about a couple centimeters already in the time she had awakened! Her black locks also seemed to be taking more color on as well, as a small hint of a dark forest green began to barely reflect off the sun. Similar to her body, her hair was also releasing the new static, a premonition of her growing power.

    But the most subtle changes at this moment had come in Miharu’s small stature. Although she was still sort-of petite in size, there was something about her in her clothes that just didn’t seem very right at this moment. As she stood, the pantyhose she was wearing seemed a bit more taught than it had been prior to this time. While they were supposed to be tight to shield off and protect her legs, the rubbery material was starting to feel like it was being pushed upwards and outwards by some strange force. Somehow, she had gained at least an inch in height from how she normally was, but that wasn’t all. The pantyhose was also feeling the cramping of development around Miharu’s thighs and calves, something that her stick-like legs never experienced before! A sharp pain was starting to surge as her muscles started to tighten, extend and grow, adding new shape to what was nothing below. Unknowingly to any eyes, her non-existent behind was starting to gain tone, becoming a fine set of glutes even in this early stage. Even her black shoes, as well as they easily fit for the moment, just didn’t seem to fit perfectly anymore as internal changes made them start becoming more snug within the leather interior.

    The Asian girl’s torso also seemed a bit larger as she started to stand up in this manner. Her normally loose white blouse just didn’t look quite right even at this early stage. For starters, her small hands seemed like they were starting to grow a bit larger than they should be as her palm began to increase in size and her fingers began to grow longer and more feminine. Just like the skin apparent on her face, her hands too were starting to show a strange greenish glow to them as they were taking their new form. Her arms were also starting to seem a bit longer as a little more appeared bit by bit through her small cuffs illuminated by the changing skin color. Her arms weren’t just getting longer: her upper arms began to show a bit more developments as sharp pain began to reveal how they were tightening up with the development of new muscle. The beginnings of a small bicep and a long tricep were starting to increase the mass of her sleeve, making it already seem a bit tighter. Miharu’s shoulders were also expanding in size and mass, starting to grow in bulk as it began to expand the contents of her back. And at the same time, the Japanese girl’s chest, which normally seemed padded to make it look like she had a bust, was starting to feel a little bit of strain as a real chest with real breasts was starting to emerge right in front of her. She felt a little ticklish as her blossoming bosom started to reach the paper she stuffed to make her barely a B-cup, but somehow she knew that this was merely the beginnings of her new power! Her mind desired more and she was not going to be denied!

    Just within short view, the new changes that were starting to emerge around Miharu were not going completely unnoticed. One of the Hispanic members of the Hurris’ football team had gotten sick of just watching Tybault as he finished his job with Darren. He really didn’t care one way or another whether Darren did or did not seduce Barbie, but he did know that his sister was about to get out of school and needed her big brother to be home to watch over her. He merely turned around from the crowd to start heading his way to the locker room when he noticed that something just didn’t seem right with what he was looking at! He rubbed his eyes for a moment to make sure it was an illusion, but what he saw was still the same! It was that girl that was supposed to be knocked out…and she was standing…and sparking…and…growing…The Hispanic player didn’t really know what he had to do…his eyes were deceiving him and his heart felt like it was already going to stop either from fear or joy. But he had to say something or else something bad was going to happen to all of them!

    “Um…um…um…” the boy stuttered for a moment as he tried to find the words to say, “remember that girl we took care of? Well…”

    “That girl?” a blonde teammate said as he turned his head towards the short-haired Hispanic. “Yeah, we should take her to a doctor once Tybault gets out of here…I think she is starting to look green.” The blonde sort of saw her out of the side of his eye, but really didn’t get the whole story.

    “Well..um…I don’t think she needs a doctor,” the Hispanic replied, “I think…I think she needs a scientist to look at her!”

    The blonde player turned around as well as a couple other players that had overheard the comment. And as each one stared out in the direction where Miharu was supposed to be knocked out, each one felt their heart fall down into the pit of their stomachs! Not only was that Japanese girl standing up once again, but she seemed somewhat different than she did several minutes earlier! Whether it was the strange cute moan that she was humming or the jade color of her eyes along with the hints of green in her skin or the sparks that were emerging from her body or even the how her clothes didn‘t seem to look right, those who saw her knew that something was completely wrong!

    “What the heck is happening to that Jap!?” a rounder black-haired player said as he looked out. “Is this some sort of secret martial art technique she’s trying to use?”

    “That girl probably doesn’t know martial arts from martial law,” a tall black player responded. “She’s probably just sick to her stomach from how green she is.”

    “But…but..but..what about her clothes?” the Hispanic responded once again. “Would being sick result in bumps appearing all over her body? And those electric sparks…”

    “Well whatever she is, she’s not gonna be that way for much longer,” said the black-haired player as he jumped out right in front of the others staring at her instead of Tybault. He placed both of his hands in fists and put both of them on the ground as if he was preparing for a rushing blitz. He looked around to see if anyone else was going to join him, but with no one else in the area and with plenty of space to go, he knew his maneuvers were ready.

    “I don’t care what she is and how she’s getting that power,” the player said as he turned his head through his legs to get one last look at the rest of his team, “But one little push will just knock her over like the last time! If Tybault can knock her out, than so can the rest of us!”

    Then, with his legs raring to go, the defensive player started bolting right in the direction of Miharu, showing amazing quickness for a player of his size and build! He cocked his head at a full 90 degrees from his legs, preparing to merely ram her into the ground regardless of the danger! A couple other players that were still watching Tybault devotedly turned away towards this sprint as they were curious to see what was going on. Miharu seemed completely oblivious to the attempt on her as she continued to embrace her new power without noticing the rest of the world. But then, as the player got within several feet between him and the Japanese girl, a long, powerful green bolt of lightning, similar to the static that were crackling around Miharu, zapped right out of her body and instantly struck the player through the closest point between the two of them, which was his skull! At the moment the jade spark emerged from her body, the player froze in place like he had hit an invisible force field and jerked around as every part of his body felt the amazing blast! Then, just as easily as the blast had emerged, the player was thrown all the way back in the direction where he came, which was right near the on looking teammates, completely unconscious from his desperate attempt!

    “Well that didn’t go as planned,” the blonde player said as he saw his round teammate unexpectedly return so soon. “Anyone else have any bright ideas to handle her?” The rest of the onlookers just nodded their head as they were forced to become mere spectators to the occasion.


    Part 8 (more changes for poor/lucky Miharu!)

    Although knocking a defensive end away with an unknown power should have been enough to make someone notice what’s going on, Miharu was completely oblivious to the interactions of the outside! All she knew of was that this amazing power was emerging at a phenomenal rate and that she had to take in every last bit of it! She wanted this power…she needed this power, she kept thinking to herself silently. And with each iota of each cell allowing the power to emerge within her, her body reflected each little bit that was coming out for her disposal. The pace of the growth of her legs and torso made her height shoot up much faster than it did earlier on, easily making her past the 6 foot mark with no end in sight! The paleness in her skin had continued to shift into a light green shade, which was pretty as it was but still becoming darker to match the color that her new strength desired. Her hair had also continued to grow at an amazing rate, lengthening and thickening in texture to keep up with her newfound height. It had already made its way past the bottom of her neck and was starting to creep downwards along her spinal ladder. The green in her hair was also more obvious than it had been at first, shifting in pigmentation towards a beautiful forest green color to contrast with her eyes and her skin. While her face and eyes kept the same beautiful geisha-like mystery of the Japanese girl, her lips did seem to become fuller and more womanly, changing from a pale shade to a darker jade color. These fuller lips highlighted the soft, sensual, yet slowly more womanly moans that she was experiencing with each and every moment!

    At the lowest extremes of her body, her legs and feet were starting to reach a terrible, but glorious bursting point! The formerly small, dainty feet that Miharu normally had had become much longer and wider with each passing second since her changes had started. In order to try and hold on to her shoes, her toes and heel kept a forceful grip on the ground, making them further cramp up with each passing moment. Her toes were slowly pushing outwards against the leather material on both shoes, as the leather tried to hold on just a little bit longer! Seams along the shoe were fraying apart as they tried to accommodate the new length and width without trying to make the shoe burst. But then, with silent resolve, the largest of her toes on one of her feet finally broke through the prison into the light! Just like the rest of her skin, this toe was green in color with a longer, more sensual nail poking its way out. The other big toe on the other foot followed soon after, with the smaller toes further pushing through to try and break out themselves. Sparks continued to emerge from the extremities as they appeared out of the confines of the black shoe. Meanwhile, the seams that were ripping apart started to reveal more of the jade foot as it continued to grow without any control from Miharu.

    Further upwards around her legs and butt, other articles of clothing that formerly fit the Japanese girl were also showing signs to giving in towards the transformation. The pantyhose that she was wearing to protect her legs was already being pushed towards its limits as it couldn’t find any compromise with their growth. With the rate of growth being experienced within her bones, the legs were taking most of the blame for the rapid increase in height Miharu was experiencing. But while they could have been just more sticklike as she normally was, her thighs and calves were keeping up with the pace of the lengthening with both of them growing longer, thicker, and shapelier by the moment. What was merely a small little calf when it started to emerged had become longer, leaner and shapelier similar to that of a runner or an amateur bodybuilder. Her thighs too were gaining muscle like the growth of a tree trunk, becoming thicker and more powerful with time. Thanks to this growth, the threads had no other option but to burst from the pressure, creating several holes in the material that became larger by the moment! Jade skin peaked through each one of these holes just as it was through the rest of her body. Miharu’s panties were also feeling rather chafing as well as her expanding thighs, not to mention her lengthening and strengthening midsection, was making them feel smaller and smaller.

    But while the rest of her body was obviously feeling the changes from this beautifully deadly power, none of it was more obvious to a casual viewer than around the slowly shrinking blouse she was wearing! Similar to the fast development of her legs, her arms had grown longer and much, much stronger than they had been even a minute or so ago! What were once merely small balls at the top of Miharu’s arms at the start of the transformation had become an increasingly large bicep structure, growing in size as it further extended her poor constricted sleeve! Not to be outdone, her triceps were also lengthening and increasing in size, adding more lower mass to the vicinity. Meanwhile, her shoulders were increasing in width and mass making her arms appear more triangular with power. All of these combined with a little more lengthening of her arms made the sleeves feel tons of pressure from all fronts. The seams holding the blouse together were tearing themselves apart around both the shoulder and her arms, revealing more of the glorious jade physique as they ripped more and more. In the middle, Miharu’s chest had also grown greatly, as her boobs further increased in size, becoming rounder, fuller and more voluptuous by the second. By now, they seemed to have past a DD threshold and had reached at least an E-cup, which would normally look large except fit well with her more powerful persona emerging. Further, unseen development around her chest and pectorals kept these new mounds firm to her body. And all of this didn’t take into account that unseen developments were affecting her back, making them more and more ripped and chiseled and like wings ready to fly! The pressure around her midsection had caused the ribbon and buttons she was wearing to feel tighter than usual until even they were ready to go! Without any notice, the pin holding the ribbon on flew right off of her body and onto the concrete below, taking two buttons along for the ride! The removal of the obstruction revealed the beautiful increasing cleavage on the Japanese girl as her bra, which would normally hold a B or C-cup, began to show more pressure of its own! A soft glow around her chest showed the paper that made her chest larger than it should have been go up in smoke, as this new form had no need for it. The glow seemed to be emerging from two erect nipples, both of which were sparkling of the same energy that was surrounding the rest of the Japanese girl’s body. The further shrinking and tightening of the blouse also slowly revealed a strengthening midsection, complete with a growing six-pack of abs chiseling on her greening skin just above her bellybutton! No part of Miharu’s body was not going without change in this deal!

    By now, the evolution of Miharu’s physical structure was not going unnoticed at all by any of the idiot football players in the area. After the attempt to try and ram into her met with failure, more and more of the Hurri team had turned to watch everything that was happening to this Japanese girl by the minute! Some of them cringed with fear over what they were about to face, some of them secretly wished that they knew about this earlier, while a couple of them were blushing over how they weren’t used to a girl growing like this in public! Even Tybault, who had unexpectedly started this whole macabre chain of events in the first place, had turned his head in Miharu’s direction as his cleat silently placed itself right on top of Darren’s bruised unconscious body.

    “How can this be happening to us?” one of the teammates said. “That brat is becoming stronger than us by the second and we can’t do anything about it!”

    “There’s got to be some way to stop her, there’s just got to be,” another contemplated. “If she completes her transformation and we can’t reach her, we’ll be dead meat!”

    “She doesn’t look too tough to me,” Tybault said mockingly. Seeing that he had new concerns, he finally started to march his large legs away from his former victim and right towards the target of his new aggravation. His bald head reflected the jade luminescence that was coming several feet from the whole crowd.

    “We should just let her be until its over with,” the Hispanic boy that first saw it earlier said as Tybault started to place himself right in front of the others. “If our amigo up there gets struck by that unnatural lightening, what’s not to say that we’re next?”

    “A Nip is still a Nip, no matter what her color,” the captain said defiantly. “Larry’s fault was that he wasn’t looking where he was going when he tried to hit her. But I’m just gonna take the direct approach!” Tybault started entering into a battle position, more accustomed to a martial artist than a football player. A little bit of sweat started to flow down the side of his face, but his eyes showed no fear at all compared to many on his team. He continued. “Its her fault that Barbie is so upset, so I’m gonna take care of her before she becomes an even bigger threat!”

    “I thought you don’t attack girls?” the blonde responded perplexingly.

    “She became the exception when she tried to hit me!” yelled Tybault. Even though he wasn’t hurt in any way by Miharu’s punch when she was normal, his pride had taken a direct hit by her stubborn actions. “If this Nip thinks she can play with the big boys, she’s gonna have to fight for herself!”

    With reckless determination and guts from all the last-minute plays he had drilled over and over again in practice, the huge football player charged right out of the pack and started crossing the threshold between himself and the transforming girl! Both of his hands had turned into fist, pulled back into punching position so when he got to…

    ZAAAAP!!! Without any warning, another, much larger green electric bolt emerged from Miharu’s changing body, with greater intensity and much further away than when the first football player tried to attack her! The bolt struck him right in the place closest to Miharu at this moment, which was right at his charging bald head! For a couple seconds, Tybault felt like a thousand volts of power was charging right through him before the giant player was thrown right back into the crowd of football players! As he landed, he collapsed right on top of several of his teammates, knocking them down like a giant bowling ball on top of a human pin set. But unlike the player before him, Tybault somehow was able to get right back up just moments after he was smashed, but not without putting one of his feet the ground and his other foot on the hand of one another knocked out player!

    “That’s it bitch!”, Tybault yelled out at the slowly increasing female across from him. “Get your green butt out here and take me on like a man! A man fights their battles to the end, not lets some cruddy lightning shocks do it for them!!!” The player started charging once again towards Miharu, this time with both fists in the air and even more rage in his heart than when he was smashing Darren into the ground! As he approached where he was struck down the last time, Tybault leaped upwards high into the air, hoping that he would have enough height to use gravity and plummet down right on top of this so-called amazon creature! He flew upwards several feet until he had reach the apex of his aerial assault, where he put his two fists right by his side once again and prepared for his plummet. Gravity took control…Tybault started his descent, he started getting closer to…

    ZAAAAAAP!!!! Another jade lightning bolt emerged from some unknown part of Miharu’s body and smashed its way into Tybault’s midsection once again! This bolt was even stronger than the first one, so strong that it started to burn a small hole right through his football jersey revealing his own hairy midsection with a strange combination of abdominal and fat sticking its way through! The bolt once again made him fly back away from the Japanese girl, but this time the impact point only made him fall between the other players and her. His plummet made Tybault smash back first into the ground, causing the concrete around him to crack in two from both the velocity and intensity of his fall. That alone made a little earthquake shake around the whole small vicinity!

    “Tybault! Get up, Tybault! Are you alright?”, several players yelled out as the ran right towards their leader. Each and every one of them, no matter what they thought of the bully or whether or not they thought he was doing the right thing, came rushing in hoping that they could somehow see whether or not he was alive after all the abuse he has done. As the first couple players approached him, they saw that his body still looked relatively alright with no idea whether or not anything was broken. His eyes were still open staring right up towards the never-ending sky, but no one could tell if they were falsely portraying if he had a consciousness. A couple of his teammates saw that his chest was still rising and falling at a rapid rate, which after taking two consecutive lightning bolts of unknown origin and power was considered natural. Over half of the team made their way over to their fallen comrade to make sure he was alright and not going to fall like his victims did, while the remaining players continued to eye the monster behind all of this recent turmoil! A couple of these players, even ones that didn’t even want to harm Miharu before, knew that she was becoming too much of a potential problem and that she had to be stopped before any more of them fell!

    With all of the activity occurring within her own vicinity and involving an attack on her own life, many would suspect that Miharu would have snapped out of her trance and realized everything she had done so far..even without physically lifting a finger! The former Miharu would have never done a thing to ever hurt anyone, whether it was a friend or an enemy. The former Miharu may have been quick witted and put down a few jerks with words, but that was the extent of her behavior. But this Miharu…this small pale Japanese girl who couldn’t do a thing…was evaporating moment by moment and change by change. This old Miharu was small and weak; the new Miharu was large and strong…getting more so with every second! The old Miharu was a paled-skin pacifist; the new Miharu was jade destruction personified! The old Miharu had no power of any kind…the new Miharu had the power locked within her own body all this time! And with each pain, each feeling, each new sense that emerged from both without and within, she wanted more. Who cares if a bunch of bullies were trying to stop her? Who cares if one of the only people that cared about her was a fleshy slab on the ground? Who cares about the state of humanity and the ultimate survival of the human race? All Miharu cared about was this power of pure, glorious annihilation! And she would not be satiated until she harnessed every single glorious iota of energy into a physical manifestation!

    Within the next minutes after Tybault had been zapped out of commission by the power released from her body, Miharu’s transformation began to reach its amazing, glorious climax! Even as she had released the bolts from her body, her skin was continuing to become more and more green, deepening in color until it seemed to become a beautiful jade color, similar to that of most precious of gems. The color of her hair also settled down into a deep green color, dark and luxurious while differentiating itself from the color of her eyes or her skin. As they had steadied on their shade, Miharu’s locks had continued to grow downwards along her spinal ladder even as she had gotten taller, only starting to slow down as they got down near her strengthened behind. The Japanese girl’s height, which had started off small what seemed so long ago, now even eclipsed the tallest of the football players with a relative size that someone could have measured as somewhere around 7 feet tall, if not taller! Most of this new height had come from the development of her long, beautiful legs, which shimmered with the jade electricity that had surrounded her for the entire transformation. The remainder of Miharu‘s pantyhose, frayed and holey after the earlier assaults, merely gave in to the changes at this point, tearing their nylon selves apart without much hassle and revealing more of her beautiful jade legs for all to see. The combination of her huge thighs and her defined calves combined with the Japanese girl’s new height showed off a muscularity that many have dreamed of reaching, yet somehow retained a sleekness from their height that retained her womanly figure. Similar to her pantyhose was her poor black shoes, which laid in despaired leather ruin on the ground as Miharu’s immense feet wiggled its toes in sheer mocking.

    Further upwards, the torso of the changed girl was still showing a little bit of change left to complete even with all of the power that had already been revealed through this occasion. One of the most obvious impressive features that could be seen about her body was the size of her arms, which had been growing since the moment Miharu’s eyes started to glow and had just continued to become larger and more massive with each second! No one had noticed that the taught sleeves on her body were already starting to burst at the seams under the pressure when Tybault began to attack her, so by this point they had already become practically rags limping their way around as they were bounced around by the huge biceps and large shoulders that she was now possessing. The entire sleeve should have could have burst at the shoulders and just let her arms be free to show themselves off, but the rest of the blouse was barely holding on to its life from the rest of the development. One reason was the rapid enlargement of Miharu’s back, which had practically made the white blouse fuse to her body as a couple rips even emerged from behind to reveal more of her jade strengthening. But even that was still being held by one final button on front, which somehow was the last line of defense holding in the girl’s blossoming bosom. By this point, it had gained at least one or two more cup sizes, reaching the point where two huge beach balls right in the middle of the chest were pushing their way outwards with only a long undersized bra and a tiny little button were the only things holding them back this assault of fat and muscle. But they demanded freedom as well if the change was to be complete! With one final powerful moan from Miharu’s womanly mouth, this last defense finally fell as the final button gave way! The same moment also burst the bra clamp on the muscular back, finally freeing the chest of its glorious bounties! With this finally done, the Japanese amazon merely crunched her shoulders together, which shredded up the remainder of the shirt to reveal the huge orbs and extremely chiseled abdomen that somehow perfectly accented the rest of her new figure. Even her nipples, erect and free as they made their way into the sunlight, had changed into a dark jade color similar to the color of her lips. Unknowingly, this final arc also made the brown mini-skirt, the last remainder of the normal schoolgirl still holding on outside her panties, merely burst all of the elastic out of the middle as the cotton material seemed to rip to shreds without any effort. All that remained was a poor pair of white panties that easily looked too small for her and seemed more like a thong around her massive legs and shapely butt.


    Part 9 (It's clobberin' time!)

    And so, with the last bit of power finally unlocked that needed to be done, it seemed that Miharu’s transformation had been completed. With her embracing of the “jade power”, she had completely changed from a puny, pint-sized, pasty girl into a beautiful, buxom, buff amazon of unknown power! As she stood there, merely trying to get over everything that had happened, her entire body embraced the air blowing around Fermi High, feeling every sensation around her within her chiseled self. It was the first time Miharu even noticed the air surrounding her since the moment she became conscious at the start of the changes. Without saying a word, the monstrous woman closed her eyes and lifted both of her powerful arms into the air, stretching out her huge muscles as they let the cool breeze of the late afternoon caress her skin. This moment made her appear much more innocent than her massive structure suggested. A couple strands of Miharu’s long dark-green hair was blown a bit and fell right in front of her face, giving this amazon a bit of mystery on whether she was friend or foe…even if those that saw her had their own ideas already. The strands also tickled a bit of her nipples, which were sensing their own way at the very end of her massive chest. The jade sparks that had been glowing around her body, remnants of the power that was now caressing through her veins, dissipated without any need for them at this moment.

    Only several feet away, just within the sight of the newly released amazon, the entire Hurris football team was just beginning to finally understand the magnitude of what they had right across from them. Half of the team was staring right directly at the girl until she had completed her changes, either looking at her with their mouths agape or just trying to hide their eyes to prevent themselves from seeing the extent that she had transformed. The other half of the team continued to tend towards the wounds of Tybault, who was still slightly unconscious after taking all he had against the jade being that was standing right near them. Some of them inspected his arms and legs, which had several internal bruises and a couple cuts from when he had smashed right into the concrete below him earlier. A couple others checked to watch his lungs rise up and down and his heat beat at a consistent rate, making sure that he would remain alive. Even some of these players continued, without any response, to stare with a corner of their eye towards the amazon girl, with even the slightest glance making their breathing become heavier or their heart skip a beat. They finally understood the full extent of what Miharu had become…and were now merely waiting to see what she would do next.

    Suddenly, without any prior warning from anyone, Tybault slowly started to rise from out of the ground which he was smashed into and back on to stable concrete. His arms and legs appeared to be shaking a bit, still slightly in shock over how much the impact had taken out of him. The full extent of the damage to his body could finally be seen now: he had several purple bruises from internal bleeding around his arms and legs, a slight scar in his abdomen where one of the jade electric shocks had struck him, various cuts on his back both from falling towards the ground and making the concrete below him shatter, and even a small little bruise on his forehead from the first electric shock he experienced. But even with all of his confidence seeming to lack and all of the pain and suffering he had gone through, there was a strange, inscrutable courage within Tybault’s eyes. A fiery passion that continued to drive him as his eyes made sight once again at Miharu, who was still stretching her phenomenal figure into the sky as he made his way back up. Several of his teammates tried to discourage him from doing too much at once, but his ears were blocked from any of their concern as one drive completely took over.

    “So, this is what the Nip wanted to become,” Tybault mockingly said with a sour tone to his voice. His friends tried to shush him, knowing that anything could potentially provoke the girl into action, but he wanted none of that. His pride had been beaten enough already and it was time to finally take her down a notch. He continued. “Funny, when I smashed you and your so-called male friend several minutes ago, I had no idea that some puny brat like you would have some secret weapon. Well guess what: I don’t feel impressed with you at all! Sure you may seem taller than me, but your still a shrimp! Sure your skin may be a different color, but your still that same bratty Nip girl that Barbie doesn’t like! Sure you may think those muscles and those balloons may put you in the big leagues, but I doubt you can even use them! All in all, you’re still just a stupid little Nip…and you still are nothing compared to me or my Barbie!!!”

    Although some of what Tybault yelled out made its way towards Miharu’s ears, she didn’t even pay one attention to the words he was saying. Her eyes were still closed as she tried to get a little accustomed to what she had at this moment. As he spoke, she moved one of her long, beautiful legs outwards and out ahead of her, arching her large feet as she barely touched it with her toes. The wind continued to blow around each and every crevice around her sensational curves and sinew, as if it was carving its own impressions in the jade statue near the front of the school. The wind also made her hair blow a little bit, both continuing to cover her eyes as well as showing how long her long dark-green locks were without even moving them. The breathing from Miharu’s powerful chest made her immense bust rise up and down, feeling the support of the muscles below them as the wind continued to tickle her exterior. For the moment, the Japanese giant appeared to be peaceful in nature, perhaps even a jolly green giantess.

    But then, without any warning towards anyone around there, Miharu’s eyes opened up once again, revealing the beautiful jade irises surrounding the silvery pupils that stared right out. The eyes made their way into the direction of the football team like the movement of a predator towards its prey. As these eyes peered out through her slanted slots, they took in all of the information that they could. She particularly stared out towards the direction of the barely standing Tybault, still ranting and raving over being better than her. Miharu’s mind started to quickly calculate the situation. This being were the ones that she was awakened to destroy. This human was the ones that mocked her when she was a puny little girl and had to be dealt with appropriately. Seeing all of the other players that surrounded Tybault made her continue to contemplate: they are all with him and will assist him no matter what he tries to pull. Every one that tries to knock her down must be annihilated, she thought as the wind continued to caress her.

    It was through the word “annihilation” that the jade girl realized the truth. This was the power that she was given by the jade luminescence…the power that she was born to realize. This was the power of Hiroshima: the power to completely annihilate! The power to destroy anyone and everyone that got in her way! No matter who, what or where it was, she had to destroy! It was her destiny…this was why she had taken in all of this glorious energy and changed so much! The football team would be the first…but there would be others that would stop her. But she could take them out too: she had the means to do so! And one by one they will come…and fall…until nothing but peace finally reigned. A sly smile stared to emerge on her face as Miharu realized why she had transformed and what she had to do.

    Without even thinking about any of the consequences, she started running right across the distance between herself and her enemies. Her huge legs strided down the concrete separating her from the team as her feet smashed their way without destroying the concrete. Miharu’s huge arms were moving back and forth, letting her muscles enjoy the breeze and pick up a little sweat as she headed into battle. Her hair flew into the air and her bust was giving a small bounce with each and every step! As she got closer and closer, she started to see the fear on the group she was heading towards: the sweaty faces of some players, the shaking of their bodies as they saw this amazon approach them, the widening of their eyes as their pupils took in everything. The one that attack her earlier was right in front, what luck! He didn’t seem as tall as he was earlier…in fact, he probably was much shorter for some reason! His bald head shined in the slowly setting sun as he stood there with whatever courage he had left in his body, if only to stop her! Miharu couldn’t make out what he was saying as she approached him, but she thought that he saw his lips open and close, mocking her as if he was saying “Bring it on!” She brought her immense arm right back towards her body, clutching her hand together into her own fist. Then, without too much effort, her arm merely flew right out of its position, smashing itself right on Tybault’s chin without using any of her power at all! But the impact was enough to send the football player flying high up into the air, past the two groups of players that were watching and even past the laying body of Darren, which was still unconscious from before! It finally made impact on a green lawn just outside the main area where the students entered the school, where his bald head hit itself right onto the ground before his entire huge body merely collapsed on the soft ground below. No one knew whether it was Miharu’s hit or the impact to his dome-head that did so, but the impact finally made the bully football player lose consciousness for real. As he landed, all some people could see was that his lungs were still somehow breathing and his heart still was slightly beating, although a tad weaker than before.

    This latest assault on Tybault finally made the entire Hurris football team take notice of the immense muscle-bound maiden right in front of them. The ones who were watching over Tybault had lost all thought over what they had to do now. Others, who were watching over Miharu as she changed into this jade form, were completely aghast over the power that they were watching develop at this very moment. Even those that didn’t like what Tybault had pulled earlier by beating up on Darren were shocked over watching what was going on at this moment. They were against his battle with the geeky boy because there was a huge disadvantage between the power of the football player and his opponent. But now, seeing this creature do what she did to their leader so easily, they quivered in fear about the new power difference that existed. If she could use so little effort to take out Tybault, who knows what else Miharu could do!?

    “I don’t know what this thing is, why its here or what it wants to do with us,” one of the football players started to fool heartedly say. “But if she wants to go around and take out our friends and our teammates, then she’s going to have to go past us first!”

    “Yeah,” said another courageous player. “Its going to take a lot more than that to take on our team! If we all work together, we can take down this monster!”

    Miharu merely stared at the boys confidently as they made their big speeches over how they were going to stop her. She silently put her arms together around her immense bust, covering her nipples but showing off her confidence in the matter. Her body still gleamed like a gem instead of a girl covered in sweat, as if it was ready to attack. Her silver pupils still stared out their sinister destructive glare, preparing to take out everything in her way.

    At that moment, one of the players that had yelled that he would take her down bolted right out of the pack and started charging right towards Miharu! One by one, several other Hurris ran forward with nothing more than the potential courage in their heart and the foolish ideas that they could at least try! With nothing more than their own flesh and bone and minds and bodies, these players began to merely pile themselves on top of the massive female. Soon several more players joined in, each one piling right on top and making sure they had a good grip on the jade monster to make sure she could not move anywhere! Yet in the midst of all this, Miharu chose to merely stand still while each and every one of these players piled on, making her crunch lower and lower with their mass. Something was going through her mind, but the Japanese amazon remained silent as more and more players continued to pile on top of her gorgeous figure. Eventually, nearly the whole Hurris team outside a few stragglers found themselves on one huge massive pile in the middle of the front of the school! Each one did not know anymore whether they were on top of their victim or one of their fellow players, but they all knew that she couldn’t take the mass of many large males all at once!

    It was at that moment that the whole Hurris football team discovered how wrong they were. Without any effort or thought by Miss Yoshimune, the jade woman quickly jumped up off of the ground, rising from her small crunched figure that seemed to crush her back to her full glorious height! The sudden movement made most of the players that were on top of her fly right off of her body like they were nothing at all! The players flew off in every direction, several of them falling right in front of Miharu while others carrying some distance from how much force they had just taken without any thought. A couple of the straggling players remained on her body: one kneeling down with his knees on the ground clutching on top of her massive jade arm, getting a full feel for himself of how huge her muscles had become; another laying down holding tightly to a sinewy ankle in hopes that he would perhaps trip her out of having too much mass! The jade being took care of the one on her arm first, first by pushing her long massive arm back to get a little bit of lift and get the clinger off the ground, then quickly throwing it in a forward direction for a bit of propulsion! The act made the player fly off into the air in the direction where Tybault had landed earlier, but getting a bit more distance as he approached the gate blocking the school’s lawn with the city street. The other player on her ankle was a bit more of a problem as he was already on the ground, his own massive feet as anchors to make sure she couldn’t get rid of him so easily. But Miharu chose to do something smart: she lifted that leg up off the ground until her calves and her quads met, making the clinger’s arms rise with until he could not keep hold of his grip any longer! As his arms flew back towards the ground, the amazon moved her other leg out of the way so that he wouldn’t be able to try that again, then placed the rising foot right on top of his neck, making him lose his breath nearly instantly.

    With all of the bodies lying on the ground, some of them rising to try again while others already knocked out from what she had done, Miharu continued to search out for new threats towards her! Her jade eyes with silvery pupils coldly searched around the schoolyard, watching all of the bodies as they jerked around aimlessly from the damage she had already done. She searched for new opponents..and eventually found another one! One of the players who was not knocked out was bolting away from the scene as fast as he could! With whatever his strong legs could take him, he was making his way out of the gate and towards the outside where someone, anyone could stop this monster! Miharu did not want this to happen. The jade monster knew that her mission was not complete and that all must fall. Without too much effort, she started to move her long, muscular legs along the concrete path that lead out of the school. She felt her huge chest softly jiggled along as she moved…there was something Miharu liked as well about having these breasts, especially as large as they were even with how large the rest of her was…but this was something she really couldn’t admit to herself at this time. Her mission was to stop this boy from reaching the outside! But it was nearly too late: the player had made his way out of the gate on her watch and was now turning up the street towards the school fields! As fast as Miharu had become she could not reach him in time this way! So she decided on another option.

    She didn’t know how she felt like doing this or what lead her to do so, but it was probably something amazingly spontaneous. The creature saw him outside the gate of the school just as she was only halfway towards that destination. She had to do something or else her mission wouldn’t be complete! Something in Miharu‘s mind told her to jump, but she didn’t know what that would do and how it would help! But considering her options, she had to try. Thus, putting all of her energy on her huge thighs and feet, the muscular maiden flew up in the air without even realizing what had happened! The feeling was strange at first, but somehow felt great…no, she had to concentrate on stopping him! As easy as it was to jump upwards, it was even easier to feel the Earth finally take control of her mass and pull her back down! And in doing so, it placed her just where she wanted to be: somehow this huge leap had placed Miharu over the fence and just barely behind the runaway! There was some strange feeling as the concrete rustled itself through her feet (making her believe that she did smash it up a bit), but she couldn’t really notice it since her real concern was stopping this boy before he got too far!


    Part 10

    Richard Gray was one of the few people on the football team that understood the true meanings of going through a stressful situation. For starters, he was the main kicker on the Hurris football team. He was the one that had to make all of these small little lobs that would determine whether or not a field goal or an extra point would go in a certain direction, then literally hold his breath as the wind took control of his ball towards its final destination. Outside of that, he was also an alternate member on the school debate team and had even had a hobby on weekends rock climbing! Richard understood the meaning of fear and stress like someone with his resolve should. But from the moment this jade amazon first emerged on the scene, something just started going through him that he hardly ever experienced before. Earlier on, he was one of the players that really didn’t think that either Darren or Miharu deserved any of the crap that they were getting from Tybault and other members of the team. He felt that what his captain was doing was stupid, but chose not to speak up because he had to keep solidarity with his teammates. But from the moment Miharu started to change into that monster, he just felt this sad, strange rush going through his body. This man who had been through stresses much worse than this was cowering up seeing the new power and physique that this girl was taking. And when she used that power to take out Tybault so easily, that was when Richard really started to lose it. Even if he couldn’t stand the limits that Darren was beaten up to, what the muscle-bound maiden had done so easily to Tybault was just a little too much for him! The moment that he could, Richard made his way out of the school! He didn’t know where he had to go: whether to tell the police on her or at least someone else at the school. But he had to do something now!

    Richard had made his way out the gate and had turned in some direction when he heard the plummeting sound of something smashing its way into the nearby concrete. It was an unearthly sound, similar to that of thunder. He didn’t really want to know what it was due to being so scared, but he had to look at least once to make sure. Nervously, he slowly turned his head around in the direction of the noise, making his brown eyes take in every little thing that he could. As he saw the monster right behind him, standing there so confidently within arms length, her jade eyes illuminating, her silver pupils shining, her entire physique just showing how massive it is without even staring too much, he felt his heart speed up instantly taking it all in. He was all that stood in the way to prevent her from completely annihilating the entire team…and he knew that if he didn’t do something, she would stop him instantly! Richard slowly started to turn around even with his fears, staring at this monster with whatever courage he had left in him right into her cold jade eyes. And simply, he began to speak:

    “M…m…miss monster? Um…um…why are you doing this to us? Why can’t you just leave me and the rest of us alone?”

    Richard hoped that he had said the right thing as he continued to face her down. Miharu merely continued to stare at him with her glowing jade eyes and shiny silvery pupils. She was silent as she had been since the completion of her transformation. Richard continued.

    “You know, I still have my whole…whole life ahead of me. I have a debate tournament coming up real soon and my coach said that I may actually get a chance to take part in it this time. I’m…I’m also going to go off and do some stuff this weekend….all sort of fun things! And with the way our coach is trying to get the right pieces together, we may actually have a chance of getting to the playoffs next year for the first time in forever!”

    The jade amazon didn’t care what this boy had to do in her own mind. Even if he was running for president of the United States, he would still be a problem from his mere existence. Thus, she would have to destroy him sooner or later. But Richard kept going. He had to if he wanted to save his life!

    “Listen, I had nothing to do with anything that happened here!” he started to say as he started to sob right in front of him. This was completely out of character for him, but he was just so filled with fear and stress for the moment that nothing made sense anymore. “I had nothing against either you or that boy Tybault took care of! I’m just a pure innocent on this whole situation. I don’t even care about him and his stupid love life with that blonde bimbo! Just please let me go!”

    “No one is innocent,” the monster thought to herself as the wind continued to blow around her hair and caress her massive figure. “What makes one human more innocent than another? Every last one of them is guilty of polluting this planet with their existence.” Her eyes stared coldly at Richard without any remorse even for him. Although she wasn‘t talking one word towards him, her mind was consistently thinking of his fate. “You may believe yourself innocent, but you are still guilty by association. You dare associate with cruelty, with pain, with the destruction of others for your own sake. I am merely the executioner of this new world order.”

    Richard took the prolonged silence by the jade maiden as a very bad sign. His tears streamed down his healthy face, which was now red out of the frustration that there was no stopping this monster from accomplishing her duty. But where would he go? If he tried to make his way towards the athletic fields where many people are gathered…maybe if he could get to Barbie to tell her what she has unleashed on the world unknowingly…or a teacher…someone that Miharu trusted…but he was a year ahead of Miharu, how would he know who she trusted? Was there anyone that she could trust at this time? Was she merely going to punish humanity because she was pushed a little too far? Trying one last time, the football player started to sob out something, anything, that could at least make the muscular force think about her actions before she would pass her judgment.

    “And what if anyone else was around when this happened? What if your entire class…the entire school…the entire town saw this happen? What would happen if your friends or families saw you like this…like you are now? Would you judge them like this? Would you merely pass them off as undeserving as well? What if that boy of yours was still conscious and you had to confront him…looking like this…acting like this…would you desire to kill him too? How far do you want to go like this? How many do you wish to suffer just because you suffered?”

    Miharu merely continued to stare at Richard with her quixotic eyes, her silver pupils shining like mercury at her victim, her jade irises glowing with a strange cold beauty that was both exhilarating and scary at the same time. He couldn’t tell whether her mind was contemplating his final thoughts or not. Sweat continued to gather over his face, streaming down little rivlets towards his Hurri uniform where they would either be absorbed or hit his skin to make even stickier. A minute passed, the duo continued staring back and forth at each other. Richard still felt queasy in the stomach from both the physical intimidation and thinking what Miharu was contemplating at this moment. Miharu merely continued to stare at him, thinking of whether or not his feelings were completely justified or if he deserved to fall as well. Richard knew that something had to be figured out soon before too many more people discovered that…

    WHAM!!! Out of nowhere, the huge jade inside of Miharu’s foot gave a smashed a small, yet powerful roundhouse kick right to Richard Gray’s head! She hadn’t done too much spinning in the kick, yet she seemed to do it as if by her monstrous fighting instinct. Richard swore he saw Miharu’s long jade locks moving really quickly without even seeing the rest of her before the impact occurred. The hit smashed right into his head extremely spontaneously, as if no one, not even she, expected it to happen! As he felt the blow, Richard slowly started falling to the ground, losing consciousness as he started to realize that Miharu wasn’t playing by anyone’s sympathies. If this poor innocent couldn’t get through to her, then who would?

    With the situation involving the last potential player that almost spoiled her mission over with, the amazonian girl began striding her way with confidence back towards the gate that lead her into the Fermi school grounds. As she marched, her eyes remained as beautiful and distant as ever, yet a tiny little smile was starting to emerge out of the beautiful lips that she held. Every bulge and crevice in every part of her body felt the simultaneous glory of walking in the open air, taking in the world with open arms. Her mind continued to congratulate her on doing such a good job in eliminating all of the problems so far, having taken out a score or more of football players without really working up a sweat! Yet at the same time, she could hear nothing in the area except the blowing of the wind and a couple cars that zoomed past, going so quickly that they didn’t notice the huge woman or the collapsed bodies that lay about throughout the entire front of the campus!

    Eventually, Miharu finally made her way back in front of the location where this all began: the red brick wall and solid gray concrete where her small pale body had smashed when she was still human..and still weak. Quickly looking down, she saw a couple of small cracks where the impact had happened, still fresh with the sweat of a former girl that had been there…a girl that no longer existed. With a small little turn by her huge thighs, the monstrous woman stared out once again towards a line of fire…where two boys that she had to thank were laying there right in front of her. The closer of the two was some geek boy that she never thought she knew, but sensed that she did try to save once. She was foolish to save a boy while she was so weak, merely trying to smash his bully in the chin with slender arms and little power. He continued to lay there, his body covered in a torn up shirt and pair of jeans with several cuts and bruises emerging through whatever wasn’t covered. A pair of gray aviator glasses remained smashed right by his body, the shards surrounding the remains of their twisted plastic frames. His chest appeared to be barely moving, whether the state of his conscious or trying to cling on to life.

    But the first boy’s body was merely along the path towards the body that Miharu was really staring at. Several feet away, as the concrete turned into jade lawn, laid the remains of the leader of the football players…the one named Tybault. His immense body was just as weak as the geek boy that was also along the path, with the output of his huge torso barely rising and falling from the trauma that he himself had experienced. His arms were thrown about in weird angles to his body as some blood covered the internal purple bruises, while his legs somehow remained straight as an arrow, pointing right in the direction that she was standing. His clothes weren’t as torn as the first boy’s, yet it did have a huge hole from the jade electric shock that he took trying to stop her from transforming. Tybault’s bald head shown with the light of the sun beating down on it, reflecting another huge bruise that he had taken due to his attempt to stop her. It was he that the muscular Miharu truly had to thank for awakening the power within her. As stubborn as he was, he did draw out enough anger and pain to give her the power coursing through her body at this very moment! Looking at this body, this pained, unconscious mass of flesh, muscle and fat, made the jade warrior grateful that he was such an evil bastard. Yet it was this evil, this cruelty that also made her decide that he would truly be the first…the first to experience the ultimate extent of the jade power!

    Silently, without any indication of thinking of such, Miharu’s massive arms began to move her large jade palms with her feminine fingers in a cupping position right in front of her huge, beach-ball sized bosom. Her fingers gripped themselves on top of her huge palms as her mind began to concentrate deeply at the task at hand. She began to think about the power that she possessed, the energies of Hiroshima that flowed through her, and how they she needed them to finish what she had to. She thought of the boy that lay at the end of her path…the one that nearly killed her, yet had awakened her to this power. As she thought, her hands began to glow the beautiful jade glow similar to her eyes or the electricity that she had unleashed earlier. Miharu continued to think, about the path of death and destruction that she was about to go down without any apology. About those who would come after her once this deed was done…and how easily she will stop each and every one of them. And as she continued to think, her glowing hands continued to gather more and more energy. Eventually, the energy gathered into the smallest form that they could become: that of a small jade sphere that crackled with electricity as it started to float right in the palms of her hands. Miharu continued contemplating: armies trying to take her down before their tanks would be ripped apart by her huge arms, immense bombs flying from the sky that she could explode with one mere kick, entire cities that would fall due to the power of one mere muscle girl! And with each thought, with each idea of the power that she held, the ball grew larger and larger in size.

    Eventually, after several minutes of gathering energy, the ball had somehow grown much larger than even the size of Miharu’s huge hands, becoming like a third jade breast right in the middle of her large figure ready to obliterate anything and everything in its path. Miharu felt the warm glow of power that she had collected in her hands, floating just outside of her reach, yet still connected to her biorhythms and the energies that were flowing through every cell of her body! This ball was a culmination of everything she had already done…and was about to do in the world. By merely firing it and eliminating Tybault once and for all, she will finally begin down the path towards her Hiroshima! Miharu stared out one last time in the direction that this energy ball would soon be flying. The football player was still along the path, still barely breathing as he stayed on his bed of green grass, still oblivious that his life was finally over. Sure there was that other boy in the way, but it was not her fault that this boy was going to die too! Darren was just going to face his judgment sooner than the rest of the human…

    Darren? That name…where had she heard it before? Is he the one that was going to be annihilated along with Tybault? Wasn’t he a boy that she really did know at one time? Wasn’t he the one that tried to save her life before all of this…No…this boy was as guilty as the rest of them…Darren wanted to fight…and the fight led to Tybault smashing her…Darren deserved to die with Tybault…he was the one who started it in the first…no…he didn’t want to fight…it was someone else that suggested it and Tybault went along…maybe Darren did try to protect her so she wouldn’t…but they still fought…Darren and Tybault! Yet it was Darren that protected her…he got in the way with both Tybault..and Barbie for that matter! But did he deserve to die for her protection? He is human…yet he never hurt her…and he stood by her….even with Tybault’s assault…and Barbie’s manipulations…but he’s in the way of Tybault’s demise…and yet…

    The thoughts of Darren being in the way began to cloud the amazon’s mind even as she held the energy ball in her palms that could seal his and Tybault’s fate! Her silver eyes continued to peer our, desiring the complete annihilation of everyone, innocent or not, for the perfect world…yet there was something in her mind waking up as if from the ends of a nightmare…a strange feeling that she had not felt since she stepped into the jade light…while another jade light remained in her hands, ready for fire…ready for judgment!

    But then, without any warning from anything that had come before, something snapped. The silver pupils, clouding Miharu’s mind from the moment her transformation began to the moment she saw Darren in the way, mysteriously vanished into thin air, leaving behind a normal, black set of eyes that continued to stare right out in the direction of Darren! At the moment that the pupils changed color, the muscular maiden’s mind seemed to completely change from how it was! As she stared out, she saw the poor geeky boy laying in her path, practically motionless and open for any attack that she could dish out! And in her palms just around her bust, a huge orb of light continued to glow out with its tremendous energy, waiting to be fired out to annihilate everything in its way! Yet…she just couldn’t fire it anymore! What did Darren do to deserve this…what did anyone do to deserve it! But if she didn’t fire it, then everyone, Darren and Tybault and everyone else in the way would be hit by the blast! There was only one logical option…there was no other way.

    With little time to spare, the clear-minded Miharu threw her huge arms into the air, throwing them above her head until her palms and the ball reached the sky above! Then, with all of her effort and energy followed by a very powerful, sensual scream, she released the immense jade power just as easily as she gathered it, creating a huge pillar of jade light that shot itself into the great blue out into space! Miharu continued to scream as more and more energy was released through her palms out of her body and into this pillar of light that flew far, far off into the distance. The glowing energy was said later to have been seen for many miles in the distance outside of several miles from the epicenter near the front of Fermi High School. Some scientists from as far away as Bulgaria and Thailand sensed a huge rise in radiation being sent out from somewhere on the Earth’s surface, but no one could exactly pinpoint what exactly the source of this immense power release was from! But back at the school, the muscular Miharu continued to unleash more and more power as she screamed with every ounce of her life, feeling weaker and weaker as she released more and more of her energy into the sky! Once the last of this energy finally left her body, the massive girl, feeling extremely drained from the deed that she had just done, finally collapsed face first onto the surface of the concrete below her. Her really long hair seemed to cover the entire ground and a bit of her back as she splashed down and completely lost consciousness…

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